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When nonsense becomes the party line

Featured image Surfing past Fox News this morning, I heard someone report on a poll about what caused the massacre in Orlando. Apparently, most Republicans believe it was caused by Islamic extremism, whereas most Democrats believe it was caused by “domestic gun violence.” But the massacre was domestic gun violence. Democrats might just as well say that murder caused the murders. I learned in philosophy class that causation is, to a considerable »

Where was Harold Koh, Part Two

Featured image Harold Koh is a left-wing professor at Yale law school where he once was the Dean. Koh served as Legal Adviser at the State Department during Hillary Clinton’s time as Secretary of State. We criticized the selection of Koh for this key post here and here. Last month, Koh popped up (though not by name) in the Inspector General’s Report dealing with Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server. »

Euro 2016 so far

Featured image Every team has played at least one match at Euro 2016, so we can now make a few observations about the tournament: 1. Everyone feared a terrorist attack at or near one of the venues in France. None has materialized, but this doesn’t mean the tournament has been trouble free. Two more traditional forms of violence have marred it: (1) soccer hooliganism, the worst of it from English and (above »

Trump is right, there is something going on

Featured image Donald Trump has been excoriated by the Washington Post and other leftist organs for saying that when it comes to President Obama’s weak and ineffectual anti-terrorism policy, “there’s something going on.” Something clearly is, not just with anti-terrorism policy, but with most of the administration’s foreign and national security policy. Obama won’t utter the words radical Islamic terror (or similar locutions), as even Hillary Clinton has. Obama runs the perverse »

How not to counter domestic terrorism

Featured image Sources tell me that Speaker Paul Ryan is pushing this week to fund the Department of Homeland Security’s “Countering Violent Extremism” (CVE) program to the tune of $40 million. If you didn’t know anything about this program, it might seem like a good idea for Ryan to get CVE funded in the wake of the Orlando massacre. Actually, I take that back. You can tell from the name of the »

The Washington Post smears Donald Trump again

Featured image The Washington Post’s editorial board has reacted to the revocation of its press credentials by the Trump campaign with another anti-Trump screed. The editorial is a mixture of venom, paranoia, and illogic. It adds up to a smear. The editors interpret Trump’s statement that “there’s something going on” with President Obama’s weak response to terrorism and his unwillingness to utter the words “radical Islamist terrorism” to mean that Obama wants »

College Board mandates left-wing narrative for AP European History

Featured image The College Board is at it again. Having mandated a left-wing narrative for the teaching of AP U.S. History, it is now out with the corresponding narrative for the teaching of AP European History. You can read it here. The invaluable National Association of Scholars is publishing a 12,000-word critique of the new AP European History (APEH) exam. The report, written by David Randall, is titled The Disappearing Continent. Here »

For the Washington Post leftism is the measure of all things

Featured image George Voinovich died this week. Voinovich, a Republican, was a highly successful mayor of Cleveland, an extremely popular governor of Ohio (reelected with 74 percent of the vote in a quintessential swing state), and an influential two-term U.S. Senator (reelected with 64 percent of the vote). How did the Washington Post choose to remember this political giant? With the following obituary headline (paper edition): George Voinovich, 79, Republican politician from »

Trump revokes Washington Post’s press credentials

Featured image Donald Trump said today that he is pulling the Washington Post’s credentials to cover his campaign events. Trump explained: “Based on the incredibly inaccurate coverage and reporting of the record setting Trump campaign, we are hereby revoking the press credentials of the phony and dishonest Washington Post.” Trump’s decision was prompted by a headline on the Post’s website that declared: “Donald Trump seems to connect President Obama to Orlando shooting.” »

Our under-incarceration problem, Orlando edition

Featured image Time and time again, in the aftermath of a horrific crime, we learn that the criminal previously had been incarcerated for crimes serious enough that he should have been in prison at the time of the latest offense. I call this our under-incarceration problem. In the case of Omar Mateen, killer of four dozen at an Orlando club, I haven’t seen anything that shows he should have been in jail. »

Notes from the underground

Featured image In the aftermath of the Orlando night club shooting, a friend, saying that I need “to get out more,” advised me to visit the cesspool known as the Democratic Underground. There you will already find, to the moment, no shortage of persons (well, truth be told, the vast majority there) who are quite willing to say, and with some fervor, that, no this had “nothing to do with Islam” — »

Ex-Mateen colleague: employer “did nothing because he was Muslim”

Featured image A former Fort Pierce police officer who once worked with Omar Mateen for G4S Security says that Mateen routinely made homophobic and racial comments. In addition, he talked about killing people. The former officer, Daniel Gilroy, says he complained to his employer several times, but it did nothing in response. Why? According to Gilroy, it failed to act because Mateen is Muslim. Gilroy also says he quit his job with »

Islamic law and the Orlando massacre [UPDATED]

Featured image As information regarding the terrorist who murdered dozens of people at a gay club in Orlando, Florida emerged, the question arose whether the attack was “ISIS inspired.” But Andy McCarthy argues that “the inspiration for Muslims to brutalize and mass murder gay people does not come from ISIS; it is deeply rooted in Islamic law, affirmed by many of Islam’s most renowned scholars.” Before getting to the renowned scholars, it’s »

Trump being crushed in his favorite poll

Featured image Hillary Clinton has an 11 point lead over Donald Trump, 46-35, according to today’s Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll. Trump also trails Clinton in the latest Fox News and Rasmussen surveys, albeit by considerably smaller margins. Dan McLaughlin of NRO notes that the Reuters/Ispos poll has been Trump’s favorite throughout the campaign season. The tycoon and his supporters repeated tweeted and touted its results during the primaries and when, not long »

Report: Hillary got emails marked classified when received

Featured image Hillary Clinton has claimed time after time that she neither sent nor received information on her private email server that was marked classified at the time of transmittal. As recently as Wednesday, she told Bret Baier, “the fact is, nothing that I sent or received was marked classified, and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that.” This claim, as we and others have said time after time, is no defense. »

Report: Clinton donor bought spot on national security board

Featured image ABC News reports, based on State Department emails, that “a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field.” The decision “baffled” the department’s professional staff. The emails further reveal that, after inquiries from ABC News, Clinton’s staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter, and ultimately accept the resignation »

Euro 2016 — a preview

Featured image Euro 2016 kicks off today. The host nation, France, will take on Romania. The Euro tournament has long been my favorite soccer tourney because of its size. The World Cup nowadays includes 32 teams from all over the world, including continents where the play is inferior. Usually, only about half of the teams are worthy of attention, though the ratio was higher in 2014. The Euros have been limited to »