Don’t fake cry for me… [with comment by Paul]

There is a theatrical quality to the tears shed by Sandy Cortez when she voted Present on the bill supporting funds for the replenishment of Israel’s Iron Dome defensive system yesterday. If only — the scene might give new meaning to Schadenfreude.

What prompted her to change her vote from No to Present? The linked FOX News article notes the speculation “that the lawmaker wanted ‘to vote No but was talked out of it for some strategic reason'” as she sets her eyes on the Senate. Anyone who cares knows where her hate is.

Has anyone ever cried over voting Present? I don’t think this is the way Obama did it back in the Illinois state legislature. She puts me in mind of the crowd’s gibes at the Japanese wrestler Antonio Inoki fighting on his back against Muhammad Ali in 1976: “Stand up and fight like a man!”

PAUL ADDS: I don’t disagree with Scott’s take on Ocasio-Cortez’s tears, but here’s another plausible way of looking at them. There’s reason to believe that the congresswoman is emotionally unstable.