Our own no-go zone

The civic dissolution of Minneapolis proceeds apace under one-party rule. It’s essentially Democrats all the way down, with an occasional Green Party or Legal Marijuana Now member thrown in for good measure. The Minneapolis police have gone into a defensive crouch, and who can blame them? They have precisely no support among the political class.

The abdication of the Star Tribune plays its own part in the civic dissolution. The editors of the paper do not to have a clue, and that is the charitable interpretation.

In reverential tones the New York Times fills the reportorial void in “Where George Floyd Was Killed: Solemn by Day, Violent by Night.” Subhead: “Two months after the killing of Mr. Floyd, a South Minneapolis neighborhood remains a police-free zone.”

Thanks to the Times, we learn that Minneapolis now features a four-block area around the spot where George Floyd died in which criminals run free after dark, apparently in tribute to Floyd himself. Law-abiding citizens residing in the no-go zone are of course terrified. One of these days the Star Tribune will get right on the story.