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Charles Grassley: Chuck Schumer lied about Russia investigation

Featured image On Thursday, Sen. Charles Grassley accused Sen. Chuck Schumer of lying about the FBI Russia probe. Grassley didn’t use the term “lying,” but there is no other way to read his remarks. Grassley, the head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, explained that then-FBI director Comey told him and Dianne Feinstein, the Committee’s ranking member, that President Trump was not under investigation by the Bureau. Grassley said that, in addition, Comey »

An epidemic of lawlessness

Featured image Yesterday’s Washington Post carried the Russia story of the day. Post reporters Greg Miller, Ellen Nakashima and Adam Entous purport to deliver the goods on “Obama’s secret struggle to punish Russia for Putin’s election assault.” It’s a long, long story that is of interest from a variety of perspectives. The Post purports to give us the inside story on the collection of intelligence on Russian interference in the presidential election »

Lordy, Trump has no tapes

Featured image President Trump took to Twitter today to announce that he has no tapes or recordings of his conversations with former FBI Director James Comey. In a pair of tweets, Trump stated: With all of the recently reported electronic surveillance, intercepts, unmasking and illegal leaking of information, I have no idea whether there are ‘tapes’ or recordings of my conversations with James Comey, but I did not make, and do not »

Trump poses no major dilemma for genuine conservatives

Featured image Check out this anti-Trump screed by Michael Gerson in today’s Washington Post. Gerson writes: Trump has been ruled by compulsions, obsessions and vindictiveness, expressed nearly daily on Twitter. He has demonstrated an egotism that borders on solipsism. His political skills as president have been close to nonexistent. His White House is divided, incompetent and chaotic, and key administration jobs remain unfilled. His legislative agenda has gone nowhere. He has told »

David Horowitz: Have the Never Trumpers No Shame?

Featured image This piece by David Horowitz appears first on Power Line. I share his sentiments entirely. Throughout the six months of Trump’s embattled presidency one can only be struck by the failure of anti-Trumpers, both left and right, to acknowledge that a judgment of theirs may have been too hasty, not to say embarrassingly wrong. Yet to those not gripped by anti-Trump passions it seems obvious that there have been many »

“When your job is bringing down the president”

Featured image On Wednesday, during our show for Power Line VP members, John recalled the heady days of Watergate, when newly minted Harvard law grads descended on Washington to work for Archibald Cox, the Harvard law professor who was serving as the Watergate special prosecutor. John remembered that the young Harvard law grads he knew expressed clarity about their mission: to get Nixon. The Washington Post expresses the same clarity in a »

Errors in Trump tweet symbolize more costly mistakes [UPDATED]

Featured image Last night President Trump tweeted: I am being investigated for firing the FBI Director by the man who told me to fire the FBI Director! Witch Hunt. The president, presumably, was referring to Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who did, indeed, recommend that James Comey be fired. But Rosenstein isn’t investigating Trump. Special counsel Robert Mueller is. If Mueller recommended that Trump fire his friend Comey, that would be a »

Should Trump fire Mueller, Part Four

Featured image As Scott noted this morning, the Washington Post reports that the “special counsel’s” investigation has widened to include an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice. There’s a good chance that the report is based on leaks from Mueller’s team. Whatever the source of the leaks, the purpose seems obvious — to make it more politically costly for Trump to fire Mueller. If he sacked Mueller, Trump could »

Obstruct this

Featured image The Washington Post’s Devlin Barrett, Adam Entous, Ellen Nakashima and Sari Horwitz — count ’em — report that Special Counsel Robert Mueller “is interviewing senior intelligence officials as part of a widening probe that now includes an examination of whether President Trump attempted to obstruct justice[.]” The Post adds: Five people briefed on the interview requests, speaking on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the »

Help for Chris Cillizza

Featured image Yesterday President Trump tweeted the assertion that “Fake News is at an all time high.” Trump wondered where the apology was “for all the incorrect stories???” CNN’s Chris Cillizza, formerly of the Washington Post, responded that Trump was off base. Cillizza wanted a set of citations. Here are Trump’s tweet and Cillizza’s response. Fake News is at an all time high. Where is their apology to me for all of »

Washington Post blasts Trump for not sharing its obsession

Featured image The Democrats’ latest talking point about the “Russia” investigation is that President Trump has shown no interest in the part of it that pertains to what Russia did to interfere in the 2016 election. Not surprisingly, the Washington Post peddles this talking point in a story by Phillip Bump about Attorney General Sessions’ testimony today. He writes: In his testimony, Sessions told Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) that he “did »

How great thou art

Featured image President Trump held his first full cabinet meeting yesterday. Behind it lay a good idea. The idea was obviously to advertise the work of the Trump administration so far. You may have noticed that the mainstream media have lavished their attention elsewhere. He has assembled an impressive team. In convening his crew to talk about their accomplishments before the cameras, Trump undertook some necessary self-help. The reports of the participants »

“Almost entirely wrong” (3)

Featured image One of the most interesting items to emerge from former FBI Director’s James Comey’s testimony at the Senate Intelligence Committee hearing last week was Comey’s description of the key February 15 New York Times Trump/Russia story as “almost entirely wrong.” I took a look at Comey’s testimony and the subsequent Times coverage of it here (Comey’s testimony) and here (the Times’s coverage). In today’s New York Post John Crudele provides »

Trumplaw tolls for me

Featured image These are strange days. I seem to have been caught up in the so-called “travel ban” litigation challenging President Trump’s executive orders “Protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the United States.” Yesterday I was served with a letter and draft subpoena from one Tana Lin of the Keller Rohrback law firm’s Seattle office alerting me to my “document preservation obligations with respect to documents that are relevant or »

How Comey put his interests ahead of his country’s

Featured image Andy McCarthy asks why President Trump fired James Comey. He concludes that Trump did so because he believed Comey intentionally misled the public into thinking Trump was under investigation by the FBI. I think that’s probably the reason. As I have said, it seems clear that, at a minimum, Comey’s refusal publicly to say that Trump is not under investigation played a major role in the discharge decision. It’s easy »

Should Trump fire Mueller?

Featured image No. I don’t think he should. The hornet’s nest has already been sufficient stirred up, and we’ve already heard enough Watergate comparisons without replicating the “Saturday Night Massacre.” But after James Comey’s testimony, there is a new argument for firing Mueller and handing the Russia hacking investigation back to the FBI and its new director. Newt Gingrich explains: When asked Thursday by Senator Susan Collins of Maine whether he shared »

The Washington Post’s pitiful analysis of “obstruction”

Featured image “Comey lays out the case that Trump obstructed justice.” So declares the Washington Post in a front page “news” story about James Comey’s testimony. The story, by Matt Zapotosky is based on shoddy legal analysis and held together by quotes from lawyers and professors of no great prominence. Zapotosky doesn’t bother to include the views of the many prominent legal analysts — Alan Dershowitz and Andy McCarthy to name just »