Time to Yank Your Kids Out of the Public Schools

I suppose that is an evergreen headline, since America’s public schools are a disaster in pretty much every way. But what prompts it at the moment is the Richfield, Minnesota school district. Richfield is a modest suburb of Minneapolis, not the kind of tony place you might expect to go off the deep end. Richfield’s schools are in the news today, with this headline from a local TV station: “Richfield High School commits to offering more plant-based protein meals.” Not a lot of controversy there:

Richfield High School is the first high school in the country to sign the Forward Food pledge committing to increasing its plant-based options, the Humane Society of the United States announced Thursday.

By the end of 2024, 20% of the menu items offered to students will be plant-based. The school will update the Humane Society of the United States, a collaborator with Forward Food, to track its progress on reaching that goal.

This is what our press, which wears blinders on purpose, considers a newsworthy story. Here is another one, from an alternative source, Alpha News: “Sex-ed curriculum used in Richfield schools asks students to role play gay sex scenarios.” Old-fashioned newsmen might have considered that a more promising headline.

Activists are concerned that Minnesota’s Richfield Public Schools district uses a sexual education program that asks straight students to role play homosexual relationships and teaches kids about anal sex.

I have never quite understood why school kids need to be taught about anal sex. It was not part of the curriculum when I was growing up.

There was a Richfield school board meeting at which parents complained:

“This type of teaching has no place in our schools,” one speaker said, while another alleged that the district was not transparent with parents about the graphic nature of the curriculum. “Parents are intentionally being deceived and misled about what their children are being taught,” she said.

One can say more broadly that administrators and teachers in our public schools habitually lie to parents about what is going on in their classrooms.

The Alpha News article describes the “3Rs” sex ed curriculum to which Richfield has subscribed:

These scenarios ask students to pair up, pretend they are in gay or lesbian relationships and navigate the process of deciding whether or not to have sex. One activity in the curriculum directs a male student to pretend his name is “Morgan,” a boy who is “very active” in his school’s LGBTQ club, while another student pretends to be “Terence,” a closet homosexual who wants to have sex with Morgan. In this scenario, Morgan plans a secret rendezvous and the two role-playing students are asked to “make a decision about whether to have sex.”

Another of these scenarios has students pretend they are transgender and “make a decision” about having sex with a woman.

Seriously, did no one notice that this is completely insane?

This lesson plan includes a note for teachers that explains how straight boys might “have a homophobic response” to being asked to engage in gay role playing.

Whoa, really? It gives me hope to learn that some boys, at least, will react normally to this perversity.

Then we have instruction in anal sex, beginning in kindergarten:

3Rs also begins to teach students about anal sex during the programing designed for students in kindergarten through fifth grade. For this age group, anal sex is discussed in the context of HIV/AIDS prevention [Ed.: Are kindergartners spreading a lot of AIDS? Somehow I doubt it.], but by the time students are in the upper grade levels, anal sex is routinely listed alongside vaginal and oral sex as one of the normal options for intimacy.

For many thousands of years, people have figured these things out on their own. Is the upcoming generation so lame that it needs instruction in the “normal options for intimacy”? Could we maybe teach them to multiply and divide instead?

Naturally, the trans fad takes pride of place:

The language of transgenderism is also introduced at the earliest levels of the 3Rs curriculum. In one lesson designed for kindergartners, the teacher is directed to refer to a woman as “a person with a vulva.”

I don’t know, I was probably a little slow, but I am pretty sure I was well beyond kindergarten when I first encountered the concept of a vulva. Could we maybe have a little Winnie the Pooh here?

Of course, we can’t forget the transvestites in our elementary schools:

First-graders are also asked to read a picture book called “My Princess Boy,” a controversial story based on a real five-year-old boy’s experiences with cross-dressing.

First graders! Let’s get them started young down the path to bizarre unreality.

I am sure that somewhere in America there are three or four school districts that have not succumbed to left-wing madness. But it is highly unlikely that you live in one of them. There are two options: 1) get your kids out of the public schools at the earliest possible moment, or 2) run for your local school board. School board elections are the Battle of Gettysburg of our time. We need to win them, or we will lose our country forever.

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