Chronicles of the Crazy Time (9)

The craziness of our moment shows no sign of abating. In fact it appears to be settling down for another long march/stomping of our institutions. Here are some to today’s crazy highlights:

Someone—perhaps not students since campus is closed—toppled the statue of George Washington at George Washington University. Meanwhile, down in Nashville, the prestigious Harpeth Hall prep school has announced that it will do away with its annual George Washington Celebration, because, the school’s headmaster informs us, “It is not consistent with or relevant to the way that we teach history today; it does not demonstrate the significant role that women, people of color, and other underrepresented groups play in our nation’s history;” and “a growing number of students, faculty, staff, and alumnae are expressing their discomfort with this tradition.”

But the Washington Post told us that Trump was being silly to warn us that the mob would come for Jefferson and Washington before long!

Speaking of the Bezos Bulletin, they are apparently jealous of the total ideological purge the New York Times accomplished, and have moved to match the gray lady. Here’s the complete Twitter thread from the Post‘s Michelle Boorstein celebrating the new regime being installed at the Post:

AMAZING NEWS: As part of its efforts to holistically deepen the diversity and inclusion of our journalism and newsroom, the @washingtonpost today just announced a DOZEN new positions, including (per newsroom memo) 1) a managing editor for diversity and inclusion (!): 1/x

“A senior leadership position who will act as a convener of regular coverage discussions that will bring together an expanded group of editors, reporters and visual journalists focused on race and identity. 2/x

This managing editor will participate in story meetings, review coverage involving sensitive issues of race and diversity and listen to and share staff concerns. They will also identify and recruit candidates and participate in final decisions on hiring and promotion. 3/x
2) America Desk Editor: This person will help direct and edit expanded coverage of race and identity. This team will be enhanced by the addition of the following three reporters. 4/x
3) Race in America writer: A reporter who can write with immediacy, sweep and authority on race and identity in America. 5/x
4) Writer on America and multiculturalism: A reporter who will focus on this country’s emergence as a predominately multicultural society – a momentous demographic shift that requires sustained attention and enterprising reporting. 6/x

5) Writer for the existing “About Us” newsletter, which covers identity in America. 7/x (keep reading! there’s MORE!)

6) National Security writer with investigative skills who will dig into domestic terrorism, including extremist groups with supporters in the military and police; the internationalization of far-right groups; and the sources of financial support for white nationalism. 8/x
7) Criminal Justice writer who will focus on the administration of justice in the United States, from policing to probation. The beat will encompass the police reforms now being debated, incarceration at state and federal levels, and the experiences of those leaving prison. 9/x
8) A Style writer to write features chronicling the cultural manifestations of an America that is changing demographically. Coverage might include profiles of individuals who are reshaping the national conversation and the mainstreaming of the Black Lives Matter movement. 10/x
9) Climate & Environment writer to focus on environmental inequities, how climate change disproportionately harms people least responsible for it, the higher risk of exposure to pollution for communities of color and how communities of color are finding ways to adapt. 11/x
10) Health and Science writer: A reporter to focus on health disparities, the impact of structural and interpersonal racism on health and the sociology and psychology of racism and its effects. 12/x
11) A photojournalist with experience in coverage of race and identity. 13/13
Amazing news indeed. It’s not often that you announce the death of objective journalism so straightforwardly. Almost makes you long for the good old days under Ben Bradlee when the Post merely suffered from severe liberal bias.

Separately some time soon I’ll offer a more complete analysis of how the climate campaign is the biggest loser from the COVID-19 crisis and our George Floyd moment, which is why the climatistas are falling all over themselves to say “of course climate change is related—somehow—to systemic racism, and fixing racism is vital to preventing climate change!” The New York Times is doing its part to help, by giving us this headline that comes straight from the old joke: