Four more years of George Lopez?

The Washington Post has run one of its putative fact checks on Joe Biden’s confusion of George Bush with President Trump in the video I posted here yesterday. I have reposted the video at the bottom. The Post fact check by Meg Kelly runs under the headline “No, Biden did not confuse George W. Bush and Donald Trump.”

Kelly first finds that Biden might have been referring to George Lopez, one of his interlocutors in the interview from which the video was clipped. Then Kelly implicitly asserts that Biden was indeed referring to George Lopez, awarding RNC tweeter Steve Guest “Four Pinocchios for his efforts,” as she puts it.

Borrowing my evaluation of the fact-checking site Snopes in my own case, I award the Washington Post a very phlegmy Four Flems. The Post is working overtime as the media arm of the DNC and the Biden campaign. We have gone somewhere beyond farce. It’s an area we call The Twilight Zone.

Mollie Hemingway concisely responded to the Post in two tweets below.

And came back again with one more.

Submitted for your consideration, here is the video evaluated by the Post.