Kerry Working to Undermine Trump on Iran Deal

Featured image This Boston Globe story about John Kerry offers a perfect window into the constellation of forces that are determined to frustrate President Trump’s policies: “Kerry quietly seeking to salvage Iran deal he helped craft.” John Kerry’s bid to save one of his most significant accomplishments as secretary of state took him to New York on a Sunday afternoon two weeks ago, where, more than a year after he left office, »

Killing the worst deal ever (6)

Featured image To the extent attention has been paid to Bibi’s bombshell this week, the Obamabots and their media tools insist that Prime Minister Netanyahu’s presentation on the Iranian nuclear archive (which I think barely scratched the surface) added nothing to what they already knew. Matthew Kroenig addresses this point in “Why Netanyahu’s revelations are significant.” He elaborates two points I sought to make earlier in this series. As he puts it, »

Killing the worst deal ever (5)

Featured image The media continue studiously to ignore the meaning and revelations of the Israeli intelligence coup announced this week. The media were of course willing tools of the Obama administration’s promotion of the deal. There is no reason they might want to reconsider their role in the context of the Trump administration’s great undoing. I want to pause over this episode in a few more posts. To the extent attention has »

Iran’s past lies are relevant to assessing present compliance

Featured image The Washington Post’s editors join the chorus of those trying to downplay the documents, captured by Israel, about Iran’s pre-deal nuclear efforts. They write that “the trove doesn’t add greatly to what was already known about Iran’s pursuit of nukes.” The point, though, is that the trove adds greatly to what is not known about that pursuit. The effort to rein in Iran’s nuclear program through an agreement requires such »

Mossad’s Iran Caper

Featured image I’ve been waiting for an account of how the Mossad carried off their heist of Iranian nuclear secrets from inside a warehouse in Tehran. I’m sure at some point—though we may have to wait a while—we’ll get the real and complete story. So far about the only account I’ve seen is in the Times of Israel, whose story today says Mossad agents had the Iranians on their tail as they »

Killing the worst deal ever (4)

Featured image The Obamabot line (and therefore that of the media, including the execrable Conor Powell of FOX News) is that there is nothing new in the Iranian nuclear archive as presented by Prime Minister Netanyahu. The line has it that Netanyahu’s presentation demonstrates the rationale of the Iran deal. Who better than Monsieur John Kerry to reiterate the case for the deal (as in the tweet below)? Every detail PM Netanyahu »

Killing the worst deal ever (3)

Featured image As the media studiously ignore the incredible Israeli contribution to our understanding of the mullahs’ beloved nuclear program, I want to continues this series of quick hits bearing on the raid. Today’s Jerusalem Post carries a story with this additional revelation (via “senior Israeli officials”) from the Iranian archive: “Among the critical documents is a map of five secret nuclear test sites. One official quipped that any tests Iran might »

Killing the worst deal ever (2)

Featured image There seems to be a studied inattention to the implications of the trove of documents obtained by Israeli intelligence documenting Iran’s nuclear weapons program. At this point all we have is Prime Minister Netanyahu’s presentation to go on, but it is worth watching in its entirety. I posted the video of Netanyahu’s Power Point presentation here. It is posted on YouTube here. The Prime Minister’s office has also posted the »

Killing the worst deal ever (1)

Featured image This is the first in a series of quick hits prompted by Israel’s breathtaking success in obtaining the archival cache of Iran’s nuclear program. Prime Minister Netanyahu’s dramatic announcement of the intelligence feat yesterday must serve as the predicate to our withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), accurately characterized by President Trump as “the worst deal ever.” Not even Neville Chamberlain funded Hitler’s aggression to secure his »

The Obama Disaster, and the Tweet of the Day

Featured image With today’s bombshell about Iran’s ongoing nuclear weapons program, the wreckage of Barack Obama’s foreign policy is coming into focus. Syria: the “red line” fiasco, with hundreds of thousands killed. North Korea: a do-nothing policy that brought America’s West Coast perilously close to coming under nuclear threat. Iran: a deal that would have been foolish even if the mullahs hadn’t cheated, $100 billion and sanctions relief now, in exchange for »

Netanyahu’s big announcement

Featured image Speaking in English, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyhau announced the recovery of a massive cache documenting Iran’s nuclear program: a half ton of documents and related materials removed from Iran. Video of the announcement is embedded below via the Prime Minister’s office; the text is posted here. Alexandra Fulbright reports on the announcement for the Times of Israel here. Noa Landau reports on it for Haaretz here. Twitchy collects instant reactions »

About that strike in Syria

Featured image Taking a quick look around online this morning, the most illuminating piece I can find on last night’s strike on the Syrian army base in Hama is Avi Issacharoff’s analytical Times of Israel column “Resonant Syria strike suggests coordinated US-Israel message to Russia and Iran.” Here is the opening of Isacharoff’s analysis: Hours after a mysterious “earthquake” — 2. 6 on the Richter scale — registered on the devices of »

Breaking: Israeli Air Strike in Syria?

Featured image News out in the last few hours of a large explosion at a Syrian army base in Hama, where Iranian military are said to have a presence, supposedly the work of an Israeli missile strike. So far there is scant coverage by the cable news networks, and AP’s first report is pretty sketchy—maybe everyone is hungover from last night’s bacchanal at the White House Correspondents Dinner? In any case, the video »

Nuking the Iran deal

Featured image The Iran deal comes up for recertification by President Trump on May 12. Last time around, this past January, Trump vowed to “terminate” the agreement unless the participating European allies agreed to strengthen it. “This is a last chance,” Trump said. “[E]ither fix the deal’s disastrous flaws, or the United States will withdraw.” It’s a hot subject in the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing on the confirmation of Mike Pompeo »

Omri Ceren: Heading for the exit

Featured image Some have speculated that the imminent departure of Rex Tillerson and General McMaster as Secretary of State and as National Security Advisor, respectively, foreshadows our exit from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action putting Iran setting Iran’s timetable to the authorized development of nuclear weapons, among other things. This past Tuesday The Israel Project’s Omri Ceren disseminated this backgrounder on the subject. I thought readers might find his backgrounder of »

Two 2013 letters

Featured image Omri Ceren’s tweet below is at the same time a valuable piece of media criticism and history. The letter to Khameni cited by Omri is described well in the Wall Street Journal story by Jay Solomon and Carol Lee. We are living in strange, strange times, and the press is a virtually insuperable obstacle to understanding them. Omri’s tweet is a valuable reminder on that score as well. In 2013 »

Rouhani miscast as a reformer

Featured image The Washington Post continues to portray Iran’s president, Hassan Rouhani, as a reformer whose relatively moderate views are making a difference in Iran. Erin Cunningham writes: People have criticism and objections on the economic issue, and they have a right. But the objections aren’t only economic,” Rouhani said at a televised news conference earlier this month, according to the Reuters news agency. “They also have something to say about political »