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Target: Happy Valentine’s Day To My “Person!”

Featured image My wife used to be a loyal Target shopper; in fact, she worked for Target quite a few years ago. Her loyalty has waned as the company has gotten ever more PC, but she still shops there occasionally. She took this picture of a Valentine’s Day display in our local Target store: “You Are My Person.” How romantic! Is Valentine’s Day really celebrated by a lot of people who aren’t »

Why Susan Rice Wrote an Email To Herself [Updated]

Featured image Scott wrote this morning about the extraordinary email that National Security Advisor Susan Rice wrote to herself at 12:15 on January 20, 2017, within minutes of when President Trump was inaugurated. It must have been her last act, more or less, before she vacated the White House. So obviously the email was important to her. But why would it be important to send an email to herself (the only person »

Did Michael Flynn Actually Do Anything Wrong?

Featured image Special prosecutor counsel Bob Mueller has one significant scalp on the wall: that of former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn, who pled guilty to one count of lying to the FBI and has yet to be sentenced. But, in a brilliant column, Byron York reviews the sequence of events as we have tortuously come to know them. Based on what we now know (or think we know), it is highly »

Great News On Regulation from the Trump Administration

Featured image This is simply fantastic news: The Trump administration has adopted new limits on the use of “guidance documents” that federal agencies have issued on almost every conceivable subject, an action that could have sweeping implications for the government’s ability to sue companies accused of violations. Guidance documents offer the government’s interpretation of laws, and often when individuals or companies face accusations of legal violations, what they have really violated are »

Maureen Dowd: Down the Memory Hole, and the Grammar Hole, too

Featured image It has been a long time since I bothered to read Maureen Dowd, but a friend sent me a link to her current column. It is the usual anti-Trump screed. Dowd takes off from the resignation of Rob Porter–a story in which I have little interest–to insult the president in a variety of ways, mostly related to the treatment of women. There is much that could be said, but I »

Ben Shapiro: Too Hot to Handle

Featured image Ben Shapiro is a brilliant guy and a mainstream conservative. Liberals fear and detest him because he consistently makes them look silly in his podcasts, on television, in public appearances and on Twitter. All of this makes Shapiro too hot for most college campuses to handle. A case in point is the University of Minnesota, where conservative student groups have been trying to host Shapiro as a speaker. The university »

Democrats’ Memo Won’t Be Released, Yet

Featured image The Associated Press reported a few minutes ago: “Trump won’t declassify Democratic memo on Russia probe.” The article doesn’t live up to the headline. Citing national security concerns, the White House on Friday formally notified the House intelligence committee that President Donald Trump is “unable” to declassify a memo drafted by Democrats that counters GOP allegations about abuse of government surveillance powers in the FBI’s Russia probe. White House counsel »

Another Sign That November Won’t Be a Democrat Sweep

Featured image I explained here why I don’t think that 2018 will be a Democratic blowout along the lines that 2010, for example, was for Republicans. Today more evidence that November won’t be a walk in the park for Democrats came from Minnesota, where 8th District representative Rick Nolan announced that he will not seek re-election: U.S. Rep. Rick Nolan said Friday that he will not run for re-election this year, an »

Voters Believe the House Intel Committee Memo

Featured image If this Rasmussen survey of likely voters is correct, the House Intelligence Committee’s memo and subsequent events have had an extraordinary impact in a short period of time: A new Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 50% of Likely U.S. Voters believe it’s at least Somewhat Likely senior federal law enforcement officials broke the law in an effort to prevent Donald Trump from winning the presidency, including »

Why Is Illegal Immigration Fair?

Featured image When liberals make the case for illegal immigration, they never talk about murderous MS-13 gang members, drunken drivers who kill innocent people at the side of the highway, career criminals who have been deported multiple times, and so on. Instead, they focus on the high school valedictorian whose presence may, indeed, be a net benefit to the country. But is that the end of the story? A frequent correspondent with »

Ilhan Omar Spreads a Smear

Featured image Scott has written extensively about Ilhan Omar, who has received much favorable publicity as the first Somali-American to be elected to a state legislature, notwithstanding the fact that she appears to have committed bigamy and immigration fraud, a subject on which she refuses to answer questions. Because of her minority status–and, frankly, her exceptionally good looks–she has achieved national renown in a very short time. Last night, Minnesota held its »

Trump’s Parade: Greatest Troll Ever? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image What a great headline: Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade. It is almost too good to be true: President Donald Trump’s vision of soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the boulevards of Washington is moving closer to reality in the Pentagon and White House, where officials say they have begun to plan a grand military parade later this year showcasing the might of America’s armed »

Do Journalists Need Special Protection?

Featured image California Democrat Eric Swalwell has introduced a Journalist Protection Act that seeks to impose unique penalties on those who attack journalists in the course of reporting the news. The bill is explicitly aimed at President Trump: During his campaign and since taking office, President Trump has created a climate of extreme hostility to the press by describing mainstream media outlets as “a stain on America,” “trying to take away our »

More Faking of the Surface Temperature Record

Featured image We have written many times about the fact that the Earth’s surface temperature record has been so badly corrupted that it is impossible to say whether claims like “2017 was the third-warmest year since thermometers became common in the late 19th century” are true. Temperature records are under the control of agencies like NOAA, which in turn are run by people whose careers are heavily invested in the catastrophic anthropogenic »

The House Memo, Questions and Answers

Featured image The Democrats have launched an all-out assault on the House Intelligence Committee’s memo–no surprise there. Some of their attacks quickly proved groundless, like the suggestion that releasing the memo would somehow imperil national security. Anyone who has read the memo knows that is silly. Roger Simon takes up this issue and asks, “Why Did the Democrats Lie So Baldly about the Memo?” Byron York addresses the more plausible claims the »

Politifact Exposed

Featured image PolitiFact is a liberal “fact checking” operation that serves the Democratic Party by pretending to be credible and non-partisan. To further its mission of providing unbiased “fact checking,” it hired former Florida representative Alan Grayson, perhaps the most despicable Congressman of modern times. It didn’t end well: PolitiFact announced it hired former politician Alan Grayson to critique its work in an effort to improve trust and credibility on Thursday…but that »

What the House Intelligence Committee Memo Says

Featured image The long-awaited House Intelligence Committee memo on “Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Abuses at the Department of Justice and the Federal Bureau of Investigation” has been released. Here it is: And here are some salient points: * The FISA warrants that are the subject of the memo all relate to Carter Page. The original warrant was sought on October 21, 2016, and the memo says that there were three renewals, which »