Donald Trump

The Presidential Character

Featured image Surveying the electoral scene of the moment summons to mind Henry Adams’s mordant observation that the progression of presidents from George Washington to Ulysses S. Grant was a sufficient refutation of the theory of evolution. What would Adams think of our current candidates? I’m with John about the utter shamelessness and hypocrisy of the left over revelations and allegations of Trump’s bad behavior. It’s disgusting, to use one of The »

Two women emerge to accuse Trump of unwanted touchings

Featured image During his second debate with Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump denied having ever engaged in the sexual assaults he boasted about in the Access Hollywood tape. I had understood that the debate would consist of the candidates answering questions from members of the “town hall.” But Anderson Cooper decided to take over the questioning so he could press Trump about whether his boasts were true. Initially, Trump avoided that question, but »

How leaders talk

Featured image Sally Jenkins writes about sports for the Washington Post. I gather that, like many sportswriters these days, she would rather write about politics. And why not? Her work meets the low standard of punditry at the Post. Today, Jenkins has a column called (in the print edition) “No leader says things like that in locker room.” Her argument is that although athletes do make lewd, Trump-style comments in the locker »

Trump bounces back, but back to where?

Featured image My view is that Donald Trump won tonight’s debate. He dominated the stage and landed shot after shot on Hillary Clinton. Hillary, meanwhile, struggled to say much that will connect with voters except perhaps Muslim-Americans. This was the performance Trump’s supporters wanted to see in the first debate. If the Access Hollywood tape had not surfaced, Trump might be well on his way to pulling back to even, or close »

About tonight

Featured image Before Friday, I thought Donald Trump’s mission in the upcoming debate should be to persuade Americans he’s not a bad guy. After Friday, his mission may be to persuade people he’s not a monster. You prove these things by conducting yourself accordingly. You can’t prove them by attacking your opponent’s character. And if you attack the character of your opponents’ spouse, you tend to confirm that you’re a bad guy. »

What Now for Trump?

Featured image I’ve finally stopped smacking my head against my desk, and it does feel good to end the pounding. But the Trump Train Wreck is still happening. A few thoughts: I got a lot of Twitter traffic today (@stevenfhayward if you don’t already follow)—maybe the most ever—for recounting Ronald Reagan’s reaction to the news of Gary Hart’s sexual peccadillos in 1987: “Boys will be boys—but boys will not be president.” While »

More Trump tapes to come?

Featured image Someone called Bill Pruitt has tweeted the following: As a producer on seasons 1 & 2 of #theapprentice I assure you: when it comes to the #trumptapes there are far worse. #justthebegininng Pruitt may be exaggerating, but who doubts that there are other bad Trump tapes out there and available for release? I don’t, and I suspect that Team Clinton is controlling the timing of the release or at least »

What now?

Featured image The Trump campaign is bleeding profusely from the wound of his Access Hollywood video. Carly Fiorina and John McCain are among the prominent Republicans who have withdrawn their support. There are also calls for Trump to step down as the Republican nominee. Andy McCarthy is among those urging this. Trump, though, has said he will never stand aside. Conceivably, he will relent, but the choke artist seems determined to hang »

We’ve Had About All the Genius We Can Stand

Featured image Through the primary season and the early stages of the general election, Donald Trump made any number of apparently boneheaded moves. His supporters, though, were always quick to tell us that Trump couldn’t be judged by ordinary standards. What seemed to be blunders were really acts of unique Trumpian genius! We heard this over and over. Well, we are now a month out from the election, and newspapers are headlining »

Trump’s apology

Featured image The Trump Titanic hit an iceberg yesterday, or an iceberg was moved into its path. The captain of the ship issued an interesting apology on his Facebook page last night (video below, via USA Today). Here is the text: I’ve never said I’m a perfect person, nor pretended to be someone that I’m not. I’ve said and done things I regret, and the words released today on this more than »

2005 video shows Trump discussing women in extremely lewd manner

Featured image The Washington Post has obtained a video from 2005 in which Donald Trump bragged in vulgar terms about kissing, groping, and trying to have sex with women. Regarding one woman, Trump said, “I did try and f— her; she was married.” He added, “I moved on her like a bitch, but I couldn’t get there.” Frankly, the only thing surprising about this video is Trump’s admission of failure to seduce »

What to watch for in tonight’s Veep debate

Featured image I don’t believe a vice presidential debate has ever influenced the outcome of an election. The most consequential ones have, however, stopped the bleeding afterthe presidential candidate flopped in his first debate. Vice President Cheney’s performance against John Edwards in 2004 is the best example. But one could also cite George H.W. Bush in 1984 (against Geraldine Ferraro) and perhaps Joe Biden in 2012 (against Paul Ryan). Donald Trump flopped »

“Bombshell”: Trump Lost a Lot of Money In 1995 [Updated]

Featured image The New York Times thinks Donald Trump’s tax returns are “a central issue in the campaign.” Others would disagree, but today the Times did what it can to distract voters from Hillary Clinton’s record by publishing three pages of Trump tax returns from 1995, 21 years ago. The Times explains that someone anonymously mailed the three pages to one of its reporters. They are the front pages from Trump’s New »

Does Trump Really Want to Win?

Featured image From the very beginning I’ve wondered whether Trump was really running for president thinking he’d be a real contender, or whether this was just a yuuuge business branding exercise. Because once again the Trump presidential campaign is looking more like a college frat prank that got out of hand. I thought that Trump’s Twitter feed had been brought under control, but in the middle of the night last night Trump »

Trump’s Off-Message Detour Continues

Featured image The Democrats are doing their best to distract voters from the serious issues in this year’s campaign. Donald Trump, sadly, continues to enable them. The Associated Press reports that Trump is now obsessing on Bill Clinton’s infidelities: “An impeachment for lying,” Trump said Thursday at a campaign rally in New Hampshire, referring to the effort to remove Bill Clinton from office for lying about his affair with White House intern »

Live from Council Bluffs, Trump on the stump

Featured image Nebraska attorney Dave Begley returned to his stomping grounds in Council Bluffs to file another of his reports on the appearances of the presidential candidates. Here he gives us Trump on the stump yesterday (full event video below). Dave writes: The freewheelin’ Donald Trump is a thing of the past as he spoke on Wednesday using the TelePrompter. The speech was more structured but it needed some editing. The main »

After last night

Featured image Every observation, thought or prediction I have had on the course of political events this year may have proved wrong. My observations here can therefore probably serve most usefully as a contrary indicator, but I had a few watching last night’s incredibly painful debate and at this point I can only say I hope I’m wrong. If you either support the defeat of Hillary Clinton or the election of Donald »