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Podcast: Power Line University, Lesson 5: The Separation of Powers in Federalist 47 – 51

Featured image This week we continued our leisurely stroll through The Federalist with an extended look at Federalist numbers 47 through 51, which explain the key concept of the separation of powers—a phrase that is nowhere found in the text of the Constitution, but which is clearly implied by the design and structure of the text. But Madison and Hamilton leave nothing to chance, citing “the celebrated Montesquieu” as a theoretical authority, »

Live Podcast Tomorrow: PLU Lesson 5, Federalist 47 – 51

Featured image We’re going to have this week’s Power Line University online class on The Federalist tomorrow (Tuesday) instead of Wednesday for scheduling reasons. Lucretia and I will meet live at 4:30 pm Pacific time, and go through the major question of the separation of powers as explained in Federalist numbers 47 – 51. Use this Zoom link to join us. Although Montesquieu had explained the theory of the separation of powers »

Podcast: Power Line University, Lesson 4—Federalists 33 – 45

Featured image This week’s PLU class resumes our leisurely stroll through The Federalist starting with Federalists #33 and #37, and the “partly federal, partly national” character of the Union under the proposed Constitution—a subject that remains as confusing and contentious today as it was then. Lucretia walks us through how the issue began to settle out starting with the landmark 1819 case of McCulloch v. Maryland. We also have a lively discussion of the »

Live Podcast: PLU Session 4—Federalists 37 – 49

Featured image We had to sort out some scheduling difficulties for this week’s Power Line University online class about the Federalist Papers, and we have finally fixed up to hold it tomorrow (Wednesday) at 6:30 pm Pacific time/9:30 Eastern time. We know this is a little late for eastern and midwestern participants, but it couldn’t be helped. We’ll resume our discussion starting with Federalist 37, and proceed from there into the 40s, »

Podcast: PLU Lesson 3: Federalist 11 – 23

Featured image Yesterday’s third class session of Power Line University went through Federalist 11 through 23, drawing out in particular some of Hamilton’s reflections on taxation that remain relevant to some of our tax debates today (especially Lizzie Warren’s proposed wealth tax), and also Hamilton’s very spirited attack on European politics (and colonialism!) that none of today’s ridiculous “de-colonizers” ever reference because they don’t know about it, and wouldn’t like in any »

Live Podcast: PLU Lesson 3—Federalist 11-39, Tomorrow

Featured image Power Line University will be back live in class again tomorrow starting at 4 pm Pacific time (7 pm Eastern), carrying on our consideration of The Federalist. I’ll be the lead presenter this week, covering some very interesting things Hamilton and Madison have to say about several issues in Federalist 11 – 20, such as taxation, leaving Europe in the rear view mirror, what they meant by the “new science »

Podcast: PLU Lesson 2: Federalist #10

Featured image Yesterday we held our second class session of Power Line University, this time taking up the famous Federalist #10, drawing out key points of James Madison’s views on how an “extended republic”—long thought impossible—was a solution for the perpetual defects and eventual failures of republican governments. His views on equality and property come in for special attention. If you want to see the text slides, you can take it in »

Reminder: PLU Back in Class This Afternoon

Featured image This is your friendly reminder of this afternoon’s second formal class session for Power Line University, where Lucretia and I will cover Federalist Papers 10 – 20. I’ll have some contemporary applications for some of the teachings of “Publius,” but we’ll also consider some instance of where Hamilton—gasp!—might have been wrong! Class goes off at 4 pm Pacific time, and is intended to last one hour. The class will be posted »

Announcement: Power Line University, Session 2 Tomorrow

Featured image Even if you missed last week’s first ever Power Line University webinar on The Federalist (or the podcast replay), you can still join us for our second session tomorrow (Wednesday) evening at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern, where we will resume discussion starting with Federalist #10. Time permitting we may try to cover a few highlights from numbers 11 – 22. Don’t worry if you missed the first session; each »

Podcast: PLU Lesson One—The Federalist, Nos 1 – 9

Featured image Lucretia and I held the first “classroom” for PLU (Power Line University) yesterday, with 110 people ultimately tuning in live for our first formal session on The Federalist Papers. We had a couple of technical difficulties—for some reason we kept failing to get the Chat window working right—and we had some hiccups admitting some live questions and comments from viewers, but we hope to have these ironed out for our »

Announcement: Power Line University Webinar Tomorrow

Featured image Following up on our dry run at Power Line University last week (not too late to go back and take it in if you missed it), tomorrow (Wednesday) at 4 pm Pacific/7 pm Eastern, we’ll be doing our first class session on The Federalist in webinar format, which means you’ll be able to watch live and send in questions and comments. We’ll be covering Federalist numbers 1 – 10, with »