The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Quel Horreur! Edition

Featured image A few years back I got seated next to former Clinton consigliere Lanny Davis on a coast-to-coast plane flight.  It was . . . a very long flight.  I imagined the only worse possible fate would be having to sit next to James Carville for a cross-country flight.  But now I’ve heard something worse: John Kerry, our comic relief secretary of state, had to fly commercial earlier this week when »

The Week in Pictures: Pick Your Theme Edition

Featured image Hard to pick the obvious theme for this week.  What is more rare—an ebola epidemic or Obama asserting himself in foreign policy? Maybe Obama impeached himself this week and let Joe Biden and Samantha Power make the call on attacking ISIS and sending food and supplies to the Kurds. (Or did he wake up in a meeting and realize that ISIS didn’t mean Sterling Archer?) And where is John Kerry »

The Week in Pictures: Snarknado Edition

Featured image The thought struck me watching the awesomely awful Sharknado 2 on Wednesday: Do we have the Obama presidency all wrong?  Could this really be the Sharknado presidency—so awful it’s good?  (That would help explain Joe Biden, wouldn’t it?)  He’s certainly accomplished one of his objectives—diminishing U.S. influence in the world.  Wonder if he’d like to have some of that back just now?  More likely he thinks his Sharknado performance is »

The Week in Pictures: Same Damn Thing Edition

Featured image Ho-hum, another week, another loss for the Obama Administration in federal court (looks like still more work for Dread Pirate Roberts to sort out), another foreign crisis, another fundraising trip by Obama.  As Edna St. Vincent-Millay is reported to have said, “History isn’t one damn thing after another; it’s the same damn thing over and over again.”  Certainly is with the Obama White House. And finally, a special shout out »

The Week in Pictures: Negligence Edition

Featured image In past conflicts between Israel and its enemies, there came a time when the United States would call up Israel and essentially order them to stop their offensive against Hamas, the PLO, Hezbollah, etc.  Of course, that’s back when the U.S. took some pride in its influence in the world, and where American power had some credibility.  You really don’t have the feeling that Obama can ring up Israel and »

The Week in Pictures: Run for the Border Edition

Featured image There’s a race on for the biggest political failure of the month, with stiff competition between the border chaos and Obama’s general failure and Hillary’s ongoing book fiasco.  But really, what’s with Obama and the guy with the horse’s head mask?  And did the dude get it at Hobby Lobby?  (And could they please put it in his bed next time, or will he suspect Michelle?)  Jimmy Carter’s attack rabbit »

The World Cup Week in Pictures: Holy Cow!

Featured image So it’s Argentina versus Germany in the final.  I’ll naturally defer to Paul handicapping how the two teams match up on the field in the conventional way, but if we consider the matter theologically, Germany has to be favored for a simple reason: The retired German Pope (Benedict) is philosophically and theologically superior to Pope Francis.  While you’d think God would be neutral between his two living Popes, I say »

The Week in Pictures: Disbarment Edition

Featured image Let’s see: the U.S. soccer team may be out of the World Cup, but they have a better record than Obama at the Supreme Court.  He was 0 for 2 this week, one by a shutout.  If the Republican House doesn’t want to impeach him, at least they ought to figure out how to disbar him, since this ostensible “professor of constitutional law” obviously doesn’t understand our founding charter.  And »

The Week in Pictures: Video Edition!

Featured image We’ve never included videos before in the Week in Pictures, but there’s always a first time. There’s a couple of good ones making the rounds right now.  Meanwhile, Hillary’s penury has legs, which spells trouble for her in the long run.  And Obama?  Obama who?  He’s now on the receiving end of 13 unanimous Supreme Court smackdowns.  Nixon only had one (the tapes) that I’m aware of. I think the »

The Week in Pictures: The Dog Ate My Trademark Edition

Featured image The Week in PicturesTM is wondering when the U.S Patent and Trademark Office will get around to reviewing other potentially disparaging trademarks such as “Harry Reid,” which clearly disparages the U.S. Senate, let alone “Democratic Party,” whose disparagement of democracy goes back at least to Andy Jackson.  And don’t even get me started on the trademarks “Jesse Jackson” and “Al Sharpton.”  Meanwhile, where was the IRS when I needed an »

The Week In Pictures: Destitute Liberals Edition

Featured image We know that liberalism is destitute of ideas and common sense, but who knew that liberals—especially a certain prominent couple that occasionally billets in Chappaqua, NY—were literally destitute as well?  Poor, poor Hillary.  Speaking of destitute, it was hard to miss the wreck of Obama’s foreign policy this week.  One news report says were making plans to evacuate the American embassy in Baghdad–the one we spent a fortune worthy of »

The Week in Pictures: Arms for Hostages Edition

Featured image And another thing Obama doesn’t understand about being President of the United States: when you make a bad deal with Islamic fundamentalist terrorists, you’re supposed to trade arms for hostages, not terrorists for hostages.  I’d have been okay with it if Obama had in fact traded arms for hostages; heck, he could have thrown in the legs of the Taliban Five as well. And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Waitlist Edition

Featured image We thought about outsourcing our Week in Pictures feature to the VA, but discovered that you wouldn’t get to see this week’s photos, memes, and cartoons until about Labor Day.  And then we’d have to resign.  And speaking of Jay Carney, it appears he’s gotten tired of lying every day. And because some of our readers have asked for equal time: And finally. . . »

The Week in Pictures: Trigger Warning Edition

Featured image Warning! This compilation of photos, cartoons, internet memes, pop culture goofs, and chicks with guns may trigger feelings of contempt toward President Obama, liberals, politically correct college students (otherwise called “the unemployed”), as well as triggering lust for . . . guns.  Hey–aren’t guns the proper place for trigger warnings?  I thought so. Now this is the right kind of trigger warning: Or this: But definitely this: And who knew »

The Week in Pictures: #Hashtag Edition

Featured image So now we’re going to save the world with hashtags?  How would this have gone down in the past?  ”Heavy fighting; Germans putting up stiff resistance. #OmahaBeach.”  ”That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind. #TranquilityBase.”  ”Today Ukraine, tomorrow the Baltics! #PutinSmiles.”  By now the rest of the world has to be wondering: “Seriously? #WhyDidYouElectSuchAnObviousIdiot?”  You can all find at #PowerLine’s WeekinPictures. And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Graduation Edition

Featured image With most colleges and universities observing graduation right around now, it is usually a sign that summer is right around the corner.  Will someone please tell the Climatistas?  There is snow in the forecast for the front range of the Rockies tomorrow and Monday, and I hear that Lake Superior is still one-third iced over.  If that doesn’t put a chill in the minds of most graduates, then surely the »

The Week in Pictures: Dudism Edition

Featured image I suppose in the age of legalized pot and a president who came from the “Choom Gang” in college we shouldn’t be surprised to find out that our real national security team is the cast of characters from The Big Lebowski (right down to the German nihilists who won’t lift an unsevered toe to help Ukraine).  ”It’s like, there’s this terror attack in Benghazi, dude, and like, we need to »