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Tonight’s Debate: Who Won?

Featured image I watched the presidential debate while commenting and following the steady stream of commentary on Power Line Live. It was interesting: whereas virtually everyone agreed about the preliminary debate this afternoon, there was no consensus at all about what happened tonight among the 1,000 or so people on our live site. I suspect that how one reacted to tonight’s event depended on one’s expectations. Viewers who thought it was going »

Socialism Crumbles In Venezuela, But Democrats Think It’s a Great Idea

Featured image Socialism must be the number one folly in the history of the human race. People keep trying it, and it keeps collapsing ignominiously. Yet leftists never give up. It is as though a guy stood in his yard throwing a ball into the air over and over, hoping that next time it won’t come back down. In Venezuela, socialism is in its inevitable death spiral. Food shortages are causing Venezuelans »

First Debate, Reporting From Power Line Live

Featured image We had a manageable crew at Power Line Live for the first debate; it topped out at around 200. I missed the first part of the debate but caught most of it. It wasn’t really a debate, of course, especially since there was hardly any disagreement on the issues–more of a joint press conference. The consensus among the Power Line crew was very clear: Carly Fiorina was the favorite by »

Follow Tonight’s Debates on Power Line Live

Featured image The undercard kicks off in less than an hour, with the main event to follow at 9 p.m. Eastern. Join us at Power Line Live to follow, and comment on, the action. What better way to watch a presidential debate than with hundreds (maybe thousands, if 2012 is a guide) of your fellow conservatives? So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live this afternoon and again tonight. To get »

Why Jeb Bush Doesn’t Impress, Whether Trump Is For Real, and Obama’s Mean-Spirited Speech, With Seth Leibsohn

Featured image Last night I did two fun radio segments with our friend Seth Leibsohn. Seth was formerly Bill Bennett’s producer, and now has his own radio show in Phoenix. You can listen to his show online at the link. Seth and I talked about Jeb Bush’s struggles, the Donald Trump phenomenon, and Barack Obama’s deeply dishonest speech on Iran. It was a lively conversation, lasting about twenty minutes. If you’d like »

Follow Tomorrow’s GOP Debates at Power Line Live

Featured image When the 2012 primary campaign was hot, thousands of Power Line readers joined us at Power Line Live to follow the action and cheer on their favorites. When the presidential debates ensued, thousands more cheered our guy, Mitt Romney. Since then, with a few exceptions–like the 2014 election–Power Line Live has gone dark. But no longer. Tomorrow, the GOP presidential contenders will gather for two “debates,” i.e., joint public appearances. »

Barack Obama’s Lowest Moment Yet?

Featured image Today President Obama gave a speech at American University, urging acceptance of his nuclear deal with Iran. It was the usual exercise in deception and demagoguery, and he skated up to the edge of accusing opponents of the deal–a majority of Americans, apparently–of treason. After some initial reminiscence about the Cold War, Obama leaped right into misrepresenting the agreement’s terms: After two years of negotiations, we have achieved a detailed »

Jeb Bush: Not Ready for Prime Time [Updated]

Featured image It’s not my biggest problem with Jeb Bush, but one of the issues with his candidacy is that he is badly out of shape as a candidate. He last ran a campaign in 2002, thirteen years ago. As a result, he isn’t sharp, and keeps making mistakes. A brutal case in point, as reported by the New York Times: During an interview on Tuesday with religious conservatives, Mr. Bush suggested »

Follow Thursday’s GOP Debates at Power Line Live

Featured image When the 2012 primary campaign was hot, thousands of Power Line readers joined us at Power Line Live to follow the action and cheer on their favorites. When the presidential debates ensued, thousands more cheered our guy, Mitt Romney. Since then, with a few exceptions, Power Line Live has gone dark. Maybe we should have fired it up for the Super Bowl, or the World Series–or even, sorry Paul, the »

Obama Relies On Hollywood and Anti-Semites to Sell Iran Deal

Featured image I wrote here about the Obama administration’s use of a YouTube video starring Hollywood celebrities like Morgan Freeman and comedian Jack Black to promote its Iran deal. The video is entirely fact-free, but for the bare assertion that absent the agreement, we will all be killed in a nuclear war. Seriously. Today Michael Ramirez ridiculed Obama’s Hollywood outreach campaign: That’s bad enough. Even worse is the Obama administration’s reliance on »

More Renewable Energy = More Expensive Energy

Featured image This post can be viewed as a companion to Steve’s post immediately below. “Greens” are hailing the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan as a Great Leap Forward, economically as well as environmentally. As I understand it, the EPA is even claiming that requiring more energy to be generated via wind and solar will not increase its cost. That is ridiculous, of course, as wind and solar are nowhere near as »

The Immigration Onslaught Continues

Featured image We are in the midst of the biggest influx of immigrants in our country’s history. In the next ten years, under current law, the federal government will issue 10 million green cards–more than the combined populations of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina. This chart is courtesy of the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration: Subcommittee staff explains the significance of green cards, the large majority of which will go to low-skill »

Hillary’s Supporters Want to Repeal the Bill of Rights

Featured image This is a man in the street video filmed by Mark Dice in San Diego. I don’t know anything about Dice, but these Hillary supporters have got to go: if you tell them that Hillary wants to repeal the Bill of Rights, they are on board. No one ever said democracy would work if people are stupid. Still, no matter how low your expectations are, this is painful: »

Media Alert [Updated: Chris Christie?]

Featured image Guest hosting today’s Laura Ingraham show was great fun, with excellent guests and lots of callers. Tomorrow’s show promises to be a blockbuster: guests will be Victor Davis Hanson, our own Steve Hayward, and Ann Coulter, talking about her dynamite book Adios, America!. If at all possible, you should tune in. The show is 9 to 12 Eastern. You can go here find a station in your area. If you »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be guest hosting the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow and Tuesday. The show is 9 to 12 Eastern. You can go here find a station in your area. If you miss the show live, you can get highlights via podcast on iTunes. Both shows should be a lot of fun, with good guests. Please tune in! »

Zebra Lives Matter!

Featured image I don’t know about you, but I’ve had about all I can take of Cecil the lion. A friend emailed me this reminder of an alternate perspective on the lion’s demise: STEVE adds: The contrarian memes are coming in fast and thick–almost enough for a “Cecil’s Week in Pictures” feature: And finally, for the reductio file: »

Obama Administration Enlists Celebrities to Promote Iran Deal

Featured image The Obama administration has released this YouTube video, starring Morgan Freeman–the only participant I recognize–and other people who apparently are famous, including Queen Noor, to sell the Iran deal. What is their argument? There isn’t an argument, exactly, just an assertion that if the deal isn’t approved, we will all die in a nuclear war. All right then! Where can I write to my Congressman? Here it is: This approach »