The man with the Biden laptop

I learn from Rowan Scarborough’s excellent Washington Times story that the man who turned over Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop to the FBI has a GoFundMe page to defray legal expenses and that he has posted tell-all videos with his story.

The man’s name is John Paul Mac Isaac. If he were the protagonist in a political thriller, he would be depicted as the average man whom circumstances serve up as a sacrificial hero. Although a brave newspaper credited his improbable story, his victimization by the press at the behest of the powers that be would feature prominently.

It would make for a compelling novel. Our hero trusted a government agency that betrayed him. Now he’s out in the cold. He opened the door to scandals that had to be killed with a presidential election imminent. He could not overcome the forces arrayed against him.

In a realistic mode it would not have a happy ending. It would come to a bitter and disillusioned end. Scarborough’s account provides the raw material for the novel that is to be written.

Isaac has posted a series of videos he calls The Truth. All are accessible here. Below is episode 5 of The Truth, dated today.