Political correctness

The shame of Brandeis

Featured image I want to take the liberty of affirming John Podhoretz’s brief comments on the withdrawal of Brandeis University’s invitation to Ayaan Hirsi Ali. Ayaan was to receive an honorary degree at its upcoming graduation ceremony. John writes: If you have not yet heard, Brandeis University has rescinded its offer of an honorary degree to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the Somali-born activist whose work has focused on the barbaric misogyny rampant in »

9th Circuit Holds that School Can Ban Display of American Flag

Featured image You may have heard about Dariano v. Morgan Hill Unified School District, in which a unanimous panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held that it was permissible for a public high school to demand that students remove clothing that displayed an American flag. Many conservatives are understandably upset with the decision. The context was this: the high school, in northern California, had a history of conflict between Caucasian »

Politically-based faculty discrimination, a test case

Featured image Today, the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals heard oral argument in the case of Wagner v. Jones. Our friend Peter Berkowitz discussed the case in a Wall Street Journal op-ed (it’s behind a pay wall). Teresa Wagner accuses the University of Iowa College of Law of violating her First and Fourteenth Amendment rights by refusing to hire her for its legal analysis, writing, and research program due to her strong »

Liberals Still Aren’t Funny: Seinfeld Feeds Buzzfeed to the Buzzsaw

Featured image No sooner than SNL’s Lorne Michaels ratifies the common sense perception that most liberals are humorless scolds, than Jerry Seinfeld shows up on Buzzfeed and remarks that complaints about the lack of gender and racial diversity in his comedy web series “really pisses me off.” “I have no interest in gender or race or anything like that. But everyone else is kind of, with their little calculating – is this »

Ducks, Gays, and Steyn

Featured image John has mentioned the controversy between Mark Steyn and his National Review editor, Jason Lee Steorts. The matter centered around Steyn’s column of last Friday called “The Age of Intolerance.” Citing the experience of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson, who came under attack from gay rights activists for expressing his view of homosexuality, Steyn argued that the forces of “tolerance” are so intolerant that they threaten to make ours a decidedly »

A Christmas Eve message to the troops, 1943

Featured image My friend Ray Hartwell describes his father’s experiences fighting the Germans in Italy as part of Company H of the 143rd Infantry Regiment, 36th Infantry Division during the latter part of 1943. Casualties were extremely high, especially during the battle for San Pietro in December, where the 143rd lost 80 percent of its strength according to Rick Atkinson’s book The Day of Battle. On Christmas Eve of 1943, 70 years »

Washington Redskins won’t change their name

Featured image And that’s too bad in a way. As a reader points out, many Americans, Indian and otherwise, are offended these days by the “Washington” part of the name. In any event, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, having met with Redskins owner Dan Snyder earlier in the week, delivered the message to representatives from Oneida Indian Nation, the group that has been leading the charge for a name change. The Nation’s representatives »

“Washington Bravehearts”? Not if Snyder changes the name

Featured image I hadn’t planned to write about the latest iteration of the dispute over the Washington Redskins name. Even after President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Bob Costas, and (most importantly) Charles Krauthammer weighed in — all on the side of name-change — I didn’t feel the need to comment. But word that Redskins owner Dan Snyder may be contemplating changing the team name to Bravehearts (good thing Albert Haynesworth isn’t on the »

Latest From the Preposterous PC Crusade

Featured image An item from “The Week” in the latest print edition (so no link) of National Review  deserves reprinting here in full: On British television, Doctor Who has been running for a half-century.  Many actors have played the title character: eleven of them. A twelfth was recently hired.  And some people aren’t happy about him—because he’s a him, and, worse, a white him.  Said Dame Helen Mirren, famed for playing Elizabeth »

Report: DoD called Catholics, Evangelicals, Jews, and Mormons religious extremists like Al Qaeda

Featured image The Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty is an organization of chaplain endorsers, the faith groups that provides chaplains for the U.S. military and other agencies needing chaplains. According to this organization, the endorsers in the Chaplain Alliance speak for more than 2,000 chaplains serving the armed forces. The Chaplain Alliance has issued a press release alleging, based on a review of documents obtained under the Freedom of Information Act, that »

Not Even Parody Is Safe Any More (With Update)

Featured image I was going to make Power Line a Filner-Weiner-free zone this week–after all, what more is there to say about these skeevy creeps?  But there’s news worth passing along, starting with the terrific decision by San Diego-area Hooter’s restaurants to ban Filner from their premises. Heh.  Double-heh.  But wait–there’s more!  A local video outfit produced the following parody video below, and it has excited comment (after the jump) that it »

Did the Department of Justice Stir Up Trayvon Martin Riots?

Featured image Today Judicial Watch released a set of documents that it obtained from multiple government sources relating to the role of the Department of Justice in demonstrations relating to the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman case. This is how Judicial Watch described the documents: Judicial Watch announced today that it has obtained documents in response to local, state, and federal records requests revealing that a little-known unit of the Department of Justice (DOJ), »

When “Diversity” = Hate

Featured image If memory serves, Irving Kristol once remarked that the term “peace,” as it was used by the left, “is a Stalinist concept,” since the intent of the so-called “peace movement” was the unilateral disarmament of the West and the triumph of Communism.  Today the term “diversity” works the same way: it has become a term meaning the opposite of its dictionary meaning, and is a vehicle for racial division and »

Live from the Upper Midwest Employment Law Institute

Featured image At the moment I am listening to the ostentatiously liberal Judge Mark Bennett of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Iowa summarize the Supreme Court’s employment law decisions of the past year. Judge Bennett wants us to know that he has got his mind right (i.e., left), and how. I understood that from his disparagement of the conservative Supreme Court justices as “the usual suspects.” That »

What’s in a name?

Featured image Steve’s post about the controversy over the Washington Redskins’ name made me think about the nicknames of European soccer teams and their supporters. Followers of Dundee United, a decent team in a poor league, call themselves the Arabs. The name has no political content, although in recent times Scotland turned strongly against Israel. Supporters of Ajax, a Dutch superpower and until about 15 years ago a European superpower too, are »

The end of liberal education — Part Two, the Bowdoin experience

Featured image Scott has done an outstanding job of covering the story arising from the NAS report by Peter Wood and Michael Toscano on Bowdoin College called What Does Bowdoin Teach? In his most recent post, for example, Scott provides valuable links and commentary. I agree with Stanley Kurtz that there is nothing quite like What Does Bowdoin Teach? Why? Because, as Kurtz says, (1) no one until now has exposed the »

The end of liberal education — Part One, the Vassar experience

Featured image Have left-liberals killed liberal education? I’ve come to think so, and recent developments at Vassar and Bowdoin help confirm my fear. The indispensable Stanley Kurtz is on top of both stories. At Vassar, the subject of this post, he reports on attempts to block a speech by Alex Epstein, a proponent and defender of America’s conventional energy industries. Epstein was invited to speak by Vassar’s Moderate, Independent, Conservative Alliance (MICA). »