John Kerry

John Kerry explains

Featured image My vocabulary of opprobrium is insufficient to do justice to Biden administration climate czar John Kerry. There is no leftist bromide he can’t spout with suffocating self-regard. He emits hot air in quantities sufficient to warm the planet. We remain proud of our small role in saving the planet from a Kerry presidency in 2004. Yesterday Kerry testified before the House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Accountability. C-SPAN has »

Letting China Off the Hook

Featured image China is the world’s number one emitter of carbon dioxide. If you take the Left’s global warming hysteria seriously, nothing can be done without China (and also India) drastically curbing their emissions. If everyone in North America dropped dead, it would do no measurable good for the world’s climate, if you believe the Leftists’ numbers. So if liberals were really serious about climate change, they would be looking hard at »

A word from Rousseau

Featured image Collin Anderson reports at the Washington Free Beacon that, in his capacity as President Biden’s climate prince, “John Kerry Has Flown More Than 180,000 Miles, Emitting 9.5 Million Pounds of Carbon.” Although Kerry’s air travel supposedly endangers the future of humanity, Kerry is in the air to save the world from the “existential crisis” of climate change caused by carbon emissions. Collin cruelly quotes Kerry: “If you offset your carbon, »

We are not a serious country (4)

Featured image Almost-president and former Obama administration Secretary of State John Kerry remains in the employ of the United States as a special envoy of the Biden administration. How special can you get? MEMRI tweeted out the video below in which Kerry applies his perspective to Russia’s rape of Ukraine earlier this week. The New York Post devotes an editorial to Kerry’s deep thoughts and Daniel Turner piles on here. They administer »

In re Kerry’s emissions

Featured image The Wall Street Journal turned over some of its valuable editorial page real estate to John Kerry earlier this week. Today the Journal publishes three unadmiring letters in response: The comparison by John Kerry of this month’s international climate carnival with the Constitutional Convention was preposterous (“COP26 Prepared the World to Beat Climate Change,” op-ed, Nov. 22). The Biden administration’s commitments in Glasgow would cripple America’s economy, empower China and »

A classic Kinsley gaffe

Featured image I think John Kerry committed a classic Kinsley gaffe in an interview with French broadcaster BFMTV. Seeking to reassure the French audience about President Biden’s intentions in light of the new AUKUS submarine deal, Kerry explained that Biden “literally had not been aware of what had transpired.” That is an explanation that might be more broadly applied to much of what Biden himself says and does. John Kerry admits in »

John Kerry: Michael Oren’s assessment

Featured image If you want to understand the perverse foreign policy of the Obama administration, Michael Oren’s memoir Ally is in invaluable text. It provides a first-hand account of Obama’s dishonesty and deceit toward Israel while his administration worked toward an arrangement facilitating the Iranian regime’s pursuit of nuclear weapons while funding it terroristic pursuits. It’s hard to come up with an innocent explanation, or at least one that is not stupefying. »

High confidence that Kerry is lying

Featured image In my early morning assessment of the credibility of John Kerry’s denial of Javid Zarif’s leaked disclosures, I cited my own initial exposure to Kerry’s lies. I also referred without elaboration to the circumstantial evidence that weighs in favor of the credibility of Zarif’s disclosures in this case. Since I wrote this morning, Jim Geraghty has now weighed in with a detailed assessment of the circumstantial evidence in today’s NR »

Kerry contradicts

Featured image John Kerry denies that he confided in Javad Zarif what Zarif told his interlocutor in the recording leaked to the New York Times (tweet below). The Washington Examiner reports Kerry’s denial here. I can tell you that this story and these allegations are unequivocally false. This never happened – either when I was Secretary of State or since. — John Kerry (@JohnKerry) April 26, 2021 Now in assessing the »

The friends of John Kerry

Featured image I think we sussed out in real time that the would-be alliance of the United States with the mad mullahs of Iran during the Obama administration was something other than an exercise in grand strategy on the part of Barack Obama et al. The Obama administration, in my view anyway, was on the other side. They hated our friends and supported our enemies. The New York Times buries an illuminating »

Kerry On!

Featured image The Washington Post offers up some especially syrupy fan service today, writing about John “Long Face” Kerry. You have to read it not to believe it (extra funny bits in bold): John F. Kerry was on a 757 government plane in November 2016, en route to Antarctica to observe scientists studying the impact of climate change, when he learned that Donald Trump would be the next president. There, high above »

Get Ready for the “Climate Emergency”?

Featured image It has been widely noted that many of our government leaders seem to like the air of crisis and the exertion of emergency power that the COVID pandemic has enabled. And there has been open support among the climatistas applying the kinds of strictures used to battle COVID to climate change as well. The superficiality of this parallel will be lost on lots of people—after all, how well are the »

Will the earth survive John Kerry?

Featured image Joe Biden has selected John Kerry — old foghorn himself — to be “climate czar”, as some accounts label the job, or “climate envoy”, as other accounts call it. I don’t think the climate will heed a czar. I’m not sure it will even accept an envoy. However, the actual job is perfect for Kerry at one level. As Kevin Williamson says, naming Kerry as the climate envoy is “a »

Conventional wisdom distilled

Featured image As Obama administration Secretary of State, John Kerry delivered the deal with Iran that made the Munich Agreement look good and lied volubly about it in crushing tones of condescension. The signing of the Abraham Accords at the White House this week affords us the opportunity to look back at this piece of conventional wisdom circa 2016 and evaluate it in light of this week’s events. Often wrong but never »

Waiting for John Kerry or someone like him

Featured image Democrats concede nothing to President Trump and his reversal of Obama foreign policy in critical matters involving Russia, China, and Iran. They seek a return, for example, to the putative alliance of the United States with the enemies of the United States in the Iranian mullahcracy. Obama Secretary of State John Kerry helped deliver the disgraceful nuclear “agreement” that resulted in our funding the Iranian regime and placing it on »

Notice this

Featured image Bill Browder is the founder and CEO of Hermitage Capital Management, through which he became the largest foreign investor in Russia until 2005. Sergei Magnitsky was his lawyer. Through sharp practices with a new twist, Russian authorities misappropriated three of Browder’s companies and used them in a scheme to take $230 million from the Russian government in the form of a tax refund. When Magnitsky figured out what had happened »

Today at the Democrats’ Comedy Club

Featured image To paraphrase Will Rogers, it’s no trouble being a humorist when you have the whole Democratic Party working for you. It’s their very best free stuff. Check out this story reported today by NBC News: John Kerry overheard discussing possible 2020 bid amid concern of ‘Sanders taking down the Democratic Party’ DES MOINES, Iowa — Former Secretary of State John Kerry — one of Joe Biden’s highest-profile endorsers — was »