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Will Donald Trump get “specific”? Who cares?

Featured image Donald Trump has moved to the top of the GOP presidential field by painting in broad strokes. America is losing; our politicians are stupid; if elected, I’ll kick ass. Now, some are calling on Trump to be more “specific.” What are his multi-point plans for dealing with the issues, they want to know. The call for “specifics” plays into Trump’s hands because its a “challenge” he can easily meet. You »

The government’s nonchalant response to Hillary’s security breaches, Part Two

Featured image The Obama administration’s nonchalant response to Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of sensitive, classified, and even top secret information extends to its treatment of her lawyers. The Justice Department allowed emails and other sensitive information from Clinton’s server to remain in her lawyers’ hands even though they lack the requisite security clearances. Now, finally, the Justice Department has taken possession of the thumb drive containing work emails that Clinton’s personal attorney David »

The government’s nonchalant response to Hillary’s security breaches

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s mishandling of sensitive, classified, and even top secret information has finally prompted widespread discussion as to whether she committed crimes. The discussion is warranted, particularly given the Obama administration’s aggressive posture in cases involving leaks and the mishandling of classified material. The prosecution of General Petraeus springs immediately to mind. As Sidney Powell, a former federal prosecutor, points out: [Petraeus] was tarred, feathered and ridden out of the »

Did Team Hillary remove classification markings?

Featured image Relying on an unnamed State Department official, Fox News reports that someone in Hillary Clinton’s “inner circle” likely stripped the classification markings from documents on her server: A State Department official told Fox News that the intelligence community inspector general, who raised the most recent concerns about Clinton’s emails, made clear that at least one of those messages contained information that only could have come from the intelligence community. “If »

A different way to slice the GOP race

Featured image It’s a commonplace to say that the Republican presidential contest, with its vast field, consists of races within a race. Pre-Trump, we could discern three sub-races — conservative, moderate-conservative, and evangelical. The headliners in the conservative race were thought to be Scott Walker, Ted Cruz, Rand Paul, and maybe Rick Perry. The moderate-conservative headliners were Jeb Bush and Chris Christie (along, perhaps, with John Kasich if he decided to run). »

Howard Dean and Bernie Sanders — compare and contrast

Featured image Joe Trippi, who managed Howard Dean’s insurgent campaign in 2003-04, compares Bernie Sanders’ campaign to Dean’s in an interview with the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza. Speaking of Trippi, why has Fox News replaced him with Bill Burton as its house leftist on political matters? Trippi is insightful and intellectually honest, plus he has run consequential political campaigns. Burton, a deputy White House press secretary for President Obama, is a hack »

Is Donald Trump Mitt Romney with the common touch?

Featured image Here’s a different way of viewing Donald Trump’s appeal. Think back to Mitt Romney’s emergence as a candidate of some appeal. What was the case for Mitt? It resided mainly in his success in business and in a high profile business-like venture — saving the Winter Olympics in 2002. The case for Trump is, in many ways, different. Trump is the anti-politician; Romney had served as governor. Trump seems mad »

FBI finally takes Hillary’s thumb drives from her lawyer

Featured image Hillary Clinton has finally agreed to turn over her personal email server to the government. As RNC Chairman Reince Priebus says: “All this means is that Hillary Clinton, in the face of FBI scrutiny, has decided she has run out of options.” In related news, Clinton’s attorney David Kendall turned over to the FBI three thumb drives containing copies of work-related emails sent to and from her personal email addresses »

Hillary’s email server contained “top secret” documents

Featured image I. Charles McCullough III, the inspector general for the intelligence community, has told key members of Congress that two of four emails discovered on Hillary Clinton’s private server met the standard of “top secret/SCI level.” He is still evaluating whether the other two rose to that level. “SCI” means “sensitive compartmented information.” Apparently, all such information must be handled within formal access control systems established by the Director of National »

Hillary ignores charges of sexual harassment against donor

Featured image The Daily Caller reports on Hillary Clinton’s lack of interest in allegations of sexual harassment against a major donor. The donor, Swiss billionaire Hansjorg Wyss, was accused of sexual harassment, in the strong sense, by a former employee, Jacqueline Long. Wyss denies the allegations. The parties settled Long’s lawsuit for $1.5 million. The settlement contained a confidentiality agreement. Wyss’ lawyers say that Long “acknowledged that the agreement’s confidentiality was of »

Is Rick Perry on his way out? Is Rand Paul?

Featured image The Washington Post reports that Rick Perry has stopped paying his presidential staff because his fundraising has “dried up.” The campaign reported raising $1.14 million in the second quarter of this year. As of July 15, Perry had almost $900,000 on hand. However, he probably blew through some of this money in advertising aimed (unsuccessfully, it turned out) at pushing him into the top 10 in time for the early »

Rapist-murderer of California woman was here illegally and had recently been arrested

Featured image 64-year-old Marilyn Pharis was sleeping in her home in Santa Maria, California on July 24 when 29-year-old Victor Aureliano Martinez Ramirez and 20-year-old Jose Villagomez broke in. The two men sexually assaulted, strangled, and repeatedly struck Pharis in the head with a hammer. She died eight days later. Martinez Ramirez, it turns out, was in the U.S. illegally. Not only that, he had been arrested just two weeks before he »

Michael Brown commemorated with looting and shooting

Featured image Yesterday marked the one-year anniversary of Michael Brown’s death. The Ferguson, Missouri youth was killed by a police officer whom he violently attacked. No charges were filed against the officer because he acted in self defense. The anniversary served as an occasion for protests in Ferguson. The protests, in turn, served as an occasion for looting and shooting. The Washington Post reports that “while most of those who came to »

Report: Trump may take the pledge, after all

Featured image It turns out that two can play the leverage game. With the Republican National Committee making noises about limiting participation in future debates to candidates willing to commit to not running as an independent, and with it having said it will withhold data on Republican voters from candidates unwilling to make that commitment, Donald Trump reportedly is now considering taking the pledge. The RNC does have some leverage. However, I »

Bush’s Common Core obfuscation

Featured image Many informed voters who watched Thursday’s GOP presidential debate may have come away confused about Jeb Bush’s stance on education. Bush is known to be a supporter of Common Core. Yet there he was insisting that the federal government shouldn’t be involved in creating educational standards. Bush said: “I don’t believe the federal government should be involved in the creation of standards directly or indirectly, the creation of curriculum or »

More twists and turns in Hillary’s email saga

Featured image On Friday, things began heating up again in the legal proceedings regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails. Readers will recall the Judge Emmet Sullivan, a federal district court judge in Washington, D.C., had ordered the State Department to ask Clinton, her former Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills, and her former Deputy Chief of Staff Huma Abedin to personally vouch that they’d turned over all records responsive to a Freedom of Information Act »

Trump on Power Line

Featured image Not content with personally attacking popular right-of-center conservative talk show host Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump has now called conservative blogger/activist Erick Erickson a “total loser” with “a history of supporting establishment losers.” If Trump’s support ends up consisting of people more anti-establishment than Erick, they can hold their meeting in Trump’s limo. Trump hasn’t punched down to Power Line’s level yet, but it could happen. If so, I imagine he »