Are There Transgender Mice?

Featured image Apparently there could be. Herewith the opening of an article just out in Nature magazine: The fraught quest to account for sex in biology research In 2016, pharmacologist Susan Howlett wrote up a study on how hormone levels during pregnancy affect heart function and sent it off to a journal. When the reviewers’ comments came back, two of the three had asked an unexpected question: where were the tissues from male »

Turn the Page

Featured image Jordan Peterson has been banned from Twitter for dissenting from gender ideology in the case of actress Ellen Page who decided to become Elliot Page, and submit to extensive surgery to remove her breasts and become as manly-appearing as possible.  I notice Page hasn’t been cast in many film roles lately, after a number of excellent performances over the last 20 years. The banning has gone beyond Peterson: Here’s my »

What Is a Woman?

Featured image It has long been supposed (mostly tongue-in-cheek, except for Freudians) that the great unanswerable question of all time is, “What do women want?” Forget that. Today the unanswerable question—not tongue-in-cheek—is, “What is a woman?” Matt Walsh of the Daily Wire has produced a documentary about this question which is out late this week. I haven’t see it yet, but I have seen some excerpts, and this short trailer makes one »

Has the Transgender Trend Peaked?

Featured image Surveys over the last several years have found an increasing number of young people  “identify” themselves as transgender or “non-binary,” with some surveys finding the number as high as 30 percent. (Most report it around 20 percent.) Some of this may be peer pressure and wanting to be part of the latest trend, the way every Oxford or Cambridge student used to become a Communist for a week or two. »

The madness of slow Joe, trans edition

Featured image We somehow overlooked the Biden administration’s observation of International Transgender Day of Visibility last week (March 31). In case you missed it: “Trans Day of Visibility is an annual awareness day celebrated around the world. The day is dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of transgender and gender nonconforming people while raising awareness of the work that still needs to be done to achieve trans justice.” Not to put a damper »

Has COVID Been Good For Women?

Featured image During the covid epidemic there was a serious labor shortage, in part because of massively increased unemployment compensation that made staying home a desirable option for many. But that boondoggle ended, most of the world reopened, and yet, the labor shortage continued. Why? For one thing, quite a few women, having been at home with their families through the height of the epidemic, decided not to return to the labor »

The madness of King Joe

Featured image Democratic orthodoxy is inconsistent with the preservation of the United States or even of civilized society. As for destruction of the United States, consider the erasure of our southern border that the Biden administration has promoted. As for the destruction of civilized society, consider the news broken by Joe Simonson in his Free Beacon story “White House ‘Gender Equity’ Plan Calls for Elimination of Cash Bail.” Simonson quotes the 42-page »

Our Clueless “Nation Builders”

Featured image Everyone used to ridicule the foolish “win hearts and minds” sentimentalism of the liberals who planned and ran the Vietnam War, but our foreign policy establishment never learned a thing from that debacle. (Aside: How do you win “hearts and minds” in a place like South Vietnam circa 1965 or Afghanistan, circa now: you kill the enemy in large numbers.) Here are a few choice excerpts from a CIA report »

Kristen Clarke attacks law barring boys from participating in girls’ sports

Featured image Kristen Clarke, now the head of the Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division, has filed a brief on behalf of the United States arguing that a West Virginia law barring boys from participating on girls’ sports teams violates Title VI and the Equal Protection Clause. Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia cast a key vote confirming Clarke. Ed Whelan aptly calls this a case of no naïve deed going unpunished. Clarke’s »

CRB: Girls will be boys

Featured image We continue our preview of the new (Spring) issue of the Claremont Review Books with Mary Eberstadt’s review/essay “Girls will be boys.” Subhead: “The trans-kid craze must be stopped.” The left’s war on nature has manifested and taken root in the transgender movement with astonishing speed and success. Eberstadt takes up the new books by Abigail Shrier and Debra Soh that challenge it in its trans kids aspect (“specifically, minor »

Happy “Birthing Persons” Day!

Featured image For normal people, today is Mother’s Day. It may be a marketing conspiracy between flower-mongers, Hallmark Cards, and the premium restaurant industry, but it’s pretty straightforward and celebrates something intelligible. Unless you are a leftist Democrat in thrall to the Pronoun Police, in which case the world needs to be made unintelligible. The left’s war on human nature, which is the main thing that stands between them and their fever »

The war on standards, woke U.S. Army edition

Featured image The U.S. Army apparently has decided to gender-norm scores on the test it administers for combat fitness. As I understand this report in the Washington Post, rather than comparing men’s and women’s scores, women will be judged based on how they perform in relation to other women. This radical change is a response to the unsurprising fact that women are failing the Army’s combat fitness test to a disproportionate extent. »

Rachel Levine: Wanted or wanting?

Featured image Michael Halberstam was the older brother of the prominent journalist David Halberstam. By trade, the elder Halberstam was a cardiologist. He died way too soon as the result of a gunshot wound he sustained during the robbery of his D.C. residence. Dr. Halberstam seems to have been the wittier of the two brothers. In his spare time he wrote the unjustly neglected satirical novel The Wanting of Levine (1978) about »

The mob comes for Prof. George

Featured image The woke totalitarian mob has come for Professor Robert George at Princeton. The offense he committed was in the form of a poll question posed via Twitter (below): By listing or stating their "preferred pronouns" people are making sure that others know their: — Robert P. George (@McCormickProf) December 15, 2020 Surely this cannot stand. What cannot stand? The question cannot stand. Two Daily Princetonian reporters provide a sympathetic account »

NASDAQ Strikes a Blow For Discrimination

Featured image Today NASDAQ filed proposed rules with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would “mandate diversity in the boardroom for companies listed on its stock exchange.” [T]he new rules would require companies on the stock exchange to have at least one woman director and one who self-identifies as an “underrepresented minority” or member of the LGBTQ community — or face possible delisting. NASDAQ’s president provided the usual spin: Nelson Griggs, the »

Did Warren’s campaign fail because of her gender?

Featured image The Democratic presidential race has had as many twists and turns as a Formula 1 race track. However, as we head for the finish line, the race has taken the shape many predicted it would before it began. A former vice president and favorite of the establishment wing is competing with the runner-up in the 2016 campaign and favorite of the radical wing. Flavor du jour candidates have had their »