Hillary Clinton

The Hillary-Boeing-Russia triangle

Featured image We will, I suspect, be reading other stories about Hillary Clinton like this one, if the mainstream media is willing to pursue them. From today’s Washington Post, under the headline “For Clinton and Boeing, a beneficial relationship”: On a trip to Moscow early in her tenure as secretary of state, Hillary Rodham Clinton played the role of international saleswoman, pressing Russian government officials to sign a multibillion-dollar deal to buy »

What Goes Around, Comes Around: Hillary Ducks a Shoe

Featured image Remember how much the Democrats loved it when George W. Bush was doing a speech or press conference in Iraq, and a jihadist who had slipped into the audience threw a shoe at him? Bush dodged the shoe with an athletic move, but the liberals ate it up. Well, eventually the shoe is on the other foot, so to speak, and tonight Hillary Clinton was addressing a trade group in »

Hillary’s greatest hits

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s greatest accomplishments as Secretary of State — it sounds like a good idea for a short article. Perhaps a short article assigned by a malicious editor. Asked by a friendly questioner (Tom Friedman) to identify her greatest accomplishments as Secretary, Hillary Clinton gave a two-minute answer that has a sort of “Where’s Waldo?” quality to it (video below). It might be passable for low-information voters, but she should »

Hillary’s incoherence

Featured image In a speech yesterday to the American Jewish Congress, Hillary Clinton said that “the odds of reaching [a comprehensive nuclear] agreement [with Iran] are not good.” Going further, Clinton declared herself “personally skeptical that the Iranians would follow through and deliver” if an agreement were reached. At the same time, Clinton said she supports the Obama administration’s negotiations with Iran. And she praised John Kerry’s efforts. Clinton believes that the »

Is there life after college?

Featured image Of course there is. But our leading politicians all seem to have stepped out of your college dorm. Bill Clinton is the guy who never lost a BS session argument. Ted Cruz is the only guy who never lost an argument to Bill Clinton, but who also set the dorm record for causing eyes to roll. Barack Obama is the guy you could usually defeat in an argument but only »

Ban Bossy? Good Idea!

Featured image You have probably heard that Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg has launched a campaign to ban the word “bossy,” which she thinks is discriminatory toward girls. Or something like that. It turns out that Ms. Sandberg is a Hillary Clinton supporter and donor, which has prompted speculation that her “ban bossy” campaign is battlespace preparation for the 2016 campaign. Because “bossy” is one of the words beginning with a B that »

Poll contains good news and bad news for Democrats [With Comment on Hillary By John]

Featured image According to a new Fox News poll, President Obama’s approval rating has slipped to 38 percent. In January and February, his approval rating was 42 percent in Fox’s polling. He has never before been below 40 percent in this survey. 54 percent disapprove of the president’s performance. A 59-percent majority thinks the Obama administration has mostly failed at creating jobs, up from 52 percent in October 2012. 56 percent believe »

Will Bill Clinton Be an Issue In 2016? [Updated]

Featured image As so often happens these days, it was Rand Paul who first raised the subject. Or, rather, his wife did. Senator Paul was a guest on Meet the Press when host David Gregory asked him to comment on an interview in Vogue in which Kelley Paul said, “Bill Clinton’s relationship with Monica Lewinsky should complicate his return to the White House, even as first spouse. I would say his behavior »

The Hillary Papers, do they matter?

Featured image Former Clinton administration operative Paul Begala doesn’t think so. He writes: “Politics [is] about the future, not the past; about voters’ lives, not politicians’. Thus the personal attacks on Clintons will fail.” Begala is probably right, but his analysis seems to apply only to Democratic politicians. The Washington Post thought that a few instances of alleged high-school bullying by Mitt Romney were relevant to his presidential bid, and Team Obama »

Same old Hillary

Featured image Like the Nixon tapes, the “Hillary Papers” — actually the papers of Hillary’s close friend and confidant, the late Diane Blair — tend mainly to confirm what we thought we already knew about a highly public figure who has been in the limelight for decades. Take, for example, Mrs. Clinton’s reaction to the Lewinsky scandal. Blair wrote this after listening to the First Lady on the subject: [Hillary] is not »

It’s Always the Nazis

Featured image There’s an old trope that the only safe bad guys in Hollywood any more are the Nazis.  Any other group of bad guys has an advocacy group that will raise a ruckus, or Hollywood is worried about offending the all important overseas market for film distribution. (Hence the film adaptation of World War Z changed the bad guys from the Chinese to some mysterious source in Russia.)  It is doubtful »

Don’t shoot the messenger

Featured image Walter Pincus, the Washington Post’s long-time voice of conventional liberal thinking on national defense issues, is unhappy with Robert Gates’ new book. He complains that, although Gates devotes nearly half of the book to his two years at the Pentagon under President Bush, he provides “no embarrassing anecdotes or acidic comments.” No doubt, there were embarrassing moments at the Pentagon while Gates was serving Bush there. But Gates’ high-profile revelations »

The lane-closure scandal, some perspective please

Featured image Piers Morgan thinks that the bridge scandal perpetrated by Chris Christie’s aides ranks “pretty well up there” with Watergate. As Andrew Johnson notes, even the lefty members of his panel realized that the comparison is ridiculous. But then, Morgan is the same clown who pronounced last spring that Arsenal should fire its great manager Arsene Wenger. The Gunners promptly went on a phenomenal run to close out the season. This »

Democrats’ criminally cynical handling of war and peace issues confirmed

Featured image Robert Gates, Secretary of Defense under Presidents Bush and Obama, has written a memoir. According to Bob Woodward, Gates says that by early 2010 he (Gates) had concluded that the president “doesn’t believe in his own strategy, and doesn’t consider the war to be his. For him, it’s all about getting out.” Gates adds that Obama didn’t just have doubts about the policy he had implemented, under which a significant »

The difference Hillary makes

Featured image Elliott Abrams comments on David Kirkpatrick’s New York Times report on the Benghazi massacre: We’ll never know whom the Times thought it important to interview and whom it believed, but we do know that it had no access to the intelligence that members of Congress saw. And we are being told by members of Congress that the embassy staff had it right in saying the video was unimportant, and that »

Fools and knaves: New York Times edition

Featured image A reader who has previously contributed to this series writes to comment on David Kirkpatrick’s New York Times story on the Benghazi massacre. I have tried to set off the quotations he includes in the text of his message with links to sources. If I have missed any such quotations below, it is an oversight on my part. I think the message makes a contribution to understanding this chapter of »

The New York Times’ revisionist account of Benghazi

Featured image The New York Times is out with a revisionist account of the Sept. 11, 2012 attack on the U.S. compound in Benghazi. The Times says that in months of investigating, it “turned up no evidence that Al Qaeda or other international terrorist groups had any role in the assault.” The Times also claims that the attack “was fueled in large part by anger at an American-made video denigrating Islam.” I »