A question for Democrats

Featured image The rise of Ilhan Omar raises a question for decent Democrats. It is the kind of question that Republicans are occasionally called on to answer by the media when one of their own embarrasses them. Democrats somehow escape this treatment. I wrote prominent Minnesota Democrats, identified myself and asked the question raised by Omar in this case. One or two of these Democrats are, or were, friendly acquaintances of mine. »

Return of “Zionism is racism”

Featured image As she mounts her campaign to take the congressional seat representing Minnesota’s Fifth District, Ilhan Omar is sticking with the proposition that Israel is an “apartheid regime.” I think this raises a question of decency for which Democrats should be held to account. I noted this in my Weekly Standard article on Omar and have a column coming out specifically addressing Omar’s anti-Israel animus, to which I want to append »

Ellison responds, sort of

Featured image Over the weekend I laid out Keith Ellison’s record of unabashed support for cop killers. It is a record that should disqualify him from any office of public trust, let alone congressional office. It hasn’t stopped him yet, but perhaps it will become an issue now that he seeks office as Minnesota Attorney General (i.e., Minnesota’s top law enforcement officer). Yesterday afternoon we received this message from Ellison finance director »

Keith Ellison supports cop killers

Featured image Bernie Sanders came to town yesterday to support the candidacy of Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison for state attorney general. Sanders made appearances with Ellison at First Avenue in Minneapolis and at Denfeld High School in Duluth. I cannot imagine a political office for which Ellison is less fitted than the head of any organization devoted to law enforcement. Ellison’s candidacy is a disgrace, as is Sanders’s support of »

Painter retouches self-portrait

Featured image The turmoil in the DFL in advance of the August 14 primary to sort out their candidates for statewide office is unprecedented. It both reflects and illuminates the churning crosscurrents in the Democratic party nationally. I don’t know that we can necessarily learn anything from close observation here — I think we can — but the scene certainly warrants attention in any event. The contest between appointed incumbent Tina Smith »

ISIS wannabe wants gun

Featured image We live in a terror wonderland in the Twin Cities. It isn’t reported that way, but that’s the way it is. Take, for example, the story of the ISIS wannabe — “Fridley man,” in the applicable journalistic euphemism — who wants to take out a license to carry a firearm. The county sheriff declines to issue the license. The sheriff thinks the Fridley man might use the weapon to follow »

The Ocasio occasion, Minnesota style

Featured image I attended the special DFL endorsing convention convened in Minneapolis on June 17 to anoint a successor to Keith Ellison. Three candidates sought the DFL endorsement, addressed the convention and responded to questions raised by the delegates. Ilhan Omar won a majority of the delegates’ votes on the first ballot. She then easily cleared the 60 percent hurdle to secure the endorsement on the second ballot with 68 percent of »

Tappin’ on Ellison’s door

Featured image As we have pointed out a few times over the past 12 years that he has served as Minnesota’s Fifth District Congressman, Keith Ellison is not an apostle of peace and love. He made his name in Minnesota as an advocate of Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. When he first sought legislative office in Minnesota, he ran as an acknowledged member of the Nation of Islam under the »

Ilhan Omar: Why I hate Israel

Featured image State representative Ilhan Omar has yet to complete her first term in the Minnesota legislature, where she has accomplished approximately nothing of substance, though she has now secured the DFL endorsement to succeed Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith Ellison in Congress. In the brief Weekly Standard article “The anti-Israel seat,” I conclude with observations related to Omar’s frank hatred of Israel. She doesn’t sugarcoat it. She calls Israel an “apartheid »

The Ellison succession

Featured image Minnesota’s Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party is undergoing an internal struggle that threatens to take us even further into madness and indecency. I try to draw attention to what is happening here in the brief Weekly Standard article “The anti-Israel candidate” (my title: “The Ellison succession”). I am grateful to Standard editors Richard Starr and Kelly Jane Torrance for helping me place the story before the Standard’s readers. Minnesota Fifth District Rep. Keith »

Howard Root: Live from Duluth

Featured image Our friend Howard Root attended the Trump rally in Duluth last night. This is his (fantastic) report along with photos he took at the event (at the top and bottom below): When I arrived at 4:00 p.m., the line for admission was at least a half mile long. People had been lining up since before 10:00 a.m., with the line snaking through a glass skyway where the afternoon sun had »

Trump comes to Duluth

Featured image President Trump appeared in Duluth to speak before a raucous campaign type rally yesterday evening (video below). The event was moved from its original location to an arena (the Amsoil Arena) with a larger capacity (more than 8,000), and was still unable to accommodate all those who sought to attend. The Star Tribune report on the event quotes Gary Nystrom of Staples, Minnesota. He told the Star Tribune that “he »

I have seen the future

Featured image I attended the Fifth District DFL special convention called on Sunday afternoon to endorse a candidate to succeed incumbent Rep. Keith Ellison, who now seeks the office of Minnesota Attorney General. Like Minneapolis, which makes up its heart, the Fifth District is predominantly Democratic. It’s one party territory. In convention assembled, the delegates turn to the leftward most viable candidate. That is how Ellison secured the nomination to succeed 14-term »

Speaking of dumpster fires

Featured image University of Minnesota Law School Professor Richard Painter held himself out as a Republican former Bush ethics czar on the lefty cable news channels until he decided to seek the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat of appointed incumbent Tina Smith. Now he has outed himself as just another nut in the fruitcake constellation. Painter’s debut campaign video below stars Painter himself speaking directly to Democratic primary voters. In a »

Live from the Fifth District [Update: Time for Ilhan]

Featured image I am at the special Fifth District endorsing convention. It will be called to order in the next few minutes. Erin Golden previews the convention and coming primary contest here in today’s Star Tribune. DFL Vice Chair Keith Ellison is the incumbent congressman, but he is contending for the DFL nomination for Minnesota Attorney General. Has any major party candidate ever run for such an office with a record of »

Restatement on Fozia Ali

Featured image On May 14 our local Fox affiliate (Fox 9) broadcast Jeff Baillon’s striking report “Millions of dollars in suitcases fly out of MSP, but why?” The report drew a connection among “rampant fraud in a massive state program” (i.e., Minnesota’s $250 million a year Child Care Assistance Program funding daycare providers), the locus of this fraud in Minnesota’s Somali community and cash flown overseas in suitcases out of Minneapolis-St. Paul »

The case of Fozia Ali (3)

Featured image In this series I follow up on Jeff Baillon’s intensely reported FOX 9 story “Millions of dollars fly out of MSP in suitcases, but why?” In part 1 I noted the media backlash to Baillon’s story at the Pioneer Press, at MPR, and, of course, at the Star Tribune. The media, however, have not followed up on Baillon’s findings regarding rampant daycare fraud. Part 1 in this series is here. »