Ted Cruz

Flag thrown on Ted Cruz’s Iowa ground game

Featured image Sarah Rumpf reports that Ted Cruz’s campaign has sent certain Iowa voters a large card printed to look like a manila envelope on one side and labeled: “ELECTION ALERT,” “VOTER VIOLATION,” “PUBLIC RECORD,” and “FURTHER ACTION NEEDED.” The text of the mailing stated: You are receiving this election notice because of low expected voter turnout in your area. Your individual voting history as well as your neighbors’ are public record. »

How electable is Donald Trump?

Featured image I strongly recommend Sean Trende’s three-part series about the rise of Donald Trump. The series has graced the “picks” section of our main-page this week. It represents the most incisive analysis of the Trump phenomenon I’ve read. Here are the links to Part I, Part II, and Part III. I’m going to focus on Part II — “Cruz, Trump and the Missing White Voters.” In this article, Trende makes the »

The gloves come off, but why did it take so long?

Featured image Check out Ted Cruz’s excellent new ad attacking Donald Trump over eminent domain. This is the kind of information Trump’s rival candidates should have started putting out months ago when it became clear that Trump is for real. Instead, by and large they (1) indulged in the fantasy that Trump would fade away, (2) worried that Trump would fight back to their detriment, and/or (3) attacked lesser candidates (but better »

Is the establishment “rushing to support ” Trump? [UPDATED]

Featured image Ted Cruz is campaigning on the idea that the “establishment” is uniting behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. He told reporters in New Hampshire: We’re seeing something remarkable happening in this Republican primary. Right now, the Washington establishment is abandoning Marco Rubio, they’ve made the assessment that Marco can’t win this race, and the Washington establishment is rushing over to support Donald Trump. We’re seeing that happen every day, and Mr. »

Which Tribe Are You?

Featured image Lawrence Tribe is one of the liberal eminences at Harvard Law School, author of a leading constitutional law casebook (that for many editions failed to include the text of the Constitution, until Ed Meese embarrassed him about that fact back in the 1980s), and a ringleader of the shameless and demagogic mob that derailed Robert Bork’s Supreme Court nomination back in 1987. But right now Trump and lots of liberals »

A dance to the music of polls — previewing tonight’s GOP debate

Featured image The GOP presidential debates are like a typical television series. The quality of actors doesn’t vary much from episode to episode, nor does the general nature of the characters they play. What varies is which character[s] they come into conflict with in a given episode. In the debate context, this variable is driven by which candidate poll data tells a candidate he (or she) must try to smack down. Early »

The Brooks brutalism

Featured image New York Times columnist David Brooks may have hit a new low with his attempted hit job on Ted Cruz in “The brutalism of Ted Cruz.” James Taranto provides a devastating analysis of Brooks’s column in “Brooks borks Cruz” (accessible via Google here, I hope). For those who know the deep meaning of pants in Brooksworld, you might say that Taranto depantses Brooks. Kent Scheidegger also addresses Brooks’s column in »

The use and abuse of the “neocon” label

Featured image I’m disappointed that Ted Cruz has been describing as “neocons” some of the people whose foreign policy views don’t align with those he professes. Jonah Goldberg has called him out on this practice. Throwing the neocon label around isn’t an argument; it’s name-calling. Cruz argues well enough that he shouldn’t have to rely on name-calling. It must have gone over well with focus groups. Name-calling is bad enough. To make »

Seven things about Ted Cruz

Featured image Last night, our Iowa caucuses correspondent Dave Begley covered a Ted Cruz event in Missouri Valley. There, he ran into Washington Post correspondent Katie Zezima. Zezima, I surmised (half facetiously), must be fairly new to the Post because I don’t recall attacking her work. But there’s alternative explanation; she might be a fair reporter. That’s how she seemed to Begley and that’s how she comes across in a report called »

Immigration on Cruz Control

Featured image Ted Cruz’s campaign is out today with a well-produced and effective ad about immigration that I think works on several levels—especially at puncturing the elite insulation from the issue. Indeed, once upon a time liberals opposed unlimited unskilled immigration precisely because they understood that it was bad for unskilled labor in the U.S. But that was back when at least some liberals had a minimal amount of economic literacy. (Heck, »

Live from Missouri Valley, it’s Ted Cruz

Featured image Nebraska attorney David Begley continues his series of reports for us on the appearances of the presidential candidates in Iowa. Last night Dave caught up with Senator Ted Cruz in Missouri Valley, Iowa. Senator Cruz is the current leader of the polls of Republican caucus goers in Iowa. Matt Flegenheimer’s brief New York Times report from Missouri Valley is here. Dave’s report is below: It was a cold night at »

Renewable Cronyism

Featured image I take a more benign view than most conservatives of some of the dreadful budget compromises of the recent omnibus, because spending packages are always going to contain a lot of give and take. Better to look at the long game, to judge if any small victories or compromises may make possible better outcomes down the road. Such small details are as unsatisfying as cold peas, and often don’t pan »

Does Rubio’s Gang of Eight membership doom him?

Featured image It wasn’t long ago that conservative proponents of comprehensive immigration reform were insisting that the idea is popular among Republican voters. In 2014, the Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin told us, “nope, immigration reform [isn’t] toxic” and that “the anti-immigration forces are loud but in the distinct minority” within the Republican party. To be fair, Rubin and others of the same view backed up their claim with poll data, but they »

High stakes in the coming Trump-Cruz clash

Featured image Earlier today, I speculated about the coming battle between Donald Trump and Ted Cruz. I argued that the ideological clash will be between Cruz’s focus on the traditional conservative principle of limited government and Trump’s promise to use the government to do great things. Mark Krikorian, picking up from a column by Rich Lowry, puts the clash in stark, but not necessarily overblown, terms. He writes: Cruz believes our constitutional »

The Great Republican Revolt: who benefits?

Featured image I’ve never read anything by David Frum, or had a conversation with him, without thinking that I learned something. There’s plenty to learn from him in this long piece called “The Great Republican Revolt.” The revolt, Frum says, is founded on the belief that the Republican party no longer has the interests of “Middle Americans” at heart. It is not really a conservative revolt. Instead, it is populist: [These voters] »

The winner of the Rubio-Cruz immigration fight? Donald Trump

Featured image Open warfare between Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz broke out during Tuesday’s debate. The topics were (1) intelligence gathering to protect the national security and (2) immigration. As I wrote immediately after the debate, it’s the immigration clash that will count most. Both issues matter greatly to Republican voters, but disagreements about immigration matter more than disputes about particular data collection methods. This is why Rubio was desperate to claim »

The shrewdness of Ted Cruz

Featured image The Washington Post reports on how the Cruz campaign’s use of “big data” is contributing to the candidate’s success. For example, according to the Post, campaign emails are tweaked based on the personality of the recipient. If a potential supporter is considered a “stoic traditionalist,” the message will be very direct and to the point. If he or she is labeled “temperamental,” the tone will be more inspiring. And so »