Democrats: We’re So Smart, We Inspire Felonies!

Self-knowledge is not typically characteristic of Democratic politicians. Hawaiian Senator Mazie Hirono, a dim bulb by any normal standard, explains that the Democrats’ problem is that they are too smart. They know too much. They are too “left brain.” Republicans appeal to voters’ hearts, while Democrats are stuck with their heads:

Of course, some Democrats do get emotionally involved. Like Willem Van Spronsen, the aging hippie and Antifa member who tried to fire-bomb an ICE facility in Tacoma:

Armed with a rifle and flares, Spronsen attempted to light the buildings on fire, but only managed to ignite a nearby vehicle before he died in a shootout with police.

It was quickly discovered that Spronsen was a member of Antifa — a left-wing extremist organization long known for violence — and had written a manifesto calling on his “comrades” to arm themselves. In the manifesto, he also referred to immigrant detention centers as “concentration camps,” a comparison made popular by New York Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and others in her party.

No doubt Van Spronsen will join James Hodgkinson in the pantheon of forgotten would-be mass murderers who parroted Democratic Party talking points. But still…some wonder whether his quixotic attack might have been a rational response by a leftist who actually believed the Democratic Party’s “concentration camp” rhetoric.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is, evidently, one of those left-brain, super-intelligent, knows-too-much-to-connect-with-the-common-people Democrats about whom Senator Hirono was talking. AOC’s description of ICE facilities where people who tried to enter the U.S. illegally are being detained while awaiting hearings (to which they should not be entitled) as “concentration camps” is notorious. Has she ever attempted to defend the alleged equivalence of ICE border facilities, to which Central Americans flock in ever-growing numbers, with Auschwitz and Buchenwald? I don’t think so.

AOC’s irresponsible self-aggrandizement has drawn the attention of Customs and Border Protection acting Commissioner Mark Morgan, who was asked about Willem Van Spronsen’s attack on ICE’s Tacoma facility:

Why is this happening? We know why it’s happening. The rhetoric that’s out there from our own elected leaders. They are attacking the men and women of ICE. They are attacking the men and women of [Customs and Border Protection]. It’s unjust, it’s unfair, it’s misinformed — and outright, sometimes they are just lying to the American people, and it’s undoubtedly fueling this.

In the case of Mr. Van Spronsen, that seems obviously to be true. I am not generally a fan of ambush interviews, but I am about to make an exception. Here, a conservative activist follows AOC down a hall of Congress and asks her to condemn the Antifa attack in Tacoma. He also asks whether she thought her inflammatory “concentration camp” talk helped to radicalize the Antifa terrorist:

I understand AOC’s refusal to engage with an enemy reporter, although–to be fair–Republican politicians engage with enemy reporters all the time. Still…the connection between AOC’s hysterical attacks on ICE, and on the Trump administration’s efforts to maintain a Southern border, and Van Spronsen’s stated belief that he was fire bombing a “concentration camp” is so direct and obvious that, in my view, the questions called for responses–at a minimum, a repudiation of Democratic Party terrorism.

AOC’s silence when asked about Van Spronsen’s attack is disconcertingly similar to Ilhan Omar’s refusal to respond when she was asked–by a sympathetic journalist!–whether she is a Communist and a supporter of al Qaeda. I hate to say it, but these are legitimate questions, whether asked by a leftist reporter at a press conference or a guerrilla journalist in a Congressional corridor.

In fact, there are a great many people who want to know whether the Democratic Party’s poster girls support terrorist attacks on the U.S., are socialists or Communists (same thing, essentially), or are willing to take responsibility for their consistently inflammatory, anti-American speech. This is, obviously, a sad state of affairs, but it is the political landscape that we confront in 2019.