Conspiracy theory

To the limited extent that news of Ilhan Omar’s curious marital arrangements seeped into the national press last week, it was disparaged as a “conspiracy theory,” as in Will Sommer’s Daily Beast article (I wrote about it here) and in Yamiche Alcindor’s tweet (below). I don’t even know what that would mean in Omar’s case and they don’t bother to explain. It is idiotic.

By contrast, the instant propagation of the “conspiracy theory” line among like-minded media idiots actually looks like a conspiracy, but it’s just the hive mind at work. We are painfully familiar with the phenomenon.

Now the Washington Free Beacon’s David Rutz serves up another current example. Rutz’s current example is keyed to the news last week that federal prosecutors had quietly concluded their investigation into hush money payments to women Michael Cohen claims to have made at Trump’s direction. Fox News reported this meant there are likely no charges to be filed against Trump or other members of the Trump Organization. Rutz’s article links to accounts of the investigation’s conclusion without such charges.

Rutz has compiled a video compilation of media comments on the investigation when it was commenced and ongoing: the end of Trump was nigh. As I say, it looks like a conspiracy, but it’s just the media hive mind at work.

Via Ian Schwarz/Washington Free Beacon.