The Times Does Sports

Featured image Decades ago, when we were college roommates, Paul told me that the New York Times was a vastly overrated newspaper. He considered the Washington Post, his home town paper, to be far superior, in part because the Times sports section was pathetic. Both Paul and I would probably offer different commentary on both papers today, but he was right about the Times sports section, and it hasn’t gotten much better, »

The Wilmore proviso

Featured image I thought that President Obama’s material at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner last night was mostly unfunny. What to say, though, about the Comedy Channel’s Larry Wilmore, who followed Obama? Wilmore is allegedly a comedian, though he was painfully unfunny for 22 minutes that felt more like 22 hours. Watching Wilmore, I wondered, did anyone working on that material really find it funny? Did anyone really think others would find »

Counter this

Featured image Yesterday the Star Tribune devoted a long editorial to the threat of terrorism emanating from Minnesota’s Somali Muslim community, only not in those words. Running under the headline “Countering extremism in Minnesota: A beautiful goal, barely begun,” the editorial adopts the Obama approved indirection and approach. The editorial pursues the line that I criticized in the Star Tribune column “Islam and Minnesota: It’s time for some straight talk for a »

Veteran race hustler embarrasses himself again

Featured image During a pitching change in tonight’s Washington Nationals game, I switched over to Megyn Kelly’s show on Fox News. Kelly was interviewing Al Sharpton at an event he holds every year to which politicians come to kiss his, um, ring. Kelly asked Sharpton why race relations have deteriorated during the Obama administration. Sharpton said it’s because President Obama has stepped up and done things for black people. Like what, Kelly »

The Times Was Told There Would Be No Math

Featured image This correction from today’s New York Times is entertaining: Correction: April 10, 2016 An article on March 20 about wave piloting in the Marshall Islands misstated the number of possible paths that could be navigated without instruments among the 34 islands and atolls of the Marshall Islands. It is 561, not a trillion trillion. Hey, they’re both really big numbers, if you’re a reporter! »

The mystery abides

Featured image Gee, what could possibly cause “violent extremism”? The New York Times is stumped. Matt Apuzzo reports: “Who will become a terrorist? Research yields few clues.” Few clues, indeed. Let’s file this in the annals of cluelessness: “After all this funding and this flurry of publications, with each new terrorist incident we realize that we are no closer to answering our original question about what leads people to turn to political »

How secret is it? (15)

Featured image If Hillary Clinton were the leading GOP candidate for president, the story of her email server would never get a rest. It is a subject of her bold and never-ending lies. It demonstrates her unfitness for public office. It demonstrates her fitness for an orange jumpsuit. As it is, however, Clinton is the leading Democratic candidate for president and one has to be a news junkie to discover that yet »

Why Ben Shapiro resigned from Breitbart

Featured image I don’t think we have written about the incident in which Donald Trump’s campaign manager Corey Lewandowski allegedly manhandled Michelle Fields as she attempted to question the candidate at a rally. The incident has been covered extensively elsewhere, including here. The incident is hardly without interest, but I’m more intrigued by the fallout. Breitbart, whose chairman is pro Trump, refused to back its reporter. To the contrary , it published »

Quo Vadis? Whodat???

Featured image Tom Blumer notes that the AP caught up with one “Quo Vadis” in its story on the Trump rally shutdown in Chicago yesterday. Mr. Vadis, to borrow the New York Times naming convention, seems to have had a hand in planning the shutdown. Quo Vadis? Whodat??? Blumer brings an educated eye to his investigation: It seems quite likely that the person who was quoted is really Quovadis Green, a Chicago »

Belated Media Alert

Featured image On Wednesday, I had the pleasure of appearing on Seth Leibsohn’s radio show. We discussed, what else, Donald Trump’s march towards the GOP nomination and whether it can be stopped. Seth is a marvelous host — not only insightful, but able to draw insight from others, even on a topic as much discussed as Donald Trump. To borrow the compliment he paid Power Line, I always feel smarter after talking »

That Click you hear, cont’d

Featured image University of Missouri Professor Melissa “I need some muscle over here” Click is a liar of Clintonian proportions. Watch her at work in the devastating interview with CBS News’s Anna Werner in the video below. Werner herself shows up Click’s lies. Ed Morrissey continues the dissection in “Mizzou prof: You’re missing all the good I’ve done.” Via Ed Driscoll/InstaPundit. »

The Times Does Supreme Court History

Featured image On Wednesday, the New York Times published an article on the impending nomination of a replacement for Justice Scalia headlined Should Obama Pick Nominee? Your Answer May Depend on How Much History You Know. The point of the piece was to suggest that better-informed people–those who know the most about history!–want the choice of the next justice to be President Obama’s. No surprise there. What’s funny about this is that »

Hillary’s 50 shades of grey

Featured image Hillary Clinton is false in everything, a gold-plated phony seemingly incapable of uttering a true word. She lies with abandon. She lies with the ease of a pathological liar. Everyone knows it. Everyone sees it. Examples could be multiplied endlessly. Think only of the various statements she has made about her email arrangement. Has any of them stood the test of time? I don’t think so. She has told so »

Media alert

Featured image I will be a guest on “Tipping Point,” hosted by Liz Wheeler on One America News Network. We’ll be discussing the clash between Donald Trump and Jeb Bush over whether President George W. Bush lied about weapons of mass destruction. The program begins at 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. »

Among friends illustrated

Featured image At conclusion of last night’s debate in Durham featuring Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, MSNBC moderator Rachel Maddow graphically showed how she was feeling the love for the two of them. Fellow moderator Chuck Todd confined himself to a polite handshake, but don’t be deceived! He too was feeling the love. Via Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard. »

Clinton among friends

Featured image Did you catch any of the close encounter between Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in Durham on MSNBC last night? By far the most striking element of the affair was the concern of moderators Chuck Todd and Rachel Maddow to perform their function on behalf of a Democratic audience, posing questions of concern to Democrats while raising no challenge to the candidates themselves. Todd and Maddow sought capably to vet »

Hillary annotated

Featured image Hillary Clinton is a liar of the Lillian Hellman variety as described by Mary McCarthy: “Every word she writes is a lie, including ‘and’ and ‘the.'” Perfect. Nobody has ever said it better. The Clintons have turned lying into performance art. Most recently, in her appearance on ABC’s This Week with former (Bill) Clinton aide George Stephanopoulos on Sunday (video below), Hillary did it again. As for Stephanopoulos, kid gloves »