The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Can Anyone Trump This Edition

Featured image Another week—though it seems like a month—another turn-it-up-to-11 on the Liberal/Media Trumpomatic Outrage Meter. Can they keep this up? Yes, because it is the most congenial mode of contemporary liberalism. I think the most secure job in America right now is Keith Olbermann’s psychiatrist, or perhaps Michael Moore’s dietitian.   Headlines of the week: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Edition

Featured image The media/Democratic idiocy over Trump now comes so fast that I can’t keep up. As someone put it somewhere, I’m running out of evens to can’t. But realize what Trump accomplished this week: before this week, he was Hitler. Now he’s Nixon! Quite an upgrade! By July 4, he’ll be George W. Bush (who was also Hitler I think—boy is this confusing). Meanwhile, a fresh campus outrage or absurdity now »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special Agent Comey Edition

Featured image I just have to. Because in the modern news cycle this story will be more stale than Wonder Bread the day after a kegger at a frat house if I wait till Saturday to post. Besides, my inventory of properly empowered feminists is really starting to, um, stack up. And finally. . . (as if I need an excuse): »

The Week in Pictures: Repeal and Replace Edition

Featured image My old mentor M. Stanton Evans liked to say that it is a good thing most House Republicans were pro-life, since they spent so much time in the fetal position. This week they roused themselves to vote an Obamacare repeal and replace bill. Now on to the Senate, where we will test another old proposition, that while Democrats are the opposition to House Republicans, the Senate is the enemy. Headlines »

The Week in Pictures: The End is Nye Edition

Featured image Who had the worst week in America? It has to be Bill Nye, once the Science Guy but now the Weimar Guy, noted here a few days ago for celebrating the World’s Worst Music Video Ever. Shall we make him the new face of Nyehilism? Yes, I think we shall. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party and the campus left (but I repeat myself) continues its rapid descent into the abyss of »

The Week in Pictures: I Can’t Even Edition

Featured image Too many clown cars colliding this week. Today is Earth Day (yawn), and also some kind of self-parodying science march, which will do for science with the woman’s march in January did for feminism. (But how will they outdo the hats?) I’m following the Berkeley/Ann Coulter drama in real time; stay tuned for updates. And Monday is Trump Day 100. Given that Trump has done everything contrary to the usual »

The Week in Pictures: Liberalism for Children Edition

Featured image I hadn’t realized, until I got sidetracked on an Amazon book search, that liberalism has fully transformed itself into a creed for children. Check out the first few titles below. Meanwhile, United Airlines is the gift that keeps on giving, but shouldn’t we actually praise them? In these polarizing times, no one has done as much to unite the American people as the appropriately named United. If they need to »

United’s Week in Pictures

Featured image What’s the over/under line on whether Sean Spicer or United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz will be first to exit their current job? After all, not even Hitler removed people from planes after they had boarded. In any case, why wait till Saturday. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Nuke the Gay Whales for Gorsuch Edition

Featured image One of my favorite bumper stickers from the late 1970s was “Nuke the Gay Whales for Jesus,” which managed to skewer several pieties at once. I’ll take nuking the Senate filibuster for the confirmation of Judge Gorsuch. It’s hard to believe the Democrats could be so dumb. Next thing you know they’ll nominate a corrupt, unappealing 69-year-old woman for president. Oh, wait. . . The left isn’t going to let »

The Week in Pictures: Out Like Flynn Edition

Featured image Last night during my ritual channel surfing my remote control battery went dead on me just as I had landed on MSNBC, where they were in full freakout mode about how Gen. Mike Flynn was going to bring down Donald Trump, probably within the current news cycle. My guess is Flynn’s got nuthin’. But it will keep the Fake News industry going for another month, all the while Trump will »

The Week in Pictures: Novak’s Razor Edition

Featured image The late, great Robert Novak famously remarked that God put the Republican Party on this earth to cut taxes, and other than that, he said, it’s not worth very much. The Obamacare repeal/replace debacle proves Novak’s Razor once again—and it even included tax cuts! I’m hoping that perhaps this will be a re-run of the 1986 tax reform, when everyone went home Friday night with the declaration that tax reform »

The Week in Pictures: Ides of Maddow Edition

Featured image Trump’s greatest satisfaction must be living rent-free in the heads of the media. Rachel Maddow’s misfire with Trump’s truncated tax return from 2005 led liberals and the media (but I repeat. . .) to wonder if Trump himself had leaked his 1040 to punk them. It almost doesn’t matter whether it is true: that the media is mired in self-doubt and wonder about Trump’s legerdemain counts as another win. So »

The Week in Pictures: Repeal & Replace Edition?

Featured image Are House Republicans trying to win back the old reputation for being “stupid party,” or vindicate the old acronym for the “conservative Republican alternative program” (or CRAP)? There seems to be almost no one with any enthusiasm for the Obamacare repeal and replace bill that was released this week. Maybe there’s no decent alternative to this approach? Headlines of the week: Paging Monty Python: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: The Trumpening Edition

Featured image Liberals and the media (but I repeat. . .) are in a lather about the Russia business, but if that’s all they’ve got, they’re likely to run out of gas pretty fast, and be left mumbling about “Trump fascism” on street corners while pedestrians do their best to look the other way or cross the street in a hurry. Another great week for Trump, near as I can tell. You’d »

The Week in Pictures: TPAC Edition

Featured image Given Trump’s rapturous reception at CPAC yesterday, perhaps they really should rename it TPAC. But isn’t that a rapper name? Meanwhile, the media continues to have a case of the vapors because Trump didn’t allow CNN into a press “gaggle,” and this is making them all gag, while the rest of us giggle. Earth to the media: your public approval ratings are lower than Congress: if you’re constantly agog over »

The Week in Pictures: Media Meltdown Edition

Featured image The mainstream news media simply does not know what to do with a president who openly expresses what all presidents privately think, which is that the media is a contemptible bunch. But even worse: Trump won’t play by the media’s rules. He calls on non-certified media outlets, like Townhall and Christian Broadcasting, that probably have larger audiences than CBS or CNN. OMG! Impeach him now! Headline of the week—hope it »

The Week in Pictures: The Same Subject Continued Edition

Featured image “The same subject continued” is how many of the individual numbers of the Federalist Papers are titled, and it is entirely fitting for the political Category F5 storm that is Donald Trump in the White House. Liberals continue to melt down worse that the Fukushima reactor, which is only fitting in the aftermath of the Trumpian Tsunami that somehow didn’t get the memo about “the side of history.” (Or the »