Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s bane

Featured image I have referred to the Clinton Foundation as “Hillary Clinton’s Bain Capital” on the theory that it will connect her to unsympathetic figures and entities who behave badly in something like the way Bain Capital was said to connect Mitt Romney to bad corporate behavior. But now, with word of Peter Schweizer’s new book (to be released on May 5) “Clinton Cash: The Untold Story of How and Why Foreign »

Hillary Clinton’s Bain Capital

Featured image Newsweek reports that “one of the biggest benefactors to the Clinton Foundation has been trading with Iran and may be in breach of US sanctions imposed on the country.” The “benefactor” in question is Victor Pinchuk, described by Newsweek as a “Ukrainian oligarch [who] has courted the Clintons for at least nine years – in the United States, the Alps and Ukraine.” Newsweek says it has seen declarations and documents »

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!

Featured image The Democrats were able to elect Barack Obama president strictly on the basis of his race, and they hope to duplicate the trick with Hillary Clinton. For a number of reasons, I have been skeptical that gender politics can put Hillary in the White House. Most fundamentally, she lacks the superficial attractiveness that many saw in Obama. But this video by Caleb Bonham and a group called Campus Reform is »

In Defense of Hillary

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s campaign launch has been a disaster in many ways, as we discuss in the podcast that will be posted shortly. But on one point, I agree with her: tipping at Chipotle. Hillary has taken abuse for not leaving anything in the tip jar next to the cash register at the fast food restaurant. Nonsense, I say. I tip people who serve me–waiters and waitresses, hotel employees who carry »

Will Hillary Put the Lincoln Bedroom on AirBnB?

Featured image The Puffington Host reports that the Clinton Foundation will restrict donations from foreign nations to just six friendly nations—Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and the United Kingdom.  But why just these six?  Why not Spain, Sweden, South Africa, or Japan?  Why any?  Look, I can understand that the Clinton Foundation needs to make its bloated payroll, and Goldman Sachs can only cough up so much.  But this list just »

Keeping Up With “Hill-dashian”

Featured image The Hillary campaign is already becoming a farce, barely 72 hours in.  It’s looking more and more like a political parody of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.  Can anyone imagine Bill doing something this lame and inauthentic? It’s even too much for MSNBC to take, as this 1 minute clip from yesterday’s coverage of her pathetic visit to a technical school in Iowa shows: »

Hillary Says: Our Money Good, Their Money Bad!

Featured image Chutzpah is never in short supply in the Clinton household. Today in Iowa, in the course of her much-mocked bus tour–Hillary bought a burrito! Hillary had the students locked in their classrooms! Journalists outnumbered voters!–Hillary Clinton had harsh words for our “dysfunctional political system”: Fresh off her entrance into the presidential race, Hillary Clinton on Tuesday appeared in Iowa for her first public appearance of the election, striking a populist »

Hillary: Feel the Love (Part 2)

Featured image Politico noted yesterday that a series of Hillary campaign conference calls are not exactly setting Democratic hearts aflutter: [H]er aides held at least half a dozen conference calls with supporters, party operatives, former staffers and elected officials to distribute talking points and assure early-state activists that Clinton takes them seriously. Those on the receiving end were hoping for more. “I can’t believe I missed ‘Game of Thrones’ for this,” said »

Hillary: Feel the Love

Featured image Are liberals having buyer’s remorse even before opening their wallets and forking over the cash?  A sampling of unease among liberals, starting with Salon (!!!): Hillary Clinton Just Doesn’t Get It: She’s Already Running a Losing Campaign . . .  Clinton seems as disconnected from the public mood now as she did in 2008.  I think it’s a crisis. If she doesn’t right the ship it will be a disaster. »

Hillary puts people first

Featured image “Putting people first” was Bill Clinton’s original campaign slogan. He even wrote a book by that name, which was published during the 1992 presidential campaign. In the campaign video that launched her presidential campaign yesterday, Hillary Clinton took the slogan literally. She put people — a rainbow coalition of them — first, making only a brief appearance at the end to give us the news of her candidacy. The ad »

Monday in Pictures: Hillary’s Logographic Necessity

Featured image Platonic scholars speak of “logographic necessity,” but Obama seems to have debased this concept along with everything else he touches.  Obama was the first presidential campaign to have its own concept logo, and now Hillary is following with one of her own.  But it’s even more mockable than Obama’s, as you can see here: And finally. . . »

There’s something about Hillary

Featured image The adage is credited to diverse authors. I can’t sort out the responsibility for it, but I do want to quote it (or a variant of it): “Sincerity: if you can fake it, you’ve got it made.” The adage has special application to the field of politics. The ability to fake sincerity doesn’t guarantee success, but it certainly helps. Think Bill Clinton. (He never fooled me, but he is a »

Tricky Hillary: Don’t Underestimate Her

Featured image My Hillary versus Nixon comparison yesterday prompted a couple of commenters to protest that such comparison is deeply unfair . . . to Nixon.  Quite correct.  But leaving aside Nixon’s much greater substantive depth and capacities, it is worth running with the superficial comparisons for a while, because they should not be ignored.  Above all, it would be a mistake to underestimate Hillary’s chances. Hillary is a dreadful candidate—but that’s »

Hillary’s campaign is already improved over last time

Featured image Soon after Hillary Clinton entered the 2008 presidential race, a pro-Clinton ad appeared on Power Line. It turned out that the Clinton campaign had bought ads on the 50 most read blogs (or some such cut off). I should have realized then and there that Clinton would run an incompetent campaign. Whatever our standing in the blog readership ratings, there aren’t many Democratic primary votes to be gained on Power »

Hillary Clinton, Champion of the Downtrodden?

Featured image Hillary Clinton surprised everyone today by announcing that she is running for president. (Just kidding.) Hillary says that the wants to be the “champion” of “everyday Americans.” She says the “deck is stacked in favor of those at the top.” Who knew? Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but Hillary is an odd choice as spokesman for the middle class. Hillary, who charges $300,000 to give a lousy speech; who »

Report: Hillary changed stance on trade deal after donations to Clinton Foundation

Featured image The Hillary Clinton email saga, and in particular her explanations of it, appear to have hurt her soon-to-be-announced candidacy. Polling by Quinnipiac shows now Clinton struggling in the key states of Colorado, Iowa and Virginia. Quinnipiac’s Peter Brown finds it “difficult to see Clinton’s slippage as anything other than a further toll on her image from the furor over her e-mail.” I agree. In the long run, however, scandals associated »

Enter Sid Blumenthal

Featured image Jeff Gerth and Sam Biddle explore an important sidebar both to the affair of the Hillary Clinton homebrew email server and to the Benghazi scandal: “Private emails reveal ex-Clinton aide’s secret spy network.” Long story short: enter Sid Blumenthal, one of the most unsavory characters of the Clinton era. Enter Sid Blumenthal along with Tyler Drumheller and Cody Shearer, that is. Mark Hemingway reviews the triumvirate in “Meet the men »