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Cracks Among the Culturati?

Featured image “Politics is downstream from culture,” Andrew Breitbart liked to argue, and given the near-monopoly of the left on America’s cultural scene (Hamilton hecklers anyone?), the ballot box is the only place where the American people get to fight back. So it is worth taking in instances when the cultural world seems to get it, like this sketch on Saturday Night Live last night about the liberal “bubble.” Just 2:20 long »

Liberals Having Second Thoughts?

Featured image Yes, I know, for liberals to have any second thoughts requires that they had some first thoughts. (Rim shot!) There are a few liberal thought leaders, like Mark Lilla and Damon Linker, who are honestly confronting the destructive dead-end of the identity politics that is now the core desideratum of the Democratic Party. But there is a déjà vu all over again quality to some of these ruminations. Take, for »

The Week in Pictures: The Trumpening Sequel Edition

Featured image The left’s total meltdown over Trump is the gift that keeps on giving. I suspect they’ll be giving us this gift for much of the next four years. There’s talk of a “million woman march” the day after inauguration, giving Bill Clinton a good reason to stick around after Trump is sworn in. Fun times! Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

Stephen Bannon and Me

Featured image The left is hard after Stephen Bannon, Trump’s campaign strategist and former CEO of Breitbart. I’m not a huge fan of Breitbart in the post-Andrew Breitbart era, but the fact that the left is after Bannon so hard recommends him, of course. (While Breitbart has published some dodgy material and has shown some bad judgment about some issues and people—like trying to dump Paul Ryan from his House seat in »

The Hazards of the Trump Transition

Featured image The media is in full cry that Trump’s transition is in complete chaos and “disarray.” More proof, it is supposed, that Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing, and is in over his head. Hmm. Seems to me we’ve heard this kind of thing before. Oh yeah, this is what the media screamed about Ronald Reagan, who departed for his Santa Barbara ranch right after the 1980 election, to the horror »

Hitler Learns Hillary Lost

Featured image Okay, I keep saying I’m going to give up doing these parodies, but I got lots of requests to do one about the obvious topic of the moment, and it is such easy pickings I couldn’t resist. (And if you’re sick of these, fair enough. You don’t have to watch.) »

Hallelujah! Remy for the Win!

Featured image Maybe the best example of lack of self-awareness of the left was the cold open of Saturday Night Live this weekend, with Kate McKinnon in her Hillary garb offering rendition of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah.” The geniuses at SNL apparently have no appreciation that hallelujah expresses precisely the relief, if not jubilation, of at least half the county that Hillary Clinton will never be president. So leave it to Remy Munasifi to »

How Students and Professors Respond to Real Adversity

Featured image The reaction of colleges and universities to Trump’s election reveal them to be fundamentally unserious. You want to see how serious scholars behave under actual adversity? Power Line friend Herbert Meyer directs our attention to this passage from from Harrison Salisbury’s book 900 Days about the siege of Leningrad in World War II: By the end of spring [1942] he [A. A. Ukhtomsky, a 66-year old distinguished physiologist] was still »

Monday in Pictures: The Epic Trumpening Supplemental

Featured image I think I’ve figured out why liberals are losing their minds over Trump’s stunning upset: It’s starting to sink in that the Clintons have torpedoed a second presidential election. But for Bill’s peccadillos, Al Gore would very likely have won the electoral college contest in 2000. And but for Hillary’s baggage, they might well have won this one. There may be some karmic justice after all. Meanwhile, the memes and »

Will Jefferson’s University Disavow Jefferson?

Featured image You would think that after the Rolling Stone rape hoax fiasco, the University of Virginia, which Thomas Jefferson founded, would be wary of beclowning itself further. And you would be wrong. From the Cavalier Daily: Several groups on Grounds collaborated to write a letter to University President Teresa Sullivan against the inclusion of a Thomas Jefferson quote in her post-election email Nov. 9. In the email, Sullivan encouraged students to »

Freaks at the EPA Freak Out

Featured image It’s not just the college campuses that need grief counseling at the moment. Apparently greenies at the EPA are also in need of Play Doh, plush toys, and such. From E&E News: There’s been angst and even some tears for federal workers at EPA and other agencies after Donald Trump won the White House. U.S. EPA employees were in tears. Worried Energy Department staffers were offered counseling. Some federal employees »

Re-Run: Is Trump Our Charles De Gaulle?

Featured image A reader directs my attention to something I posted here back in June, which, because I write too much, I had forgotten about. It was one my speculative posts, intended to provoke thought. I don’t think Trump is the equal of De Gaulle in any respect, but willy-nilly Trump may be embodying some Gaullist politics that are largely forgotten now. So I agree that the post is worth reposting again »

More Election Notes

Featured image Some miscellany about the election: • Lefty comedian Bill Maher, on his HBO show last night: “The Democrats, to a lot of Americans, have become the boutique party of fake outrage and social engineering, and they’re not entirely wrong about that.” Maher isn’t going to be invited to many college campuses any time soon. Oh, wait. . . • I had this to say here on September 15: All of the »

The Week in Pictures: The Epic Trumpening Special Double Edition

Featured image Really, what else is there to say? Well, lots of course. Just keeping up with the leftist idiocy in the aftermath of The Trumpening is practically a full time job for us right now. More importantly, the occasion calls for a special double-issue of the Week in Pictures, not only with highlights from this week, but some Trumpian highlights from the last 18 months of our regular Saturday feature. Many »

Updates, Previews, and Reminders

Featured image • I had almost forgotten one of the late M. Stanton Evans’s greatest quips, suddenly more salient. Stan, my first professional mentor out of college in 1981, liked to say: “It was really hard for us young conservatives to recover from the Goldwater defeat; it was all the worse because in those days we had no grief counselors.” Behold today’s college campuses. Stan would not have been surprised. And I’m »

The Trump 2020 Re-Elect Campaign Going Smoothly

Featured image The Re-Elect Trump 2020 campaign is off to a great start in the streets of many American cities and college campuses right now. As someone sagely commented, the left’s reaction to Trump’s election is one of the reasons Trump won the election. Rioters in Portland, Oregon, acted out the overdone metaphor of 2016 by setting an actual dumpster fire. Gotta give ‘em style points for that. It’s another great sign »

Civil War on the Left, Part 31

Featured image The numbering for this series is going to head easily into triple digits very quickly. On election night, I said one clear upside will be watching the Democrats turn viciously on the Clintons for botching their hold on power, which is the main thing liberals care about. So this story about Donna Brazile getting fried alive at a DNC staff meeting is a taste of what’s to come: Donna Brazile, »