Things only Dems can say

Someone could write a classic book on things only Democrats are allowed to say. The word “lynching” is one such word, as we learned in the Clarence Thomas confirmation hearing. We were reminded of this immortal truth again yesterday when President Trump used it in a tweet alluding to the procedural irregularities in the impeachment “inquiry” to which he is now subject.

There is a larger lesson here. Only Democrats are authorized to express righteous indignation. Republicans are to suck it up as they are — what’s the word? — discomfited. Or, perhaps, terminated, metaphorically speaking.

Politico has three reporters on this classic story: “Republicans quit trying to rein in Trump after ‘lynching’ tweet.” A Google search turns up many more such stories in 0.61 seconds flat. The sage Brit Hume puts it more philosophically: “This ‘lynching’ controversy is so stupid I was going to just ignore it. But this puts it in perspective.”