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Is This the Libertarian Moment?

Featured image As the Libertarian Party’s convention nominates former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson for president, some are saying that the Libertarians’ time has finally come, that 2016 could be the Libertarian moment. I very much doubt it. A few years ago, I was invited to the George W. Bush Library in Dallas for a conference on the economy. While there, I was also part of a small group that met with »

What’s Behind the Patriotic Ad Explosion?

Featured image I had heard that Budweiser plans to re-name its beer America for the summer–a bit incongruous, given that Anheuser-Busch is now owned by a Belgian-Brazilian conglomerate. But Advertising Age says it is part of a trend: Coke is the latest brand dressing itself in Old Glory. The soda brand has begun selling limited edition red, white and blue cans that will be available in select convenience and grocery stores through »

Barack Obama, Pacifist

Featured image Barack Obama spoke in Hiroshima yesterday. The full text of his speech is here. Obama did not quite apologize for America’s use of the atomic bomb to bring WWII to an end, as some had feared. But his speech was nevertheless deeply revealing of his world view. Let’s begin by acknowledging that parts of Obama’s address were good, or at least unexceptionable. Peace is better than war! Modern man has »

I’m Muslim, Don’t Panic

Featured image You can’t make this stuff up. From the Daily Mail: An asylum seeker who jokingly wore a T-shirt saying “I’m Muslim, don’t panic” was so savagely beaten by his fellow refugees that he had to be rushed to hospital. The 23-year-old Iraqi had thought that his fellow Islamic asylum seekers would see the funny side, but instead they accused him of offending their religion and decided to teach him a »

Why Solar Energy Is Bad for the Environment

Featured image Everyone knows that solar energy is unreliable and expensive. The point that isn’t made often enough (although Steve has written about it here on quite a few occasions) is that solar energy is also bad for the environment. Which raises the question, what, then, is it good for? Investigative reporter Tom Steward records what happened when residents of rural Buffalo, Minnesota got an up-close view of “green” energy: The project’s »

At Harvard, Leftist Professors Inspire Leftist Students to “Rebel”

Featured image A common political strategy among environmentalists is called “sue and settle.” An environmental group will sue the EPA, alleging a failure to do one thing or another, likely something that wasn’t within the EPA’s powers in the first place. The lawsuit is collusive, so, after a decent interval, the EPA will agree to a settlement that results in a court order requiring EPA to do something that it wanted to »

The Next President Must Be a White Male Republican

Featured image That is Glenn Reynolds’s modest proposal. And he is right. The supposed watchdogs of the press become toothless lap pets when the president is a Democrat, let alone a black Democrat. Those of us who believe in the Constitution can wish for only thing: a white male Republican, like Donald Trump. Only the victory of such a candidate will cause the liberal commentariat (and maybe the judiciary) to re-awaken to »

Inspector General Blasts Hillary’s Violation of Email Rules

Featured image Today the State Department’s Inspector General released his fourth and final report on FOIA compliance, preservation of electronic records and use of non-departmental systems in the Department. Today’s report covers the offices of Secretaries of State going back to Madeline Albright, but its harsh findings are reserved for Secretary Hillary Clinton. First the report in its entirety, then some excerpts and comments below. Emphasis added throughout: ESP-16-03-Final The Inspector General »

Electing Trump, One Riot at a Time

Featured image Last night in Albuquerque, rioters attacked a Donald Trump rally. Several tried to disrupt the event and had to be removed from the crowd. Most remained outside, throwing rocks at the hall and burning objects at policemen. Albuquerque attorney Doug Antoon said rocks were flying through the convention center windows as he was leaving Tuesday night. Glass was breaking and landing near his feet. “This was not a protest, this »

Annual Dinner, New Web Site

Featured image The think tank that I run, Center of the American Experiment, has an annual dinner with a distinguished history. We have hosted speakers like Margaret Thatcher, Mikhail Gorbachev, George H. W. Bush, George Will, Robert Bork, and many more. Our 2016 dinner was last Saturday night. It was a wonderful event, attended by 870 conservatives. Dana Perino was our speaker. She did a great job, taking every opportunity to mingle »

We Are a Fish, Rotting From the Head

Featured image Glenn Reynolds’ current USA Today column addresses the rapid decline of the United States as a high-trust society, something that sociologists have found to be critical for economic development and security: [T]he CIA’s “accident” was only the latest in a long rash of “accidental” losses of incriminating information in this administration. The IRS — whose Tea Party-targeting scandal is now over 1,100 days old without anyone being charged or sent »

Supreme Leader: America “Cannot Do a Damn Thing” About Iranian Missiles [Updated]

Featured image One of these days, a reporter might ask President Obama how his grand plan for an alliance with Iran is turning out. Someone forgot to tell the mullahs, apparently. Today Iran’s more-or-less-official FARS News Service reported on Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei’s speech to the graduating class at Imam Hossein University: Iranian Supreme Leader Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei underlined that the US hues and cries will by no means influence the »

ISIS Testing Chemical Weapons In Iraq

Featured image From today’s Telegraph: The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) is reported to have set up laboratories in built-up neighbourhoods in the heart of its so-called caliphate to avoid being targeted by coalition air strikes. Learning from the Palestinians. The terror group is known to harbour chemical and nuclear ambitions, and is trying to manufacture weapons not only for attacks within Iraq and Syria but also the West. »

Barack Obama: The Unspoken Issue In This Year’s Campaign

Featured image At InstaPundit, Richard Benedetto makes an interesting point: Usually when an incumbent president is leaving office and a slew of candidates are battling for his job, that departing chief executive’s record is a major campaign issue. But not this year, even though two of three Americans say the country is on the wrong track, job creation is sluggish, income inequality continues to rise and Mr. Obama’s job approval barely tops »

Donald Trump, Social Conservative?

Featured image Donald Trump addressed the National Rifle Association’s Leadership Forum today. Just before he spoke, the NRA announced its endorsement of him. Trump’s speech was good. He contrasted his support for gun rights with “Heartless Hillary”‘s effort to disarm women and render them unable to protect themselves. He said that Mrs. Clinton wants to repeal the Second Amendment, which is essentially correct since Clinton says she will appoint justices who will »

Boys and Girls Together at Verizon [Updated]

Featured image A reader forwarded this photo–taken on an iPhone!–that constitutes, apparently, a Verizon ad on the back of the current issue of Sports Illustrated: Our reader writes: Attached is a scan from the Verizon ad on the back of this week’s issue of Sports Illustrated. It is very sweet until you notice that the boy and girl are seated in a locker room, complete with tile floors and benches. How topical. »

Senate Committee Exposes Scofflaw Obama Administration

Featured image Today the Senate Subcommittee on Immigration and The National Interest conducted a hearing on declining deportations and increasing releases of criminal aliens by the Obama administration. President Obama’s refusal to enforce the law, in violation of his most fundamental constitutional duty, is a scandal. These are excerpts from Senator Jeff Sessions’ opening statement: [A]s we will examine in today’s hearing, rather than truly prioritizing the removal of certain types of »