John Kerry

Ambivalence towards America explains Obama’s deal with Iran

Featured image President Obama’s deal with Iran strongly favors the Iranians for the reasons stated by John and many others. Sanctions are rolled back with little hope of full revival and not much more hope of maintaining any effective sanctions regime for much longer. Meanwhile, there is no meaningful rollback of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Some aspects of it are frozen; others are allowed to proceed. As James Jay Carafano puts it, »

Iran’s leader predicts the annihilation of Israel

Featured image Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khameni has assured his militiamen that Israel is “doomed to failure and annihilation.” In the same speech, which was broadcast live on State television, Khameni added that “Zionist leaders cannot be called humans.” Have you seen this reported by our mainstream media? I haven’t. It came to my attention via French television. Common sense suggests that a nuclear arms deal with a nation whose top leader »

Kerry to Congress: Don’t believe those lying Israelis

Featured image John Kerry appeared before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday to argue against further sanctions on Iran. The session was closed, but Republican members weren’t bashful about publicly expressing their dismay over Kerry’s performance. BuzzFeed has the details. Sen. Bob Corker said he was “very disappointed.” Kerry, he said, made “an emotional appeal,” devoid of specificity. Sen. Mark Kirk described Kerry’s pitch as “very unconvincing” and “fairly anti-Israel.” According to Kirk, »

Memo on John Kerry

Featured image On behalf of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Michael Finch has distributed this timely “memo on John Kerry” together with a video tribute to John O’Neill narrated by David Horowitz. The video presents a sort of Plutarchian illumination of Kerry’s character by means of parallel lives: For the last weeks, John Kerry has prowled incoherently through the diplomacy of the Middle East, offering ratlines to the mullahs in Iran as »

The World Turned Upside Down

Featured image Legend has it that when Gen. Cornwallis’s army surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781, the British band played “The World Turned Upside Down.”  That’s what things are feeling like this week, though perhaps we ought to be warming up some version of “The End Is Near.” Who ever thought that when it came to foreign affairs we would some day be saying “Thank God for the French”?  It »

Congress to kick John Kerry around some more

Featured image John Kerry will be back before Congress to try to sell the latest twist in the Obama administration’s Middle East policy. Fresh off of his failure to persuade legislators to authorize military action against Syria in response to its use of chemical weapons, Kerry will now try to persuade them not to pass additional sanctions against Iran in response to its nuclear weapons program. And since Israel retains considerable support »

Obama-Kerry produce Arab-Israeli agreement

Featured image President Obama and John Kerry finally have enabled Israel and key Arab states to reach accord. Both sides agree that current U.S. efforts to negotiate a deal with Iran over it nuclear program are dismaying. The Washington Post reports: The Obama administration on Wednesday acknowledged a widening gulf with key Middle Eastern allies over nuclear talks with Iran, as Israeli and Persian Gulf Arab leaders pressed for drastic cuts to »

Break the logjam on visas for foreign interpreters who served our military during war

Featured image During an appearance before the Washington chapter of the Federalist Society earlier this year, someone asked Rep. Tom Cotton about immigration reform. As part of his answer, Tom noted that the Afghan who served as his interpreter while he participated in the Afghanistan war was still waiting for a U.S. visa. Why grant status to millions of illegal aliens while a man who risked his life supporting America’s war effort »

War weary

Featured image During a congressional hearing last week, Tom Cotton — who served in our last two wars (real wars, not bombing campaigns) — said that he has “grown weary of the president’s war-weariness.” But Obama isn’t the only one who is war weary; America as a whole is. And who can blame us? Consider: years of rationing, with fresh vegetables available only to those who grow them in victory gardens. Young »

Is Obama thinking strategically about Syria?

Featured image During yesterday’s House Foreign Relations Committee hearing on Syria, Tom Cotton asked Secretary of State Kerry and the two other administration witnesses about the connection, in the context of the contemplated air strike, between President Obama’s stated goals of (1) responding to the Assad regime’s use of chemical weapons and (2) seeing Assad removed from power. Kerry responded with what has become his mantra — the two goals are separate »

Secular Syria?

Featured image I had to smile during yesterday’s hearing on Syria when John Kerry talked about Syria’s secular tradition. Kerry did so in arguing that, if Assad falls, a takeover by Islamist extremists is unlikely. I smiled because advocates of the invasion of Iraq made the same kind of argument in the run-up to that war. I didn’t check the Power Line archives, but wouldn’t be surprised if I talked about Iraq’s »

A thin case for action

Featured image I have been trying to keep up with the best articulation of arguments for and against our taking military action against the Syrian regime. I find myself agreeing with arguments on both sides, including Paul Mirengoff’s here, though not strongly. I’m ambivalent. President Obama got us into this mess with his big mouth. For a handy reminder, check out this New York Times account of how we got here. “We »

The Prescience of the Duranty Prize

Featured image Last fall, PJ Media and the New Criterion teamed up to award the first-ever Walter Duranty Prize for mendacity in journalism. My wife and I attended the event, and I wrote about it here. You can read the principal speeches, in which the grand prize and two runner-up awards were given out, here. So, who won the Duranty Prize last October? Vogue Magazine, and reporter Joan Juliet Buck and editor »

Kerry does the full Rice

Featured image This morning Secretary of State John Kerry performed the full Rice (formerly the full Ginsburg) on behalf of the Obama administration, appearing on all five Sunday gabfests. Having put himself out there on Friday to make the case for the urgency of action against Bashaar al-Assad on Friday, he now argued that Obama was taking the correct approach in putting the question to Congress. Chris Wallace asked some tough questions »

Kerry the Fool, and Other Syria Notes

Featured image So in the Week in Pictures roundup this morning, I included the photo of the left’s anti-Syrian intervention protest: Well, actually, I did stumble across a lefty anti-Syrian intervention protest on campus yesterday, as you’ll see here: But wait!  Once you got up close and personal, you found out that the real motivation for the protest was not any genuine anti-interventionist views, but hatred for Israel.  So all’s right with »

How should Obama respond to Assad’s chemical attack?

Featured image Secretary of State Kerry spoke publicly today about Syria’s use of chemical weapons. He said that the Assad regime’s use of such weapons is “undeniable,” and that “this international norm cannot be violated without consequences.” Kerry likes to talk about what’s moral and what isn’t, and he loves the sound of his own voice. Even so, it seems extremely unlikely that the Obama administration would let the Secretary of State »

The State Department’s last living Benghazi victim

Featured image As Scott has noted, Secretary of State Kerry has reinstated all four of the State Department employees placed on administrative leave after the ARB investigation of the Benghazi fiasco. All four have been reassigned to positions within the Department. I have no quarrel with Kerry’s decision. First, the four appear to be scapegoats to one degree or another. Second, the ARB report found that there was no breach of duty »