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What Is Going On at Claremont McKenna?

Featured image Claremont McKenna College, scene of the disgraceful disruption of Heather Mac Donald last month, says it is going to discipline students involved in the incident. At least they say they are. Here is the complete memo circulated to the faculty by CMC vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty Peter Uvin. I apologize about the length, but it is necessary to present the thing as an example of »

The Week in Pictures: Repeal and Replace Edition

Featured image My old mentor M. Stanton Evans liked to say that it is a good thing most House Republicans were pro-life, since they spent so much time in the fetal position. This week they roused themselves to vote an Obamacare repeal and replace bill. Now on to the Senate, where we will test another old proposition, that while Democrats are the opposition to House Republicans, the Senate is the enemy. Headlines »

What To Do About North Korea

Featured image Here’s very interesting news item—if true—from The Independent in the UK: China ‘tells citizens to leave North Korea’ as tensions with U.S. escalate The Korea Times reports that the Chinese embassy in North Korea began advising Korean-Chinese residents to return to China last month, over fears the country’s military provocations could lead to retaliation from the US. If true, this could perhaps be an expression of China agreeing to put »

Today in the Annals of Science

Featured image The science community, if such as thing can be said to exist as a singular entity, wonders why public regard for science has slipped. Maybe it has to do with stories like this, included in this week’s Nature magazine news roundup: Controversial microplastics study to be retracted The authors of a high-profile paper about the dangers of fish consuming small particles of plastic say that they will retract their study, »

Our Low Energy Media at Work

Featured image One of my favorite Milton Friedman stories concerns the time he was driving along in postwar West Germany in the late 1940s, on his way I think to the first Mont Pelerin Society meeting, when he spotted a large number of workers shoveling out a building site. Milton asked his German host, “Why don’t you get a tractor and some mechanized equipment for that?” “Ah, but Prof. Friedman, you don’t »

Maybe We Won’t Always Have Paris? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image Last night the Washington Post‘s on-again, off-again environmental reporter Juliet Eilperin reported that the balance of opinion inside the Trump White House is against remaining in the Paris Climate Agreement. (I describe Eilperin here as “on-again, off-again” because the Post had to remove her from the environmental beat while her husband was working for the Obama administration’s climate change policy at the State Department. Even the Post could see this »

When Liberalism Collides with Reality

Featured image Poor Connecticut. The nutmeg state didn’t have an income tax for a long time, but finally adopted one in 1991 because of course the state couldn’t possibly balance its budget without one. And naturally the rate has been slowly rising. The state went from three tax brackets to seven two years ago. But guess what? Income tax revenue collapses; Malloy says taxing the rich doesn’t work HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–Connecticut’s state »

Attn: Central Valley Readers! Party Thursday

Featured image For all Power Line readers in the greater Fresno area of California’s central valley—the part of the wacky state that voted for Trump—I’ll be speaking Thursday night at the College of the Sequoias at 7 pm in Ponderosa Hall, on the topic, “The Crisis in Higher Education: It’s Even Worse Than You Think.” The poster for the event appears below, but the press release from the College begins, “Visalia, CA, »

What Next? (1)

Featured image This is the first of a new Power Line occasional series to go along with our Civil War on the Left, Loose Ends, and Green Weenie series. We’ll call this one “What Next?” to highlight the latest absurd piece of news that makes satire and parody the most challenging art form of our time. So here’s the first news item for this series, from The Economist: New Zealand declares a »

Could Trump Destroy the Democrats for a Generation?

Featured image One of the lessons of the New Deal is that the failure of its loony economic policies actually created more political opportunities for FDR and the Democratic Party. Amity Shlaes explains this perverse dynamic very well in her terrific revisionist history of the New Deal, The Forgotten Man. I wonder if Trump is, willy-nilly, about to steal this script from the Democrats, just as he has stolen so many other »

The Fret Over Bret

Featured image Scott notes immediately below how the Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple has joined the braying mob about Bret Stephens’s mild departure from climate orthodoxy at the New York Times, but I just can’t get enough of watching liberals trash one of their most revered institutions. Somewhere I saw a tweet noting that liberals were saying how important it was during the Trump reign of terror to subscribe to the Times, but »

A Liberal Bubble? Yes, Bee Smug Indeed

Featured image Here’s two minutes of 100 percent pure liberal narcissistic smugness on display, with Jake Tapper challenging “comedienne” Samantha Bee about whether she represents liberal smugness. Despite her bobbing and weaving—and especially the inadvertently revealing admission that “we make the show for ourselves and don’t really care what others think”—her answers amount to: Yes, we are totally smug. Please, please keep this up, and Trump will win 48 states in 2020. »

The Week in Pictures: The End is Nye Edition

Featured image Who had the worst week in America? It has to be Bill Nye, once the Science Guy but now the Weimar Guy, noted here a few days ago for celebrating the World’s Worst Music Video Ever. Shall we make him the new face of Nyehilism? Yes, I think we shall. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and the campus left (but I repeat myself) continues its rapid descent into the abyss of »

NY Times Readers Lose Their Minds

Featured image Bret Stephens recently left the Wall Street Journal editorial page to become an op-ed columnist at the New York Times. According to some reports he left the Journal because his unrelenting anti-Trump columns were becoming unwelcome, as the Journal‘s editorial page is trying to take a neutral attitude toward Trump, supporting him when they can, and attacking him when he deserves it. I don’t know whether this is true or »

Can the Liberal Arts Be Saved?

Featured image Harvey Mansfield likes to say that the job of modern conservatism is to save liberalism from liberals. The educational corollary is that conservatives are the only people who can save the liberal arts from liberalism, which has done its best to ruin them. The post-modern left now dominates the traditional liberal arts disciplines, and wonders why fewer and fewer students want to major in any of those fields any more. »

Just Another Thursday at Berkeley

Featured image A “normal” day at Berkeley (you really can’t ever use the word “normal” about Berkeley in the normal way), except for the hundreds of police officers present at Sproul Plaza, which included a large contingent of California Highway Patrol officers with riot gear and plastic handcuffs handy. The heavy CHP presence was the first sign that this time the city and University weren’t going to let things get out of »

Portlandia: City of the Petty, Bankrupt, Vindictive Left

Featured image One of the staples of Portland, Oregon—”Portlandia” to TV viewers— is the annual Rose Festival and it has for several years now featured a kickoff parade akin to the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1 every year. But this year’s parade, scheduled for this weekend, has been canceled. The reason: It was going to include—gasp—Republicans! And this is too much for the hardened left, which threatens to shutdown the »