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A Dose of Reality for the Pope

Featured image I really don’t like Pope Francis. Some popes have been positive, world-historical figures, like John Paul II. Others have been clueless tag-alongs with the intellectual fashions of their time. I am afraid that Francis falls into the latter category. His hostility toward free enterprise is the fruit of ignorance, not holiness. His best defense is that as a citizen of Argentina, he has no experience of the benefits of free »

Walker’s Parting Shot

Featured image We have written about Scott Walker’s departure from the presidential campaign here, but we didn’t mention Walker’s parting shot. He sent out an email to supporters that included the following: Sadly, the debate taking place in the Republican party today is not focused on [Ronald Reagan’s] optimistic view of America. Instead, it has drifted into personal attacks. In the end, I believe that voters want to be for something and »

Where I’ve Been, With Media Alert

Featured image If it seems like I haven’t been posting much lately, it’s true. I haven’t. I had a milestone birthday on Saturday, and as much family as we can muster these days–my wife, my son and his girlfriend, and one of my three daughters–spent four days in the land of sky blue waters. (If you are one of those who derive your aesthetic sense largely from beer commercials, you will get »

Ben Carson: Let’s Not Have a Muslim Prez

Featured image On Meet the Press this morning, Ben Carson said that Islam is incompatible with our Constitution, and that he would not endorse having a Muslim president. As far as I can see, all news outlets are quoting the same words, and a complete transcript may reveal additional nuance. But this is what is being quoted: Asked whether his faith or the faith of a president should matter, Carson said, “It »

Arrest Those Climate Skeptics!

Featured image The totalitarian tendencies of American liberals have long been evident. Liberals have pretty much given up on trying to convince those who disagree with them–that happens, I suppose, when you consistently lose arguments. Now they want to have us arrested. The latest case in point comes from 20 climate alarmists who have written to President Obama, recommending that the realists who poke holes in their theories be charged with federal »

Who Bears the Burden of Immigration?

Featured image Migrants are on the move across the world, especially from the Middle East to Europe and North America, from Africa to Europe and the United States, and from Mexico and other Latin countries to the South to the United States. Immigration celebrationists pretend that mass immigration is an unmixed blessing, but what is happening in Europe, as one country after another shuts its borders to a vast influx of Middle »

Black Income Decline in Minnesota Termed “Disgraceful”

Featured image As I noted here, just-released Census Bureau data show that real median household income declined slightly in 2014, while the poverty rate increased slightly. Median incomes for all racial groups except whites were stable, while white median household income declined by 1.7%. I have seen no comment on this fact; certainly no suggestion that the federal government is responsible for the decline or has pursued policies inimical to the interests »

We Get Results (with Comment from Steve)

Featured image We have noted over the years that when we plug books, it seems to drive sales. When I praised John Williams’ Stoner and Butcher’s Crossing in this post, Stoner was for a time adjacent to Lolita in Amazon’s best-selling books. So when I wrote about Red Sparrow, a spy novel that I absolutely loved, I decided to keep track. I checked the Amazon statistics right after doing the post. Red »

Another Reason to Like Marco

Featured image It is no secret that I am a Marco Rubio fan. Yesterday afternoon, before the debate, Jake Tapper posted this tweet. The key word is “discreetly”: When Sen. Rubio came by the set, he discreetly drew a cross on the tape behind his podium #CNNDebate A photo posted by Jake Tapper (@jaketapper) on Sep 16, 2015 at 12:57pm PDT »

BS From Bernie, on the Howie Carr Show

Featured image There are a number of superb local and regional political radio talk show hosts. I am often on Jim Vicevich’s show out of Hartford, and several of us have appeared on Seth Leibsohn’s Phoenix show. One of the best regional hosts is Howie Carr, who operates out of Boston and is widely broadcast in the Northeast. On Tuesday, Howie invited me on his show to talk about Bullshit From Bernie. »

Debate Post Mortem

Featured image Tonight’s debate got off to an awful start, with Jake Tapper asking a series of bad questions that were all about Donald Trump. But as the evening went on, it got a lot better. I think the overriding impression for anyone that saw it to the end is that there are vigorous arguments going on within the Republican Party, and only within the Republican Party. It is hard to imagine »

Census: Economy Is Going Nowhere

Featured image The Census Bureau released its income and poverty numbers for 2014 today. The poverty rate was up slightly and median family income, inflation-adjusted, was down slightly, but both numbers were essentially flat. U.S. News goes out on a limb: The numbers may explain some of the political furor going on in the country, said Lawrence Mishel, president and CEO of the liberal Economic Policy Institute. “Anyone wondering why people in »

Follow Tonight’s Debate at Power Line Live

Featured image The second Republican presidential debate is coming up tonight on CNN. What better way to watch it than with a few hundred or thousand fellow conservatives? The audience for the debate should be huge, and it could be a make or break event for several candidates who have not been able to break out of the pack. So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live as you watch the »

Bernie Sanders, Autarkist?

Featured image Bernie Sanders has been getting increasing attention here lately. That’s appropriate, now that he is the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination. When you start paying attention to Sanders, you realize how dumb his policy ideas really are. A case in point is this tweet from yesterday evening: I've got a message for corporate America: if you want us to buy your products, you better start producing them here in »

Follow Tomorrow’s GOP Debate at Power Line Live

Featured image The second Republican presidential debate is coming up tomorrow evening on CNN. What better way to watch it than with a few hundred or thousand fellow conservatives? The audience for tomorrow’s debate should be huge, and it could be a make or break event for several candidates who have not been able to break out of the pack. So: plan to sign in to Power Line Live tomorrow. The undercard »

Center for Medical Progress’s Latest PP Video: “Everything We Provide Is Fresh”

Featured image The Center for Medical Progress released its latest Planned Parenthood video today. It is around 12 minutes long, and is compiled from several original videos which CMP also released, in full, unedited form, on its YouTube page. This latest video features a number of Planned Parenthood employees or representatives (the organization’s structure is unclear to me) talking about selling babies’ body parts. The conversation is frequently creepy enough to be »

What To Do About Middle Eastern Refugees?

Featured image Millions of people are streaming out of Syria, Iraq and Turkey. Many are fleeing (or have fled, making an intermediate stop in Turkey) from ISIS, others from Assad. This refugee crisis has already roiled European politics, and some are advocating that the United States take in even more Middle Eastern refugees than we already are. What is missing from this picture? Michael Ramirez weighs in with his usual insight; click »