Omar’s mystery man appears

My Somali sources tell me that Ilhan Omar’s new guy raises funds for her and is not Somali. The Daily Mail has posted this story together with the exclusive March 24 video below of the two leaving Caffé Pinguini’s in Playa Del Rey after her CAIR speech in Los Angeles the previous evening. (The Daily Mail, however, doesn’t have a clue who the guy is.)

When my friendly sources texted me about the video this afternoon, I asked if I could comment that all this doesn’t seem to square with Omar’s “faith tradition” or if that would be offensive to them. They responded: “Now we can’t stop laughing.”

I take that as approval. They think Omar is a liar and a phony.

On a local note, let me add this. Whenever the Star Tribune gets around to reporting on the developments in Omar’s personal life, the paper’s readers may be shocked. Perhaps reporters can provide appropriate “context” to cushion the blow.

Much as I enjoy the revelation of Omar’s tangled web, I regret the Daily Mail’s treatment of it as tabloid fodder. The serious scandals lying in plain view have yet to be cracked open and the Daily Mail has the resources to do the cracking.