Political correctness

And Now for Something Completely Cleesey

Featured image We’re reported here before about how more and more comics such as Jerry Seinfeld won’t appear on college campuses because they’ve become politically correct humor-free zones, so it’s nice to see the estimable John Cleese showing up to join the chorus, admitting that he, too, is reluctant to appear any more on college campuses. Shouldn’t this become an embarrassment to college administrators and trustees at some point? »

Oxford’s Alumni Show the Way

Featured image We wrote here that the sickness afflicting American universities apparently had spread to England, citing among other incidents a group of students at Oxford who, chanting the mantra “Rhodes must fall,” have demanded that the university erase all traces of Cecil Rhodes, one of Oxford’s most generous benefactors. This story has a happy ending, for now, at least, due to a rebellion on behalf of common sense by Oxford’s alumni. »

Hillary’s “White Privilege” Self-Abasement

Featured image Yesterday Hillary Clinton appeared at something called the Black and Brown Forum, which may be good preparation for leaving the country black and blue from the bruises of liberalism. She was asked to reflect on her own “white privilege,” and she didn’t miss the opportunity to abase herself as fully as possible. But what, in her answer, actually connected to the pallor of her skin? Nothing, that I can see. »

Backlash Building on Political Correctness?

Featured image Gradually it is starting to dawn on terrified liberals that Donald Trump’s appeal owes more to his facial challenge to the stifling political correctness of our time than the single issue of immigration. It helps to have a degree in media Kremlinology to spot this, such as this Washington Post headline: Why Trump may be winning the war on ‘political correctness’ Stop right there! When a mainstream media outlet runs »

Maryland under pressure to change its state song

Featured image A state advisory panel is calling on Maryland to change its state song (“Maryland My Maryland,” sung to the tune of “Christmas Tree, My Christmas Tree”) because the lyrics “do not reflect the feelings of all Marylanders at the time they were written or today.” Actually, the lyrics, which called on Marylanders to rise up against the Union during the Civil War, don’t reflect the feelings of anyone in the »

Do Muslims help call the shots on U.S. anti-terrorism policy?

Featured image On Sunday, I posted a letter from former DHS employee Phillip Haney to members of Congress. Haney’s letter alleged that, under pressure from the Department of State, his superiors closed down his work on terrorist outfits with which the San Bernardino murderers were affiliated. In addition, DHS deleted the records of Haney’s work on these groups from the shared DHS database. This, Haney says, precluded the government from realizing the »

Calling “The Oberlin College Choir”

Featured image The ordeal of Oberlin College is a long-term affair. One poignant episode occurred earlier this year when the Oberlin College Republicans and Libertarians (plural?) hosted Christina Hoff Sommers for a lecture on campus this past April 20. In advance of the lecture, the Oberlin Review published a letter to the editor by several aggrieved students under the heading “A love letter to ourselves” (“Content Warning: This letter contains discussion of »

The Spreading Virus: Emory Edition

Featured image Oberlin (and Missouri, and Yale, and Claremont, and Princeton, and. . .) isn’t the only campus where the asylum keepers (that is, administrators) are as nutty as the inmates. Black students of Emory have likewise issued a list of demands, by now quite familiar, which you can read in full here. A few key excerpts: Due to the systematic oppression faced by Black students throughout the world via colorism, racism, »

Ominibus bill rewards Department of Education overreach

Featured image On Friday, the House will vote on the year-end omnibus spending bill, formally known as the Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2016. As Heritage Action says, the bill should have been an opportunity for conservatives to reassert their prerogatives on a host of important issues, ranging from appropriate spending levels to substantive action on refugee resettlement, executive amnesty, Planned Parenthood, and many more. Instead, the omnibus spending bill falls far short »

Star Wars and the Left: The Farce Awakens

Featured image Perhaps you’ve heard this week’s absurdity—MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry (who I am told was somewhere cited as a leading intellectual of our time, but we’ve already explained here how that could be possible) complains that Star Wars is racist because Darth Vader is black. As Glenn Reynolds asks, how is it that Hollywood is such a den of racism? Anyway, our pals at Reason TV have come up with an MSNBC-friendly »

Scalia and the MSM — a mismatch [UPDATED]

Featured image Yesterday, during the oral argument in Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin, Justice Scalia raised the issue of “mismatch.” This is the phenomenon, identified by scholars Richard Sander (along with legal affairs writer Stuart Taylor) and Gail Heriot, whereby students admitted to top colleges with lower credentials than their classmates tend to struggle academically to their detriment. As Sander says: There are now dozens of careful, peer-reviewed studies that »

C.S. Lewis on Today’s College Administrators

Featured image C.S. Lewis drew a perfect portrait of the modern college administrator in his terrific 1946 novel That Hideous Strength, which I consider to be the very best of mid-century anti-utopian literature, superior even to Orwell. There he draws a bead on Wither, the deputy director of NICE, which stands for the “National Institute of Coordinated Experiments.” NICE is housed on a college campus, naturally. I particularly enjoy this passage describing »

When “Diversity and Inclusion” Become Exclusion

Featured image The Office of Diversity and Inclusion at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville has sent out “best practices” guidelines for Christmas holiday end of year parties, and you have to read it not to believe it. Here’s the whole thing, but here are some highlowlights: Holiday parties and celebrations should celebrate and build upon workplace relationships and team morale with no emphasis on religion or culture. Ensure your holiday party »

The Hollow Soul of Our Universities

Featured image We’ve seen at several colleges—most explicitly at Amherst—the call to curtail free speech and academic freedom in favor of particular claims to “social justice.” I keep expecting someone to say any time now: “The much vaunted ‘academic freedom’ will be driven from the . . . university, for this freedom is spurious because purely negative.” Sounds about right, no? What’s missing from the ellipses above? The word “German.” Go plug »

A Modest Proposal for Princeton and Yale

Featured image Richard Epstein reviews the sorry record of Woodrow Wilson over at Ricochet, but concludes correctly that it is a stupid idea to start stripping names off of university programs. But if the prissy Princetonians insist on renaming the Woodrow Wilson School for Public Affairs, here’s a modest suggestion: Rename it for Warren Harding! Harding was the anti-Wilson in all of the ways the campus protesters could want. He pardoned most »

Princeton’s troubles, an alumnus’ perspective

Featured image A distinguished alumnus of Princeton comments on the University’s long descent into leftism and its disturbing practice of pandering to infantile race-mongers: The recent events at Princeton University are the culmination of the leftist takeover of Princeton that began in the late 1960s with the rise of people like William Bowen (Provost 1967 to 1972, President 1972 to 1988), Shirley Tilghman (long-time professor, President 2001 to 2013), and many others »

The price of peace at Princeton

Featured image This week, talking with a fellow Dartmouth alum about how the College’s president Phil Hanlon might respond to the grossly abusive behavior of African-American students in Baker Library, I quipped “Hanlon will feel that he can’t discipline anyone so instead he’ll probably spend $5 million on some diversity initiative.” My point was that the objective of college presidents like Hanlon who face angry Black students with no sense of decency »