The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Feeling Crotchety Edition

Featured image Heh—you thought something else from that headline, didn’t you? Well I’ll just let it pass. In any case, I think I’m going to start my election homestretch heavy drinking this weekend. Besides, pretty sure liver transplants are covered either by Obamacare, or the “amazing, incredible, beautiful” health care plan Trump will replace it with. What’s that? No. Get off my lawn. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Creepy Clown Edition

Featured image A few years ago the great public panic was . . . shark attacks. Then we had Sharknado 1, 2, & 3, and the fear went away. Suddenly the national panic is over . . . creepy clowns. (I received a robocall last night from the local school district informing that the creepy clown scare is nothing to worry about. It’s come to that.) Oh, wait—it’s just the presidential candidates. »

The Week in Pictures: Pumpkin Spice Edition

Featured image It’s October, which means crisper days, baseball playoffs, more presidential debates, and—pumpkin spice. Maybe we can think of this as the pumpkin spice election, since one candidate is orange like a pumpkin. Some people love pumpkin spice; others find it an abomination. Make of that what you will. But it’s certain we get too much of it all. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Narrative Riot Edition

Featured image The comically named (but humor-challenged) White House spokesperson Josh Earnest beclowned himself a few days ago with the remark that we’re in a “war of narratives” with ISIS. Actually, he may be on to something. We may well be able to defeat ISIS by unleashing English lit majors on them. One whiff of postmodern narrative jargon from a poet laureate of Bennington College might well reduce the most hardened jihadist »

The Week in Pictures: Powering Through Edition

Featured image It’s hard to get past the repetitiveness of the campaign, but we’re going to power through, just like Hillary. Meanwhile, I think “Dicking Bimbos” would be the greatest bar band name ever. Roger Clinton can be the lead singer! Powell’s Colon could be the opening act. And finally. . . »

Hillary’s Weekend in Pictures: Deplorable Edition

Featured image Has anyone ever had a worse 72 hours on the campaign trail than Hillary? I’m sure people can come up with some nominees, and in a separate post I’ll go over the Clintons’ amazing political survival skills. But some of the memes and images pouring forth can’t wait until Saturday, so herewith a special Monday edition of the Week in Pictures: And sorry folks, but in a post dedicated solely »

The Week in Pictures: “And They’re Off” Edition

Featured image Labor Day marks the traditional, official launch of the fall presidential campaign, though this bit of presidential campaign folklore has been obsolete for at least 50 years. But it’s a useful media trope, so we’ll probably stick with it until we bring back paper ballots to prevent foreign hacking of our elections. Not much really changed, though. Hillary is still coughing, and Trump is still choking (on Putin). And us »

The Week in Pictures: Labor Day News Dump Edition

Featured image So I know what I’m not going to do for the Labor Day weekend. I’m not going to get sucked into reading the Hillary FBI file. I’m not going to waste my time thinking about Kaper Colonick, or whatever his name is. Tonight, in fact, I’m going to do something really silly: I’m going to take in what’s left of the old 70s prog-rock band Yes, playing nearby, and seeing »

The Week in Pictures: Shaky Foundation Edition

Featured image Funny how we haven’t heard much lately about the supposed scam of Trump University. Maybe that’s because compared to the Clinton Foundation, Trump University was a paragon of high ethics and straight shooting. Right now it is hard to know just what will prove Hillary’s undoing—her shaky email scandal that is not finished, her shaky husband, her shaky financial dealings, or her shakes. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Olympics Edition

Featured image If there was an Olympic medal for political mendacity, the Clintons would upstage Usain Bolts for the fastest wind-aided dissimulation. Forget the triple jump. And in Ryan Lochte we’ve either found a successor to Brian Williams at NBC News, or President Hillary’s perfect press spokesman. And finally, the part of this job I hate the most. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Suction Cup Edition

Featured image Forget the Olympics. The dude climbing Trump Tower with suction cups was the sports highlight of the week, hands down. I’m amazed it isn’t being proposed as a new Olympic sport. Meanwhile, one of the candidates had another terrible week. Lied about things; said stupid stuff to reporters. Yeah, that’s right—it was the one who fancies pantsuits. The media hardly seemed to notice. This week’s gallery, by the way, achieves »

The Week in Pictures: Trumplosion Edition?

Featured image I’m on the road this weekend—literally on the road, as in by car—so this gallery was actually posted up ahead of time a couple of days ago, during the flurry of media hype about an “intervention” with Donald Trump by senior GOP figures. I doubt this idea is very serious. Is Trump really going to listen to Newt Gingrich? What could go wrong? And what is the right nomenclature for »

The Week in Pictures: Unready for Hillary Edition

Featured image Well, how about that? Maybe the: Worst. Acceptance. Speech. Ever. But here we are. One hundred days to go. More thoughts on that tomorrow. For now, enjoy the amazing spectacle of a plausible Democratic convention marred only by the pathetic speech of . . . their nominee. And once again, the ascent of a Clinton is marked with the wreckage of people ruined along the way—I’m looking at you, Debbie »

Mid-Week in Pictures: Special DNC Edition

Featured image Yeah, there’s just too much piling up from the first 24 hours of the DNC, and I’m sure the last two days will offer even more material, so here’s a fillip for the meantime: And finally. . .  since the DNC is having trouble with the whole flag thing (never mind guns), let’s remind them how it’s done properly: »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpnado Edition

Featured image Really, can there be any other plausible subject line for this week’s gallery? Trump proved Thursday night that he can go toe-to-toe with Bill Clinton at least for looonnng speeches. Is this what Trump state of the union addresses will be like if he is elected? Meanwhile, Hillary has picked Tim Kaine, who she hopes is able. Or as one friend put it, the Democrats are offering a ticket of »

The Week in Pictures: Notorious Edition

Featured image Michael Walsh likes to describe the Democratic Party as a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party, but maybe we should just call them the “Notorious Party.” The Notorious RBG is already a well known moniker, but Crooked Hillary can be rendered Notorious Hillary, too. And Obama showed once again that he just can’t help himself. And finally. . . another Power Line reader exercises her First and Second Amendment »

The Week in Pictures: Clintons Forever Edition

Featured image We may as well just admit it. The Clintons are the undead of American politics, the zombies of our dead body politic. We’ll never be rid of them. The Energizer Bunny will run out of power before the Clinton’s run out of their will to power. Better pre-book Chelsea Clinton speeches now, before her $60,000 speaking fee goes up after mom moves into the White House. And finally. . . »