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Harry, We Knew Ye Too Damn Well [Further Updated]

Featured image Harry Reid’s tenure as Senate Majority Leader hasn’t just been controversial, it has been disgraceful. Reid submerged the Senate in partisan politics of the most vicious sort, turning the Senate floor into a forum for outrageous attacks on private citizens and refusing to allow that body to vote on more than 300 bills that had passed the House of Representatives–all the while blaming “gridlock” on the Republicans. Reid denied Republican »

Join Us Tonight at Power Line Live

Featured image What better way to follow and comment on election results, to celebrate or commiserate as the case may be, than with lots of like-minded conservatives? Tonight, you can join us at Power Line Live. We have updated the software, and you now can follow individual topics (e.g., CO Senate-2014) as well as the main flow of chatter. That way, you can check on the status of key races and see »

Election Eve Drama at an Iowa Fraternity House

Featured image Last night, Joni Ernst was making an appearance at the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity house at Iowa State, when she was interrupted by a group of Occupy-type protesters who had infiltrated the event. They started a stupid chant about the Koch Brothers–highly relevant to most Iowa voters, I’m sure–which they kept up for quite a while. Amazingly, the fraternity brothers were able to restrain themselves from slugging the twerps; instead, »

Beyond the Election, the GOP’s Future Looks Bright

Featured image Michael Barone assesses the impact Barack Obama has had on the Democratic Party. It’s not a pretty picture: When Obama took the oath of office in January 2009, there were 257 Democrats in the House of Representatives. Going into this election there are 201 (including two vacant Democratic seats). Psephologists universally agree Democrats will suffer a net loss of House seats…. That will leave them with a number probably somewhere »

Final Thoughts on Today’s Election (But No Predictions)

Featured image Last night on Twitter, a friend asked for my final predictions on today’s election. I will repeat here what I said to him, only at greater length because…Twitter. Like everyone else, I am looking at the polls and expecting a good night for Republicans. But there should be, I think, one significant caution. All likely voter polls incorporate assumptions about the makeup of the electorate in a given cycle. The »

The Democrats Bring Out Their Biggest Gun

Featured image This could be a game-changer. The Democrats aren’t fooling around any longer, they are playing their trump card. Kim Kardashian has come out for the Dems, and President Obama, on Instagram. Which is where it counts: I’m standing with President Obama in the midterm election tomorrow! Find out what you need to cast your ballot at A photo posted by Kim Kardashian West (@kimkardashian) on Nov 11, 2014 at 5:19pm »

Eric Holder Deploys Poll-Watchers to Look for “Discrimination”

Featured image Eric Holder’s Department of Justice is sending teams of federal monitors to 18 states to “watch for discrimination against voters.” The list of states appears completely random: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wisconsin. DOJ can’t possibly have the manpower to cover more than a relative handful of precincts in those 18 »

Follow the Election Results at Power Line Live

Featured image Tomorrow evening, you can join us at Power Line Live to follow and comment on the election results. This year, the PL Live software has been upgraded, and Joe has set up a series of topics for the key races. You can start your own new topic, or follow existing ones (e.g., NH Senate-2014), to stay up to the minute on the key races. In the past more than 2,000 »

ISIS Slave Market Is Reminder of Serious Issues At Stake

Featured image With the election tomorrow, we are all focused on poll data, early voting results, control of the Senate, pickups in the House, and so on. Nothing wrong with that. But it is easy to forget how deadly serious the issues with which our leaders must grapple are. The video below shows ISIS fighters as they wait for a slave market to open. They are about to purchase Yezidi girls; it »

The Really Special Interest

Featured image Here in Minnesota, you can’t watch a football game without seeing Power Line pick Stewart Mills smeared by the Democrats as a tool of “special interests” and “billionaires.” (The special interests, I guess, are people who believe in the Constitution and want to see the economy grow.) This is typical of the attacks Democrats have made on Republicans throughout this election cycle. And yet there is one issue of paramount »

Wanted: One Viking. Must Furnish His Own Sword.

Featured image Today the Minnesota Vikings played the Washington Redskins here in Minnesota. Before the game, several thousand protesters turned out at the University of Minnesota to demand that Redskins owner Dan Snyder change the team’s name. Among them was old-timer Clyde Bellecourt: “We are standing up against this monster team that is here today and to this Jewish person who should know a little bit about genocide,” Bellecourt said in a »

Does Cloud Cover Explain Recent Temperature Trends?

Featured image Climate science is in its infancy, and much of what drives the Earth’s climate is understood poorly if at all. It is clear, however, that clouds have a significant impact on temperatures. A recent paper by Australian physicist John McLean suggests that cloud cover, combined with the El Nino-Southern Oscillation, explains temperature trends from 1950 to the present. Anthony Watts summarizes the paper’s findings: Key points of the paper: * »

Garry Kasparov and the Obama Doctrine

Featured image Garry Kasparov is a former world chess champion, now a full-time pro-democracy activist, who is one of the chief thorns in the side of Vladimir Putin. Kasparov is appalled at the West’s lack of resolve to defend its interests and values. He is active on Twitter, where he identified the Obama Doctrine: The Obama Doctrine: "Do as little as necessary to appear to be doing something without actually committing to »

Special to Power Line: Jeff Sessions Writes, Tom Cotton Will Fight For You

Featured image Jeff Sessions, the conservative bellwether of the Senate, wrote this endorsement of Tom Cotton specially for Power Line. Needless to say, we heartily second Senator Sessions’ comments and urge all readers to support Tom’s campaign and vote for him if they can: JEFF SESSIONS: TOM COTTON WILL FIGHT FOR YOU On one of the most important issues facing voters – an issue that deeply affects our communities, our schools, our »

The Catcall Video, In Historical Perspective

Featured image I wrote yesterday about the infamous “catcall” video that has been the subject of much controversy on the web and in the news. We might think that the phenomenon of men accosting women on the street is a symptom of our decaying culture–I incline toward that view–but a reader points out that the issue has been with us for a long time. It’s just that the remedies used to be »

Happy Halloween From the Would-Be Monarch!

Featured image Some dressed-up kids came by our house tonight, trick or treating. That’s all in good fun, but, sadly, we have a dressed-up middle-aged cipher in the White House, pretending to be a president. Or a king. Or something; someone who doesn’t have to worry about a troublesome Constitution, in any event. Government is so much simpler when you can just issue orders and amend statutes by decree. Michael Ramirez comments; »

Mayday Explains: When We Say “Money,” We Mean Conservative Money!

Featured image Two left-wing groups, MoveOn and Mayday.US, sponsored a video contest to highlight the “problem” of money in politics. They published the videos that were submitted on a web site, and encouraged viewers to vote for the best one. Sadly, their effort was nowhere near as successful as the Power Line Prize competition of a couple of years ago. They got one really good entrant, produced by American Commitment, which focused »