The week that is

NBC imported the idea for the satirical news show That Was The Week That Was from the BBC in 1964. I can’t find a kinescope of the American version on YouTube, but you can come up with an episode of the British original as well as a 2006 BBC documentary about the BBC show. It’s only Wednesday a.m. and yet we already have a week overfilled with news — this is the week that is.

Sunday gave us the release of Attorney General William Barr’s four-page letter summarizing the findings of the Mueller Switch Project. The findings absolved Donald Trump of “collusion” and “obstruction” by Mueller and/or Barr. Take that, Democrat liars and lefty media morons.

We should have had all week to chew on and digest the findings. We need to get back to them, but the Democrats and their media arm will talk but they will not digest. They will dwell on the “obstruction” of the investigation into the “collusion” nobody in Trumpworld committed while the investigation continued to the bitter end. Shine on, crazy left-wing morons.

That was Sunday. Then came Monday and the arrest of creepy Democrat porn lawyer Michael Avenatti. Avenatti was arrested on charges of trying to extort up to $25 million from Nike and was charged in a separate federal case of embezzling a client’s money “in order to pay his own expense and debts,” and of “defrauding a bank in Mississippi.”

The charges against Avenatti had a bicoastal and cosmopolitan feature. Avenatti was arrested on extortion charges in New York. He was indicted on the federal charges in Los Angeles. CNBC has a good story posted here along with a link to the federal complaint.

That was Monday. Then came Tuesday. Tuesday brought us the outrageous dismissal of charges against Jussie Smollett. Smollett staged the phony hate crime that consumed Chicago law enforcement until they discovered the hoax. The dismissal of charges appears to represent a variation of the Chicago way that may bring Michelle Obama into the picture. Oh, goody.

And that’s not all. The dismissal was supported in part by Assistant Cook County States’s Attorney Joseph Magats — is this by way of Charles Dickens? — on the ground of the “community service” performed by Smollett. Smollett’s community service, it turns out, was 18 hours spent over two days in the offices of Jesse Jackson’s Rainbow PUSH Coalition. Speaking of hoaxes…

The dismissal elicited the denunciation of Chicago Mayor Rahm Emmanuel and Chicago Superintendent Eddie Johnson. They did not sugarcoat the outrage. They treated it with righteous indignation.

It’s only Wednesday morning, isn’t it? The week continues through Saturday night. It can’t get any better, can it? Even so, we can make it better with a look at Secretary Pompeo’s speech on Monday at the AIPAC Policy Conference.