I like Mike

Following up on “Was it something he said?,” I want to note that the FOX Business Channel invited Minnesota’s own Mike Lindell to respond to the media nutters whom he triggered with his remarks at the White House daily coronavirus task force briefing in the Rose Garden on Monday. The Daily Caller’s Scott Morefield embeds Lindell’s appearance on Lou Dobbs Tonight in “‘This Is Evil’: MyPillow’s Mike Lindell Punches Back At Jim Acosta, Other Media Critics Of White House Appearance.” Below I have embedded Lindell’s appearance on FBN with Charles Payne. This segment more or less encapsulates the whole saga. The Star Tribune, by contrast, has nada, and they’re sticking with it.

David Harsanyi takes up the case of Lindell in the Rose Garden and the triggering of the media nutters in the NR column “Mike Lindell, Not Yamiche Alcindor, Is the Hero.” Please check it out. The column is some kind of a classic. Harsanyi administers justice in an eloquent and measured fashion, concluding: “[P]erhaps our media culture has spent so much time politicizing the world that they’ve confused patriotism with victimhood. Or maybe they’re so obsessed with fighting the president that they can’t recognize that his fans might be capable of a good deed. But if where you stand on Trump is your guiding definition of patriotism and heroism, your moral compass might be broken.”