John Kerry

Dumbest John Kerry statement ever

Featured image John Kerry has said some criminally stupid things in his time. Recall, for example, this statement by Kerry from 2010 about Bashar al-Assad: Let me just say that I am . . . absolutely convinced that carefully calibrated diplomacy, that if that is what we engage in, that Syria will play a very important role in achieving a comprehensive peace in the region and in putting an end to the »

Kerry’s Purple Haze

Featured image John Kerry bloviated in classic style about the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Meet the Press this morning. A word cloud of his appearance would show “pretext” to loom large in it, usually in a redundant formulation such as “phony pretext.” NBC has posted this account of Kerry’s appearance. Quotable quote, in response to the question whether the alleged Russian “reset” proclaimed by the Obama administration at its rosy dawn »

How Can There Be a Clown Shortage With So Many Democrats to Choose From?

Featured image The New York Daily News reports the distressing finding of fears that the nation is facing an imminent shortage of clowns: Membership at the World Clown Association, the country’s largest trade group for clowns, has dropped from about 3,500 to 2,500 since 2004. Let’s see: that time period would correspond with the Democrats electing more of their clowns to Congress, electing the Obama Administration.  Not to worry: the solution to »

John Kerry, Slow Learner

Featured image We are ganging up on John Kerry this morning. Here’s the thing–Kerry has a number of problems, but the most basic is that he isn’t very bright. He doesn’t have a high enough IQ for difficult work. As a senator, he hid his incapacity by ignoring virtually all of his job duties. As Secretary of State, his ineptitude–one might say shocking ineptitude, if this were not the Obama administration–is being »

Jakarta japes

Featured image For those who lack a rooting interest in the United States, American foreign policy has become a joke. We are fools who appear to lack the most elementary ability to distinguish friend from enemy. Functionally speaking, we’ve gone over to the other side — “the other side” being the side of our enemies. Those who wish us ill — both at home and abroad — have a friend in John »

John Kerry trumpets the economic boycott of Israel

Featured image It’s ironic that John Kerry is spending so much energy trying to upset the status quo in Israel/Palestine, given that the status quo there is preferable to that in almost every other country in the region. As Tom Wilson points out, most Palestinians don’t live under “occupation”; they live in areas controlled and governed by the Palestinian Authority — a mixed blessing, to be sure. Meanwhile, Israel enjoys relative peace »

Good news and bad news on Kerry’s Middle East “peace” initiative

Featured image Secretary of State Kerry has left the Middle East without a “framework” for a “peace agreement” in place. That’s the good news. The bad news is that Kerry is expected to return next week. The basic framework Kerry is pushing would consist of Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish homeland in exchange for Israel’s acceptance of its pre-1967 frontier as the baseline for border talks. From Israel’s point of »

Justice takes a back seat in Israel thanks to John Kerry

Featured image I wrote here about Israel’s decisions (1) to release convicted terrorists as part of the renewed “peace process” that John Kerry is pushing but (2) to announce that it will proceed with new construction beyond the “green line” even though Kerry clearly does not want Israel to engage in such building. I suggested that the second decision is an attempt to make the first decision — a major concession — »

The betrayals of Israel

Featured image We have always thought that Israel served as the canary in the coal mine with respect to Islam’s war agains the West. From the first days of the Obama administration it has also been the canary in the coal mine for Obama’s betrayal of America’s friends in the service of America’s enemies, or so it seems to me considering Caroline Glick’s report on the doings inside the current so-called peace »

John Kerry testifies

Featured image Secretary of State John Kerry testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in favor of the Iran deal yesterday. The State Department has posted the text of Kerry’s opening remarks. In his remarks Kerry made each of the misleading points he has used previously to sell the agreement; I have commented on them several times and won’t repeat them here. I don’t think Kerry introduces any new points in favor »

Kerried away revisited

Featured image In “Kerried away” I took a look at the falsehoods and stretcher with which John Kerry has sought to peddle the “Joint Plan of Action with Iran.” If (big if) prevention of Iran’s acquisition of nuclear weapons is the goal of the agreement, the agreement is, to borrow the applicable formula from Woody Allen, a travesty of a mockery of a sham of a mockery of a travesty of two »

Kerried away

Featured image In touting the “Joint Plan of Action” agreement with Iran that the United States engineered in Geneva John Kerry repeatedly says the thing which is not, to borrow the term from Gulliver’s Travels. (The White House, by the way, has posted a handy fact sheet on the agreement.) In his interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC This Week yesterday, Kerry said: “The fact is that Iran’s ability to break out, »

Ambivalence towards America explains Obama’s deal with Iran

Featured image President Obama’s deal with Iran strongly favors the Iranians for the reasons stated by John and many others. Sanctions are rolled back with little hope of full revival and not much more hope of maintaining any effective sanctions regime for much longer. Meanwhile, there is no meaningful rollback of Iran’s nuclear weapons program. Some aspects of it are frozen; others are allowed to proceed. As James Jay Carafano puts it, »

Iran’s leader predicts the annihilation of Israel

Featured image Iran’s “Supreme Leader” Ayatollah Khameni has assured his militiamen that Israel is “doomed to failure and annihilation.” In the same speech, which was broadcast live on State television, Khameni added that “Zionist leaders cannot be called humans.” Have you seen this reported by our mainstream media? I haven’t. It came to my attention via French television. Common sense suggests that a nuclear arms deal with a nation whose top leader »

Kerry to Congress: Don’t believe those lying Israelis

Featured image John Kerry appeared before the Senate Banking Committee yesterday to argue against further sanctions on Iran. The session was closed, but Republican members weren’t bashful about publicly expressing their dismay over Kerry’s performance. BuzzFeed has the details. Sen. Bob Corker said he was “very disappointed.” Kerry, he said, made “an emotional appeal,” devoid of specificity. Sen. Mark Kirk described Kerry’s pitch as “very unconvincing” and “fairly anti-Israel.” According to Kirk, »

Memo on John Kerry

Featured image On behalf of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, Michael Finch has distributed this timely “memo on John Kerry” together with a video tribute to John O’Neill narrated by David Horowitz. The video presents a sort of Plutarchian illumination of Kerry’s character by means of parallel lives: For the last weeks, John Kerry has prowled incoherently through the diplomacy of the Middle East, offering ratlines to the mullahs in Iran as »

The World Turned Upside Down

Featured image Legend has it that when Gen. Cornwallis’s army surrendered to George Washington at Yorktown in 1781, the British band played “The World Turned Upside Down.”  That’s what things are feeling like this week, though perhaps we ought to be warming up some version of “The End Is Near.” Who ever thought that when it came to foreign affairs we would some day be saying “Thank God for the French”?  It »