The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Egghead Inflation Edition

Featured image I’m hawking a new bumper sticker: Honk if you DON’T have classified documents in your house. And have John Kerry and the other extraterrestrials left Davos yet for the mothership at Martha’s Vineyard? And does the high price of eggs explain why there is an egghead shortage—wait, there is no egghead shortage, if you listen to Biden and the World Economic Forum. The statistics are wrong! (Oh, and let’s beat »

The Week in Pictures: Hot Stove Edition

Featured image Hard to pick out a highlight and main theme for this busy week. Biden said Republicans are “demented” about the debt ceiling, but should Biden be throwing around that term so indiscriminantly? Send that man to the corner of his garage! The gas stove controversy continues to boil along at 24,000 BTUs per burner, while the Davoisie met for a fit of mass hysteria. Greta got herself arrested. Hunter Biden »

The Week in Pictures: Corvette Summer Edition

Featured image The original 1978 film Corvette Summer, which starred a youngish Joe Biden, fresh off his breakout role as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars, found our hero searching for a lost vintage Corvette, but along the way he purloined classified documents from the Empire, and hid them in the tailpipe, there being no pumpkins available in the fallow field of his mind. But at least he saved the mermaid-costumed Vanessa from adult-film »

The Week in Pictures: Speechless Edition

Featured image If Congress doesn’t have a Speaker, does that make it speechless? . I’m starting to see more and more upsides to this whole scene. Maybe we should elect Charlie McCarthy to be speaker. How could y0u tell the difference between Kevin McCarthy and Charlie McCarthy anyway? As I like to say, gridlock is the next best thing to having constitutional government, and a shutdown of the House is almost as »

The Week in Pictures: Happy New Year Edition

Featured image Well, another year in the can. I can’t say it was an especially great year. But who said the holidays are over? We have the third anniversary of January 6 coming up next week—the new high holy day of the First Church of Secular Liberalism. It is threatening to displace Kwanza as the favorite holy week of the left. Wakanda forever! Or something. I’ll need to check Twitter. Headlines of the »

The Week in Pictures: Merry Christmas Edition

Featured image The first and foremost question for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day planning is when are you scheduling the obligatory viewing of Die Hard, whose status as a Christmas movie was settled at the Council of Nicea in 325. But guess what? Sharp-eyed ecumenical theologians have now decreed that Die Hard is also a Hanukkah movie! Welcome to the party pal! Headlines of the week: And finally. . . a bonus »

The Week in Pictures: Die Harder Edition

Featured image The spectacular fall of leftist poster boy Sam Bankman-Fried is another reminder that leftist dreams die hard, which is a good reminder that it is time once again to screen the Greatest Christmas Movie Ever Made. After all, Bankman-Fried fell harder than Hans Gruber from the top of Nakatomi Tower. Meanwhile Musk continues to annoy the left, which ought to inspire lyricists everywhere to come up with new verses for »

The Week in Pictures: Twits Everywhere Edition

Featured image This week brought out supreme competition for Twit of the Week. Twitter continues to disclose its malfeasance under previous ownership; Hollywood potentate James Cameron, director of “The Terminator” and “Aliens,” blasts manliness (which can only mean the forthcoming “Avatar” sequels will be even worse than the original, which is hard to believe possible); Michael Avenatti, once the Democrats’—or at least the media’s—frontrunner for president, is back in the news, while »

The Week in Pictures: Crazy Sweepstakes Edition

Featured image This was the crazy-turned-to-eleven week when Alyssa Milano took pity on Sam Bankrupt-Fraud and tried to distract attention from his plight by picking a fight with Elon Musk, but over in the shadows Kanye [Ye] West said, “Hold my German beer: watch THIS!” I certainly hope over the weekend we hear from Bono, or some other leading celebrity, so we’ll know what to think. In the meantime, I hope some »

The Week in Pictures: Cryptophan Edition

Featured image Forget the usual post-Thanksgiving turkey tryptophan hangover: what we have unfolding right now is a full-fledged cryptophan stupor overtaking the pretensions of Silicon Valley and its progressive cheerleaders. The collapse of FTX is more than just another spectacular case of corporate fraud and speculation rum amok, but is connected to some key aspects of  progressivism today, though few of the media accounts of the scene are taking note of this. »

Midweek in Pictures: Special Thanksgiving Day Edition

Featured image As noted yesterday in Loose Ends, the Washington Post thinks the most salient thing about Thanksgiving is its climate footprint, because that’s how cultists always think about everything. As a famous Twitter account holder might say, “Sad!” So let’s have some enjoyable fun with the day. And finally. . . a twofer for today: »

The Week in Pictures: Crypto-Crash Edition

Featured image Really, I know I shouldn’t celebrate the spectacular crash of FTX, but just how many Theranoses, Solyndras, Madoffs, and other liberal pipe-dream companies need to implode before people recognize that woke capitalism is ruinous? (I note, in passing, that it sounds like a lot of the big layoffs just announced by tech companies are coming from their HR departments. Maybe our tech overlords have had enough of the wokism pervasive »

The Week in Pictures: Pink Ripple Edition

Featured image The problem with big waves is that sometimes they hit a sandbar or a rip tide. Or election day falls between sets. But cheer up: John Fetterman is now the face of the Democratic Party, and could there be any more fun prospect that an Oval Office meeting between Bobba Fetterx and Slow Joe Biden? And just think how awesome the photo ops with The Squad are going to be. Headlines »

The Week in Pictures: Countdown to the Wave Edition

Featured image This weekend arrives amidst several countdowns: a countdown to midterm election day; a countdown to Twitter layoffs; a countdown to John Fetterwoman coming out against late-term fracking; a countdown to ending Daylight Saving Time—another product of progressive social engineering, remember. On the other hand, this is every conservative’s favorite weekend of the year: we literally get to set the clock back! And this year, do it again 48 hours later »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Halloween Edition

Featured image This is the week we were posed the question, What’s the difference between John Fetterman and the average Democrat? Answer: Fetterman makes more sense. Meanwhile, I’ve selected my Halloween costume for this year: I’m going to dress up as Elon Musk and go trick or treating in liberal neighborhoods. I imagine that the sight of Musk is the most frightening goblin imaginable to leftists who look to have had Twitter taken »

The Week in Pictures: Dis-Truss-Ted Edition

Featured image The spectacular downfall of of Prime Minister Liz Truss is the story of the week, but beyond her own collapse there is the discouraging spectacle of a Tory Party that squandered one of the largest landslides in British history just two years ago. Let this be a warning to Republicans, who may be about to enjoy a historic landslide here at home. Is that Boris I hear whistling in the »

The Week in Pictures: Effing-Biden Edition

Featured image You just knew that as soon as Biden got caught (deliberately?) on a hot mic saying “No one f—- with a Biden,” someone would go out at f— with Biden. In particular the Saudis, who—how can we put this delicately?—have some experience with this sort of thing. When the Saudi foreign ministry puts out a public letter calling out the president for his nakedly political pleading to bail out his »