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Climatistas Double Down on Stupid

Featured image When a liberal says it’s time for you to shut up, it usually means they’re losing an argument.  When they want you arrested and prosecuted, well. . .  Two weeks ago I noted here that the climatistas were getting so desperate that they were starting to call for climate skeptics to be arrested and prosecuted, because, like the Inquisition, the climatistas are in possession of the complete truth, so shut »

The Week in Pictures: Spring Climate Change Edition

Featured image With Monday’s release of the next harem-scarum IPCC climate change report, we’ll have more of our yummy coverage here later today and tomorrow.  But the other news out this morning is that Putin and Obama have spoken by phone again, and oh goody!–Secretary of State Neville Chamberlain John Kerry will meet in a few days with Russia’s foreign minister to work out a “diplomatic solution.”  This is sure to end well. And »

“Like Treating a Cold with Chemotherapy”

Featured image No sooner do I post last night’s item about the walkbacks coming in the next IPCC report on the impacts of climate change due out Monday than I come across Matt Ridley’s op-ed in today’s Wall Street Journal saying much the same thing.  Some highlights: The forthcoming report apparently admits that climate change has extinguished no species so far and expresses “very little confidence” that it will do so. There »

The Collapsing Soufflé of Climate Change

Featured image The climate campaign is collapsing faster than one of my popover recipes made with old flour and not enough milk.  The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is set to release on Monday the report of Working Group II, on the projected impacts of climate change.  (See my Weekly Standard review of Working Group I’s report on the latest science of climate change released last September, “Pay No Attention »

Midweek in Video: Spring Break Edition

Featured image My posting has been light this week because it’s spring break, and I’m skiing up at Big Sky, Montana.  (But who needs to post when John is taking down the Washington Post.)  ”Skiing” and “blogging” may rhyme, but they don’t really go together.  Though maybe they would if we temporarily renamed this site “Powder Line Blog.”  I did get to meet one of my teenage heroes yesterday–the great skiing filmmaker »

What Happened to Flight 370?

Featured image Now that authorities are certain that Flight 370 went down in a faraway corner of the Indian Ocean, speculation is rising that this is a bizarre case of pilot suicide.  It still strikes me as odd that we haven’t heard much about the pilot’s family that reportedly moved out the day before the flight, a prelude to a forthcoming divorce.  Maybe these reports are incorrect.  Probably the Malaysians have the »

Intelligence Failure Revisited, Part 2

Featured image Musing about Putin’s swallowing up Crimea back on March 5, we posited that perhaps our intelligence agencies just aren’t that intelligent.  There’s a real howler in the lede of today’s Wall Street Journal front page article about the matter: U.S. military satellites spied Russian troops amassing within striking distance of Crimea last month. But intelligence analysts were surprised because they hadn’t intercepted any telltale communications where Russian leaders, military commanders »

Spindle Time: Updates on Old Stories

Featured image Several stories we covered here in recent weeks and months need updating. First, last summer we profiled Mike Adams, professor of criminology at the University of North Carolina, Wilmington, in the Power Line 100 roster (which will return soon, I promise).  Anyone who writes a book titled Feminists Say the Darndest Things clearly doesn’t mind challenging orthodoxy.  And needless to say, this and other heterodox positions crossed the line, and »

Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Power

Featured image File this one under the Law of Unintended Consequences: Harry Reid decided to blow up the filibuster recently so that Democrats could use their likely evanescent Senate majority to ram through some of Obama’s liberal appointees.  But what he hadn’t counted upon was that vulnerable Democrats wouldn’t go along with the plan. First, seven Democratic senators joined with Republicans to vote down the nomination of Debo Adegbile to be assistant »

The Week in Pictures: Time for a Reset Edition

Featured image Say, if Valdy Putin has a sense of humor at all, he should send over a little box to the American electorate marked “Reset.”  I think more than a few would change their mind right now.  Or maybe he just hasn’t had the wit to claim that all he’s doing in Crimea and Ukraine is pressing the ‘Reset” button Hillary gave them a few years back.  Or better still: “Hey »

Oh Yeah: Jimmy Fallon Nails Obama-Putin

Featured image Jimmy Fallon gets down on the Obama-Putin phone calls (about 3 minutes long): »

Potentially Huge Climate Turnabout

Featured image One of the big problems with the climate establishment is that, like many institutions, it tends to polarize according to interest and ideology.  Like the League of Women Voters or the American Association of University Women (both reliably liberal organizations, though they did not start out that way), a combination of self-selection and bias has placed the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and various scientific associations, almost wholly »

Has 370 Been Found?

Featured image We’ll have to wait and see whether the debris spotted in the Indian Ocean southwest of Perth is from flight 370.  It is not unprecedented for containers to fall off cargo container ships, and Perth ships a lot of things across the Indian ocean (including live sheep—I saw a sheep container ship being loaded in Perth once), and I know a defense contractor who told me of the latest (unclassified) »

Flight 370: Separating Silly from Sensible

Featured image Things are going from bad to worse on speculation about what happened to flight 370.  Not to be outdone by CNN, The Onion ran a story about how we’re now searching “space and time” itself to find the plane: Following a host of conflicting reports in the wake of the mysterious disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 last Saturday, representatives from the Kuala Lumpur–based carrier acknowledged they had widened their »

The Climate Desperados, Part 2

Featured image Last month I noted here the increasing desperation of the Climatistas, who tried to scare us with a study showing that global warming will cause an increase in the crime rate decades from now.  But philosophy professor Lawrence Torcello of the Rochester Institute of Technology has taken the desperation one step further, arguing that climate skeptics should be criminally prosecuted: If those with a financial or political interest in inaction »

Thursday in Boulder: The Dynamic Duo

Featured image No, not that dynamic duo that runs around in underwear and capes; I mean the dynamic duo of Ted Nordhaus and Michael Shellenberger of the Breakthrough Institute.  I’ve noted them many times before here on Power Line as the most interesting and serious defectors from environmental orthodoxy while remaining firmly planted on the left/progressive side of the political spectrum.  I’m hosting them for a public lecture here at CU/Boulder this »

This Is Really Going to Harsh Some Mellows

Featured image Well guess what? Growing pot is very carbon-intensive.  Says Mother Jones: You thought your pot came from environmentally conscious hippies? Think again. The way marijuana is grown in America, it turns out, is anything but sustainable and organic. . . Bummer, man.  The rest of the MJ piece is photo memes.  Here are the best ones: »