Omar (de)rides again

Minnesota Fifth District Rep. was late piling on Covington Catholic High School student Nicholas Sandmann and his schoolmates, but she didn’t want to miss out. She libeled the teenager to an audience of her 450,000 followers on Twitter. When some adult aware of her potential liability for defamation performed an intervention, Omar deleted the Tweet. I captured it in the post “Isn’t it rich?” and followed up in “Ilhan Omar carries on.”

Omar has yet to apologize for or retract her libel of the young Mr. Sandmann. That intervention didn’t take. In the video below from an interview on the run this past Wednesday, she stands by her libel. She essentially reiterates it. If you get your news from Omar’s hometown newspaper in Minneapolis, this all may come as a shock to you. If by any chance you know attorney Lin Wood, now representing Nicholas Sandmann for the wrongs done him by the likes of Omar, I ask that you bring this to his attention.

Quotable quote: “The message I have for [the Covington Catholic High School students] is that in life often there are consequences on the way that you behave.”


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