Gender Follies

The Insane Left Hits Rock Bottom

Featured image I thought the cultural left couldn’t get any more ridiculous than when there was a complaint that the Vagina Monologues weren’t inclusive enough because it excluded men and trans-people, though I don’t know why we should be so specieist about it. In any case, behold Bill Nye, supposedly the “science guy,” bucking to become Bill Nye the Weimar Guy (hat tip to an anonymous Facebook poster for this astute characterization), »

Out of “their” “minds” at Brown

Featured image A Wall Street Journal reader forwarded James Freeman a copy of the letter received by the reader’s daughter from Brown University Director of Admissions Logan Powell. The reader, Freeman reports, is still trying to make sense of the letter. The reader’s bright daughter had already received news of her acceptance when a letter arrived that was addressed to her “Parent/Guardian.” Freeman reports: Oddly, the note referred to the accepted student »

The great debate experiment

Featured image Did Donald Trump somehow defeat Hillary Clinton in their three preelection debates on the merits? Or did Clinton suffer from an irrational prejudice against her because she is of the female persuasion? Professor Maria Guadaloupe set out to conduct an experiment through a theatrical production. She sought to test the role of sex (“gender”) in shaping perceptions by switching the sex of the candidates: “She pictured an actress playing Trump, »

The Trans-Train Trolls On

Featured image Readers might recall that I caused a bunch of trouble during my year at CU/Boulder for a post here on Power Line about not being able to keep up with the protean gender-identity acronyms (though that was nothing compared to Wesleyan University). In any case, I’ve been trumped surpassed. The Spectator of London offered up this story a little while back: Why be LGBT when you can be LGBTIQCAPGNGFNBA? By Matthew »

The Transgender Tragedy

Featured image I don’t normally link to articles that I can’t intelligibly excerpt from and summarize, but this is an exception. My American Experiment colleague Kathy Kersten has an article in this month’s First Things that you simply have to read. The subject is the transgender “movement” that seems to have taken America by storm. Kathy begins with the story of Nova Academy, a top-notch charter school in Minnesota that was blown »

Target Removes the Bullseye?

Featured image Target ostentatiously jumped on the transgender bathroom bandwagon very early, but customer backlash has led it to a significant about face: Target Adds Private Bathrooms to Quell Transgender Debate: Follows customer protests of its restroom policy on transgender individuals Target Corp. said it will spend $20 million to add a private bathroom to each of its stores by next year, after customer protests of its policy allowing transgender individuals to use whichever restroom »

Genderfication [With Comment by John]

Featured image Paul’s notice of the NBA’s grandstanding about North Carolina’s bathroom wars reminds me that I’ve neglected to flag the cover story I wrote for the Washington Examiner Sunday magazine late last month, entitled “The Genderfication of U.S. Politics.” It’s about 2,500 words long, but here is one key passage and the conclusion: The rejection of human nature is not just a strong skepticism or allowance for the diversity or mystery »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll takes One More Trip to the Bathroom…Because it’s That Important! Let us say that a baby is born and it turns out to be a boy. Blue-wrapped cigars for everyone! And don’t forget Mrs. Clinton’s husband who enjoys a good cigar. The boy baby’s gender is of course, not “assigned” at all, but obvious even on ultrasound. Yes, there is a vanishingly small number of babies born with »

A Dog’s Breakfast of Genders and Species

Featured image Forget gender categories. Last month we reported on the human being who is transitioning into a dragon, along with the prescient perception of Harry Jaffa thirty years ago that “Whether you want to belong to the human race is now a matter of personal preference.” More evidence of this comes today from The Guardian: The men who live as dogs: ‘We’re just the same as any person on the high »

Bathroom Break

Featured image Of all the publications you’d expect to be in full sympathy with Transgender Bathroom Nihilism (TBN), The New Yorker would have to be high on the list. So it is notable when that august publication takes note of the incoherence and legal pitfalls of the Obama Administration’s recent diktat on the subject. The New Yorker thinks it may well unravel Title IX—a thing much to be hoped for: It is »

Call Me Brucelyn??

Featured image The CBS News affiliate in Los Angeles reported yesterday that Bruce Caitlyn Jenner is having second thoughts about her transition and might possibly switch teams back to being a Bruce. A Jenner spokesperson ridiculed the report, which was enough for Snopes to declare the report categorically false. I don’t see why Jenner should be forced to choose one or the other. Why not both? Why not alternate depending on the »

The Obama Justice Department’s Insane Attack on North Carolina

Featured image Of all Barack Obama’s unforgivable sins, his corruption and politicization of the Department of Justice ranks near the top. Under Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch, DOJ has become a lunatic enforcer of far-left fantasies. The latest instance is DOJ’s letter to the Governor of North Carolina, claiming that North Carolina’s law requiring that bathrooms, locker rooms and so on be used by those of the proper sex–male or female, »

Trump-Schilling 2016!

Featured image I think I have the winning ticket for Trump. He should immediately name legendary Boston pitcher Curt Schilling as his running mate. Schilling was fired from ESPN yesterday for stating what most Americans of common sense believe about . . . bathrooms. From the New York Times: ESPN Fires Curt Schilling Over an Offensive Social Media Post . . . The post showed an overweight man wearing a wig and »

Who are you?

Featured image Are you a boy or are you a girl? Can you be whatever you say you are? We obviously need a Kantian Groundwork of the Metaphysics of Identity to address the issues roiling the left today. And if the issues are roiling the left, they are also roiling the rest of the country. The left will see to that. The Family Policy Institute of Washington visited the campus of the »

Ian McEwan crosses the line

Featured image The prominent novelist Ian McEwan is generally among the bien pensants, though he has previously betrayed a vulnerability to guilty thoughts. He is actually a repeat offender when it comes to violating the proliferating orthodoxies enforced in the circles to which he belongs. Today McEwan presents as a case study. McEwan demonstrates how easy it is to transgress against the rapidly evolving orthodoxies of the increasingly fascist left. Spiked editor »

The Left’s New Battleground: Co-ed Bathrooms

Once in my life, I inadvertently walked into a women’s bathroom. A young lady was standing at a sink, washing her hands. She heard the door open and looked up. Our eyes met. I think we both screamed; I know I did. I fled that bathroom so fast, I would have left Usain Bolt in the dust. Now, Social Justice Warriors are telling us that the reaction which seemed so »

Choose Your Pronoun?

Featured image My youngest daughter is beginning her freshman year of college, and is getting reports from her high school friends about their experiences. One of her good friends, who is attending a Big Ten university, said that at the first meeting she attended, the person in charge began the meeting by asking all of the students present what pronoun they want to be used in referring to them. All of the »