The soul of Sowell

David Mikics salutes Thomas Sowell in the outstanding Tablet column “The ‘noble lies’ of the new race politics.” Mikics ranges over some of the leading themes of Sowell’s books on education, race, and culture over the past 50 years to present a brief overview of Sowell’s thought.

Sowell turned 91 this week on June 30. Mikics takes the publication of Jason Riley’s new biography of Sowell (see “Talking about Thomas Sowell” and tweet below) as the occasion to recap Sowell’s thought by contrast with that of the current crowd of race hustlers led by “America’s most wildly successful Black intellectual, Ibram Kendi[.]”

Sowell’s work has never been more timely or needed than it is now. The theories, errors, misconceptions, myths, and fabulations against which he has contended have become the orthodoxy of the Democratic Party and its multifarious arms in the culture.