Biden corruption

The family business revisited

Featured image Kim Strassel’s weekly Wall Street Journal column argues a tad optimistically that the 2024 election will see “A Hunter Biden debate, finally” (behind the Journal paywall). Somehow I doubt it, but hope can’t be suppressed. The Journal has published Strassel’s column online with the video illustrating the House Oversight Committee’s Fourth Bank Records Memo (November 1, 2023). The Journal posted the explanatory video by Mark Kelly on November 3. It »

US Set to Regress From Modernity

Featured image Liberals denounce Donald Trump as a would-be tyrant, but the fact is that he ruled less by executive order than any other recent president. It is Joe Biden who has discarded the Constitution and imposed a blizzard of illegal or probably-illegal regulations on the rest of us. Lately, they have been coming so furiously that it is hard to keep up with them. The Wall Street Journal’s editorial board caught »

Judge Noreika: Dad not picking on Hunter

Featured image Abbe Lowell is the attorney for Hunter Biden in the criminal proceedings that have been brought against him. I’ve observed a time or two before that Lowell will say approximately anything on Biden’s behalf in return for his compensation in the cases. Judge Maryellen Noreika asked the question that crushed the sweetheart plea deal arranged for Hunter. She says as much about Lowell as I do above in denying his »

Fly ‘Em In, Joe!

Featured image Everyone knows that Joe Biden has deliberately encouraged seven or eight million illegals to cross our southern border during his administration. This is the most treacherous act by a president since Democrat James Buchanan shipped war materiel to the South, in hopes that it would be used thereafter by secessionist rebels. Assuming that historical nugget is correct. But there is no doubt about Biden’s treachery, and the Center for Immigration »

The Coming Disinformation War

Featured image In the Wall Street Journal, Holman Jenkins reviews the dishonorable role that the intelligence community played in the 2016 and 2020 elections, and predicts more of the same. In 2016: A Democratic presidential campaign, representing the incumbent party, fabricated evidence that its Republican opponent and the eventual president-elect was a Russian agent, and the in-power party’s FBI legitimated the evidence in the eyes of the media so it would be »

In the Hunter Biden case

Featured image Hunter Biden moved to dismiss the criminal tax charges pending against Hunter Biden in federal court (the Central District of California). Indeed, Biden attorney Abbe Lowell filed eight motions to dismiss the charges. Judge Mark Scarsi — a Trump appointee — denied the motions in an order that is accessible online here. Judge Scarsi writes at page 33: As the Court stated at the hearing, Defendant filed his motion without »

Impeachable Offenses

Featured image For some months now, Chairman James Comer and his House Oversight and Accountability Committee have patiently been assembling evidence of Joe Biden’s corruption. This has been done largely out of public view, not because the proceedings have been in any way secret but because the Democratic Party press has, for the most part, acknowledged the investigation only in order to jeer at it. In fact, though, the evidence of Biden’s »

Stories of censorship

Featured image RealClearPolitics has posted the video (below) of Dave Rubin’s panel session earlier this month with the winners of the first RealClearPolitics Samizdat Prize — Twitter Files reporter Matt Taibbi, Great Barrington Declaration co-author Dr. Jay Bhattacharya, and New York Post reporter and Laptop From Hell author Miranda Devine. RCP has also posted transcribed excerpts along with the video here. It’s hard to keep up with the news of the day, »

Bobbing along

Featured image In his opening statement to the House Oversight Committee earlier this week, the glorious Mr. Tony Bobulinski torched Reps. Dan Goldman and Jamie Raskin: We keep hearing from certain corners that our “democracy is at risk” and that “democracy is on the ballot in 2024,” yet the same people preaching this mantra, who know better, continue to lie directly to the American people without hesitation or remorse. Representatives Dan Goldman »

Inside the Biden family business

Featured image Tony Bobulinski testified under oath before the House Oversight Committee yesterday. The Democrats of course sought to turn his appearance into a circus. Tox News captures a few of the highlights/lowlights here. Josh Christenson picks up a strand of Bobulinski’s testimony in the Biden family business newspaper of record here. This is classic. The lady reclaims her time. Heated exchange between Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Tony Bobulinski. .@RepAOC: "Did »

Mean-Spirited Joe

Featured image Joe Biden is delivering his State of the Union speech tonight. Apparently he will chide Americans for not appreciating his wonderful economy; declining real wages will not be mentioned. He will denounce “shrinkflation,” as though people are too stupid to know inflation when they see it. Nor will Biden mention the eight million or so illegals who have streamed across the border, wreaking havoc, since he opened it. Biden has »

Oh, yeah: The Samizdat Prize

Featured image RealClearFoundation president David DesRosiers has announced the inaugural winners of of its Samizdat Prize. Tonight’s the night. The Samizdat Prize is intended to honor the most important users of the First Amendment in the United States. The prize aspires to confer the honor that various of the Pulitzer Prizes bestow and should replace them in the mind of right-thinking men and women. In the words of DesRosiers, the award that »

40 For the Big Guy

Featured image James Biden has now admitted that he paid his brother Joe $40,000 out of funds he received from CEFC China Energy, which is generally regarded as a front for the Chinese government. “Where did you believe the source of the money that was going into [Hunter Biden’s company] Owasco, prior to being sent to you, was coming from?” an investigator asked James during the Feb. 21 interview. “CEFC,” James conceded »

The Smirnov turnoff, Devine ed.

Featured image Miranda Devine addresses “The Smirnov turnoff” in today’s New York Post column “New election year means another Russiagate as Biden, Dems try to smear impeachment probe.” Devine is of course the invaluable historian of The Laptop From Hell and the Biden family business. Here is the opening of her column: For the 2016 election, Democrats launched Russiagate 1.0: the Trump-Russia collusion hoax proven groundless by the Mueller investigation. For the »

The Smirnov turnoff

Featured image We are apparently meant to take last week’s indictment of long-time FBI confidential human source Alexander Smirnov as a repudiation of what we have learned about the Biden family business. Smirnov’s indictment was sought by Biden-friendly United States Attorney David Weiss. It is linked in the related Department of Justice press release. Kim Strassel observes in her weekly Wall Street Journal column: “If th[e allegations are] true, it ought to »

Raspberries for Raskin

Featured image Tony Bobulinski testified before the House Oversight and Judiciary Committees this past Tuesday. The transcript of his testimony and related exhibits have been posted online here. Given Bobulinski’s first-hand knowledge of the Biden family business, I take it that committee Democrats including Jamie Raskin could not deal squarely with Bobulinski’s testimony on the merits. Bobulinski’s counsel responds to Raskin’s comments at length in the 15-page letter below. Miranda Devine comments: »

It Can’t Happen Here

Featured image Via InstaPundit, re today’s absurd order from rogue judge Arthur Engoron: Between the United States and Russia, one country just arbitrarily seized the assets of an oligarch opposed to the regime, and is trying to jail him The other country is Russia — Will Chamberlain (@willchamberlain) February 16, 2024 There are obvious differences between our regime and Russia’s, starting with the fact that the Biden Administration has not yet actually »