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Forget the Temporary Travel Ban, Trump Has Issued a Really Important Order

Featured image The temporary ban on travel from Sudan, Somalia, Libya etc. probably won’t turn out to be one of President Trump’s 20 most important executive orders of his first weeks on the job, despite the liberals’ hysteria over it. He signed a much more significant one today: “Trump wants to scrap two regulations for each new one adopted.” The Washington Post reports: President Trump signed an order Monday aimed at cutting »

It’s Tough When Your Base Is Crazy

Featured image Sometimes you wonder why Democratic politicians are so crazed. But then you see stories like this that make it clear: Protesters shouted down Rhode Island Democratic U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse during a community event as they protested his vote in favor of President Donald Trump’s nominee for CIA director and pushed him to vote against other nominees. A video of Sunday’s event posted by the group Resist Hate RI shows »

All Hysteria, All the Time

Featured image In a way, the Left’s ability to go bonkers in lockstep is impressive. You have to give them credit for message discipline, if nothing else. The idea that a 90-day stay on travel from Yemen, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Sudan, Somalia and Libya is of any particular significance–let alone the crisis of the age!–is crazy. But on the Left these days, craziness isn’t just permitted, it is required. There are many »

Is Trump’s Immigration Order the Worst of Both Worlds?

Featured image President Trump is taking a lot of political heat, and therefore expending a considerable amount of political capital, for an immigration order that doesn’t go far enough to be meaningful. Trump has decreed a halt to travel–immigration and otherwise–from seven Muslim-majority countries, for a mere 90 days. This is accompanied by a suspension of refugee admissions (with the exception of Syria) for only 120 days. The idea, supposedly, is to »

Final Miss Universe Preview: Betting Favorites, Plus Miss USA

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe pageant is tomorrow evening at 7:00 p.m. Eastern. It will be televised on Fox. This year’s competition has generated relatively few headlines. There have been no scandals, no recent terrorist threats, and with one exception noted below, it has been hard to find a political angle. Eighty-six contestants are competing for the Miss Universe crown; you can learn about them on the Miss Universe »

Press Pretends to Fact-Check Trump, But Only Misleads Readers

Featured image We have seen this pattern over and over: Donald Trump says something that may be debatable or exaggerated, and in their quest to bring him down, reporters and editors publish “fact checks” that are more misleading than what Trump said in the first place. It happens every day. Yesterday, Trump delivered a speech to a GOP gathering in Philadelphia. He talked for around 27 minutes; you can see the full »

Voters Like What Trump Is Doing, and They Can’t Stand the Press

Featured image Despite the Left’s howls of outrage, or maybe in part because of them, voters like what President Trump is doing so far. Rasmussen currently finds 59% of likely voters approving of Trump’s performance. That is a Reaganesque level that he won’t be able to sustain long-term, but it suggests that most voters are comfortable both with the direction of Trump’s policies and with his iconoclastic style. The newspapers have declared »

Did Donald Trump Carry Minnesota?

Featured image Voter fraud is in the news again, with President Trump vowing an investigation and the liberal media assuring us that voter fraud does not exist. My question is always: why are they so confident that there is little or no fraud, when so few efforts are made to look for it? Here in Minnesota, there is no possible way for anyone to know how much voter fraud occurred last November. »

Trump’s Immigration Orders

Featured image Yesterday, President Trump signed two executive orders relating to immigration. In the first few days of his administration we have already found that the Trump we see as President is the same Trump we saw on the campaign trail, for better–mostly–and for worse. So the contents of the immigration orders come as no surprise. The first is titled Border Security and Immigration Enforcement Improvements. Section 1 of the Order includes »

Those Whom the Gods Would Destroy…

Featured image Steve wrote earlier today about the Left’s meltdown since Donald Trump’s inauguration. The Left’s nervous breakdown is, of course, a topic we have been covering for a while. But–to say the least–the Trump administration has accelerated the Left’s crackup. I am so old I can remember when the Associated Press wasn’t considered part of the Left. But Trump’s election has pushed the AP over the edge, and they have gone »

The Myth Of Obama’s Popularity

Featured image It is an article of faith in the liberal press that Barack Obama was a popular president. Is that claim true? No, according to the Gallup Poll. In fact, according to the most basic measure of popularity–average approval rating during his years in office–Obama ranks among our least popular recent presidents, behind, among others, George W. Bush and Richard Nixon: Every case is different, and all kinds of distinctions can »

The Associated Press Goes to War With Trump

Featured image As of January 20, the liberal press has a new mantra: no more mister nice guy! We’re going to call a lie a lie, damn it! That would have been a nice practice during the last eight years, but better late than never, I suppose. The Associated Press manifests its new attitude–all-out war on the president–with today’s “news” story: “Trump bridge-building overshadowed by false voter fraud line.” Even as President »

Propaganda. It Comes At a Cost!

Featured image When I studied epistemology decades ago, I had no idea that it would someday be front and center in our political life. Truth is now all the rage: the liberal media try to tell us that they are the reliable sources of truth, as opposed to…what? I am not certain. Virtually all newspapers, magazines and networks are liberal. But there evidently is a heck of a lot of wrongthink out »

This Is CNN

Featured image I am spending a few hours in an airport, so CNN is being inflicted on me at the gate. A few minutes ago, a CNN analyst was agonizing over whether people will be able to trust the Trump administration, given Trump’s history of lying about things like the size of his inauguration crowd. The angst-ridden reporter wondered whether statistics produced by Trump’s agencies will be trustworthy. Trump, according to CNN, »

Was Trump Right About His Inauguration’s Crowd Size?

Featured image Apart from the overhyped “women’s” marches, yesterday’s biggest news story seemed to be the conflict between the news media and the Trump administration over the size of the inauguration crowd. The liberal media said it was small, relying largely on this photo comparison by the New York Times of Barack Obama’s 2009 inauguration and Trump’s: Other media happily followed suit with lowball estimates of Friday’s crowd. Two points: one, there »

Miss Universe Preview: The Favorites

Featured image The finale of the Miss Universe pageant is only nine days away, and betting is starting to get heavy. I wrote about a few of my favorite contestants, including Miss USA, here. With the betting odds firming up, it is time to check out the favorites. Currently in first place is Miss Colombia, Andrea Tovar, at 4-1. After last year’s fiasco, when Miss Colombia was mistakenly crowned the winner only »

Were “Women’s” Marches the News Story of the Day?

Featured image The liberal media certainly thought so. Anti-Trump protests dominated CNN and other news channels, while the Associated Press was giddy with delight at the number of people who turned out to demonstrate against President Trump: In a global exclamation of defiance and solidarity, more than 1 million people rallied at women’s marches in the nation’s capital and cities around the world Saturday to send President Donald Trump an emphatic message »