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A New Theme from Glenn Reynolds

Featured image Glenn Reynolds, the ubermensch of the blogosphere, has a number of running heds on Instapundit that he either created or extends in the most creative ways. You’ll recognize them: • Higher education bubble update. • Choose the form of your destructor. • Teach women not to rape. • Why are Democrat run cities such cesspools of violence and racism? • They told me if Trump were elected we’d see [fill in the »

Power Line University (3): Brexit and the “Eurosausage”

Featured image One reason the “Yes, Prime Minister” series is so effective as a teaching tool about the nature of contemporary politics is that many of its story lines were taken from the real political controversies of the 1980s. One involved “bangers,” i.e., what passes for “sausage” in British pubs. The European Union, in its attempt to “harmonize” food standards, wanted Britain to rename “bangers” as something other than “sausage.” They were »

Power Line University (2): Who Reads the Papers?

Featured image For our second installment of our Power Line University “Yes, Prime Minister” course, let’s enjoy the famous scene “Who reads the papers?” There’s an American version of this joke: “The Washington Post is read by people who think they run the country; the New York Times is read by people who think they ought to run the country; the New York Daily News is read by people who actually do run »