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Green Weenie of the Week: Gina McCarthy

Featured image This week’s finalists for Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award include this forlorn protest yesterday at Berkeley against the Dakota Access Pipeline, staged despite about two inches of California’s permanent drought (because: climate change) coming down, and despite the fact that yesterday construction work restarted on the pipeline now that Trump is in charge: But the undisputed winner has to be former EPA administrator Gina McCarthy.  Even though she’s out »

Liberals Troll Themselves

Featured image I’m starting to think Twitter is the idea vehicle for tracking the descent of liberals into stark raving madness in the Age of Trump. I typically avert my gaze from watching self-immolation of any kind, but like car crashes on the highway, sometimes you can’t help slowing down to gawk at the spectacle. So let’s take in a few, starting with Betsy DeVos: No, not an exaggeration in any way. »

The Power Line Show, #45: John Yoo on Trump, Gorsuch, and the Next Broadway Hit

Featured image Typical of the New York Times, I thought on Monday, to run an op-ed article attacking Trump for testing the limits of executive power, until I noticed it was by our friend John Yoo. So amend that thought: Typical of the New York Times to find a conservative to criticize a Republican president. Except that John is very limited in his criticisms of Trump, and allows as how much of »

Memo to Hollywood: Please Don’t Do This

Featured image Last week in class I offered a reflection on how the rule of law often requires determined—nay, strictly speaking even extra-legal—displays of force to establish or vindicate the rule of law. The Declaration of Independence alone did not suffice to establish the United States: It took Washington’s army in the field—an extra-legal act of rebellion—to successfully vindicate the natural rights of man for self-rule that the Declaration proclaims. It then »

Hans Rosling, RIP

Featured image I’ve got a heavy class schedule today, but I just saw the sad news that the great Swedish demographer and statistician Hans Rosling has died at the too early age of 68. He’s not called “the Jedi master of data” for nothing. Among other great creations of his is Gapminder, where you can visualize all kinds of data. I’ve used the site a lot in the classroom with students to »

Washington Post Humiliates Robert Reich

Featured image Robert Reich went on TV a few nights back and suggested that he’d “heard rumors” that the Berkeley rioters were actually thugs paid by Milo Yiannopoulos himself to cause the scene and set the stage for a Trump plot to defund American universities. He doubled down with this preposterous thesis in Newsweek: Which raises the possibility that Yiannopoulos and Brietbart were in cahoots with the agitators, in order to lay »

Move Over, Bannon: New Target Acquired

Featured image I can’t tell any more if the fanatical obscurantism of the left is due to malice, ignorance, or the long decline of teaching reading comprehension in our education system. These explanations are not mutually exclusive, of course, and perhaps they reinforce each other. Since the Weekly Standard outed Michael Anton a few days ago as the notorious “Decius,” the left has been having a proverbial cow. Why, he’s even worse »

The Super Bowl in Pictures

Featured image Good grief, what happened? That was, as someone joked on Twitter, Atlanta’s best first half performance since Gone With the Wind. Another: Atlanta should have visited Wisconsin more often. Yeppers: the comparison to the election is irresistible. And Tom Brady is a Trump supporter! And finally, memo to Audi: This is the right kind of car commercial for the Super Bowl. »

The Next Social Science Firestorm

Featured image You might not take much notice—in fact you’d be at risk of falling asleep—if you stumbled across this abstract of a recent working paper from the National Bureau of Economic Research by three highly regarded labor economists: Not Working at Work: Loafing, Unemployment and Labor Productivity Michael Burda, Katie R. Genadek, Daniel S. Hamermesh We use the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) 2003-12 to estimate time spent by workers in non-work while »

Crime: Don’t Look Now, But. . .

Featured image Official federal crime statistics for 2016 from the Dept. of Justice won’t be available for several more months yet, but The Economist has done some data collecting on its own from big cities in the U.S. The findings about rising murder rates are not good: The Economist has gathered murder statistics for 2016 for the 50 cities with the most murders. These places contain 15% of the country’s population and around »

Audi Flunks Another Emissions Test

Featured image Audi was caught up along with Volkswagen for having fiddled with their diesel engine software to defeat smog checks—a problem that would never have been possible if we had moved to on-road pollution monitoring as free marketeers have been advocating for over 25 years. But now Audi is spewing a new form of noxious emissions, in the form of a TV ad to run during the Super Bowl tomorrow where »

The Week in Pictures: Trump Train Keeps On Rolling Edition

Featured image With the left sputtering counterproductively, it appears the only thing that can possibly slow down President Trump is carpal tunnel syndrome: his wrist will lock up from signing so many executive orders. Hopefully this is just practice for signing a lot of good legislation from Congress. So much winning! I expect this is even more winning than the New England Patriots can take. So much winning. . . And finally. »

Podcasts New and Old

Featured image The Weekly Standard today outs “Decius,” author of the infamous “Flight 93 Election” article last fall, and one of the pillars of the Journal of American Greatness. It’s Michael Anton, who has joined Trump’s National Security Council. Anton, careful readers may recall, made a podcast appearance here a while ago, taking about his previous work on California politics, the Beach Boys, and Machiavelli. We didn’t discuss his “Decius” work in »

Berkeley Today: After Action Report

Featured image Busy day here on campus with my regular classes and hosting a terrific afternoon lecture by Yuval Levin. Things not quite back to normal. Driving up to campus I spotted several buildings that had been covered with graffiti reading “Kill Trump.” Okay, we can see where this is going. By the time I wandered back, clean up crews had cleared most of it: The media was still out in force »

The Trumpocalypse Goes Global

Featured image It isn’t just in the halls of Washington where Trump has everyone in an uproar. In the House of Commons over in Britain, the Corbynite Labour Party had a conniption fit, culminating in this nice exchange between Corbyn and Prime Minister Theresa May, who I must say is reminding me more and more of Margaret Thatcher all the time (about 1:30 long): There was a similar debate up in Canada »

Berkeley Update: Anti-Fascists Resort to Fascism to Shut Down Milo

Featured image Berkeley still has rent control, but it hasn’t stopped Milo Yiannapoulos from living rent-free in the heads of the left. So in another triumph for his ironic performance art, a mini-riot has forced the cancelation of his speech here tonight. I turned up for the beginning of the protest at 5 pm, and it was pretty silly sounding and unimpressive. But I noticed there were TV helicopters circling around above »

Today and Tomorrow at UC Berkeley (Updated)

Featured image Today is Milo day at UC Berkeley. Yup, Milo Yiannopoulos is speaking tonight for the College Republicans at a sold out event, and the professional left is planning a huge protest this afternoon in an attempt to shut Milo down. There is rain in the forecast, though, so we’ll see whether the left here is a fair-weather left. In any case, barricades are going up near Sproul Plaza, as the »