We now know: FISA court must go (5)

Featured image I had reached part 4 in my series We now know: FISA court must go” when events permitted a break. Today I return on the occasion of the March 4 Opinion and Order entered by FISA court Chief Judge James Boasberg (embedded below). Under the terms of the order, as Catherine Herridge and Mellissa Quinn report in their CBS News story, “Surveillance court judge bars some DOJ and FBI officials »

A word on Jeff Jensen

Featured image Yesterday I noted that Attorney General Barr has tasked Jeff Jensen, the United States Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri, with a review of the case brought against former Trump National Security Advisor Michael Flynn. In addition to stints with PriceCoopersWaterhouse as a CPA, with the FBI as a Special Agent, with the Eastern District of Missouri US Attorney’s office as an Assistant United States Attorney, Jensen also worked, »

Eric Felten: Buried in IG report

Featured image Eric Felten is a meticulous reporter and one of my favorite analysts of the mysteries of the Russia collusion hoax. We have previously posted several of Eric’s RealClearInvestigations columns on the subject. In his most recent column Eric observes “Buried in IG Report: How an FBI Team in Rome Gave Steele Highly Guarded Secrets” RCI authorizes the republication of its articles with attribution and we are happy to take advantage »

James Freeman’s question revisited

Featured image As of this moment, my January 31 post “James Freeman’s question” is the most read post on Power Line. How can this be? Howie Carr got the ball rolling; Howie tweeted out my post that morning. Thank you, Howie. President Trump retweeted Howie’s tweet last night (screenshot below), and some of President Trump’s 72 million followers on Twitter are now checking out the post. Thus the traffic to the post »

James Freeman’s question

Featured image In his online Wall Street Journal Best of the Web column, James Freeman asks “Who is Kevin Clinesmith?” The column explores the media’s extreme lack of interest in Clinesemith since the publication of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on FISA abuse in the matter of Carter Page and the Trump 2020 presidential campaign. The headline poses a good question, but Freeman closes his column with an even better »

All the president’s men, cont’d

Featured image Today the FISA court published the declassified and redacted version of a two-page order on the Carter Page FISA warrants (embedded below). According to the court order signed by Presiding Judge James Boasberg, the Department of Justice now concedes that “at least” two of the four warrants approved by the FISA court lacked probable cause and were therefore “invalid” (i.e., illegal). Judge Boasberg adds that “[t]he government apparently does not »

We now know: FISA court must go (4)

Featured image David Kris is the amicus curiae appointed by the FISA court to assess the Department of Justice/FBI response to the court’s post-Horowitz order on FISA abuse. The FISA court itself stands revealed as an accomplice of the FBI in the wrongdoing committed against Carter Page. What we have here is an infuriating case of Kabuki theater. What is to be done with the FISA court? It is difficult to imagine »

We now know: FISA court must go (3)

Featured image Former federal prosecutor George Parry takes up the question presented by the FISA court in the American Spectator column “The Potemkin court.” The column covers the same ground and arrives at the same destination as my previous posts on the FISA court’s appointment of one David Kris to serve as amicus curiae in the wake of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on the FBI’s FISA abuse and the »

We now know: FISA court must go (WSJ edition)

Featured image Today’s Wall Street Journal carries an unsigned editorial (I’m sure by Kim Strassel) under the headline “Another FISA fiasco.” The editorial covers the same ground and arrives at the same destination as my previous posts on the FISA court’s appointment of one David Kris to serve as amicus curiae in the wake of the Department of Justice Inspector General report and the Department of Justice’s pathetic response thereto. The editorial »

We now know: The Kris cross

Featured image David Kris served as Assistant Attorney General for the Department of Justice under President Obama and Attorney General Holder. He drew on his prestige as a former senior official in the Department of Justice to disparage Rep. Devin Nunes in his exposure of the FBI’s misconduct in the Russia haox and assure anyone who would listen to him that all was in order. He is an apologist for FBI misconduct »

We now know: Mr. Wray regrets

Featured image This past December 17 FISA Court Chief Judge Rosemary Collyer issued a four-page order taking notice of the egregious government misconduct committed in connection with the FISA warrants it approved on Carter Page. Like so many involved in the Russia hoax, Judge Collyer claimed only lately to have tumbled to the misconduct committed before her court, courtesy of the Department of Justice Inspector General report issued the previous week. I »

Andrew McCabe: Sorry Guys, I Lied

Featured image This isn’t brand-new information, but it is based on an FBI document dump that adds to our knowledge of why Andrew McCabe was fired by the FBI. The New York Post reports: Former FBI deputy director Andrew McCabe apologized for lying to agents who spent weeks investigating the source of a leak to the Wall Street Journal that actually came from him, new documents reveal. Shortly before the 2016 election, »

Ball of collusion: The video

Featured image Andrew McCarthy’s Ball of Collusion: The Plot To Rig an Election and Destroy a Presidency is my book of 2019. Writing the book, McCarthy drew on his professional experience and expertise in prosecuting national security cases. As I asserted in my year-end roundup, only McCarthy could have written the book, and he provides just about everything the intelligent reader needs to make up his own mind about the issues. It »

We now know: Perps & their accomplices

Featured image Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel devoted an excellent column dated December 20 to the theme of this series. I found it posted here at Jewish World Review. Here is the first half of the column, followed by a link to the whole thing: Thanks to the Department of Justice Inspector General’s report, we now know for certain what has been, for those paying attention, fairly obvious. The Steele dossier played »

We now know: Comey’s lies

Featured image Charles Lipson’s excellent December 17 RealClearPolitics column “The blues at St. James Comey’s infirmary” deserves special attention. From it one can infer the campaign of lies that former FBI Director James Comey has waged in public over the past three years. Of all the lies, I am most struck by the assurances Comey gave Trump as president-elect and president that Trump was not under investigation. We now know that Comey »

We now know: Devin Nunes reflects

Featured image In the aftermath of the Department of Justice Inspector General report on FISA abuse in the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign and the Trump presidency, Dan Bongino interviewed Rep. Devin Nunes at length about “the biggest political scandal in US history.” I have not previously heard Nunes speak at such length about the Russia hoax, at least since the release of the Horowitz report on December 9. I will »

We now know: Live from Visalia

Featured image Back in his district before a friendly audience, Rep. Devin Nunes joined Lee Smith for an interview conducted by News Talk KMJ’s Ray Appleton about Lee’s book The Plot Against the President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History. Having listened to the interview via Rep. Nunes’s podcast (below), I can only say I wish I had been there. That was »