The Power Line Show, Ep. 57: Fred Siegel Explains It All

Featured image Just in time for your Tuesday morning, post-Presidents’ Day holiday weekend commute, a podcast with the great Fred Siegel. Now, I know I overuse the adjective “great” about friends and people I admire, but it really does apply to Fred. Although he lives in Brooklyn, I vividly recall a phone call from Fred once back around the year 2000, in which he was asking for my view on some aspects »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 56: The Missing Linker?

Featured image Is it possible to be a liberal but not be a “Progressive”? A lot of people think that there’s little or no difference between a liberal and a Progressive, but that may be partly because liberalism so lost its way that “Progressivism” made a comeback. After all, even Hillary Clinton herself, back around 2007 or so, declared that she was not a liberal—rather, she said “I am a Progressive.” I »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 55: Fe, Fi, Fo, FISA

Featured image We’re back midweek with a special, 10-minute short edition of the Power Line podcast with a quick overview of FISA and “The Memo” with the great John Yoo. I got curious about one small detail toward the end of The Memo, namely, the passage that said the FISA warrant to continue snooping on Carter Page was renewed three times after the initial warrant based on the Steele dossier, but that »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 54: The Next Iranian Revolution?

Featured image Kelly Jane Torrance, the deputy managing editor of the Weekly Standard, and, not insignificantly, the Cocktail Queen of Washington, busts in on the Power Line mancave for this episode of the Power Line Show to talk about the protests in Iran, which Kelly Jane has been following more closely than just about any other American journalist (here and here, with more coming soon). She’s just back from her second trip to »

Power Line Show, Episode 53: When Harry Became Sally

Featured image The Power Line podcast returns to the airwaves today with some big news—we have a sponsor! Not just any sponsor, but the coolest sponsor ever: ManCrates (“Awesome gifts for men!”). Could there be a better-named sponsor for a site run by four dudes? (Though I hasten to add, it is the perfect site for all of our Ammo Grrrll readers, too. For the upcoming Valentine’s Day, for instance, you can order »

The Power Line Show, Episode 52: Regarding Henry

Featured image Just in time to download for your morning commute tomorrow (or your evening workout at the gym today), the Power Line Show podcast episode 52 is now up! I walk though all of the important questions with the best “psephologist” in the business—Henry Olsen, who changed his mind on election eve 2016 and predicted that Trump was likely to win. He goes through the four things that he noticed in »

The Power Line Show, Episode 51: Getting Tired of All The Greatness!

Featured image Trump said there’d be so much winning that we’d get tired of all the winning, though I don’t think I’ll get tired of watching the Trump Administration move from one “outrage” to another, like withdrawing from the Paris Climate Accord, shredding the Obama EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. I don’t think any other Republican in the 2016 field, with the possible exception of »

The Power Line Show, Episode 50: The Lighter Side of David Deeble

Featured image A few months back you may recall that I laid claim to David Deeble as “Power Line’s Next Comedy Legend.” Well a few days ago we tracked him down over in Germany, where he lives half the year (because he really likes a challenging audience for comedy), to talk about why most comics, like most other artists, are liberals, and several other topics. Turns out that I, too, have a »

The Power Line Show, Episode 49: Life After Franken

Featured image One of our New Year’s resolutions is to Make the Power Line Podcast Great Again! And we’re aiming to have weekly shows from here on out, with varying format—sometimes very short, sometimes long, sometimes with just us (or a subset of us), sometimes with a classroom lecture or speech, sometimes with a guest, and. . . sometimes with women! We’ve got binders full of women we want to have on »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 48: Celebrating a Year of American Greatness

Featured image The American Greatness site has gone from startup in mid-2016 to must reading in a very short period of time, and yesterday I had a conversation with managing editor Ben Boychuk (who is also a regular columnist at the Sacramento Bee) about the site’s rapid success, about Trump and how to think about him, and what might go wrong next year. I expect this will be the first of several »

#Me Too on Ricochet

Featured image I filled in this morning for Rob Long as the third host on the weekly Ricochet podcast with James Lileks and Peter Robinson, covering the waterfront from the Alabama special election to the FBI investigation to the continuing moral panic over sexual harassment, the highlight of which was 25 splendid minutes with the great Claire Berlinski, whom we reached in the evening over in Paris. I decided to risk my »

The Power Line Show, #45: John Yoo on Trump, Gorsuch, and the Next Broadway Hit

Featured image Typical of the New York Times, I thought on Monday, to run an op-ed article attacking Trump for testing the limits of executive power, until I noticed it was by our friend John Yoo. So amend that thought: Typical of the New York Times to find a conservative to criticize a Republican president. Except that John is very limited in his criticisms of Trump, and allows as how much of »

Podcasts New and Old

Featured image The Weekly Standard today outs “Decius,” author of the infamous “Flight 93 Election” article last fall, and one of the pillars of the Journal of American Greatness. It’s Michael Anton, who has joined Trump’s National Security Council. Anton, careful readers may recall, made a podcast appearance here a while ago, taking about his previous work on California politics, the Beach Boys, and Machiavelli. We didn’t discuss his “Decius” work in »

Podcast: Repeal, Replace, Repeat Until Done

Featured image The Power Line Show podcast has been on extended hiatus because the four of us suffer from a massive collective action problem, being scattered in time zones and with crazy conflicting schedules. But I’ve been trying to keep my chops up to speed, yesterday sitting in for Rob Long on the weekly Ricochet podcast along with Peter Robinson and James Lileks. The show featured as its special guest Avik Roy, »

Power Line Show No. 44: Back to the Beach (Boys) With Michael Anton

Featured image The election is over (unless you’re Jill Stein), so it is time to get back to important things, like the Beach Boys. Except that we can’t even do that, because the cultural left has politicized the Beach Boys too. In the edition published right before the election, the New York Review of Books published a stupid article about the Beach Boys that lamented their representation of “beach privilege” (I guess »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 43: All About the Election, With Senator Ron Johnson

Featured image Tonight, John, Scott and Steve got together to talk about the strangest political season of modern times. Questions abound: Does Trump still have a chance? Will tomorrow night’s debate matter? Will the Hillary Clinton scandals that have come out recently give Trump a shot in the campaign’s waning days? How about the Senate? Can the Republicans hold it? If Hillary wins and the Senate is 50/50, will control of the »

The Power Line Show, Ep. 41: Decoding the Religious Right

Featured image One of the surprises of the GOP primary campaign season was the strong support Donald Trump received from many—though not all—evangelical Christian voters. Maybe the so-called “religious right” isn’t as monolithic as the media supposes. In this edition of the Power Line Show, Steve Hayward interviews one of the most insightful observers of the religious right, Michael Cromartie of the Ethics and Public Policy Center. We talk about theology, journalism, »