The Week In Pictures

The Week in Pictures: Bathroom Break Edition

Featured image The Great Bathroom Wars of 2016 are still raging at full pitch, and we won’t take a break from our stall-to-stall . . . coverage of this epochal moment in the decline of the West. At least we still have toilet paper, unlike Venezuela. Meanwhile, Trump rolls on, the campuses are still falling apart, and the California legislature has refused to pass a resolution in honor of John Wayne because »

The Week in Pictures: Bathroom Wars Edition

When people used to say that the country is going down the toilet, they had no idea how literally this would turn out to be. I was sure, 48 hours ago, that I we could see the winning ticket for November: Trump-Schilling 2016! Then Trump had to go flub the issue totally, apparently reverting to those New York Values. Pretty clean the new mission of the conservative movement is to »

The Week in Pictures: Tax Day Edition

Featured image April 15 is everyone’s least favorite day of the year—income tax filing day. This year April 15 fell yesterday—Friday—a weekday. But somehow this year the IRS declared Monday, April 18, to be tax filing day, as it always has in the past when April 15 fell on a weekend. What, what? Is Friday now considered a weekend day, too? Is it some kind of Post Office holiday I missed? Or »

The Week in Pictures: New York State of Mind Edition

So we’re heading to the big New York primary smackdown. And yet lifelong New York Yankees fan Hillary Rodham doesn’t know how to work a subway fare card. Why isn’t this her “supermarket scanner” moment? (Because she’s a Democrat, dummy.) Turns out she can’t pour beer, either. (See below.) Meanwhile, Bernie is jetting off to Rome to commune with the Pope. This is the best trolling of LaRoucheite conspiracy theorists »

The Week in Pictures: The Day After Edition

Featured image For April Fool’s Day I put out a fake press release from MSNBC announcing NBC News’ new motto: “We distort, You deride.” Didn’t seem to fool anyone, even though this is a case of “fake, but accurate,” as Dan “What’s the Frequency Kenneth” Rather might say. Meanwhile, I’ve been having second thoughts about starting a new line of roadside “Bernie Shave” signs for a simple reason: can we even speak »

The Week in Pictures: Superman vs. Batman Edition

Featured image Judging from the early reviews, the new “Superman vs. Batman” movie is an idea even worse than a hypothetical “Star Trek vs. Star Wars” movie mash-up. Which would be pointless, as everyone know James T. Kirk would kick Han Solo’s butt, and Spock’s mind meld is superior to Obi-Wan’s Jedi mind tricks. Speaking of pointy-eared aliens, couldn’t Obama have made his Cuba sojourn a one-way trip, since it’s clearly his »

The Week in Pictures: March Madness Edition

Yes, my brackets were busted a long time ago. Except everyone keeps calling them “lanes.”  A Cinderella force has taken down the favorites. Oh, you thought I was talking about college basketball? Nope: the GOP presidential primaries are the real March Madness this year. And instead of candidates staying in “lanes”—the pundit/analyst class concept of this cycle—it’s been more like a demolition derby crashed by a monster truck going the »

The Week in Pictures: Michael Ramirez Edition

Featured image Last night down in Newport Beach I ran into Power Line’s favorite political cartoonist, the incomparable Michael Ramirez. I was actually a little embarrassed that I didn’t have many of his latest in this week’s photo lineup, and after confessing that I can barely draw a straight line with a ruler, he allowed that, “At this point [with Obama], I’m just doing stenography.” Goooood point! My next idea is doing »

The Week in Pictures: Peak Trump Edition?

This will have either been been the week when Donald Trump hit the wall and started a descent from the heights of populist madness—or it will have been the week when he survived the onslaught of the scattered fragments of the GOP non-establishment (because there isn’t one) and coasted to the nomination, in which case we’ll have lots of Trump items for months and/or years to come. But one thing »

The Week in Pictures: Debate Throwdown Edition

Featured image As the next three weeks spool out, remember that the RNC crafted a nomination process for this cycle intended to pick a nominee early, so that we wouldn’t go through the agony of 2012 when Romney took a long time to nail it down and took on a lot of damage along the way.  Oops. And finally. . . with a slight change in the format: »

The Week in Pictures: Scalia Awesomeness Edition

Featured image The picture of the week—maybe the picture of the year—is the first one here, of Justice Scalia’s clerks lined up as an honor guard at the Supreme Court yesterday. Has any other Justice in the history of the Court received such devotion from his ranks of clerks? Maybe, but I’m not aware of it. Do you think Justice Breyer, or Justice Kagan, or Justice Kennedy, or anyone else on the »

The Week in Pictures: Feminist Meltdown Edition

Featured image The Clintons’ sense of entitlement is of a piece of the entire boomer-generation liberalism that expects because they made the sixties man! that they should be placed on a pedestal forever. So it was schadenfreudetastic to watch old feminists like Gloria Steinem proves that today’s young women need a feminist like a fish needs a bicycle. Meanwhile, Bernie keeps chugging that old socialist moonshine.   And finally. . .   »

The Week in Pictures: Happy Birthday, Gipper Edition

Featured image Today is Ronald Reagan’s 105th birthday, and we might well wonder, as Charles Krauthammer does in the first panel below, how it is that after the experience of the second half of the 20th century, we’d find ourselves with a substantial portion of the electorate pining for an openly socialist candidate, and a stealth socialist candidate in a pantsuit. I have my theories, but that’s for another post. On to »

The Week in Pictures: Trumpless Debate Edition

Featured image I have to say, the GOP debate Thursday night just wasn’t the same without The Donald. I had to treat it like an old Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode, supplying my own taunts in place of the insults and grandiosities that Trump would have provided. (And suddenly Bernie is reluctant to debate? What’s that about?) Meanwhile, just as we might be on the cusp of having a president with a »

The Week in Pictures: Snowzilla Edition

Featured image So the mid-Atlantic is buried in snow, which I’m sure is the result of c—— c—–, while out here in California a lot of water is falling from the skies, also a rare occurrence. This means everyone has lots of extra time to read Power Line today, so we’ve got an extra long lineup. You can also ponder your own personal Academy Awards boycott; I’ve been boycotting the Oscars for »

The Week in Pictures: Jumbo Lotto Edition

Featured image So we didn’t win the lottery. At least the state of the union is strong. Pay no attention to the crashing stock market, the slowing economy, the humiliation at the hands of Iran, the lack of diversity among Oscar nominees, and the inability of the Vikings to kick a 27-yard field goal. Or that fact that a Trump-Sanders could be the presidential choice 10 months from now. Who could have »

The Week in Pictures: Toy Gun Control Edition

Featured image As numerous analysts have pointed out, President Obama’s new executive gun control actions don’t amount to very much, and even if you assume maximum nuisance and mischief from the policy, it is certainly incommensurate with the public events it came wrapped in this week. It’s almost as if Obama wants us to think he’s trying to change public opinion, when by now it should be perfectly obvious that he is »