America’s Top Expert Defends the Police

Thursday, day after tomorrow, at Noon Central, Heather Mac Donald, the nation’s premier expert on the intersection of crime, race and policing, will deliver the definitive smackdown of the anti-police myths that not just liberals, but corporate America, sports teams, and many Republicans have bought into. The truth is that there is no “systemic” racism in American policing. Heather’s data-rich presentation will make that clear.

How do I know that Heather will lay waste to the mythology of the Left? I’ve seen the script. The data are overwhelming. Contrary to popular belief, blacks are not “over-represented” in “police shootings,” the vast majority of which are praiseworthy. On the contrary, using crime data as the guide, they are under-represented.

There is much more, which you won’t want to miss. To see our event live, go here to register. The event is free. Registration means you will get email reminders, but anyone can watch the event live on American Experiment’s YouTube channel or Facebook page, and it will be archived for a long to come on YouTube, Facebook, the American Experiment site, and more.

Hope to see you on Thursday. It should be a dynamite event.