The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Populist Surge Edition

Featured image Populism—the phenomenon whereby the wrong candidate wins a democratic election and thereby “threatens democracy”—had a good week. A very good week. Two candidates without official hall passes from the global elites—Milei in Argentina and Wilders in The Netherlands—romped to victory without the permission of the media. Viktor Orban twisted the knife by sending congratulations to Milei and announcing that he’d travel to Argentina to attend Milei’s inauguration. If Trump were »

Special TWIP: Thanksgiving Day in Pictures

Featured image Why not a special edition of TWiP for Thanksgiving? Why not indeed! It gives me an excuse to delay my day-drinking start time by a couple hours, though it will not delay or deter dinner table rants. Because of course it will (the obligatory headline): Also this predictable hed: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Deja Vu All Over Again Edition

Featured image With each passing week the manifestations of anti-Semitism grow louder, more brazen, and more menacing. And now Tik-Tok is piling on, rehabilitating Osama bin Laden in ways that must make Ward Churchill wonder when he gets his job back. Meanwhile, leave it to the Chinese to figure out how to make San Francisco clean up its streets. Maybe we should hold Xi hostage, and solve two problems at once?   »

The Week in Pictures: Weimar America Edition

Featured image So somebody is scum. Heels are ammunition. Anti-Semitic raves keep expanding. Biden continues to bumble. Social Security is still going broke. Bankman-Fried is certified as Bankrupt-Fraud, and is going away for a long stretch. Maybe he’ll be able to wave across the yard at Elizabeth Holmes. Obama reminds us that collective guilt goes before collectivization. Another week in Weimar America. Headlines of the week: And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: American Kristallnacht Edition

Featured image This is the week we saw American universities go full Kristallnacht, culminating in Cornell cancelling classes on account of threats from anti-Semites it trained and encouraged in its own classrooms. Perhaps it is time to dust off the de-Nazification manuals from 1945 and update them for campus use. This spectacle of intellectual depravity is almost enough to distract from our incompetent president. Well, at least conservatives can celebrate our favorite »

The Week in Pictures: Habemus Decentis Edition

Featured image White smoke from the capitol chimney! Habemus decentis! (We have a speaker!) Now we can get back to girdlock old school, instead of this clever backdoor means of a government shutdown-by-proxy (or pulling a fire alarm, as Democrats now like to do). Everyone says the new speaker, Mike Johnson, has no experience, but that claim just makes me smile. If our current condition is the result of “experienced” politicians, how »

The Week in Pictures: Insurrection Manque Edition

Featured image Did you hear there was an insurrection at the U.S. capitol this week? But like the riots of 2020, it was “mostly peaceful,” and moreover on behalf of an approved cause, so Garland’s Justice Department will say that not charging anyone will not represent unequal justice, because some (leftist) causes are more just than others. Maybe there should be a similar protest about the House not being able to choose »

The Week in Pictures: Mass Hypocrisy Edition

Featured image This is the week where we not only learned that Hamas is capable of unspeakable horrors beyond our previous imagination, but that college students and administrators that prance endlessly about feeling “unsafe” when some square suggests there are only two genders throw it all out the window when it comes to attacks on Jews. We knew already that most college administrators are spineless. They are also cowards of the most »

The Week in Pictures: Fire Alarm Politics Edition

Featured image Some lucky company with the fire alarm contract for the U.S. capitol complex is about to get a lot of new business, with all the fire alarms in Congress suddenly going off all at once. Also, do Democrat-built border walls come with fire alarms to drown out the wailing of AOC? Does Nancy Pelosi’s new office in the capitol basement have an alarm? And did we get a whole new »

The Week in Pictures: Code Violation Edition

Featured image As several observers have already mentioned, the Senate’s new Fetterman-friendly dress code, which made casual Friday look like the prom, lasted less than a Half-Scaramucci (Washington’s new favorite measure of time, though I’m holding out for a revival of “fortnight”). Speaking of someone not wearing any clothes, Justin Trudeau looks pretty foolish not noticing an actual Nazi in his midst, having been so good at spotting them among Canadian truckers »

The Week in Pictures: Take a Flyer Edition

Featured image How do you lose an advanced fighter jet? A metaphor of our incompetent times perhaps? Almost as incompetent at John Fetterman’s tailor and valet. Almost as incompetent as Joe Biden’s brain. Almost as incompetent as Kamala Harris. And who knew that Bob Menendez was a gold bug—a real hard money guy? I can tell you from my temporary outpost in Budapest that even dour Hungarians are wondering how the U.S. »

The Week in Pictures: Knife Sharpening Edition

Featured image Do you get the feeling the Word has gone out from Left Central Headquarters that Biden needs to be sidelined? The knives are being unsheathed and sharpened, and the tea leaves are starting to pile up into a thick broth. Kamala isn’t being spared either. Better cue up more indictments, UFO sightings, phony economic numbers, and foreign scares. Meanwhile, New Mexico discovers that it actually lives under a Constitution that »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Biden?

Featured image Karine Jean-Paul-Pierre-Sartre keeps telling us how vigorous and energetic (P)resident Biden is. If Biden was a hurricane, he’d be a Cat 5 storm for sure. You can’t keep up with him! Maybe we should take her at her word, since Biden is wrecking so many parts of the economy and social order like a tornado in a trailer park. Mask up!       Headlines of the week: And finally. »

The Week in Pictures: Geezer Edition

Featured image Mitch McConnell, Dianne Feinstein, Joe Biden, and John Fetterman are making me pine for the youthful vigor of the old Soviet Politburo. But rather than age limits, I think we ought to do IQ tests, which would rule out Biden immediately. Hero of the week: Headlines of the week: And finally. . .     »

The Week in Pictures: Mugshot Edition

Featured image Only Trump could turn a police mugshot into campaign swag in half an hour. I hope rebellious colleges students will make the Trump mugshot rival Che Guevara iconography, which will surely trigger large numbers of trigglypuffs everywhere. Oh yeah, there was also a Republican presidential “debate.” And Joe got to go to Hawaii. Headlines of the week:     And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: The Peter Principle Edition

Featured image The “Peter Principle” holds that within any hierarchical organization, many people will eventually be promoted to their level of incompetence. This certainly explains Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. In a poetic way, it make Biden’s choice of “Peter” as his email alias in a corruption scheme somehow appropriate, as it may prove his undoing. Incidentally, speaking of organizational incompetence, sales of Bud Light continue to fall. Headlines of the week: »

The Week in Pictures: Penalty Kick Schadenfreude Edition

Featured image Let’s see: this week began with the deep schadenfreudey goodness of seeing the (maybe) U.S. women’s soccer team ousted ignominiously from the Whirled Kup on a failed penalty kick by their most obnoxious ex-citizen on the team, and the week ended with Hunter Biden getting the worst penalty kick of all—his own personal DoJ special counsel investigation! Trouble is, special counsel Weiss will probably muff his chances on goal just »