The Week In Pictures

Thanksgiving in Pictures: Gobble Edition

Featured image As usual I’ve got a huge inventory of cartoons, pics, and memes for Saturday, so I thought a Thanksgiving-themed preview is in order. One of these reminds me of an old Reagan line about Detente with the Soviet Union: “Detente—isn’t that what a farmer has with the turkey—until Thanksgiving?” Yup. Happy Thanksgiving everybody. And finally. . . Oh what the heck, why not: »

The Week in Pictures: Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee Edition

Featured image The question of accepting refugees threatens to become a petty squabble (heh), but the fact that so many Democrats headed for the tall grass on the House vote this week shows that at least a few understand that a large number of Americans simply have no confidence that the government has any of this in hand. Gee—I wonder what could ever give them that idea. After all, ISIS is contained! »

The Week in Pictures: Missouri Loves Company Edition

Featured image The most squalid week in American higher education since the 1960s closed out with student protesters at the University of Missouri complaining that the Paris terror attacks was taking away from their publicity. Even more reason they should all be expelled, along with every professor of grievance studies. Let’s hope someone—maybe even us, but more likely the French—soon deprives ISIS of any safe space. And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Jeb Can’t Do It Edition

Featured image I’m almost starting to feel sorry for poor Jeb Bush. His cluelessness seems to run as deep as his dad at his dad’s worst. Adopting “Jeb Can Fix It” as a slogan at a time when the party grassroots, and many independent voters, want not a “fixer” but someone who will smash Washington to its foundation and start over is the height of political incompetence. And finally. . . in »

The Week in Pictures: Scary Halloween Edition

Featured image So I can’t decide on a costume: Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders? They both have great fright prospects. Hillary will lie about her tricks, and Sanders will reach in to everyone’s goody bag and redistribute the candy. But perhaps I’ll stick with everyone’s favorite zombie of the moment—Jeb Bush. And as a reminder: Halloween this year coincides with every conservative’s favorite day—the day we literally get to turn the clock »

The Week in Pictures: Back to the Future Edition

Featured image When Back to the Future came out in the mid-1980s, a fellow named Joe Biden was getting ready for an ill-fated presidential run, and someone named Clinton from Arkansas was on the mind of far-seeing people. If the movie were real, Doc Brown would arrive in October 2015 and discover that mankind—or at least the Democratic Party—really has given up on progress. And Donald Trump really is Biff Tannen come »

The Week in Pictures: It’s Debatable Edition

Featured image So the Democrats finally had a debate, and we learned that people freak out to learn that soldiers actually kill people in combat. And that the Democratic Party’s presidential ranks (except for apparently crazed Marines) have thrown in with socialism. Democratic socialism, of course. Which somehow is supposed to differ from national socialism I guess. And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Chaos Theory Edition

Featured image House Republicans are supposedly in chaos. Yet somehow the earth keeps spinning on its axis, and yesterday the House actually passed legislation to allow sale of American oil overseas. What’s really in chaos is Obama’s foreign policy. And maybe the Democratic Party’s presidential field. Let’s see what the debate on Tuesday brings. A strong performance by Bernie Sanders might throw Hillary into a fatal tailspin. And/or she’ll get nasty with »

The Weak in Pictures: Putin Clocks Obama Edition

Featured image There are times when President Obama looks weak, and then there are times when President Obama looks like he’s on the other side. Has a president ever been so humiliated by the actions of an adversary? Putin must wonder how pathetic Obama and his team really are. I expect he’ll send along a “reset” button some day. He’s already resetting the Soviet-era hegemony over parts of Eastern Europe and the »

The Week in Pictures: Fiorina Trumps Edition

Featured image I’m back from a week in Washington and New York (and boy are my arms tired!), with a lot to catch up on. I think the world changed this week. I think we may have seen the emergence of our first woman president. I’ll have more to say about that separately, and also how Trump—if he’s for real—ought to respond to the media/Democrat-driven ruckus about not “standing up” to the »

The Week in Pictures: Apology Tour Edition

Featured image Watching Hillary trying to calibrate her apologies for her home-brew server—a calibration finely tuned to exactly how far her poll numbers are tanking—puts me in mind of an old Monty Python record that begins with a serial apology sketch (2 minutes long), in which John Cleese and other Pythons apologize for the previous apologies. Hillary has just about reached that territory. (The New York Times reported the whole pathetic story »

The Week in Pictures: Trump-Free Edition

Featured image So what happened to the pink sweater? Hillary Clinton did an on-camera interview with Andrea Mitchell of NBC News yesterday, attempted to affect the soft-focus atmosphere of her famous 1994 press conversation about the Whitewater scandal. But she didn’t wear the pink sweater this time. Maybe it has been recycled into a pantsuit? Oh, and by the way, the headline here about this gallery being Trump-free? I lied. And finally »

The Week in Pictures: Groundhog Day Edition

Featured image Yeah, I know, it isn’t anywhere near February 2, but I go away for two weeks and I expect that some things might have changed while I was away. But no: the news is still: Trump, Trump, China, Trump, Hillary emails, Trump, the stock market, Trump, Biden??, Trump, Trump, NFL pre-season, Trump, and the Kardashians, whoever they are. Trump-Kardashian 2016? Or how about Trump-Jenner? And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Evergreen Edition

Featured image When a newspaper columnist goes on vacation but still owes regular pieces to his paper or distributor, they file a couple of “evergreen” columns—pieces about general interest subjects—sports, philosophy, whatever—not dependent on the day’s headlines. That’s my situation this week. Right now Power Line Baltic Command is retreating from Russia before the winter begins, and as internet at sea is apparently still transmitted by smoke signal, I thought I’d better »

The Week in Pictures: Meltdown Edition

Featured image One story I haven’t had time to chase down sufficiently is that the Obama “Clean Power Plan” is unfriendly to nuclear power, which shows that the reign of environmental correctness out of the 1970s is still with us. Out here in CA, a recent re-licensing hearing for the last remaining nuclear power plant in the state, Diablo Canyon, turned into the usual clown show. But if Diablo Canyon is shut »

The Week in Pictures: Post-Debate Edition

Featured image Well, by now you’ve read your fill of post debate vivisections of the candidates’ performance in the two debates sessions on Thursday, so all I’ll add is the general comment that when you consider that the Democrats: a) have a field of really old candidates with really old ideas (socialism? seriously?), and b) have scheduled a grand total of zero debates so far, you have a general sense of where the »

The Week in Pictures: Trump the Lionhearted Edition

Featured image It took the killing of a lion to knock Trump off the center point of attention this week. The only thing that could have made the whole scene more out of control is if the lion had been named Caitlyn, or if Planned Parenthood was caught selling baby lion organs. And is it just a coincidence that Hillary Clinton released her tax forms late on a Friday afternoon—the typical burial »