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Mark Steyn on Arafat’s demise

Mark Steyn on Arafat’s demise and the obliviousness of the Europeans. »

There is a fine line,

There is a fine line, at times, between hardball politics and treason. In my opinion, the Democrats have crossed it. Their current attacks on President Bush are so absurd that they could not be made by any person of normal intelligence, acting in good faith. The Democrats have no concern for truth; no concern for the public good; no concern for sound public policy; no concern for their country. They »

In the past couple of

In the past couple of days, a few columnists have disseminated information regarding the background of Hadayet that has been available on the Internet since shortly after the massacre. Among the excellent columns that have appeared on the subject are those by Frank Gaffney, the incomparable Daniel Pipes, and the hilarious Mark Steyn. I may have missed something, but I have found no inkling of the possible existence of Hadayet’s »

I’m sitting here watching the

I’m sitting here watching the All-Star game in beautiful Miller Park and thinking about the accounting “scandals” of recent months. Here are my thoughts, for what they are worth: 1) I have an intense personal interest in the subject, since I own WorldCom stock that at one time was “worth” about $70,000 (of course, I paid nowhere near that amount). Now, that stock would maybe buy dinner for my family »

According to the LA Daily

According to the »

Jack Dunphy doesn’t add any

Jack Dunphy doesn’t add any new facts to what we know about Hadayat, but puts his terrorist attack into proper perspective. What mystifies me the most about the authorities’ obtuse reaction to this attempt at mass murder is their navel-gazing about whether Hadayat’s partly, but not entirely, successful attempt to murder Jews was a “hate crime.” No one has yet articulated what alternative category of crime it might fall into; »

By the way, readers–especially girls

By the way, readers–especially girls between the ages of 5 and 15–should check out a fun new blog called SisterTalk. URL is »

You’re right, Trunk, but on

You’re right, Trunk, but on the other hand, our enemy is in real trouble. My guess is that every day, out of sight of television reporters and pundits, we’re killing a few more of them. Including Osama. James Robbins has this very acute, I think, discussion of Al Quada’s problems. »

Is the United States so

Is the United States so hamstrung by political correctness that it is incapable of fighting the war against Islamofascism as it must be fought? The question is especially acute with respect to our ability to fight against its outposts on American soil. Stephen Schwartz in a sense raises this question by describing the extreme sophistication with which the Islamofascist enemy of today, like the Communist enemy of yesterday, exploits the »

Now a Jordanian opposition magazine

Now a Jordanian opposition magazine is reporting that “Yasser Arafat is expected to step down in the coming weeks.” The magazine reports that Arafat is “almost acquiescent about stepping down willingly” as a result of the Bush administration’s declared refusal to deal with him as the Palestinians’ legitimate representative. The magazine, Al-Majd, also reports that Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are all denying that they are pressuring Arafat to step »

Debka File is now reporting


By the way, I can’t

By the way, I can’t resist pointing out that we scooped InstaPundit on the Arab News article saying that bin Laden has been laiden. We’re enjoying it since it may never happen again. »

Arafat’s PA administration may be

Arafat’s PA administration may be falling apart. This report in the Jerusalem Post describes pressure being applied by Egypt and confusion over whether terrorist Tawfiq Tirawi has or has not been dismissed from power by Arafat. Also, former Labor PM Shimon Peres is reported to have told the Egyptians that “there is a consensus around the ideas of US President George W. Bush’s Middle East vision, which has been accepted »

I do not understand why

I do not understand why interested readers must resort to the Power Line for information regarding possible Islamofascist organizational links to the LAX/El Al massacre. Tony Snow’s Sunday morning show on Fox tangentially raised the issue in an interesting interview with Indiana Sen. Evan Bayh. I may be missing something, but I am puzzled how it is that the Rocket is breaking this story in the American media. Saturday’s NY »

Arab News –admittedly, not a


Mark Steyn argued a day

Mark Steyn argued a day or two ago, in a column I can’t find now, that “bin Laden has been laiden six feet under.” I think he’s right. If bin Laden were alive we would have heard from him. My guess is that the administration is pretty sure he’s dead but has no incentive to publicize the fact. They may be saving it for a time when good news is »

Debka File is reporting that

Debka File is reporting that Hesham Hadayat, who attacked the El Al counter at LAX yesterday, was a member of Egyptian Jihad and “knew well” the co-pilot who crashed an Egypt Air flight a couple of years ago. He is also reported to have been linked to the “blind sheik” who masterminded the first bombing of the World Trade Center. »