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Tuckered Out

Featured image I am off very early tomorrow morning—absurdly early—to catch a flight to Denver to make a brief appearance Saturday afternoon at the Western Conservative Summit, where I know a few Power Line readers will be in attendance. And I’m worn out after a long week that included a quick road trip down to Los Angeles to tape a quick segment for Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News about my Wall »

Salute to Charles K

Featured image Scott has noted the sad news from Charles Krauthammer, which comes hard on the shocking earlier news of the morning of the apparent suicide of Anthony Bourdain. I had heard that Charles’s recovery from surgery several months ago was going poorly, and that the prognosis was not good. But as he explained in his note today, he’s had an amazing full life, and I know he has confided to close »

Climate Follies—the Day After

Featured image It seems my Wall Street Journal article referenced yesterday, “Climate Change Has Run Its Course,” has upset the climatistas. It was the second-most read article in yesterday’s WSJ, generating, at latest count, nearly 1,400 comments. It blew up Twitter. The biggest revelation from the climatistas who expressed their dismay on Twitter is that apparently the epithet “climate denier” isn’t sufficient to demonize anyone who dissents from climate orthodoxy. Perhaps because »

Your FBI at Work

Featured image I have known two very senior FBI agents over the years, both involved in high profile cases whose names everyone would remember, and they were two of the finest individuals I’ve ever known. In one case, when one agent was a neighbor, the Dept. of Justice sent investigators to my house to interview me as part of renewing the agent’s security clearance, which struck me as ironic since it seemed »

Bobby, Fifty Years On

Featured image Today marks the 50th anniversary of the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in Los Angeles following his narrow win over Gene McCarthy in the California primary. Coming just weeks after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr., it is one of the indelible stamps of the year that often gets labeled as the worst year in American history since 1861. (Though I’m sure future liberal historians will mark November 8, »

Today in Climate Follies

Featured image Those of you with subscriptions to the Wall Street Journal may enjoy my op-ed appearing this morning on “Climate Change Has Run Its Course,” which is causing indigestion amongst the climatistas. It’s already up to more than 600 comments, which is rather a lot before I’ve even finished my second cup of coffee out here on the Left Coast. As the article is behind the Journal‘s robust paywall, I’ll summarize »

Give Him the Boot: The Derangement of Never-Trumpers

Featured image There are plenty of reasons to be generally skeptical of President Trump, and especially to be critical of his trade policy and the recent announcement of seeking to require electric utilities to buy electricity from coal and nuclear power plants (though this particular thing requires separate comment). But Max Boot abuses the privilege. Here’s his tweet related to his latest Washington Post column attacking Trump’s abandonment of traditional Republican lip »

Today’s Gratuitous Smile

Featured image Today’s completely unexpected smile comes to us courtesy of the New York Times, of all places. Scott has already noted Bill Clinton’s discomfort in being asked on the Today Show about Monica Lewinsky, which was supposed to be about the novel he has “co-written” with James Patterson. The novel, The President Is Missing, has as its main character “President Jonathan Lincoln Duncan,” which offers a surprisingly close parallel to “William »

Mid-Term Prospects

Featured image There is a lot of notice being taken of the fact that Trump’s approval rating is slowly but steadily climbing, and that the generic House ballot shows Republicans coming even with Democrats after trailing by double digits at the beginning of the year, causing no small amount of panic right now among Democratic operatives. The economy is red hot, and the Democratic National Committee is essentially broke. (Most significant, perhaps, »

Breaking: Supreme Court Sides with Cake Baker (Updated)

Featured image The Supreme Court has issued its ruling in the much anticipated Masterpiece Cakeshop, Ltd. v. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, and the religious liberty of the cake baker, Jack Phillips, won out by a 7 – 2 vote. It appears at a first quick skim that it is a narrow ruling, but until I can wade into it more thoroughly it will be difficult to tell whether a new and clear doctrine »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 73: Michael Walsh’s ‘Fiery Angel’

Featured image Just in time—a day ahead of our regular schedule!—Power Line Show Episode 73 is now up, in case you’re looking for some fun listening for a Sunday afternoon. We’re very pleased to welcome back to the show author, screenwriter, journalist and all around smart guy Michael Walsh, to talk about his brand new book, just out from our friends at Encounter Books, The Fiery Angel: Art, Culture, Sex, Politics, and »

The Week in Pictures: Privacy Update Edition

Featured image The time is long overdue for Power Line to update its privacy settings. If you’re a liberal, you have the right to make a fool of yourself in the Comments section, or keep your opinions private. If you are skeptical about the superiority of Islay single malts, you may wish to keep that defective opinion private, too. And if you’re Roseanne Barr, well let’s just say a two-week waiting period »

MSNBC Learns About Reid Vapor Pressure

Featured image “Reid Vapor Pressure” is a phrase from petroleum engineering with reference to the volatility of gasoline at various temperatures, which is one reason why our refining industry switches to “summer gasoline” blends right around now, since the gasoline in people’s cars will be at a warmer temperature. However, MSNBC is discovering a whole new meaning to Reid Vapor Pressure, as it is under a lot of pressure because of the »

Liberal Hypocrisy Turned Up to 11 (Updated)

Featured image Word around Hollywood is that Roseanne Barr is second only to Harvey Weinstein for being a horrible human being, and there is no reason for anyone to try to defend her tweet, or her show for that matter. I never found her either talented or entertaining, and the only reason I might have ever tuned in (I never watched a single moment of the original show 20 years ago or »

Ramirez for the Win

Featured image I didn’t think it possible even to equal today’s New York Post front page that Scott noted last night, but our favorite editorial cartoonist Michael Ramirez is on fire this week. His latest two offerings are just too good to sit in our regular Saturday gallery (which will have plenty of killers this week in any case). Enjoy: »

Bureaucracy All the Way Down

Featured image People tend to think that bureaucracy is a problem of centralization—of power concentrated in Washington, DC, or in state capitals. I think the problem of bureaucracy is more cultural than organizational or doctrinal. The culture of bureaucracy has taken root in most local governments—the unit of government supposedly closest and most responsive to the people. Like the turtles in the probably apocryphal story of Bertrand Russell, it’s bureaucracy all the »

The Italian Crisis—Update

Featured image I thought I was suitably harsh about the magnitude and meaning of the Italian crisis in my post last night, but then I read the Wall Street Journal‘s editorial about it this morning: The President has now handed the populists more evidence that the elites don’t trust the Italian people. Mr. Mattarella has asked former International Monetary Fund official Carlo Cottarelli to form a government, but he’s unlikely to win »