We’re Number One!

In recent years, when I have worried that Minneapolis might be the worst-governed city in America, I have taken comfort from the thought that however bad Minneapolis might be, Portland is even worse. Portland, whose Antifa chapter seems to have free rein in the streets and is constantly wreaking havoc. Portland, whose city government–I thought–was even more left-wing than Minneapolis’s.

Portland is bad, of course. Check out this roundup.

Every night for the past six weeks in Portland, Oregon, antifa and Black Lives Matter rioters, looters and vandals have turned what used to be a nice neighborhood in downtown into a war zone.

Six weeks! More on Portland’s war zone:

This fits my stereotype. Portland, even worse than Minneapolis! Also this:

Although, to be fair, those gunshots are nothing compared with what happens in Minneapolis every day.

But them I came to this:

More than $23 million worth of damage has been done to downtown businesses since the antifa and BLM insurrection began in earnest.

A mere $23 million? In Antifa’s home base? Are you kidding me?! What pikers! The Minneapolis arson toll is around $500 million, pretty much all of it due to incompetent (if not frankly sympathetic) politicians, most notably the Boy Mayor of Minneapolis and the Governor of Minnesota.

The discrepancy is stunning. Portland, hand over your crown! Minneapolis is now number one when it comes to catastrophically incompetent left-wing governance.