Hillary Clinton

Hillary to Run Against . . . Obama?

Featured image Dan Henninger reminds us in the Wall Street Journal this morning of the great Clintonian talent at “triangulation,” and notes the subtle “pivot” Hillary is starting to make against the sorry Obama economic record: Watching this, one thought: Is the presumed extender of Barack Obama’s third term explicitly separating herself from the economy under his watch for 7 1/2 years? . . . The Clinton campaign is bending to the obvious: »

Poll: Clinton 46, Trump 43

Featured image A new GW Battleground Poll has Donald Trump within three points of Hillary Clinton. Her support is at 46 percent; his is at 43 percent. The poll is a bipartisan effort — a collaboration between Ed Goeas’s Tarrance Group (Republican) and Celinda Lake’s Lake Research Partners (Democrat). They surveyed 1,000 “registered likely voters.” The margin of error is plus/minus 3.1 percent. Other surveys show Trump considerably further behind Clinton. In »

Koch Brothers Launch “Operation Chaos” [Updated]

Featured image Remember Rush Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos,” his initiative in 2008 to encourage people to vote for Hillary Clinton in the late primaries just to mess with Barack Obama’s march to the nomination? Well, it looks like the Koch brothers have decided to imitate the idea. I’m loving this story for all of the angst this will cause on the Left: Charles Koch: ‘It’s possible’ Clinton is preferable to a Republican for president »

Hillary Wants Your Guns

Featured image Given the Democrats’ dismal record when they run on an anti-gun platform, it is hard to believe that Hillary Clinton wants to make gun control her signature issue. Nevertheless, that appears to be the case. Campaigning in Connecticut, she waxed hyperbolic on firearms: I am here to tell you I will use every single minute of every single day if I’m so fortunate enough to be your president looking for »

Cruz’s Take on Hillary’s War Room [Updated by John]

Featured image This is an excellent, artful, humorous, and well-produced Cruz campaign video that skewers Trump and Hillary at the same time. I wonder if Zucker and Abrahams are behind this: »

Elizabeth Warren for vice president?

Featured image Hillary Clinton has the Democratic presidential nomination locked up. Any remaining suspense associated with the run-up to the convention centers around (1) whether, or to what extent, she will continue to tack to the left and (2) the identity of her running mate. As to the second matter, Clinton’s campaign has let it be known that she will consider selecting a female VP candidate. Indeed, we are told that her »

The Agony of the Democrats

Featured image It appears that it will be very difficult now to stop Donald Trump from winning the Republican nomination, and while something extraordinary could happen, like a serious third party candidacy or an indictment of Hillary, Trump’s nomination will assure the election of Hillary Clinton in November. That is cause for good cheer and optimism, for it will doom the Democrats. Hillary Clinton will take office with the highest unpopularity rating »

After last night

Featured image After Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s victories in their respective party primaries last night, they appear the likely nominees of their parties. Clinton certainly is, Trump uncertainly. It’s not exactly an inspiring prospect. The Clintons will never go away. With their gargantuan corruption, habitual lying, and leftist proclivities, they mark their territory with an indelible stain. While Bill Clinton entered the White House a lowlife rogue, Hillary will enter as »

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: Hillary very good; Trump and Cruz very bad

Featured image The Washington Post is in the tank for Hillary Clinton. Sometimes, its readers benefit, as when the Post editorial board exposes the foolishness of this or that Bernie Sanders stance. Other times, the Post simply embarrasses itself, and never more than when it handed former basketball great Kareem Abdul-Jabbar a spot on its op-ed page so he could try to explain why he’s endorsing Hillary Clinton for president. The result »

This Is Surely Better than the Real Debate

Featured image I skipped the latest Democratic debate in New York last Thursday, partly because I knew I could count on Saturday Night Live to provide a relevant highlight reel/analysis in one place. Here it is, from last night: »

The Hillary Highlight Reel!

Featured image Hillary Clinton announced her official candidacy for president one year ago—I know, it seems so much longer (because it actually has been longer)—and our pals at National Review have put together this four minute highlight reel of Hillary’s greatest moments from the last year. Not clear for whom is it more painful—Hillary or the viewer. (And I’ll try to refrain from the obvious conclusion about possible sequels.) »

Ratched returns to the asylum

Featured image As I mentioned last month, Norman Mailer took a now-famous look at the Democratic convention that nominated JFK for president in the November 1960 Esquire essay “Superman comes to the supermarket.” Jay Rosen recalled it here. As Rosen noted, the title “intend[ed] to say that the man of the hour, Kennedy, was about to send a powerful (and erotic) jolt into mainstream America — if he won the election.” Nurse »

The Joke’s On Democrats

Featured image There’s a big ruckus going on over an attempt at edgy racial humor between Bill de Blasio and Hillary Clinton Saturday evening, as the New York Times reports. Mayor de Blasio makes a joke about being on “C.P. time,” which is shorthand for “colored people’s time.” Hillary tires to bail him out, suggesting it stands for “cautious politician time.” But the real crime here is how stiff and unfunny Hillary »

Is corruption thicker than socialism?

Featured image Aspects of the campaign financing practices of New York City mayor Bill de Blasio are under federal corruption investigation, the New York Times reports. The investigation centers around two businessmen with ties to de Blasio — Jona Rechnitz and Jeremy Reichberg. Federal agents reportedly have interviewed roughly 20 senior New York Police Department officials as part of an examination of the ways Rechnitz and Reichberg wielded influence in New York »

Can Hillary Escape the Chevy Chase Curse?

Featured image It was a popular legend back in 1976 that Chevy Chase’s relentless mocking of Gerald Ford on Saturday Night Live helped cost him the election against Jimmy Carter. I doubt this is true; more likely a typical Hollywood/pop culture self-flattery along the lines of “Woodstock ended the Vietnam War” or something. But there’s no doubting that Hillary Clinton continues to be the favorite punching bag of SNL right now. And »

Not really top secret top secret

Featured image President Obama was in rare form with Chris Wallace in the interview recorded at the University of Chicago for FOX News Sunday this morning. FOX News has posted the transcript here. As for the classified information that Hillary Clinton stored on the insecure private server used for her official business as Secretary of State, Obama assured Americans: She would never intentionally put America in any kind of jeopardy. And what »

Clinton hurls static at curious reporters

Featured image Reporters outside a Colorado fundraiser for Hillary Clinton were unable to listen in on her remarks because staffers sent static noise their way. Judges use static noise machines at times during trials when they want to keep the jury from hearing their conversations with the lawyers. However, I’ve never before heard of such devices being employed by political candidates. The event in question was, to be sure, a private fundraising »