Arab Israel conflict

Ambassador Oren speaks

Featured image I just got off a call with Israel’s Ambassador Michael Oren, arranged by The Israel Project. Participants in the call included Anne Gearan of the Washington Post, Phil Klein of the Washington Examiner, and Peter Green of Bloomberg News. Ambassador Oren opened with a briefing that described Israel’s operation as occurring in stages, giving Hamas the opportunity to stand down. Instead it has escalated the conflit, with rocket attacks on »

Gaza Terrorist Theater: Helpful photo montage

Featured image Referring to the BBC video we posted here, reader Jed Flint has kindly forwarded this “helpful photo montage from the YouTube video with bonus ‘bits and pieces’ scratching action!” Mr. Flint, thanks for the help. »

Gaza Terrorist Theater

Featured image I wrote a knowledgeable observer to ask whether he could shed any light on the suspicions I express in “Jihad poses for the cameras.” In response he invited me to check out the footage that the BBC played over its interview with Jonathan Sacerdoti last night. He observes: 2:10 – guy being picked up “injured.” 2:40 – same guy wandering around scratching his bits and pieces. It’s only day one »

Live from Ashdod

Featured image Three Israeli civilians were killed in the 196 rocket attacks from Gaza yesterday. Among the many items of interest posted on the IDF’s Twitter feed is the video below of “The Sound of Terror: 6 Rockets from Gaza Strike Ashdod.” Ashdod is Israel’s sixth-largest city, on the Mediterranean coast with some 200,000 residents, within 23 miles of Gaza. “We are at the start of the event and not at its »

Jihad poses for the cameras [updated]

Featured image According to the caption, the Yahoo! News photo of the day depicts Jihad Masharawi weeping while he holds the body of his 11-month old son Ahmad, at Shifa hospital following an Israeli air strike on their family house, in Gaza City, Wednesday, November 14, 2012. According to the The Daily Mail, which has published a virtual time series featuring Jihad from various news services, Masharawi is the BBC Arabic picture »

Terms of service [updated]

Featured image YouTube has removed the 10-second IDF video of the pinpoint strike on Hamas terrorist commander Ahmed Jabari yesterday. The IDF had posted the video in its excellent Twitter feed providing real time information and updates on its ongoing operation. The video was posted here. According to YouTube, the video violates its terms of service. YouTube’s terms of service are posted here; YouTube’s community guidelines are posted here. In place of »

Ahmed Jabari: Eliminated [With Update by John]

Featured image In response to months of escalating rocket attacks on Israeli civilians from terrorists in Hamas-run Gaza, Israel has begun a self-defense operation. It started with taking out the head of the self-proclaimed “military” or terrorist branch of Hamas who was unaffectionately known as Hamas Bin Laden.  The Israel Project has posted useful background information here. We wish the IDF Godspeed in its critical mission. The IDF has a Twitter feed providing »

This just in: Arafat wasn’t poisoned

Featured image Since Yasser Arafat died in 2004, I doubt there are many Power Line readers who have harbored the suspicion that he died of poisoning inflicted on him by Israel. I thought at the time that he had died of AIDS and the proposition goes beyond rumors, as indicated in this 2007 Israel National News round-up. Times of Israel editor David Horovitz nevertheless warns that “we’re going to hear for weeks »