Psaki yanks our supply chain

I have settled on psychedelic as the Homeric epithet to accompany the name of White House pspokesman Jen Psaki. She blows my mind, as in her response to the question posed at yesterday’s briefing about psupply chain issues. She mocked them. They’re a big joke, but (as the New York Post observes on its cover today) it’s not funny. Let me put that in block letters like the Post uses: IT’S NOT FUNNY.

Last week Biden chief of staff Ron Klain was touting the line that that the supply chain mess is a “high-class problem.” Psaki mockery is consistent with the Klain’s clang, but it takes it to a new level.

The Free Beacon tweeted the video of Psaki commenting on supply chain issues at yesterday’s briefing (below). The companion Free Beacon stories by Philip CaLdwell and by Josh Christensen note the broad impact of these issues, but anyone with half a brain is aware of them in one way or another.

The New York Post takes up Psaki’s approach today in the editorial “Diss is what the Dems now are.” The approach is neither effective nor smart. It won’t last long, but it is revealing.