The mask slips

Featured image The role of the mainstream media as an adjunct of the Democratic Party has never been more obvious than this apparent than over the past week with the media’s nonstop hysteria over enforcement of immigration law at the border. Are we permitted to have a country anymore? Apparently not. John Heilemann is a mainstream media mainstay. He is managing editor of Bloomberg Politics, regular contributor to MSNBC’s Morning Joe and, »

The Immigration Fracas: Paging Daniel Boorstin!

Featured image Watching the collective media and political class freak out over the “crisis” of immigration enforcement at the border sent me to my bookshelf to dust off Daniel Boorstin’s classic 1961 book, The Image: A Guide to Pseudo-Events in America. Step back for a moment from the whack-a-mole problem of sorting out fact from fiction in this current drama; the way this is playing out is a perfect case study in »

Media Alert

Featured image I’ll be guest hosting the Laura Ingraham radio show tomorrow and Wednesday. The program runs live from 9:00 a.m. to 12 p.m. Eastern, and is heard at other times in some geographies. Tomorrow’s show should be fun. We will be talking about the Inspector General’s report on FBI misconduct, in the context of today’s explosive Senate Judiciary Committee hearing. We will also spend a lot of time on the alleged »

Media Alert

Featured image I will be on Howie Carr’s radio show at 4:34 Eastern, talking about the IG’s report. If you are in New England, please tune in. Otherwise, you should be able to listen online, here. Steve and I are also taping a podcast on the IG’s report (and maybe a few other things) tonight, which we will post soon thereafter. Is this a fun news cycle, or what? »

How to Read a Newspaper (Updated)

Featured image One of the most important skills I learned from my teacher of international relations, the great Harold Rood of Claremont McKenna College, was how to read a newspaper. I’m not referring to what order to read the paper, or how to “deconstruct” news stories to surmise what is left out, but rather as clues to what is really going on and who has the initiative. This skill was a variation »

More Mueller madness

Featured image Ken Vogel gives us the New York Times take on the superseding indictment of Paul Manafort alleging obstruction of justice. It comes in Vogel’s story on the new charges against Manafort and his previously unnamed Russian associate, Konstantin V. Kilimnik. The previously pending charges against Manafort of course had nothing to do with the synthetic collusion hyseteria over the 2016 election. Neither does the alleged obstruction of justice in connection »

Leakers, liars, lovers & other strangers

Featured image A federal grand jury handed up an indictment against former Senate Intelligence Committee Security Director James Wolfe this past Thursday. Wolfe is alleged to have leaked classified intelligence to current New York Times reporter Ali Watkins and others, though Watkins was not working for other outfits at the time of the leaks in issue. Wolfe is charged with three counts of lying to the FBI about the leaks. I have »

More Fake News From Jane Mayer and the New Yorker

Featured image Jane Mayer is a failed reporter for the New Yorker who has tried to make a career out of smearing Charles and David Koch. Her latest effort is headlined, “One Koch Brother Forces the Other Out of the Family Business.” The story begins with the merest kernel of truth: David Koch, a 78-year-old cancer survivor, is in declining health. Accordingly, he is retiring from his positions at Koch Industries. David’s »

The indispensable pundit

Featured image There are a dozen or so pundits whose views I’m interested in reading across a range of subjects. Charles Krauthammer was the one pundit whose views I needed to read. It’s strange to think of any pundit as indispensable, but Krauthammer was for me. This has been especially true the past year. I can’t count the number of times I craved to know what Krauthammer thought about this or that »

Media Alert

Featured image Tomorrow night, from 6 to 9 p.m. Central, I will guest host “Saturday Night with Esme Murphy” on WCCO radio in the Twin Cities. If you live within listening distance–and WCCO has a long reach–or if you want to listen online, here, I encourage you to tune in. The show will focus on the political scene in Minnesota following the two parties’ conventions last weekend. Both parties endorsed gubernatorial candidates »

Charles Krauthammer: My fight is over

Featured image Charles Krauthammer has announced his imminent death. FOX News reports the story here. It is with great sadness that we note his statement today: I have been uncharacteristically silent these past ten months. I had thought that silence would soon be coming to an end, but I’m afraid I must tell you now that fate has decided on a different course for me. In August of last year, I underwent »

Restatement on Fozia Ali

Featured image On May 14 our local Fox affiliate (Fox 9) broadcast Jeff Baillon’s striking report “Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?” The report drew a connection among “rampant fraud in a massive state program” (i.e., Minnesota’s $250 million a year Child Care Assistance Program funding daycare providers), the locus of this fraud in Minnesota’s Somali community and cash flown overseas in suitcases out of Minneapolis-St. Paul »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll has a few thoughts about SMARMY DANIELS and More. She writes: I am probably almost alone in the fact that I have never watched Smarmy Daniels and the lawyer who looks like a sleazebag someone ordered from Central Casting: “Hymie, get me a guy who looks like a shyster!” I do not watch CNN – ever, because I also do not fly – so I have only seen »

Non-resister replaced as Wall Street Journal’s top editor

Featured image The Wall Street Journal has replaced Gerard Baker, its top editor. Baker had been, as the Washington Post puts it, beset with internal criticism of his leadership in covering Donald Trump. The Washington Post should know. An organ of the anti-Trump resistance, it has hired ten WSJ reporters, at least some of whom defected due to Baker’s insufficiently antagonist approach to Trump, the Post indicates. Not that Baker showed partiality »

God Help Us

Featured image This is all over Twitter, but if, like me, you avoid Twitter like the plague you may not have seen it. From USA Today, a graphic illustrating how marijuana is illegally shipped out of Colorado to other states: What’s extraordinary is that the whole point of the graphic is to depict Colorado and how marijuana is smuggled out of that state. Raising once again the question whether newspapers actually employ »

Does anybody really know what time it is? (Minnesota edition)

Featured image Courtesy of the Democrats’ media adjunct, Minnesota state representative Ilhan Omar must be the most famous such officeholder in the history of the universe. Omar is the first Somali elected to our state legislature; she touts herself as “the highest-elected Somali-American public official in the United States.” That’s not too high. Riding the Democrats’ look at me identity politics, however, she’s going places. See, for example, the 11-minute video Omar »

And now, the McCabe memos

Featured image The Comey memos have figured prominently in the events leading to the appointment of Robert Mueller as Special Counsel to continue the counterintelligence investigation of the Trump campaign originated by the Obama administration in March 2016 or so. Moving on to fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, today’s New York Times introduces the McCabe memos. In its story today the Times continues to flog the theory that President Trump may »