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White Hot Rage of the Left [With Pedagogical Comment by John]

Featured image I’ve been reading a lot of Roger Scruton’s work lately (long article to come), and was struck by one of his typically acute summary statements about today’s academic left in Fools, Frauds, and Firebrands, which is that “they make fury respectable, and gobbledegook the mark of academic success.” This came to mind in coming across this story in The Telegraph today: University students demand philosophers such as Plato and Kant are removed »

Emperor’s New Clothes Moment on Meet The Press

Featured image CNBC’s Rick Santelli committed the unpardonable sin on NBC’s “Meet the Press” this morning. He called out Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell for their pro-Hillary bias in the most direct and embarrassing way possible. Mitchell and host Chuck Todd didn’t like it one bit to get called out by one of their own, so they stamped their feet, insisted that the media emperor is too wearing a fine suit of »

Bureaucracy in the Age of Trump

Featured image Who knows just how the clash between the Trump Administration and career bureaucrats will play out, but for the time being we have the great Dan Mitchell to thank for bringing our attention to this splendid video from someone in Latin America, where bureaucracy is a fine art (just 3:30 long): »

Those Inscrutable Russians

Featured image As previously observed here and elsewhere, it makes no sense to think that Vladimir Putin actually favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton on the merits of policy. More likely Putin’s goons were merely celebrating—even as most Never Trumpers did—the schadenfreudtastic spectacle of Hillary losing, and the chaotic potential it might augur. Perhaps Putin thinks that an inexperienced American president is preferable to Clinton, but that seems a risk. On the »

Podcast: Repeal, Replace, Repeat Until Done

Featured image The Power Line Show podcast has been on extended hiatus because the four of us suffer from a massive collective action problem, being scattered in time zones and with crazy conflicting schedules. But I’ve been trying to keep my chops up to speed, yesterday sitting in for Rob Long on the weekly Ricochet podcast along with Peter Robinson and James Lileks. The show featured as its special guest Avik Roy, »

The Week in Pictures: Countdown Edition

Featured image Less than 14 days until Obama leaves the White House. So this week we feature lots of happy photos of moving vans showing up on the grounds. They may as well pack up Obamacare while they’re at it. And can it really be true that Hillary is thinking of running for mayor of New York City? Can we really be so lucky? And has she never pondered how well that »

Green Weenie of the Week: The Los Angeles Times

Featured image I know most of you have heard that climate change caused the civil war in Syria. Because of course if it was 10 degrees cooler or there were 10 more inches of rain a year, all of those tribes and Islamic factions would join hands and sing Kumbaya, or whetever that translates to in Arabic. All these centuries of fighting with each other were apparently just practice for the coming »

Touche to Hollywood

Featured image We’ve taken note here before of the clueless presumptuousness of Hollywood celebrities endlessly lecturing the American people, the Electoral College, and then Congress about their “duty” to stop Trump from becoming the duly elected 45th president. But no one has quite nailed the pretentiousness of the Hollywood enterprise better than our friends at Town Hall, who offer up this perfect 1:15 long parody of the Hollywood harpies: »

Reforming Intelligence (2)

Featured image Further to our item here yesterday on Trump’s apparent inclination to reform (or punish) the intelligence community, it’s worth looking back to another of Herbert Meyer’s reflections on the problems of intelligence that he wrote ten years ago when controversy over a leaked National Intelligence Estimate (NIE) of the Bush Administration was much in the news. Here Herb reflects on the inherent problem of the institutional biases of intelligence agencies, »

Can—Or Should—Intelligence Be Reformed? (1)

Featured image Today’s most interesting story may be Trump’s intention to “reform” our intelligence community because the office of the Director of National Intelligence has become too bloated and politicized. The Wall Street Journal account says: One of the people familiar with Mr. Trump’s planning said advisers also are working on a plan to restructure the Central Intelligence Agency, cutting back on staffing at its Virginia headquarters and pushing more people out »

The Most Epic “Epic Media Fail” of All Time?

Featured image Put your cup of hot coffee far away from your keyboard before you read on. The Washington Post puts out a tabloid for Metro riders called Express, and here is its cover for the current issue: I may not be able to get any work done for the rest of the day I’m so convulsed with laughter. In fact I am dictating this post from flat on my back on »

Academic Absurdity of the Week: Night at the Museum

Featured image Ben Stiller, call your agent! We’ve found the perfect idea for a script for Night at the Museum 4. From the Nordic Journal of Feminist and Gender Research: Museums and Feminist Matters: Considerations of a Feminist Museology Arndís Bergsdóttir, University of Iceland Abstract This article speaks to a post-human feminist museology. It argues that considerations of a feminist museology would benefit from engaging with post-human feminist dialogues currently unfolding within »

Noam Chomsky Endorses Republicans!

Featured image You can always count on Noam Chomsky to get everything completely wrong, so his recent remarks on the outcome of the election cheered me greatly: On Nov. 8, the most powerful country in world history, which will set its stamp on what comes next, had an election. The outcome placed total control of the government—executive, Congress, the Supreme Court—in the hands of the Republican Party, which has become the most »

The Real Housewives of ISIS?!?!

Featured image I can’t believe this sketch was actually broadcast by the BBC—state-run media!—in Britain.  If it was broadcast here in the U.S., CAIR would have a cow give birth to piglets. I understand the comment threads and Twitter in the UK are blowing up (figuratively speaking of course). Definitely video of the week (only 1:45 long): »

Liberals Shocked to Discover Virtues of Limited Government

Featured image It’s always cute when liberals re-discover the virtue of constitutionally limited government. Strange, though, that it only seems to happen when there’s a Republican president. The correlation here comes in at the statistically significant .95 level, though anyone versed in situational ethics needn’t consult a statistician to recognize the phenomenon or understand its cause. The latest case in point is an article in the current issue of the lefty journal »

Judith Curry Bids Adieu to Academia

Featured image One of my failings here is not bringing regular attention to the important work of Prof. Judith Curry of Georgia Institute of Technology, and her terrific website Climate, Etc. Prof. Curry was the chair of Georgia Tech’s School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, and was for a long time a member in good standing of the so-called “consensus” on climate change. Her CV shows a long list of accomplishments and »

The Trans-Train Trolls On

Featured image Readers might recall that I caused a bunch of trouble during my year at CU/Boulder for a post here on Power Line about not being able to keep up with the protean gender-identity acronyms (though that was nothing compared to Wesleyan University). In any case, I’ve been trumped surpassed. The Spectator of London offered up this story a little while back: Why be LGBT when you can be LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA? By Matthew »