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Anti-Trump Hoax Prompts Bewilderment

Featured image Steve wrote here about a church arson in Mississippi, where someone set a church on fire and spray-painted the words “Vote Trump” on a wall, a week before the presidential election. Unsurprisingly, a member of the church who had nothing to do with Donald Trump has been arrested and charged with arson. It’s just another fake hate crime; as Steve wrote, “95 percent of reported hate crimes are hoaxes, especially »

Santa Claus Isn’t Coming to Venezuela

Featured image Adam Smith said that there is a lot of ruin in a country, but he didn’t know the half of it. The slow, agonizing descent of once-wealthy Venezuela into a Hobbesian state of nature has been painful to watch, even from afar. Every day brings a new set of disasters, and it is hard to understand why President Maduro hasn’t been strung up from a lamppost like fellow socialist Benito »

Urban Insanity In Minneapolis

Featured image The City of Minneapolis’s far-left city council is thinking about starting a bank. Seriously. Is there a shortage of banks in the Twin Cities? No. Does anyone in city government know anything about running a bank? No. Lee Schafer of the Minneapolis Star Tribune explains: The city of Minneapolis is looking into the “possibility” of launching a city-owned bank. But, of course, it’s possible. So is opening a pet shop. »

The Latest From Berlin: Terrorist On the Loose

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has a good update on what we know about yesterday’s terrorist truck attack in Berlin: Nearly 24 hours after Germany’s deadliest terror attack in decades, police said they had been holding the wrong man as their only suspect, reviving fears of more violence and restarting the hunt for at least one perpetrator at large. *** The police said a lack of forensic links to the crime »

Fake News About Sarah Palin

Featured image The Associated Press fact checker exposes some fake news about Sarah Palin that was propagated on Facebook: A story claiming former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin called for boycotting the Mall of America in Minnesota over its black Santa Claus is false. The story, posted by Newslo [Ed.: Never heard of it.] and some affiliated websites, claims Palin told the Star Tribune of Minneapolis, “Santa was always white in the Bible.” »

Freakout On the Left

Featured image The Democratic Party has been making a fool of itself ever since Election Day. (Before that too, probably, but that’s a different post.) An utter lack of self-awareness apparently disables Democrats from understanding that 1) they lost the presidential election because they nominated the worst candidate of modern times, 2) they have been losing ground across the large majority of America for a decade or longer, and now are at »

The Associated Press Admits Defeat

Featured image The Associated Press did all it could to elect Hillary Clinton, but today it (almost) gave up the ghost. The “news” service headlined: “Trump cruises to Electoral College victory despite protests.” “Despite protests”? What does that mean? Are we supposed to take seriously the idea that a handful of slackers waving signs at state capitols around the country could somehow reverse Donald Trump’s victory? Trump’s polarizing victory Nov. 8 and »

Truck Terrorism In Berlin [UPDATED: Terrorist Was A “Refugee”]

Featured image It was a bad day for terrorism. Just an hour after an Islamic extremist murdered the Russian ambassador to Turkey, an unidentified person drove a large truck into a crowd in Berlin, killing at least 9 and injuring 45 or more people. The scene was a “Christmas market,” which NPR describes: The truck was driven into the crowd on a sidewalk, bringing down Christmas lights and smashing stalls at the »

Congratulations, President-Elect Trump

Featured image The Electoral College voted today in state capitols across the country. In the weeks leading up to the vote, a great many Democrats exposed their contempt for democracy and the Constitution by attempting to steal the election that Donald Trump won on November 8. Happily, the effort to bribe or threaten electors into subverting the will of their voters came to nothing. As of the latest count, only two Trump »

Islamic Terrorist Assassinates Russian Ambassador [Updated]

Featured image This morning in Ankara, Russian Ambassador to Turkey Andrei Karlov was speaking at an art gallery when he was murdered by a Muslim terrorist. The terrorist shouted “Allahu akbar” and delivered a monologue about Russia’s actions in Syria. The gunman apparently agreed with Russia that its efforts are anti-terrorist. A courageous Associated Press photographer who was present shot a stunning series of photos. The gunman approaches the ambassador from behind: »

Trump Tweets on Harassment of Electors, and the Associated Press Rebuts

Featured image I didn’t expect to do another post on the Associated Press tonight, but who can resist? Donald Trump tweeted on the unprecedented campaign of threats, intimidation and harassment that the Democratic Party has launched against Republican electors in hopes of stealing the presidential election: If my many supporters acted and threatened people like those who lost the election are doing, they would be scorned & called terrible names! Well, that’s »

Associated Press Uses Farrakhan to Smear Trump

Featured image What’s the over/under on when the Associated Press runs out of ways to smear Donald Trump? At the current rate of approximately two anti-Trump stories per day, it is hard to see how the AP can make it to the midterms without running out of new angles. Then again, maybe I underestimate liberal ingenuity. Today the AP attacks Trump by reporting on Louis Farrakhan and the possible resurgence of the »

Democrats Threaten, Harass Electors: Where Is the Outrage?

Featured image The Democrats’ ongoing campaign of harassment against Republican members of the Electoral College is a scandal. It shows a complete lack of regard for our democracy. Politico describes how bad the situation has gotten: In the aftermath of a uniquely polarizing presidential contest, the once-anonymous electors are squarely in the spotlight, targeted by death threats, harassing phone calls and reams of hate mail. One Texas Republican elector said he’s been »

The Associated Press: Still Bitter That Trump Won

Featured image Democrats are still anguished over Hillary Clinton’s defeat at the polls, and that includes the Democrats at the Associated Press. Today’s complaint is that Donald Trump isn’t doing enough to unify the country: “On victory lap, few signs Trump focusing on unified nation.” President-elect Donald Trump on Saturday was wrapping up his postelection victory tour, showing few signs of turning the page from his blustery campaign to focus on uniting »

It Pays To Protest

Featured image Enbridge plans to replace an old section of oil pipeline that runs through northern Minnesota. It held an informational meeting in Bemidji, Minnesota, on Tuesday. The meeting was disrupted by a Native American environmental activist named Winona LaDuke. You can see video of her being ejected from the meeting here. LaDuke is identified as the founder of an organization called Honor the Earth. My colleague at Center of the American »

Donald Trump, Butterfly?

Featured image Many Republicans (like me) were unimpressed by Donald Trump during the primary season, got behind him once he won the nomination, and now are blown away by his appointments as president-elect. Paul wrote a great post about Trump’s nominations of successful people, businessmen and others, which may have inspired the Michael Ramirez cartoon below. Michael’s web site reproduced Paul’s post as commentary on this cartoon, titled “Metamorphosis.” It sums up »

Obama to Putin: Cut It Out!

Featured image Barack Obama has spent the last eight years resisting the idea that Russia is an adversary of the United States. First we had the “reset”; next the cancellation of the Eastern European missile shield; then we had Obama assuring President Medvedev that he would be able to give away the store, but the Russians would need to wait for his second term; and then the presidential debate where Obama mocked »