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The Week in Pictures: Meltdown Edition

Featured image One story I haven’t had time to chase down sufficiently is that the Obama “Clean Power Plan” is unfriendly to nuclear power, which shows that the reign of environmental correctness out of the 1970s is still with us. Out here in CA, a recent re-licensing hearing for the last remaining nuclear power plant in the state, Diablo Canyon, turned into the usual clown show. But if Diablo Canyon is shut »

Will 2016 Be A Climate Hysteria Election?

Featured image Will the climate campaign ever reach its “sell-by” date? Probably not: the deep need for belief in catastrophism—and the expansion of political power that is always deemed necessary to “solve” the problem—will persist even if we run out of witches to drown. Perhaps the most damaging trope of climate catastrophism is that “we only have X years left” before it will be too late. James Hansen said it was 2010. »

Fixing the Spotty Sunspot Record?

Featured image One of the variables in the climate change story is solar activity, especially sunspots. Oscillating sunspot activity is one natural factor sometimes singled out as an important variable, with some climate skeptics pointing to rising sunspot activity in the 20th century as a possible major cause of the modest warming we experienced. Most computer climate models place only modest weight on sunspot activity, but recently the lull in current sunspots »

If the GOP Field Were Whales. . .

Featured image They’d look like these guys: all spouting off at once, but not getting very far. (Can’t find Trump the Orca though): »

Will Democrats Forfeit the 2016 Election?

Featured image Even before Hillary started swooning in the polls and her email scandal blew up, most of my left-leaning friends felt she was a certain loser, and were lining up behind Bernie Sanders. True, if you think Bernie Sanders would make a better general election candidate that Hillary you may not be entirely right in the head, but the distinct lack of enthusiasm for Hillary is the significant factor. Who is »

The Flabby Arms of Krupp (2)

Featured image Last week I took aim here at the weak Wall Street Journal op-ed from Fred Krupp, president of the Environmental Defense Fund, celebrating Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” for being a revolutionary, game-changing, world-saving measure. Today a number of letters to the editor appear sounding the same notes, such as: Environmental Defense Fund President Fred Krupp’s “A Clean-Energy Breakthrough” op-ed, Aug. 4) is utter nonsense, starting with the inarticulate term “carbon pollution” (soot?) that »

Run, Al, Run! (2)

Featured image Last month I noted the case a few diehards were making that Al Gore should get into the 2016 race. Well, guess what, mom? Al Gore Insiders “Figuring Out If There’s A Path” For Him To Run Supporters of Al Gore have begun a round of conversations among themselves and with the former vice president about his running for president in 2016, the latest sign that top Democrats have serious doubts »

The Watts Riot at Fifty

Featured image One of my earliest childhood memories of growing up in the San Gabriel Valley just east of downtown Los Angeles was seeing the Watts riots on television, and then looking out the front window where I could see smoke from the fires rising in the distance. This week there have been several retrospectives of the Watts riot of 1965, and its anniversary gives me an excuse to excerpt here my »

Where Will Hillary’s Email Trail Lead?

Featured image It is inconceivable that Obama’s politicized Justice Department will indict Hillary Clinton for violating any laws with regard to her handling of her private email server. (Yeah—they’ll hand down an indictment the same day as the indictment of Lois Lerner.) But that doesn’t mean the investigation and revelations won’t damage her presidential campaign, perhaps fatally. Security laws are for little people anyway, like David Petraeus. ABC News reports this morning: »

You Can Live Like Michael Moore!—For $5.2 Million

Featured image Michael Moore’s humble lakeside house in the shores of Central Lake, Michigan, is for sale. Even the Hollywood industry tabloid Variety is properly snarky about the abode of this tribune of the oppressed working class: The estate, which the Detroit News once described as “two large houses joined at the hip, bordered by a third house,” includes an 11,058-square-foot main residence — a rustic-luxe, modern-minded play on a lodge-like log »

How Many Scientists Does It Take to Change a Lightbulb?

Featured image The answer to this gag seems increasingly to be: Nearly all of them. The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday on the growing trend of listing dozens and dozens of co-authors on scientific papers, presumably because it conveys authority (97 percent!) and thoroughness. In some cases the number of listed co-authors for journal articles tops 1,000: In fact, there has been a notable spike since 2009 in the number of technical »

The Late-Night Comic Indicator: Trouble for Hillary?

Featured image I don’t know if any quantitative political scientist has ever devoted the time to see whether there is any correlation between the frequency of jokes by late night TV comics and the fortunes of a political figure, but my hunch is if the data are waterboarded long enough, you’ll find one. In any case, given that pop culture is a leading indictor, Hillary is in trouble. From last night, first, »


Featured image It’s finally happened. Someone has started a new Downfall meme from a different scene, and just in time. I’ve had something like this in mind for quite a while, but haven’t had time to get it together.  (I’ve also got scenes from two other film clips in mind; some day.) Anyway, kudos to Tim Donovan, whoever and wherever he is, for this important cultural advance (it’s about Hillary’s email scandal, »

Breaking: Bernie Pulls Ahead of Hillary in N.H. Poll

Featured image The Boston Herald is reporting tonight the results of a new poll that puts Bernie Sanders ahead of Hillary Clinton in the Granite state by a margin of 44 – 37. This poll was conducted before today’s news about Hillary’s latest email troubles: Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has rocketed past longtime front-runner Hillary Clinton in New Hampshire, a stunning turn in a race once considered a lock for the »

Bernie Sanders Hypocrisy Watch

Featured image In his rock-star tour of the Left Coast this week (except for the BLM groupies doing a poor rendition of the Pointer Sisters of the Left in Seattle), among Bernie’s “home run lines” is the chestnut: “Men, stand with the women and demand pay equity. There is no defensible reason why women are making 78 cents on the dollar. That has got to change.” Perhaps Bernie could start with his »

Would Trump Do This to Putin?

Featured image If so then I might support him. On the other hand, maybe this video is a reminder that in fact Trump’s campaign is the political equivalent of WWF wrestling. (There are those who say there’s a fix in between Trump and Fox News for ratings. If so, it’s working. The proof will be if Trump signs a big Fox contract after the campaign is over.) This video is four minutes »

Condom Update

Featured image During my time last year in Boulder, I happened upon the “Condom Squad” one day out on Pearl Street, consisting of fetching young ladies distributing unlimited quantities of premium latex goods (see photo, left). I’m not sure exactly what message was intended in the age of campus “rape culture,” and in any event as my criminal defense lawyer was on vacation that week I decided against asking if they provided »