Harvard’s disgrace

Harvard Law School has made itself complicit in the gross anti-Semitism of third-year student Husam El-Qoulaq, about whom John wrote here. One can only speculate why and the result is likely overdetermined in any event. The reasons converge in a shocking institutional disgrace. Harvard Law School is drinking deeply from El-Qoulaq’a Kool-Aid.

Adam Kredo summarizes the law school’s acts, acts that I deem complicity:

Harvard Law School is declining to disclose the identity of a student who repeatedly accused former Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni of being “smelly” during a public discussion, a description many have described as anti-Semitic.

The university also deleted a portion of the video of the public event in which Husam El-Coolaq, whose identity the Washington Free Beacon has confirmed with multiple sources, made the accusation. El-Coolaq was listed as a Harvard Law School representative on the website of the student-run organization Harvard Arab Students on Wednesday, but has since been removed.

The exchange between Livni and El-Coolaq, an activist in the Boycott, Divest, and Sanction (BDS) movement, was cut from the video, though portions of the conversation were leaked in transcript form.

Caroline Glick draws the reasonable inferences at her Facebook page, linked by Royall Asses in the post “Royall Ass #5.” Caroline writes:

The school is still withholding [El-Qoulaq’s] name and his affiliation with his Jew hating group of bullies to ensure he suffers no repercussions for being a bigoted Jew hating bully. Apparently, they want to protect his hate group too, which is why they aren’t revealing that he’s the head of SJP.

But really, I’m just getting bent out of shape for nothing. It works out that Qoulaq issued a sort-of (anonymous?) apology. He says he just called Livni smelly, not a smelly Jew. Probably some of his best friends are smelly Jews.

So it’s all good.

And the Dean of Harvard Law School, Martha Minow was nice enough to acknowledge that some people thought what he said was anti-Semitic. Which means that some people at Harvard Law School aren’t brain dead.

Which is fantastic.

So please join me in saying thank you to Dean Minow for giving a minimalistic interpretation of the obvious. Did you figure that one out yourself?

From the short search I did of this El-Qoulaq person, I discovered that he went to Berkeley where he participated in a protest in support of the 11 students from UC Irvine who were disciplined for rioting at then ambassador Michael Oren’s speech on their campus.

I understand that he also worked for Amnesty International.

And he hates Jews.

But hey, he gets it that it was wrong to ask Livni why she’s smelly. And that means that he’s a really good guy. Which is why Harvard is protecting him. Or — and this is just a thought based on nothing but the extreme measures Harvard Law School has taken to protect Qoulaq since he exposed himself as a frothing at the mouth bigot — maybe they’re protecting him because they hate Jews too.

But then why should evidence make any impression on Harvard Law School?

In her concluding inference Glick goes too far. The school doesn’t hate Jews. But it is the friend of those who hate them, treating them with the deference and protection that is manifest in its actions.