Trudeau to Strip For Gay Magazine [Updated: It’s a Joke!]

Featured image Barack Obama has sometimes been criticized for not being presidential enough, and Donald Trump has taken non-presidential to previously unknown levels. But at least they both have kept their clothes on. From Canada comes the news–the story appeared on April 1, but doesn’t appear to be a joke–that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will pose naked on the cover of a gay magazine: Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is reportedly planning »

Keystone Put in Hibernation?

Featured image I was curious whether the election of Justin Trudeau in Canada might mean the end of the Keystone XL pipeline, since Trudeau holds orthodox views about climate change. But no—he expressed his support for Keystone, which means he isn’t going to let the Obama Administration off the hook for its shameful disrespect for our northern neighbor and largest trading partner. Yesterday TransCanada asked the U.S. government to suspend its review »

Return to Trudeaumania

Featured image Justin Trudeau led Canada’s Liberal Party to a smashing victory over incumbent Conservative Stephen Harper last night. Trudeau’s Liberal Party captured an outright majority of 184 (out of 338) seats in Canada’s Parliament. Trudeau will become Canada’s twenty-third prime minister. The outcome represented a dramatic reversal of fortunes for the Liberals, who had fallen to third place in Canada’s last national election. The Conservatives came away with 99 seats, down »