17 years: 17 thoughts

Featured image It was 17 years ago this weekend — 17 years ago today, I think, but maybe tomorrow — that John Hinderaker went to Blogger and set up Power Line. On Memorial Day that weekend he gave me a call and invited me to contribute. We’ve moved on from Blogger, but we’re still here. Survival has its charms; many sites have come and gone or gone off the deep end over »

Announcements: This Week and Next Fall (Updated)

Featured image I want to flag a couple of upcoming events for intrepid Power Line readers. First, for Chicago area readers, this Friday morning at 9 am, May 3, I shall be on a panel at the Blackstone Hotel on Michigan Avenue downtown on the subject “Poland & the US in Defense of Freedom: From Defeating Communism to Preserving National Sovereignty.” The event is sponsored by Polish National Foundation, the Victims of Communism »

Announcements: On the Road Again

Featured image This week is week three of a four-week almost non-stop road itinerary for me, which is why posts are—and will continue to be—sporadic. I’m starting to feel like a rock star on the road, except without the limos, roadies, groupies, drugs, and heart-valve replacement surgery. So in other words, not like a rock star at all really. Anyway, I’m making a few public appearances this week that are free and »

A note to commenters

Featured image This site exists for the primary purpose of publishing and publicizing the work of its contributors. Comments are a late addition and secondary feature. We (I) would not have them without moderation. Our Disqus software holds certain comments for moderation. I do not review comments except those withheld for moderation. If I am otherwise engaged or sleeping, they await my arrival. All comments with links are sent to moderation. This »

Jeffrey Hart: An appreciation

Featured image Steve Hayward writes this morning to convey the sad news that former Dartmouth English professor Jeffrey Hart has died. The news comes via Professor Hart’s National Review colleague Jay Nordlinger, who writes: “He was one of the brightest, most learned men I ever knew. Nationally, he was known for his political writing (and his tennis commentary!). But he is also a legendary professor of English. A rara avis.” Professor Hart »

Taking on Tucker

Featured image Readers may have followed the ruckus that Tucker Carlson ignited on Fox News with his January 3rd monologue that many read as an abandonment of free market principles and an embrace of unguided populism, or at the very least, an implicit endorsement of protectionism on behalf of manufacturing and skilled labor jobs in the heartland. Now, I can pick a lot of nits with a number of particulars that Tucker »

“Deep Dive” on Universities

Featured image I’m in Los Angeles right now, taping two different Fox News panel shows. Last night I taped an episode of “Deep Dive,” which is a show for Fox’s new online streaming service FoxNation—you can sign up for a free trial subscription here. The show has a rotating host, drawn chiefly from the ranks of Wall Street Journal writers and editors, though last night’s taping was hosted by Fox’s own Steve »

Thoughts from the ammo line

Featured image Ammo Grrrll announces GOOD ORAL HYGIENE & OTHER GOOD NEWS. She writes: In an amazing coincidence, I was having MY teeth cleaned the same week as Beto O’Rourke! Dental Mania! I did not think to livestream the event for my tens of fans. My hygienist is Laura, not Diana, like Beto’s. And I knew you’d want to know that. By the way, my actual real middle name is Marie, so »

A note to commenters

Featured image Our comments have been inundated with pornographic spam over the past week. This is not acceptable to us. I have therefore combed though comments to remove the pornographic spam that has evaded our filters. It is a mind-numbing and time-consuming chore to try to keep up with the spam. I am sure that I have overlooked some in the process. I have accordingly had our software settings changed to withhold »

This Week @ Yale

Featured image After the election is over tomorrow, I’ll be returning to Yale for the next installment of my lecture series there for the William F. Buckley Program, this time on the provocative title, “Justice Without Hyphens: The Dead End of Post-Modernism.” Yup, I’m planning to throw down, Jordan Peterson-style. Here’s a sample from the lecture to whet your appetite: It is not easy to get your hands around just what we »

Attention Yale Alums: Last Chance to Help Jamie Kirchick

Featured image If you had a chance to listen to Episode 77 of the Power Line Show back in June, you may recall that I spoke with journalist Jamie Kirchick, who is running a petition campaign to get on the ballot for election to the Yale Corporation board as the Alumni Fellow. Jamie is disgusted with the drift of Yale toward abject political correctness, and wants to raise a ruckus on the »

We have left Facebook

Featured image We announced this past April that we would abandon Facebook for comments and adopt Disqus in its stead as soon as practicable. Yesterday evening it became practicable. We have accordingly made the switch from Facebook to Disqus. Thanks to Power Line publisher Joe Malchow for his work to make it happen. We noted that comments previously posted via Facebook would be lost. It was an unavoidable cost of making a »

Next Month at Grove City

Featured image For all readers in the environs of the greater Pittsburgh/northwestern Pennsylvania area, next month, on Saturday, August 11, I’ll be giving the wrap-up keynote address for the two-day summer conference of the National Association of Scholars, which is being held at Grove City College. The conference is open to the public, though there is a modest registration fee and the deadline to sign up is Friday of this week. It’s »

Leaving Facebook

Featured image We have agreed among ourselves to abandon the Facebook software for comments and to adopt the Disqus software in its stead as soon as practicable. That’s the good news. In the process comments previously posted via the Facebook software will be lost. That’s the bad news. It’s an unavoidable cost of making a transition that we think is desired and desirable. We want commenters to know so that they (you) »

The NFL kneeling protests: On MPR

Featured image Minnesota Public Radio (91.1 FM in the Twin Cities) will broadcast the University of Minnesota Humphrey School symposium on the NFL kneeling protests tomorrow at noon and 9:00 p.m. Moderated on campus yesterday by Professor Larry Jacobs, director of the Humphrey School’s Center for the Study of Politics and Governance, the symposium panel included Professor Douglass Hartmann, chairman of the University of Minnesota Sociology Department, Frank White, coordinator of the »

The NFL National Anthem protests: An invitation

Featured image Next Tuesday over the lunch hour I will participate in a symposium sponsored by the Center for the Study of Politics and Governance (CSPG) at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School. With a nod to the Super Bowl that will be played the following Sunday a mile or so up the road, the symposium takes up the player protests that attracted attention in high places this season. The symposium is »

Power Line’s Top Posts of 2017

Featured image “Top” means most widely read, of course, not best or most influential. Still, it is fun to look back and see what posts got the most attention from our readers in 2017. The year’s most-read post, with 150,933 views, was Proof that James Comey Misled the Senate Intelligence Committee, which I wrote on June 10. It was inevitable, I suppose, that many of our top posts related to the storm »