A footnote on the Fifth District race

I offered my notes on Minnesota’s Fifth District primary race here over the weekend. This is a footnote to my notes.

The nonfeasance of the local media in the case of incumbent Rep. Ilhan Omar has become an eternal verity. On the national scene, only FOX News presents an exception.

The nonfeasance of the local media continues in the pitiful coverage of the DFL primary pitting newcomer and challenger Antone Melton-Meaux against Omar in next week’s primary. CBS Minnesota reporter and WCCO 4 News Sunday Morning anchor Esme Murphy is a good example. She has now interviewed both Omar and Melton-Meaux.

I posted Murphy’s kid-glove interview of Omar two weeks ago in “Omar meets the press.” Murphy interviewed Melton-Meaux this past Sunday. After a good introductory question, Murphy peppered Melton-Meaux with questions mostly out of Omar’s playbook.

Questions about fundraising and polling are entirely non-substantive, but they align with Omar’s themes. Compare and contrast Murphy’s performance here with her treatment of Omar. This is pathetic, as was her interview of Omar.