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Bernie Sanders ♥ Jeremy Corbyn

Featured image Socialist Bernie Sanders hailed the election of socialist Jeremy Corbyn as leader of Britain’s down-and-out Labour Party: “At a time of mass income and wealth inequality throughout the world, I am delighted to see that the British Labour Party has elected Jeremy Corbyn as its new leader,” Sanders, a Democratic presidential candidate, said in a statement emailed to The Huffington Post Saturday. “We need leadership in every country in the »

“Truth”: Not the Only Bad News From Toronto

Featured image Scott wrote here about the absurd movie Truth, which tries to sell the idea that the Mary Mapes/Dan Rather fantasy about George W. Bush was real after all. Truth premiered at the Toronto Film Festival last night. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the only bad news to come out of the film festival. There is also this: Jessica Chastain is taking on gun control in a new political thriller, thanks to EuropaCorp »

Red Sparrow

Featured image My wife and I went to a Minnesota Twins game with Clark Griffith and his wife a few weeks ago. Clark is a fun guy to watch a baseball game with; his family owned the Washington Senators and the Twins for a long time and he is an expert observer, albeit awfully objective for a home-town fan like me. Anyway, Clark and I were chatting during the game, and Clark »

Wild Turkey

Featured image I have never been a bourbon drinker, but have long been a fan of wild turkeys. Like the bald eagle, wild turkeys were once believed to be almost extinct, and have now become commonplace. I recall a conversation quite a few years ago with my older brother, who lives in South Dakota, our family’s ancestral home. This was when wild turkeys were first making a comeback, and the state had »

Platte River: Hillary’s Server Is OK

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Platte River Networks says as far as they know, Hillary’s home server has never had its hard drive erased. Therefore, her deleted emails should be recoverable: “Platte River has no knowledge of the server being wiped,” company spokesman Andy Boian told The Washington Post. “All the information we have is that the server wasn’t wiped.” … All the e-mails from Clinton’s tenure at the State »

From Madisonian Constitutionalism to Wilsonian Statism?

Featured image That is how Dan Mitchell describes America’s fiscal evolution, as chronicled in a new report by the Joint Economic Committee. I will have to delve into the report before long, but for now let’s stay with Mitchell’s analysis: Given my affinity for budget data, I was excited to learn that the Joint Economic Committee (JEC) just released “An Economic History of Federal Spending and Debt.” This new publication is filled »

Did Terrorists Access Hillary’s Home Server?

Featured image It is now generally taken as a given that Russian and Chinese spies were reading Hillary Clinton’s official email correspondence while she was Secretary of State. Breaking into an unsecured home server is child’s play for those countries’ intelligence agencies. But this story from Great Britain raises an even more chilling possibility: Jihadists in Syria have hacked into ministerial email accounts in a sophisticated espionage operation uncovered by GCHQ, the »

Rick Perry Drops Out

Featured image An hour or two ago, Rick Perry announced that he is suspending his presidential campaign. It’s too bad: Perry was a tremendously successful governor, and is a good guy. His failure to get traction perhaps tells us more about flaws in the process than in his qualifications. Earlier today, Paul speculated about whether another hugely successful (and thoroughly conservative) governor, Scott Walker, is on the ropes. Ultimately, the ability of »

The Power Line Show, Episode 26: Rathergate, “Truth” and Corker Confusion

Featured image Last night, the entire Power Line gang gathered for the latest episode of the Power Line Show. We talked about Rathergate and the absurd new movie mis-titled “Truth,” which opened tonight in Toronto. Harry MacDougald, the famous “Buckhead” of the Rathergate story, joined the group and related his part in one of the biggest journalism stories of modern times. From Rathergate, the gang moved on to Iran and the tortured »

The Iran Deal In Perspective

Featured image That is the title of this cartoon by Michael Ramirez. I hope it doesn’t come to this, and I really don’t think it will. But it might, which is why I have been a vociferous opponent of Obama’s Iran giveaway. During our podcast tonight, we talked about the grotesque misdirection of Barack Obama, the New York Times and others on the Left who insinuate that opposition to the Iran deal »

Should the U.S. Want Syrian Refugees?

Featured image There is talk of the United States doing “its share” by taking in a large number of Syrian refugees (many of whom are migrants, not refugees, and many of whom will prove not to come from Syria). There is of course a humanitarian case for admitting residents of a war zone. The problem is that there are many miserable places on the Earth, and no obvious limiting principle. How much »

Hillary Is Sorry…Kind of Sorry…For Something…

Featured image Michael Ramirez has this hilarious take on Hillary’s latest email apology. I’ve seen more sincere apologies wrung out of prisoners with torture. Click to enlarge: »

EPA: Do As We Say, Not As We Do!

Featured image The Animas River spill has shone a spotlight on ineptitude at the Environmental Protection Agency. The EPA allowed three million gallons of toxic water to spill into the Animas, causing enormous pollution problems for those downstream. A Congressional investigation has revealed that EPA staff had failed to accurately gauge the water pressure within the mine they were cleaning up, “thus increasing the chances for a ‘blowout’ like the one that »

What’s Brewing in the Senate?

Featured image Senator Marco Rubio was scheduled to be in the Twin Cities tomorrow, briefly, and I was set up to interview him. But I got word a few minutes ago that he won’t be leaving Washington because Mitch McConnell has scheduled a major vote on the Iran deal for tomorrow. What, exactly, will the vote be? I am not sure. Intrigue is swirling around the Corker-Cardin bill, the predicate for Congress’s »

On Race, Obama Gets An “F”

Featured image Barack Obama was elected to be our First Black President. That was, really, his only claim to fame; he was unqualified for the office by experience, ability and work ethic. Electing Obama was supposed to put a capstone on two generations of racial progress. That was the main reason millions of people voted for him. Somehow, though, it hasn’t worked out that way. Rasmussen Reports recaps its recent findings: only »

Khamenei: No Israel in 25 Years

Featured image Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei addressed a large group in Tehran earlier today. His comments, particularly about Israel, have gotten a lot of attention but have been variously quoted. This is how FARS, the more or less official Iranian news agency, reported them: Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei described Israel as a “fake” regime, and said there won’t be any Israel in 25 years from now. »

Andy McCarthy Replies to Paul On Iran [With comment by Paul]

Featured image Andy McCarthy wrote a column over the weekend that urged Congress to refuse to proceed with a vote on the Corker Iran bill, on the ground that President Obama has failed to fulfill the conditions set forth in that legislation, since the full terms of the agreement have not been provided to Congress. (I am summarizing very briefly, there is much more to Andy’s argument.) Paul responded to Andy’s column »