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The Things You Overhear

Featured image Wandering around the Berkeley campus is a source of endless amusement, like spotting the old fossils pictured nearby advocating our celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Russian Revolution that rolls around in another few days. Even at Berzerkeley, there were few takers. No one was stopping at their table to pick up any flyers. And then there’s the things you overhear. A speaker at a conference on campus this »

The Week in Pictures: That Sorry Time of Year Edition

Featured image We could, of course, lead off with some choice observations about the moral preening of Hollywood, except that everyone is tired of Jimmy Kimmel by now. Or the Harvey Weinstein revelations. (Schadenfreude alert. But still a yawn. Big news: Hollywood casting couches still exist! Film at 11! From Weinstein productions!) Or the NFL’s continuing meltdown. Or the usual liberal media ignorance about guns. But no: tis the season for the »

Our Moronic News Media, Part 12,176

Featured image Yesterday provided a case study of why public regard for the news media has plummeted. The frenzy over whether Secretary of State Tillerson called President Trump a moron became a centerpiece of the day’s news cycle because it enabled what my late mentor M. Stanton Evans called “ventriloquist journalism”—reporters finding a way to use a quotation or action of a public figure to back up their favored narrative, and calling »

Civil War on the Left, Part 49: BLM vs. ACLU

Featured image The ACLU began equivocating lately about their categorical, content neutral defense of free speech, saying they might not defend the speech of hate groups that incite violence or force. I guess they’ll have to cross Black Lives Matter off their list of groups they will defend, then. Reason‘s Robbie Soave reports: Black Lives Matter Students Shut Down the ACLU’s Campus Free Speech Event Because ‘Liberalism Is White Supremacy’ Students affiliated »

Dumb Book of the Month

Featured image I thought about filing this item under my “Academic Absurdity of the Week” category, which I’ve let slip into disuse lately because there’s a fresh academic absurdity committed every five minutes, and I don’t want this item to become a full time job. But it occurs to me that perhaps there ought to be a “Dumb Book of the Month Club,” with regular selections just like the old Book of »

Peak Elitism at the NY Times

Featured image I think it was Charles Murray who first described the pretentious wedding announcements in the New York Times as the “mergers and acquisitions page,” and certainly the typical mix of Stanford MBA working at an investment bank marries Harvard lawyer working at Steptoe and Johnson underlines a phenomenon that Mickey Kaus flagged in his 1992 book The End of Equality, namely, that the higher rates of intermarriage of highly educated »

Additional Oddities Start to Emerge About Las Vegas Shooter

Featured image Whenever there is a mass shooting incident I tend to “go dark” and not comment here or anywhere until some verified facts emerge. One thing I’m awaiting most is whatever timeline the investigation can put together based on the video surveillance footage that the Mandalay Bay ought to have in abundance. Yesterday David French offered a cautious note about how odd and unlike most mass shootings this was. Just now »

“Negawatts” Turn Out to Be Nugatory

Featured image One of the favorite energy ideas of the thermageddonites is that we can meet a large portion of our energy needs through energy conservation, sometimes called “negawatts.” You don’t need to supply energy you don’t consume! In California, the shutdown of our last nuclear power plant in five years, which currently supplies more electricity than all of the solar panels in the state, will supposedly be replaced by new renewable »

Seth Leibsohn for Congress

Featured image Arizona radio talk show host and Power Line friend Seth Leibsohn has decided to run for Congress in Arizona’s 9th district. The Democratic incumbent, Krysten Sinema, is stepping down to run against Jeff Flake for the Senate, so it is an open seat. The 9th district, centered in Maricopa County, has a fairly close partisan balance among registered voters, and thus ought to be winnable by a strong candidate like »

Wake Up to Wokeness, or Something

Featured image We could use a little comic relief on a day of such grim news, so it’s worth taking in how Saturday Night Live once again skewers the political correctness of the left with their offering of “Woke Jeans.” Memo to campus crazies: when the pinnacle of liberal pop culture thinks you’re making a silly ass of yourself, you’re making a silly ass of yourself. Bonus flashback: This isn’t the first »

The Problem with Climate Change Fanaticism in Two Headlines

Featured image As we have noted here ad nauseam, ad infinitum, the climatistas suffer from an advanced case of extrapolation; i.e., pick out any adverse observation of something in nature, attribute it to climate change, and proclaim that it heralds the end of the planet if we don’t hand our car keys over to Al Gore right away. So let’s take in two recent headlines about the Great Barrier Reef in Australia: »

A Reckoning for Silicon Valley Coming?

Featured image I’m not closely following the vote for independence going on this weekend over in Catalonia, but the news caught my eye that Google has acceded to the ruling of a Spanish judge that it must shut down the mobile phone app that referendum supporters had ginned up. Maybe this is the proper course, though it should also raise questions about whether it is a case study in what happens when »

In Re: Puerto Rico

Featured image The only surprising thing about the total catastrophe in Puerto Rico is that it took so long for the “Trump-Is-A-Bigot-Who-Hates-Brown-People” refrain to get cranked up to eleven, Concerning which, a few observations. First, people are calling the federal response “Trump’s Katrina.” What do we know of Katrina? First of all, it wasn’t enough for the left to attack the Bush Administration for slowness or incompetence. They had to call Bush »

The Week in Pictures: No Kneeling Edition

Featured image If I want kneeling, I head to a liturgical church on Sunday, not a sports stadium. It mattereth not that football-basketball-baseball is the secular American holy trinity: the separation of church and state—or at least the separation of sports and politics—ought to proscribe the sideline moral preening Olympics. Aren’t end zone celebrations offensive enough? Headlines of the week: Tweet of the week: Photo of the week: You think Trump is »

Moore’s Law of Liberalism in Action

Featured image In my previous post on the silliness of Chuck Todd, I offered at the end that perhaps it is time to formalize the equivalent of Moore’s Law (chip speed doubles every 18 months) for liberalism: liberal craziness/dementia doubles every 18 months (or perhaps every 18 hours as one commenter plausibly suggests). Perhaps it is time for this to become a regular Power Line feature. Case in point is the story »

Chuck Todd is a Chucklehead Toad

Featured image I confess to having a soft spot for Chuck Todd, NBC’s chief political reporter. Despite his liberal Democratic bona fides, he’s got a lot of insight into the day-to-day dynamics of politics that he relates fairly for the most part, and I found him to be very cordial and forthcoming the one and only time I ever met him in person at one of those infamous, uber-elitist Georgetown cocktail parties. »

Captain Obvious at the NY Times

Featured image I gather that the New York Times has abolished or “reformed” its copy editing desk, or is using some other fancy euphemism to explain away the ongoing “reduction in force” moves it has been taking as it lives up to Trump’s description of it as a “failing newspaper.” But sometimes there appears a sentence that ought to make some adult in the room realize they’ve taken these reductions too far. »