Identity Politics

Authoritarian the Librarian

Featured image The onset of Autumn is a good time to recall summer stories that failed to get the attention they deserved. Consider, for example, what happened in Davis, California, back on August 20. The Stephens Davis Branch Library hosted an event by Moms for Liberty (MFL) of Yolo County, featuring speakers formerly with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) and NCAA, as well as legal experts in Title IX and women’s rights »

Killer Construct

Featured image Back around Labor Day, the Canadian government advised that 2SLGBTQI+ persons “could face certain barriers and risks when you travel outside Canada,” because “not all countries have the same values and legal system that we have in Canada.” That is indeed true, in ways that travelers might not imagine. LGBTQ are, respectively, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer. “I” means “intersex”  and + is “inclusive of people who identify as »

Another Pretendian

Featured image It pays to be a minority, especially a Native American. That is the only possible explanation why so many people, especially academics, adopt fake Indian identities. There is even a word for it: Pretendian. And it seems as though the more militant the academic, the more likely he actually isn’t Native at all. One more case in point: University of Kansas professor Kent Blansett. The Dakota Scout reports: University of »

Bush League vs. Busch Light

Featured image Transheiser-Busch still doesn’t get it. The supposed CEO (I say “supposed” because he looks like he was plucked from an old J. Peterman catalogue to play CEO) went on CBS This Morning to recite a buschel of corporate talking points about the Bud Light debacle that were stale in 1986 (coincidentally, around the time of the “New Coke”). Bud Light went Busch League with this attempt at damage control. Go »

Kennedy on the Case

Featured image Let’s face it: John Kennedy is the greatest Kennedy ever. No, not John F. Kennedy of the Massachusetts clan, but Sen. John Kennedy of Louisiana, who is for my money the greatest performer in Senate hearings we’ve ever seen. Sam Ervin could have taken lessons from Sen. Kennedy. Yesterday he shone again with his line of questioning of the head of the Human Rights Campaign Fund, Kelley Robinson, and swimming »

Question for the Identitarians

Featured image As you know, if you raise any questions or doubts about aggressive gender-reassignment medicine for young people, you will be called a hater, a bigot, and maybe even a murderer since it is alleged that young people denied treatment will commit suicide in larger numbers. And yet, as the Wall Street Journal notes today, the United States is the liberal outlier in permissiveness toward such treatment. Many European nations, especially »

Dodgers Live Up to Their Name

Featured image The LA Dodgers blundered by dis-inviting and then re-inviting the viciously anti-Catholic Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence (SPI), whose very name ought to give away what they’re about (“indulge” what, exactly?), except to clueless sports executives. The resolution of the fiasco reminds me of how Reagan wiggled out of his 1985 mistake of agreeing to visit the Bitburg cemetery in West Germany, where unbeknownst to his advance team, SS troops were »

You Wonder Why People Call Him ‘Creepy Joe’

Featured image The White House actually thinks this message from Creepy Joe, with its “It Takes a Village” presumption that your children belong to the state more than to their parents, will persuade anyone: To the LGBTQI+ Community – the Biden-Harris Administration has your back. — The White House (@WhiteHouse) June 13, 2023 And I doubt anyone in the mainstream media has reported on this devastating testimony before a House committee »

What Happens When Colleges Get Caught

Featured image Yesterday we reported on how Johns Hopkins University had erased the existence of women by defining lesbians as “non-men.” To refresh your memory, here’s part of JHU’s “glossary” of terms: This absurdity got wide coverage beyond Power Line, and evidently Johns Hopkins was embarrassed. Today Johns Hopkins removed the glossary entirely, and now has this in its place: Even this got modified later in the day to this: In other »

The Age of Proprietary Truth

Featured image It used to be that the idea of Truth was based on the premise of objectivity, that is, there is a reality to nature and the world around us, and our individual freedom does not extand to disregarding or altering that reality because it conflicts with our will or dreams. I may claim that I can fly, but if I actually try to act on that premise I’ll end up »

No Dodging The Democrats’ Degradation, or, “We’re All San Francisco Democrats Now”

Featured image You would think a team named “Dodgers” would know how to dodge a culture war battle they can’t win (see: Target, Bud Light), but no, the Los Angeles Dodgers managed to get picked off in the most embarrassing fashion in a pickle-style rundown entirely of their own ineptitude. Surely the conservative (and Catholic) O’Malley family that used to own the Dodgers—before the onerous estate tax forced the family to sell »


Featured image I don’t know whether it is an overstatement to suggest people with “gender dysphoria” have a mental illness, or whether there is a social contagion at work (like the anorexia epidemic among young women a couple decades ago that ultimately faded out to a large extent), but scenes like this state legislator in Nebraska aren’t reassuring that there’s a rational defense of the trans-phenomenon. (Wonder what she will do when »

If DEI Is DIE-ing, I Call DIBS

Featured image Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed legislation in Florida defunding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programs in Florida’s state universities, and while the diversicrats will probably go to ground by embedding themselves with bureaucratic workarounds, it is already paying dividends. The Chronicle of Higher Education reports: Statehouses’ Targeting of Diversity and Tenure Is Starting to Scare Away Faculty Job Candidates Recently proposed and passed legislation that targets tenure and diversity, equity, »

Behind the Left’s Addiction to Racism

Featured image As is well known, the problem with addiction is that it requires larger and larger doses to get results, until it becomes fatally destructive to the addict. This medical fact may well be a political fact for the left, as its obsession with all things race has lead it progressively over the last generation to find more and more of it, requiring ever more outlandish remedies, such as trillion-dollar reparations »

Bud Light Used to Know How to Lighten Up

Featured image Maybe the Bud Light marketing disaster—sales are down by about 25 percent since the Mulvaney Miscalculation—ought to be taken as an indicator of the larger capitulation of our culture to the nihilist left. Because once upon a time, about 30 years ago, Budweiser had a different perspective on the trans thing with this ad: Imagine the uproar if Budweiser used this ad today. Actually you don’t have to imagine at »

Shouldn’t Columbia University Change Its Name?

Featured image Back in December we reported on Stanford University’s attempt to instruct everyone on language use with their “Elimination of Harmful Language Initiative.” It read like a parody of our idiotic woke university culture today, and Stanford quickly withdrew it on account of the massive public embarrassment it generated. Now it is Columbia University’s turn. Columbia’s “Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Guide” also works hard to instruct us proper meaning and »

Out: Latinx. In: Latine!

Featured image It is slowly dawning on the left that hispanics hate the campus cult term “Latinx,” so much so that in Connecticut several hispanic state legislators have introduced a bill to prohibit the use of the term by state government agencies: Rep. Geraldo Reyes, one of the primary sponsors of the bill, told CNN on Thursday that he and his colleagues behind the bill are Puerto Rican and consider the term »