Biden corruption

The case of Hunter Biden

Featured image The alliance of the Democratic Party with the mainstream media and Big Tech serves to suppress politically inconvenient news and promote fake news such as the Shamala space video. What is Hunter Biden good for? The story of Hunter Biden and his laptop can serve as a useful case study. His story certainly makes for his highest and best use (not that there is a lot of competition in that »

Hobnobbing with Hunter

Featured image Britain’s venerable Spectator magazine has created a World edition for the United States. Edited by Dominic Green, Spectator World has greatly enhanced the American media landscape. Oliver Wiseman is The Spectator’s DC Diarist. He provides daily email updates to Spectator subscribers (subscribe here). On Thursday morning he led off with a report on the man whom Tucker Carlson has dubbed America’s greatest artist. With Oliver’s permission, I am posting his »

NSA vs. Tucker?

Featured image On his show tonight, Tucker Carlson made the explosive claim that the National Security Agency has been spying on his electronic communications with the intention of trying to drive his show off the air. This information comes from an NSA whistleblower, and Tucker finds confirmation in the fact that the whistleblower himself had information that could only have come from an illicit spying on Tucker’s emails and texts: [email protected] says »

Joe Biden’s excuse for forcing Ukraine to sack its chief prosecutor is bogus

Featured image There is no dispute that, as vice president and point man on U.S. policy towards Ukraine, Joe Biden caused the Ukrainian government to sack its lead prosecutor, Viktor Shokin. Biden has bragged about doing so. There is also evidence that, before his removal, Shokin was investigating Burisma, the shady company on whose board Hunter Biden served. And there’s no dispute that Hunter Biden had no background relevant to Ukraine or »