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Today’s Hot Reads

Featured image There are several articles up just now that deserve more than just a nod in our “Picks” banner. Start with The Week’s Damon Linker, a center-left writer usually worth reading for his straight shooting self-criticism of liberalism. His latest column dissents from the liberal line that the nationalism evinced by Donald Trump is solely and purely racist: [The] perfect distillation of liberalism in 2016: Trump voters and their analogues overseas »

Donald Trump, medical marvel

Featured image As I was finishing my post about the comparative vigor of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, my wife told me that Trump was appearing on Dr. Oz’s television show to discuss his health. I stopped blogging and joined her in front of the television. Trump’s appearance was a success. It should help him extend his advantage over Clinton in the medical/vigor department and improve his image. The first segment of »

Is Clinton as bad as Trump on his worst issues?

Featured image Plenty of conservatives are balking at the prospect of voting for Donald Trump, and not just the NeverTrumpers. There is also the “Hardly Ever” Trump contingent, some of whom, like me, are still making up their minds. One option I would thought have no conservative would choose is to vote for Hillary Clinton. Yet, some conservatives intend to do just that. As far as I can tell, they consist mainly »

A Trump Rally: Reality vs. the Associated Press

Featured image Donald Trump appeared at a big rally in Asheville, North Carolina today. Breitbart News reports from a pro-Trump perspective: “Hillary Clinton owes all of you an apology and I think you’ll get that apology right around the same time that she hands over the 33,000 emails that she deleted,” the Republican nominee told a huge crowd in Asheville, North Carolina during a campaign rally on Monday night. This video was »

Washington Post explains how federal government “could resist President Trump”

Featured image Donald Trump’s comeback in the polls has the Washington Post rattled. Yesterday, its editorial board basically called, Bernie Sanders like, for a moratorium on discussing Hillary Clinton’s emails so that the focus can be on Donald Trump’s “manifest unfitness for office.” But Clinton’s willingness to put her personal interests ahead of the national security and her unwillingness to discuss the matter honestly after she was found out are good grounds »

Our undecided electorate

Featured image I think everyone recognizes that the presidential race has tightened considerably in the past two weeks. Hillary Clinton’s national lead is down to around 3 points and, as one would expect, the swing states are pretty consistent with the national margin. But here’s something I think many people don’t realize or haven’t focused on. Around 20 percent of the electorate is either undecided or saying it will vote for someone »

Lessons from last night’s forum

Featured image I didn’t watch NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief Forum” last night. The less I see of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the happier I tend to be. I can tell, though, that it must have gone reasonably well for Trump. How? Because the moderator, Matt Lauer, has come under fire from liberal journalists. The attacks on Lauer stem in part, I believe, from a desire to signal to Lester Holt and other debate »

Trump Can Win. The Question Is, Should He? [with comment by Paul]

Featured image I suspect that quite a few #NeverTrumpers have been taken aback by recent polls that show Donald Trump pulling even with, or ahead of, Hillary Clinton. If you are a conservative/Republican, two distinct reasons have been advanced for opposing Trump. The first is that he is disqualified from the presidency on the merits, and is even more unacceptable than Hillary. The second is that he is destined to go down »

The Irrelevance of Deportation

Featured image Donald Trump has gone back and forth on the issue of deporting illegal immigrants, and Democrats are accusing him of inconsistency. The Washington Post, for example, headlines: “Trump advisers and allies struggle with deportation specifics.” Several of Donald Trump’s top campaign advisers and allies on Sunday struggled to explain the Republican presidential nominee’s stance on mass deportation — insisting that he will prioritize undocumented criminals for deportation, but falling short »

The Washington Post dishonestly denies that Trump has changed on illegal immigration

Featured image There were only two ways the mainstream media would portray Donald Trump’s speech on immigration once he finally delivered it. Either Trump would be the same dreadfully inhumane guy he’s been throughout the campaign or he would be a flip-flopper whose word cannot be trusted on anything. The “meany” option was always the preferred one. Voters seemed to have little problem with Trump flip-flopping to more reasonable ground on immigration. »

Trump’s immigration speech

Featured image Last night, Donald Trump delivered his long awaited speech detailing his approach to immigration. You can read full text of his prepared remarks here. I think it was a very good speech mainly because it gets Trump to where he needs to be substantively on immigration, and because of its tone — conciliatory towards Mexico, more sensitive than he been to the plight of illegal immigrants, but insistent on the »

Trump’s Triumphant Trip to Mexico

Featured image Lately, Donald Trump seems to be recovering his momentum. After appearing mostly flat-footed since the GOP convention, he is back to his old table-upsetting self–today, with a quick trip to Mexico to meet with President Enrique Peña Nieto. The meeting implicitly gave Trump the status of a head of state, and much of the news coverage, like this headline at CNN, puts a positive spin on Trump’s mission: Of course »

Trump’s Doctor?

Featured image The Trump campaign has shopped around a letter from his long time physician, Dr. Harold Bornstein, which he apparently wrote in haste while Trump staffers waited out on the street in a limo. The letter has typos (“To whom my concern. . .”), and is very general about how Trump’s health is a great as everything else about him. “If elected, Mr. Trump, I can state unequivocally, will be the healthiest »

Another reason why liberals hate Trump

Featured image Steve has started a series called “Why do liberals hate Trump?” The first installment is here. I look forward to reading the subsequent ones. I think one reason why liberals hate Trump is the same reason why many conservatives dislike him: He’s not one of theirs and he’s an awful guy. Suppose Trump were the Democratic nominee running against, say, Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio. Might not conservatives hate Trump »

Why Do Liberals Hate Trump? (Part One)

Featured image Let’s notice something significant: Donald Trump is the most liberal Republican nominee since . . . well, it’s really hard to tell: Maybe Tom Dewey? In any case, recall that Trump embraces many positions popular with major factions of the Democratic Party coalition, such as trade and entitlement spending (Medicare and Social Security), and the Iraq War. He probably favors single-payer health care, and his conversion on abortion seems insincere. »

One Man’s Disaster Is Another Man’s Bogey

Featured image Barack Obama has more or less given up any pretense of interest in his constitutional duties. Reportedly, he intends to become the first billionaire ex-president. If he has been watching Hillary Clinton and learning from her example, he shouldn’t have any problem attaining that goal. Meanwhile, as his days in office dwindle away, Louisiana has been struck by flooding. Well aware that the floods would be of no interest to »

Where Trump needs to get to on immigration

Featured image As John suggests, the immigration issue seems to be tying Donald Trump in knots right now. There’s poetic justice in this. Trump rode to front of the Republican pack in significant part because of the irresponsible and callous stance he took on this subject, bashing his leading opponents for taking positions Trump seemingly now would like to take. But Trump should be able to execute a fairly soft landing on »