Long division, DMR style

In a beautiful case of just in time manufacturing, the Des Moines Register has arrived with its endorsement of the candidate to lead Democrats to victory over Trump in November. Clue: Bernie Sanders hardest hit. One more clue: the Register editorial board found that each of the Democratic candidates would “treat truth as something that matters.”

Elizabeth Warren, it had to be you.

Warren would probably be one of the weakest candidates to face Trump. Perhaps we should suppress our guffaws and salute the deep wisdom of the Register editorial board. Why not the worst?

In other words, perhaps we should pull for Warren in Iowa. Lenin’s slogan was “worse is better,” but I am not smart enough to figure who in the Dems’ clown car would be the most vulnerable candidate to face President Trump in November. When I wonder who among the Democrats we should pull for, I am deterred by the thought that the worst might win. I come around finally to the thought that my preferences don’t matter.

It may be that the best we can hope for is division — division for as long as possible before they settle on a candidate. Let the Democrats fight it out among themselves. Let them get down and dirty. Not worse is better — bitter is better. With a possible Sanders surge in Iowa, the Register endorsement may constitute a bold stroke for Trump.

Quotable quote (nodding to the deep thinkers on the editorial board of the New York Times): “The outstanding caliber of Democratic candidates makes it difficult to choose just one.”