The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Happy Birthday, Gipper Edition

Featured image Today is Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday, and we might well wonder, as Charles Krauthammer does in the first panel below, how it is that after the experience of the second half of the 20th century, we’d find ourselves with a substantial portion of the electorate pining for an openly socialist candidate, and a stealth socialist candidate in a pantsuit. I have my theories, but that’s for another post. On to »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpless Debate Edition

Featured image I have to say, the GOP debate Thursday night just wasn’t the same without The Donald. I had to treat it like an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, supplying my own taunts in place of the insults and grandiosities that Trump would have provided. (And suddenly Bernie is reluctant to debate? What’s that about?) Meanwhile, just as we might be on the cusp of having a president with a »

The Week in Pictures: Snowzilla Edition

Featured image So the mid-Atlantic is buried in snow, which I’m sure is the result of c—— c—–, while out here in California a lot of water is falling from the skies, also a rare occurrence. This means everyone has lots of extra time to read Power Line today, so we’ve got an extra long lineup. You can also ponder your own personal Academy Awards boycott; I’ve been boycotting the Oscars for »

The Week in Pictures: Jumbo Lotto Edition

Featured image So we didn’t win the lottery. At least the state of the union is strong. Pay no attention to the crashing stock market, the slowing economy, the humiliation at the hands of Iran, the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, and the inability of the Vikings to kick a 27-yard field goal. Or that fact that a Trump-Sanders could be the presidential choice 10 months from now. Who could have »

The Week in Pictures: Toy Gun Control Edition

Featured image As numerous analysts have pointed out, President Obama’s new executive gun control actions don’t amount to very much, and even if you assume maximum nuisance and mischief from the policy, it is certainly incommensurate with the public events it came wrapped in this week. It’s almost as if Obama wants us to think he’s trying to change public opinion, when by now it should be perfectly obvious that he is »

The Week in Pictures: Happy New Year Edition

Featured image If 2015 was the Year of Trump, then it stands to reason that 2016 will be . . . the Year of Trump? He’s clearly going to be the story of the year, however it comes out. I suspect before it is done, he’s going to change the rules of politics forever. Which might not be a bad thing, even if he is deficient as a candidate. This one really »

The Year in Pictures: Chilled Champagne Edition

Featured image I’ve got a magnum of 2003 Sine Qua Non Omega Pinot Noir ready for a pile of grilled beef tonight, with a magnum of 1992 Dunn Cabernet Sauvignon ready as a backup in case the Omega hasn’t held up, but even if we have both (a very likely possibility), it won’t be enough to dull the senses of this year’s nonsense. Here’s a look back at a not entirely random »

The Week in Pictures: Steve Harvey Edition

Featured image I have a hunch Steve Harvey is going to be the gift that keeps on giving, for his horrendous gaffe at the Miss Universe competition last week. Donald Trump noted that if he was still running Miss Universe, a mistake like that wouldn’t have happened, which suggests the proper slogan for Mr. Trump: “Make Miss Universe Great Again!” I’d trust him with that job. He seems to be quite talented »

The Week in Pictures: Spoiler Alert Edition

Featured image Can you believe what they did in the new Star Wars movie? I mean really–having Princess Leah turn out to be a trans-male Jedi is just so 2014. And the whole subplot with Obi Wan being resurrected was too cute. But when Ewan MacGregor tore off his face to reveal Caitlyn Jenner underneath, only to rip off that mask to reveal underneath it was Bru. . .  Wait . . »

The Week in Pictures: Trump This

Featured image Here’s (one of) the problems with Trump: there’s an old rule that when your opponents are self-destructing, you get out of the way. With Obama’s pathetic response to the meaning of the San Bernardino attack, it is understandable that aspiring presidents would want to pile on. But jeepers.   And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Workplace Confusion Edition

Featured image So, another week, another incidence of “workplace violence.” No—not that one. I refer to the White House, the workplace that does violence to plain common sense as a matter of routine practice now. Once again global warming or something—we really can’t be sure—in San Bernardino led to some guns going on a rampage. But fortunately President Akbar is on the job, and is solving the root cause over in Paris »

The Week in Pictures: Climate Terror Edition

Featured image The next big UN climate summit opens on Monday in Paris, except—wait!—oops, it’s now a “Peace” conference, because climate change caused ISIS, 9/11, and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Hmm: global peace conference in Paris. Where have I heard of such a thing before? Maybe people will remember when the climate equivalent of the Versailles Treaty is announced in the next couple weeks, since we’re going through the War on Coal to »

Thanksgiving in Pictures: Gobble Edition

Featured image As usual I’ve got a huge inventory of cartoons, pics, and memes for Saturday, so I thought a Thanksgiving-themed preview is in order. One of these reminds me of an old Reagan line about Detente with the Soviet Union: “Detente—isn’t that what a farmer has with the turkey—until Thanksgiving?” Yup. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. And finally. . . Oh what the heck, why not: »

The Week in Pictures: Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee Edition

Featured image The question of accepting refugees threatens to become a petty squabble (heh), but the fact that so many Democrats headed for the tall grass on the House vote this week shows that at least a few understand that a large number of Americans simply have no confidence that the government has any of this in hand. Gee—I wonder what could ever give them that idea. After all, ISIS is contained! »

The Week in Pictures: Missouri Loves Company Edition

Featured image The most squalid week in American higher education since the 1960s closed out with student protesters at the University of Missouri complaining that the Paris terror attacks was taking away from their publicity. Even more reason they should all be expelled, along with every professor of grievance studies. Let’s hope someone—maybe even us, but more likely the French—soon deprives ISIS of any safe space. And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Jeb Can’t Do It Edition

Featured image I’m almost starting to feel sorry for poor Jeb Bush. His cluelessness seems to run as deep as his dad at his dad’s worst. Adopting “Jeb Can Fix It” as a slogan at a time when the party grassroots, and many independent voters, want not a “fixer” but someone who will smash Washington to its foundation and start over is the height of political incompetence. And finally. . . in »

The Week in Pictures: Scary Halloween Edition

Featured image So I can’t decide on a costume: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? They both have great fright prospects. Hillary will lie about her tricks, and Sanders will reach in to everyone’s goody bag and redistribute the candy. But perhaps I’ll stick with everyone’s favorite zombie of the moment—Jeb Bush. And as a reminder: Halloween this year coincides with every conservative’s favorite day—the day we literally get to turn the clock »