Kim Gardner wins primary

Kim Gardner, the incompetent and corrupt Soros-funded St. Louis prosecutor, won the Democratic primary yesterday. She defeated Mary Pat Carl, 61-39.

I believe that one day, rampant homicides and other serious crimes will cause voters in cities like St. Louis to toss out far left prosecutors like Gardner whose policies favor criminals. But that day has not arrived — certainly not in St. Louis. The good folks in that city will have to endure a huge amount of anguish as a result.

Elsewhere in St. Louis, BLM activist and potential “squad” member Cori Bush defeated Rep. William Lacy Clay, the incumbent, in Missouri’s first congressional district. The margin in that race was three points, 49-46. Clay, the son of Congressional Black Caucus co-founder William Clay, is plenty radical, but apparently not radical enough for Black voters in the first district.

Clay’s sin may have been his ties with Nancy Pelosi, who endorsed him. Or maybe the much younger Bush appealed to voters wanting a fresh face.

Finally, Rep. Rashida Tlaib, a charter member of the “squad,” has defeated her challenger, Brenda Jones, by a 2-1 margin. Tlaib was considered vulnerable, and perhaps was. However, Jones entered the campaign late and failed to raise much money.

Victories by “squad” members and potential members are bad news for Nancy Pelosi, but not necessarily for Republicans and conservatives. It’s sad to see odious, America-hating far leftists enter Congress and, despite their small numbers, gain influence in the Democratic Party. However, their presence and influence are a minus for the Dems, and therefore a plus for the GOP. As always, partisan politics is a zero sum game.