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The ball is in Iran’s court now

Featured image President Trump’s decision to withdraw from the JCPOA leaves Iran with hard choices to make. Before discussing its options, here, via Thomas Erdbrink of the New York Times, is a brief overview of the current situation in Iran: The sense of crisis in Iran runs deep and wide. The economy is in free fall. The currency is plummeting. Rising prices are squeezing city dwellers. A five-year drought is devastating the »

Trump terminates U.S. participation in Iran nuclear deal

Featured image President Trump announced today that the United States will withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal (the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action—“JCPOA”). Here are talking points sent out by the White House. President Trump is terminating United States participation in the JCPOA, as it failed to protect America’s national security interests. · The JCPOA enriched the Iranian regime and enabled its malign behavior, while at best delaying its ability to pursue »

Arizona enacts effective campus free speech legislation

Featured image My friend Stanley Kurtz has been working tirelessly throughout the U.S. to persuade state legislatures to pass effective legislation protecting campus free speech at public universities. To be effective, the legislation must go beyond simply banning restrictive speech codes and so-called free speech zones (limited areas where controversial speech is permitted), important though such bans are. It must also establish a system designed to discipline students who engage in speaker »

Poll: Trump’s standing with Democrats improves

Featured image Congressional Democrats are resisting President Trump with every fiber of their being. The Democratic mainstream media is also dead set against the president. But many ordinary Democratic voters appear to be keeping an open mind, and Trump is gaining a grudging respect from some of them. That, at least, is the finding of a new poll from CNN. Trump isn’t exactly killing it in the CNN poll. It shows him »

Say no to Don Blankenship in West Virginia

Featured image West Virginia holds its primary tomorrow. Republicans will select a candidate to run against the very vulnerable Sen. Joe Manchin. I wrote about the race and the debate among the three major candidates here. I favor Patrick Morrisey, the state’s Attorney General. He’s the most reliably conservative of the three main candidates, in my view. That’s not why I’m writing this post, though. I’m writing to encourage our West Virginia »

This day in baseball history: Gibson vs. Seaver

Featured image The old baseball games I enjoy writing about tend to feature pitching duels between Hall of Famers or abnormally long outings by pitchers. The game at Busch Stadium between the St. Louis Cardinals and the New York Mets on May 6, 1968 featured both. It pitted Bob Gibson against Tom Seaver. Gibson was in his prime and on his way to one of the best seasons a pitcher has ever »

Good news about Iraq’s upcoming elections

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is the front-runner in Iraq’s national elections to be held next weekend. Abadi is a Shiite, but according to Post reporters Tamer El-Ghobashy and Mustafa Salim, he is popular with the Sunni population in cities like Mosul. And why not? Abadi helped orchestrate the military campaign that liberated Mosul and other Sunni cities from ISIS. In doing so, he kept a »

Admiral Cuomo prepares for war

Featured image Is truth stranger than fiction? Usually not, if the author of fiction tries to write something strange. However, the second paragraph of this report by my conservative cousin from New York is both true and stranger than fiction: New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has apparently become unhinged by the primary challenge from the Left of “Sex and the City” co-star Cynthia Nixon. In an effort to get to the Left »

Leftist House Chaplain keeps job, as Ryan backs down

Featured image When Speaker Paul Ryan fired Rev. Patrick Conway from his job as Chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives, critics of the decision argued that Ryan made the decision because Conway is Catholic. Conway himself reportedly took that position in a complaint against the Speaker’s office. The claim is absurd. Ryan himself is Catholic. A more plausible charge is that Ryan fired Conway because of his theology. Conway is a »

Judge Ellis is on the case

Featured image Tim Ellis was a young partner at the law firm I started with when I left the government in the early 1980s. I worked with him briefly on a pro bono matter. The matter wasn’t active long enough for me really to get to know Ellis, but there was no doubting his inquisitiveness, thoroughness, doggedness, and strong sense of justice. I don’t think Ellis would have won any popularity contests »

It’s not just what Netanyahu said; it’s what Israel did

Featured image Caroline Glick makes a point about Israel’s haul of Iranian documents that I haven’t seen expressed elsewhere: The physical seizure and removal of these documents by Israeli forces exposed not only the Iranian regime’s perfidy, but also its weakness. Put simply: The Jews breached [the regime’s] vaunted defenses and made off with a half ton of incriminating documents without being discovered. There can be no greater humiliation. That Israel intended »

FBI sponsored meeting turns into anti-Trump rally

Featured image On Wednesday, I wrote about a BRIDGES meeting scheduled for later in the day. BRIDGES is a program pursuant to which Department of Justice/FBI personnel meet quarterly with representatives of the Muslim community in southeast Michigan. BRIDGES stands for Building Respect in Diverse Groups to Enhance Sensitivity. In practice, as I tried to show, it stands for whitewashing jihad and pandering to CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations), a group »

“White privilege” and “toxic masculinity”

Featured image Andreas Papandreou became Greece’s first Socialist prime minister in 1981, running against “the privileged.” It was a political master stroke because, as one Greek historian put it, no self-respecting Greek considers himself privileged. Unlike Papandreou, when the modern American left rails against privilege, it leaves no ambiguity about who it thinks are its recipients. The left is talking explicitly about whites — as in “white privilege.” Thus, it is attacking »

Report: Feds tapped Michael Cohen’s phone [UPDATED, NBC changes its story]

Featured image Wire tapping the phone of the president’s lawyer? That’s quite a measure. But NBC News reports that federal investigators did just that — tapping the phone of Michael Cohen, President Trump’s personal lawyer. According to the report, the feds tapped Cohen’s phone before they raided his home, office, and hotel room. That makes sense. Once the raids occurred, they could expect Trump to be cautious enough not to call Cohen. »

Iran’s past lies are relevant to assessing present compliance

Featured image The Washington Post’s editors join the chorus of those trying to downplay the documents, captured by Israel, about Iran’s pre-deal nuclear efforts. They write that “the trove doesn’t add greatly to what was already known about Iran’s pursuit of nukes.” The point, though, is that the trove adds greatly to what is not known about that pursuit. The effort to rein in Iran’s nuclear program through an agreement requires such »

Trump makes headway in polls [Updated]

Featured image President Trump is sporting some of the best polling numbers of his presidency. His Real Clear Politics average is 43.5 percent approve and 52.9 disapprove. Moreover, the three polls taken at the very end of April have him minus three (Monmouth), minus nine (Economist/YouGov), and even (Rasmussen). The Monmouth poll has Trump down 31-57 with voters in the 18-34 age group and basically even with voters over age-34. Trump’s unpopularity »

West Virginia free-for-all

Featured image West Virginia has quickly become Bright Red. President Trump may be more popular there than in any other state. West Virginia still has one Democratic Senator, Joe Manchin. However, he is up for reelection this year and considered quite vulnerable. Three main Republicans are vying for the right to take on Manchin. They are Rep. Evan Jenkins, Attorney General Patrick Morrisey, and former coal executive Don Blankenship. Each has at »