The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Special Al Franken Edition

Featured image Not to worry: there will be a regular full edition of the Week in Pictures tomorrow morning around 9 am eastern time as usual, but there are so many Al Franken memes blowing up the interwebs that it calls for a special edition. Who knew that Hollywood would come up with a whole new monster genre, the Frankenweinstein. The Onion has the best take on this, and leads off our »

The Week in Pictures: Chainsaw Bayonet Edition

Featured image John has already clobbered USA Today for its greatest banana-peel slip ever—the “chainsaw bayonet” graphic for an AR-15. And USA Today wonders why people think it is a purveyor of fake news. They’d do better if they just stuck to trivializing the news. Meanwhile, tax cuts are back! How can you tell? Because liberals are complaining about the idea that people might get to keep more of their own money. »

The Week in Pictures: Omnibus Mockery Edition

Featured image There’s so much in the news this week deserving mockery, from the puny indictments from Muller, to the defenestration of Hillary by the hand of Donna Brazile, to the unending Weinstein sequels. Let’s stick with that. I hear Harvey Weinstein and Roman Polanski are teaming up to launch a new Hollywood studio. Their first production will be House of Cads, starring Kevin Spacey, who is suddenly available at a steep »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Halloween Edition

Featured image Has there ever been a “scandal” that has backfired as bad as Trump Russiagate? Suddenly I think the Trumpsters who think he should fire special counsel Mueller probably now want him to stay on the job until Hillary dons some pumpkin-colored apparel. Trump must be having a great weekend. Speaking of costumes, since I’m speaking next Tuesday night at Bowdoin College, I was planning to dress up as the most »

The Week in Pictures: Continuing Liberal Freakout Edition

Featured image I don’t know, but doesn’t it seem that liberals and liberalism are steadily losing ground everywhere? They’ve killed the NFL; the Hollywood box office take this year was already way down before Hurricane Harvey hit Sunset Boulevard; Frederica Wilson is doing her best to become the face of the Democratic Party: and the Trump Administration chugs along with its swamp draining project. What’s not to like this week? Headlines of »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Harvey Edition

Featured image So I guess it is time to move on from the Harvey Weinstein story, because I’m getting tired. . .  Hell no I’m not! This is the most fun since election night. It’s the most schadenfreudiest schadenfreude moment since Freud first coughed up his schaden when his shower knob failed. I expect the next shoe to drop will be the revelation that Weinstein didn’t buy carbon offsets! That will complete »

The Week in Pictures: That Sorry Time of Year Edition

Featured image We could, of course, lead off with some choice observations about the moral preening of Hollywood, except that everyone is tired of Jimmy Kimmel by now. Or the Harvey Weinstein revelations. (Schadenfreude alert. But still a yawn. Big news: Hollywood casting couches still exist! Film at 11! From Weinstein productions!) Or the NFL’s continuing meltdown. Or the usual liberal media ignorance about guns. But no: tis the season for the »

The Week in Pictures: No Kneeling Edition

Featured image If I want kneeling, I head to a liturgical church on Sunday, not a sports stadium. It mattereth not that football-basketball-baseball is the secular American holy trinity: the separation of church and state—or at least the separation of sports and politics—ought to proscribe the sideline moral preening Olympics. Aren’t end zone celebrations offensive enough? Headlines of the week: Tweet of the week: Photo of the week: You think Trump is »

The Week in Pictures: End Times Edition

Featured image I skipped the latest Democratic Party telethon—otherwise known as the Emmy Awards—as  well as any of the nightly sequels that have been slotted in where the late night comedy shows used to be (that’s you I’m talking about Jimmy Kimmel—can Ben Stein please take you back?)—or the MSNBC shows now being shown on ESPN. Meanwhile, is Hillary still out promoting her book? I hope so. I could use some real comic »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Hillary Edition

Featured image The hurricane season has several more weeks to run until the oceans cool down, but the boiling ocean that is the Democratic Party will never cool down if the storm system named “Clinton” has its way. Has one person ever wreaked so much destruction on a political party? I hope she stays on the road forever, and keeps hope alive for a 202o campaign. And this is exactly how antitrust »

The Week in Pictures: Epic Hurricane Edition

Featured image So hot Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence says that the line of hurricanes hitting the U.S. is Mother Nature’s way of punishing us for Donald Trump. Ohhhh-kaaaay. Never mind that Houston and Miami went for Hillary. Wouldn’t “Mother” Nature (isn’t it sexist  to assume the gender of Nature???) target West Virginia instead? A real MENSA member Lawrence is, as Hurricane Yoda might say. And when are we going to get Hurricane »

The Week in Pictures: Hurricane Trump Edition

Featured image Oh why not. Hurricane Trump has flooded the nation’s newsrooms so thoroughly that it makes swamp-draining pretty difficult. I’m almost willing to believe that Trump does control the weather and conjures up hurricanes just to goad the left into further beclownings. Headlines of the week (this first one is pure communism): And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Statuesque Edition

Featured image Power Line would like to propose that someone, somewhere, put up a statue of Dan Rather—just so we can enjoy watching it torn down. Because “Dan Rather” is just his stage name. His real name is Robert Lee. And “Rather” does come from Texas, after all, and as we all know before the Left gets done, Texas will be expelled from the Union and all things Texan will be purged »

The Week in Pictures: Collusion Edition

Featured image So, that was quite a week of huge new news about the whole Russia collusion story, no? What’s that? The media spotted a squirrel in Charlottesville? You don’t say! It’s almost as though Steve Bannon, who plays 12-dimensional chess and has the media on a string because he has mastered string theory, thought the whole thing up because he’s bought futures in bronze statute metal recycling. One thing you can »

The Week in Pictures: Googleplex Edition

Featured image “Googleplex” used to mean a 10 followed by 100 zeros, but as of this week it is the new analogue to “perplexed.” It will henceforth be used for liberal faceplants in the following way: “Man you must really be Googleplexed by that!” Meanwhile, although Google’s headquarters is also apparently known as the “Googleplex,” when rendered into numerical notation it will have to be 10-100. Headlines of the week: And finally. . »

The Week in Pictures: White House Daze Edition

Featured image I think I’ve figured out Trump’s secret strategy. This 71-year old energizer bunny of a Tweethead is simply going to wear out the opposition (i.e., the media and senescent Democrats). He won’t need to drain the swamp: it is going to evaporate into its own self-generated white heat. No wonder he has that mischievous grin so often. Now, if only the GOP Congress could figure it out. . . Headlines »

The Day in Pictures: No More Mooching Special Edition

Featured image I was all set this morning to post up my picks for the best tweets of the day, when the news of Scaramucci’s dismissal came across the transom, and upended everything. I am wondering whether Trump is testing to see if he can crash Twitter completely with his daily drama. Still, since he have four more days till the Friday night close for our Week in Pictures gallery, it appears »