The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Brexit Edition

Featured image What a week. It now seems like ages ago that a reporter was making fool of himself about how shooting an AR-15 gave him PTSD, and we were focused on the aftermath of the Orlando shooting and a rogue alligator at Disney. It seemed a cinch that the House Democrats sorry imitation of a pre-school juice box mafia would dominate the images of the week, but the dramatic Brexit vote »

The Week in Pictures: 2nd Amendment Edition

Featured image Mass shootings, by whatever kind of perpetrator, bring out the maximum ignorance from liberals and the media (but I repeat myself), but it’s even worse when the reaction involves averting one’s gaze from the growing problem of Islamic extremism in our midst. Good thing we have our cartoonists on the job. (And finally—something to change the subject from bathrooms.) Maybe we mistranslated Khruschchev all those years ago? Where Trump steaks »

The Week in Pictures: Glassy-Eyed Edition

Featured image So Hillary has supposedly broken through the “glass ceiling” by being the first woman to achieve a major party nomination. Margaret Thatcher and Golda Meir are yawning in the great beyond, especially since they never asked voters to vote for them because of their lady parts. And they made it entirely on their own, rather than on the tails (heh) of her husband. Somehow I can’t escape thinking of “Shattered »

The Week in Pictures: Big Gorilla Edition

Featured image Thought experiment: just suppose that the gorilla in the Cincinnati zoo was named “Trump” instead of “Harambe?” Wonder if the reaction would have been the same? Just say “Trump” around liberals these days, and see how high they jump. You don’t even need to ask how high. At least there wasn’t a Minnesota dentist involved this time. Meanwhile, we’re down to the last primary week of this election cycle, and »

The Week in Pictures: Going to Pot(ty) Edition

Featured image Pessimists used to like to say that the country was “going to pot.” But of course the new zeitgeist requires that we say that the country is “going to potty.” Any potty you want, apparently. Okay, I know this has become a dead-horse theme here (though some self-identifying horses, not to be confused with horse’s asses, will take exception to this figure of speech), but it’s the gift that keeps »

The Week in Pictures: Make Bathrooms Great Again Edition

Featured image The bathroom wars continue unabated, while the intensity of an intra-party feud threatens one of our major parties with likely defeat in November. You thought I meant Republicans? No—now it looks like the Democrats are the party that is going to come apart right in front of our eyes. That’s what happens when thieves fall out amongst themselves about the spoils. Hillary is getting so desperate she’s actually speaking kindly »

The Week in Pictures: False ID Edition

Featured image We’re going to take a break from the bathroom wars this week. . . oh hell no we’re not! Since we’re now in the age of “self-identifying,” college students will no longer need to get  false IDs to buy beer. I say every bar in America must serve anyone who self-identifies as 21 years old. And why stop there? Abolish driver’s licenses: anyone who self-identifies as a driver should be »

The Week in Pictures: Presumptive Nominee Edition

Featured image Well, what happened this week? What’s that you say? Things that go “Trump” in the night keeping you awake? Clearly I picked the wrong week to stop huffing glue. Strap in folks, it’s going to be an interesting six months. This is why Trump is going to win: This works for me: This could pass for an IQ test: The liberal color wheel:   This explains a lot: Quality journalism: »

The Week in Pictures: Bathroom Break Edition

The Great Bathroom Wars of 2016 are still raging at full pitch, and we won’t take a break from our stall-to-stall . . . coverage of this epochal moment in the decline of the West. At least we still have toilet paper, unlike Venezuela. Meanwhile, Trump rolls on, the campuses are still falling apart, and the California legislature has refused to pass a resolution in honor of John Wayne because »

The Week in Pictures: Bathroom Wars Edition

When people used to say that the country is going down the toilet, they had no idea how literally this would turn out to be. I was sure, 48 hours ago, that I we could see the winning ticket for November: Trump-Schilling 2016! Then Trump had to go flub the issue totally, apparently reverting to those New York Values. Pretty clean the new mission of the conservative movement is to »

The Week in Pictures: Tax Day Edition

April 15 is everyone’s least favorite day of the year—income tax filing day. This year April 15 fell yesterday—Friday—a weekday. But somehow this year the IRS declared Monday, April 18, to be tax filing day, as it always has in the past when April 15 fell on a weekend. What, what? Is Friday now considered a weekend day, too? Is it some kind of Post Office holiday I missed? Or »

The Week in Pictures: New York State of Mind Edition

So we’re heading to the big New York primary smackdown. And yet lifelong New York Yankees fan Hillary Rodham doesn’t know how to work a subway fare card. Why isn’t this her “supermarket scanner” moment? (Because she’s a Democrat, dummy.) Turns out she can’t pour beer, either. (See below.) Meanwhile, Bernie is jetting off to Rome to commune with the Pope. This is the best trolling of LaRoucheite conspiracy theorists »

The Week in Pictures: The Day After Edition

For April Fool’s Day I put out a fake press release from MSNBC announcing NBC News’ new motto: “We distort, You deride.” Didn’t seem to fool anyone, even though this is a case of “fake, but accurate,” as Dan “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” Rather might say. Meanwhile, I’ve been having second thoughts about starting a new line of roadside “Bernie Shave” signs for a simple reason: can we even speak »

The Week in Pictures: Superman vs. Batman Edition

Featured image Judging from the early reviews, the new “Superman vs. Batman” movie is an idea even worse than a hypothetical “Star Trek vs. Star Wars” movie mash-up. Which would be pointless, as everyone know James T. Kirk would kick Han Solo’s butt, and Spock’s mind meld is superior to Obi-Wan’s Jedi mind tricks. Speaking of pointy-eared aliens, couldn’t Obama have made his Cuba sojourn a one-way trip, since it’s clearly his »

The Week in Pictures: March Madness Edition

Yes, my brackets were busted a long time ago. Except everyone keeps calling them “lanes.”  A Cinderella force has taken down the favorites. Oh, you thought I was talking about college basketball? Nope: the GOP presidential primaries are the real March Madness this year. And instead of candidates staying in “lanes”—the pundit/analyst class concept of this cycle—it’s been more like a demolition derby crashed by a monster truck going the »

The Week in Pictures: Michael Ramirez Edition

Featured image Last night down in Newport Beach I ran into Power Line’s favorite political cartoonist, the incomparable Michael Ramirez. I was actually a little embarrassed that I didn’t have many of his latest in this week’s photo lineup, and after confessing that I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, he allowed that, “At this point [with Obama], I’m just doing stenography.” Goooood point! My next idea is doing »

The Week in Pictures: Peak Trump Edition?

This will have either been been the week when Donald Trump hit the wall and started a descent from the heights of populist madness—or it will have been the week when he survived the onslaught of the scattered fragments of the GOP non-establishment (because there isn’t one) and coasted to the nomination, in which case we’ll have lots of Trump items for months and/or years to come. But one thing »