A lopsided debate

Featured image Matt Taibbi and Douglas Murray debated Malcolm Gladwell and Michelle Goldberg on the proposition “Be it resolved, don’t trust mainstream media.” Taibbi and Murray took the affirmative, i.e., the mainstream media are not to be trusted. The event took place this past Wednesday under the auspices of the Munk Debates in Toronto, Canada. Before undertaking his dive into the Twitter Files, Taibbi wrote it up here at his Substack site »

Are you a QCJO?

Featured image I take it that certain tax benefits accrue to entities deemed a Qualified Canadian Journalism Organization under Canadian law. Are you now or have you ever been a QCJO? National Post columnist Rex Murphy reports that Ezra Levant’s Rebel News has been weighed in the balance and found wanting, according to the recent decision of the Independent Advisory Board on the Eligibility for Journalism Tax Measures. After mulling it over »

In Ottawa, men on horseback

Featured image With the Trudeau government’s declaration of emergency Canada’s Emergencies Act, Canada is under a form of martial law and one-man rule. The Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington leads his story on the latest from Ottawa with this: The violence the Prime Minister has expressed concern about during the three-week protest in Ottawa didn’t unfold until Justin Trudeau’s Emergencies Act police army was sent in to disperse the crowd. The three major »

Emergency! Call the democracy doctor

Featured image Canada’s Parliament has commenced the debate on Prime Minister Trudeau’s declaration of emergency under Canada’s Emergencies Act. The debate will continue until a confirmation vote is held next Monday under the terms the Act. The National Post is live blogging the thing here. Canada is now under martial law and looks like it will remain so. The first post on today’s debate — the National Post titles it “Freeland: It »

Trudeau On Trial

Featured image Well, he isn’t exactly on trial. But he did have to appear in Parliament to defend his policies, perhaps the next best thing. The Daily Mail has a revealing report: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sparked anger on Wednesday when he accused a Jewish MP who criticized in parliament his handling of the truckers’ protests of ‘standing with people who wave swastikas’. *** Trudeau responded with scorn to her complaints, »

Emergency, Canadian style

Featured image This past Monday Prime Minister Justin Trudeau declared an emergency under Canada’s Emergencies Act of 1988. Its predecessor was the War Measures Act of 1914. Roger Kimball provides a link to the text of the Act in his Spectator column on the declaration. Trudeau’s emergency is the first such emergency since the enactment of the law. The declaration of emergency was occasioned by the truckers protesting in Ottawa and elsewhere. »

Americans Support Trucker Protests

Featured image Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has asserted emergency powers to try to shut down the trucker protests that have embarrassed his administration and interrupted trade across the bridge between Detroit and Windsor. (One of the ironies here is that truckers are protesting against, among other things, Canadian edicts that impaired trade between the U.S. and Canada. The Babylon Bee headlined, “Trudeau Demands Protesters Stop Shutting Down City So That He Can »

Canadian truckers receive the Tea Party treatment

Featured image I haven’t commented on the protest by Canadian truckers in Ottawa. That’s John’s beat, and he’s doing a great job with it. However, I did come across this passage in a Daily Mail article about the protests: James Doull, 24, a diesel mechanic who is organizing truckers parked along Wellington Street, where many of the parliamentary and government buildings are located, claimed ‘all the stuff put out by Trudeau and »

Finally, Some Canadian Violence! [Updated]

Featured image Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to smear protesting truckers and others, saying last night: “This is a story of a country that got through this pandemic by being united — and a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,” Trudeau told lawmakers during an emergency debate. This is an absurd slander; the protesters are waving Canadian flags. If Trudeau hadn’t been in hiding for »

Trudeau vs. Reality

Featured image The Canadian truckers’ revolt is a classic 21st century conflict. On one side, working people of all sorts (it’s gone way beyond truckers) standing up for freedom. On the other side, vicious plutocrats trying to hang on to their corrupt powers by smearing those who dare to stand up for their rights. Via InstaPundit, check out this wonderful video that contrasts Justin Trudeau’s farcical condemnation of the Ottawa protest with »

Canadian Trucker Protest Enters Second Week

Featured image While numbers have reportedly dropped somewhat since last weekend, Ottawa is still thronged with pro-freedom truckers and their supporters. The protest has primarily been directed against covid mandates, but it has morphed into a broader rebellion against the oppressive bureaucratic state. The Epoch Times reports: The protest on Feb. 5 featured speakers, music, dancing, and a singing of the Canadian national anthem. There were also tables set up to serve »

Truckers of the World Unite!

Featured image In recent years, we have seen a fundamental realignment in American, and Western, politics. After something like 200 years of purporting to represent the laboring classes, liberalism has been exposed. Most voters now understand that it is Republicans, and by inference conservatives, who speak for the working class. Democrats (liberals) are seen as the party of the would-be elites, who unfortunately aren’t elite at anything useful. This is the context »

Smearing the Truckers (II) [Updated]

Featured image The Canadian truckers’ protest has turned into a huge event that has gripped not just the political class, but millions of people across that country. As usual, the politicians who claim most vociferously to represent the people–like Justin Trudeau–are horrified when the people actually speak up. I suppose it was inevitable that leftist politicians would denounce the truckers’ protest as racist, although what race has to do with the issues »

Smearing the Truckers

Featured image You no doubt are aware of the protest being staged by thousands of Canadian truck drivers who have now converged on Ottawa. The truckers began by protesting against a vaccination mandate for truckers crossing the U.S. border, but it has grown into a movement opposing extreme and irrational anti-covid measures, and promoting freedom generally. Naturally, the liberal press is horrified. You likely have seen this bizarre editorial cartoon that appeared »

“Let’s Go Brandon” Banned…[updated]

Featured image …in Canada. Via PJ Media, the Canadian government has apparently banned the phrase “Let’s go Brandon” in any government communications. It appears that some Canadian officials have been getting rambunctious in their memos and correspondence; hence the need to prohibit “the uses of colloquialism or sayings with intended double meaning or offense.” But in particular, there must have been an outbreak of “Let’s go Brandon,” and one suspects that this »

Justin In Blackface

Featured image There was never a time in my life when I would have dreamed of wearing blackface, but like a lot of other things, I don’t see anything particularly wrong with it. A lot depends on context; I don’t see any reason why it is necessarily racist. But liberals disagree, or at least pretend to. Thus it is relevant that another blackface photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, locked in »

“Out, Nazis!”

Featured image I don’t know the whole story here, but this two-minute video is rocketing around social media today, reportedly showing a clergyman in Canada telling the police and a public health bureaucrat to leave his church immediately. I’ll update as I find more details (here’s one early news account), but for the moment, this is the sound of someone asserting their liberty. The clergyman speaking is reportedly Polish, and from the »