Ted Cruz

Big GOP donors keeping their 2016 powder dry

Featured image The Washington Post reports that, on the whole, wealthy Republican donors are unwilling so far to commit to a candidate for president. According to reporters Matea Gold and Tom Hamburger, the donor class is “wary of fueling the kind of costly and politically damaging battle that dominated the 2012 primaries.” More to the point, it’s unclear at this early juncture which potential candidate it makes the most sense to support. »

Ted Cruz votes to hamper U.S. anti-terrorism intelligence gathering

Featured image The Senate has failed to pass the “USA Freedom Act,” which would have hobbled our government’s efforts to conduct electronic surveillance of terrorists. Good. As Mitch McConnell argued, with ISIS and other blood thirsty terrorist groups on the rise, this is “the worst possible time to be tying our hands behind our back.” Former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former NSA and CIA director Michael Hayden have described the “USA »

Ted Cruz Stands Up For Israel [Updated]

Featured image You likely have heard about the event last night, billed as Christian, at which Ted Cruz was “booed off the stage” after he made pro-Israel remarks. While that isn’t exactly what happened, the incident was certainly of interest. The IDC Summit 2014 was sponsored by a just-founded group called In Defense of Christians. The event, which wound up today, took place over three days at the Omni Shoreham in Washington. »

The Democrats’ New Talking Point: Ted Cruz Runs the House!

Featured image The Democrats are desperately trying to keep their impeachment fantasy alive. Why, I am not sure; constantly associating the word “impeachment” with the leader of your party seems like a bad idea. Nevertheless, that is what they are doing. On ABC this morning, White House political adviser Dan Pfeiffer introduced a new theme: impeachment is a threat, because Ted Cruz controls the House of Representatives! At about the same time, »

A long, hard fall for Rubio and Christie in New Hampshire

Featured image A new Granite State poll of likely New Hampshire Republican primary voters is out. The poll was conducted for WMUR by the University of New Hampshire. The results can’t be taken too seriously because only 1 percent of those surveyed say they have definitely decided how they will vote. But the results are interesting, nonetheless. Rand Paul is the leader at 15 percent. He is followed by “favorite daughter” Kelly »

Will conservatives give Marco Rubio another look?

Featured image Politico reports that Marco Rubio is “seeking to rehabilitate his image with much of the GOP base” by falling back on “staunch conservative positions” such as a “more aggressive U.S. response to Russia in the Ukraine crisis.” I hope that denouncing passivity in response to aggression by our adversaries remains a staunch conservative position. Rubio explained that “many of my supporters maybe disagreed with me on immigration — and disagreed »

“To Save Venezuela, Sanction Iran and Starve the Castros”

Featured image That is Ted Cruz’s formula, as delivered on the Senate floor today. Cruz is, obviously, a controversial figure. He is unquestionably one of the most brilliant men in Washington, but at times his judgment has been subject to legitimate criticism. Still–speaking for myself–I like brilliance, especially in the Senate. In his speech today, Cruz pointed to the critical connections among Venezuela, Iran and Cuba. He acknowledged, and elaborated upon, Marco »

Obamacare puts down deep roots

Featured image Many Republicans are optimistic that, given its manifold problems, Obamacare will be repealed if the GOP wins the presidency in three years. However, as the Heritage Foundation warns, Obamacare is putting down deep roots that will make repeal more difficult than it may now appear. First, Obamacare is creating a new entitlement — taxpayer-funded healthcare subsidies for millions of Americans. Obamacare created insurance exchanges to sell and subsidize government-approved health »

Poll has Clinton and Christie in a dead heat

Featured image For what it’s worth, and that may not be much, Chris Christie is in a statistical dead heat with Hillary Clinton in a poll by CNN/ORC International. The poll puts Christie at 48 percent and Clinton at 46 percent. Christie wins nearly six in ten votes among independents, and wins a majority of suburbanites and older voters. Clinton wins decisively among women. Unfortunately, Christie is the only Republican among those »

Ted Cruz Does the Tonight Show

Featured image Ted Cruz was on the Tonight Show last night, and Jay Leno, a Democrat, threw everything he could think of at him. But Cruz did a terrific job, if these excerpts are a guide. Parts one and two: While Cruz acquitted himself well, these videos are another reminder why the GOP should not allow an all-Democrat lineup to moderate the party’s 2016 presidential debates. »

Dershowitz Versus Cruz (and J. Madison)

Featured image While we wait for the dust to settle to get a clear view of the damage from the budget and debt deal currently hanging fire in Washington, I thought it worth taking note of Alan Dershowitz on CNN last night, who, while praising Ted Cruz as one of the best and brightest students he ever had at Harvard Law School nonetheless goes on to make a terrible argument that Cruz’s »

Mistakes were made; it’s time to move on

Featured image That’s basically Jonah Goldberg’s take on the Republican Party’s conduct regarding the Continuing Resolution and the government shutdown. And I basically agree with him. Certainly, mistakes were made — either by Ted Cruz and House hardliners (as I believe) or by Republicans who disagreed with Cruz’s approach. And, in principle, it is time to move on. As Goldberg says: Endless internecine screaming about what went wrong is exactly what Obama »

What if?

Featured image Byron York wonders: What if, instead of throwing its political energy into a failing effort to defund Obamacare, the Republican Party had spent the month of August, and then September, and now October, pounding the Obama administration on the arrival of the president’s national health care scheme? What if the days before October 1 had been filled with Republican predictions of calamity, and the days after filled with Republican exploitation »

Ted Cruz trounces Rand Paul and Marco Rubio among “Value Voters”

Featured image Ted Cruz has won a straw poll at the Value Voters Summit. Cruz picked up an impressive 42 percent of the vote. His fiery rhetoric regarding the shutdown showdown, a topic avoided by other legislators who spoke to the group, must have helped. Rick Santorum and Dr. Benjamin Carson were next in the poll with 13 percent. Rand Paul finished fourth with 6 percent and Marco Rubio was fifth with »

Cruz 2016 revisited

Featured image A new poll by PPP finds that Ted Cruz is now the top choice of Republican primary voters to be their candidate for President in 2016. 20 percent of the Republican primary voters surveyed favor Cruz. Rand Paul is next with 17 percent. He is followed by Chris Christie (14 percent), Jeb Bush (11 percent), Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan (10 percent), Bobby Jindal (4 percent), and Rick Santorum and »

Cruz declines to endorse Cornyn

Featured image Today, Ted Cruz was asked again whether he endorses John Cornyn for re-election. Cruz again declined to endorse his Texas Senate colleague. Cruz’s explanation, at least as reported by Politico, wasn’t impressive. Cruz said, “I think it is very likely I’m going to stay out of all incumbent runs.” But why? Does he disfavor the reelection of every single Republican incumbent? Or is he simply indifferent about the composition of »

Cruz on cloture

Featured image The office of Senator Cruz convened a conference call to discuss the state of play on the continuing battle over Obamacare this morning. At one point Senator Cruz referred to the call as predominantly involving conservative bloggers, though big league reporters including Byron York (Washington Examiner), Shannon Bream (Fox News Channel) and others were on the line. Nevertheless, Senator Cruz pitched his remarks to the bloggers, pleading with them (us) »