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Hillary Clinton’s laughable email defenses — a compendium

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s lines of defense in her email scandal are as manifold as the Hapsburg’s defenses during the siege of Vienna in 1683. Some of Vienna’s protective walls were rotten, but the city’s defenders managed to reinforce them at the last minute. The Ottomans, fierce and numerous though they were, found it tough going. Hillary’s defenses are much more easily overcome. Shannen Coffin demolishes them one-by-one in this piece for »

Family feud, candidates edition

Featured image What words represent the top choices that respondents associate with Hillary Clinton in the latest Quinnipiac poll (full results here)? Let’s play the Feud. Survey says the top three choices are “liar,” followed by “dishonest” and “untrustworthy.” This is one survey that represents the wisdom of crowds, at least as to Madam Hillary. I found this result a bit of a surprise: “bitch” was about as popular as “trustworthy.” Donald »

Who loves her, baby? [With Comment By John]

Featured image Yesterday John noted Hilary Clinton’s descent in the polls. “Voters can’t stand Hillary,” he opined. Who loves her? At NR, Brendan Bordelon takes a look at the released Hillary Clinton emails in the context of the current controversies. Brendan notes that the vast majority of the 3,500 e-mails released so far were sent or received by just four members of Clinton’s inner circle at State: Cheryl Mills, Bill Clinton’s lawyer »

Voters Can’t Stand Hillary

Featured image Everywhere you look, poll numbers on Hillary Clinton’s campaign are collapsing. This batch came out this morning from Rasmussen Reports. The headlined finding is that by 46% to 44%, voters say Hillary should suspend her campaign “until all of the legal questions about her use of the private e-mail server are resolved.” That is a rather silly question, since as a practical matter if Hillary suspends her campaign indefinitely, it »

What Hillary’s classified emails discussed

Featured image Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner reports that “Hillary Clinton’s classified emails contain discussions of conversations with foreign diplomats, issues with embassy security, and relations with countries from Russia to China.” Embassy security. I seem to recall hearing about this issue before. The issue arose in Clinton’s emails via a summary that Huma Abedin, Clinton’s former deputy chief of staff, forwarded to Clinton of a high-level 2009 meeting about “embassy »

Hillary warned audience that “hackers break into personal email accounts”

Featured image Attempting to defend her use of a private email server, Hillary Clinton has sought to minimize the obvious security risk that doing so posed. She describes her system as “effective and secure,” and notes that it was “on property guarded by the Secret Service.” Her campaign website proclaims: The security and integrity of her family’s electronic communications was taken seriously from the onset when it was first set up for »

What’s Happened to Liberalism in Two Sentences

Featured image The New York Times today carries a long news piece about the growing panic in Hillary world that has forced her to—gasp!—interrupt her Hamptons summer vacation to campaign among the plebes in the Midwest. Down near the bottom is this short paragraph, which I’m guessing no one at the Times flagged for being utterly hilarious—as well as revealing: Among the places where Mrs. Clinton enjoys stalwart support are the Hamptons, »

Clinton server contained “Born classified” information

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s current defense of the fact that, contrary to her initial defense, her email server contained classified information is that the information wasn’t “marked” classified at the time she received it. (Clinton apparently still denies sending classified information, period). The implication is that because the information wasn’t marked classified, it wasn’t classified, and therefore she did nothing problematic when she received it on a private server. The argument is »

Weekend at Bernie’s 2015

Featured image A source deep inside Investor’s Business Daily kindly advises that, as usual, Michael Ramirez hits it out of the park today (cartoon below). You can see with your own eyes that our source is unusually reliable. The cartoon is posted at IBD here. The cartoon brilliantly makes a point that John Hinderaker has made repeatedly on this site. »

Bad polling news for Hillary Clinton

Featured image The latest Quinnipiac poll is full of fascinating information, much of it unfavorable to Hillary Clinton. Among the highlights are: In Florida, Bush tops Clinton 49-38 percent; Rubio leads Clinton 51-39 percent; Trump leads her 43-41. In Ohio, Rubio leads Clinton 42-40, but Bush trails her 39-41 and Trump trails 38-43. In Pennsylvania, long a Blue State, Rubio and Bush lead Clinton 47-40 and 43-40, respectively, but Clinton beats Trump »

The loose ends accumulate, Part Two

Featured image Richard Pollock of the Daily Caller reports that Department of State officials refused to identify to a congressional committee the “chain of custody” – the complete list of people who had access to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email server. The request for this information, made by the House Select Committee on Benghazi last spring, was always reasonable. Now that we know Clinton’s private server contained classified, and »

The loose ends accumulate

Featured image Reflecting on his service at the Admiralty during the First World War, Churchill wrote: “The terrible ‘Ifs’ accumulate.” In the Clinton email story, the ludicrous loose ends accumulate. In Tuesday’s Best of the Web column “Party like it’s 1998″ (accessible here via Google), James Taranto provides a useful summary of developments in the Clinton email saga, apparently posted before her astounding press conference (Taranto has links to each of the »

Her close encounter of the #BLM kind (2)

Featured image The video below depicts the first half of Madam Hillary’s close encounter with the #BLM contingent she met with privately in Keene, New Hampshire; I posted the second half of the encounter here yesterday. I found the first half of special interest because the #BLM spokesman provides a pure dose of the toxic Ta-Nehisi Coates Kool-Aid in his opening remarks to Clinton. Observing both videos together, Elizabeth Price Foley urges »

On the Server, Hillary Plays Dumb: “Like With a Cloth Or Something?”

Featured image Hillary Clinton took some questions at an event in Las Vegas today, and a reporter asked her whether she had wiped her home server clean before turning it over to the FBI, as news reports indicate. Hillary responded in her usual condescending style, failing to answer the question. When the reporter repeated it, she played dumb– “Like with a cloth or something?”–and disclaimed any knowledge of how digital devices work. »

Her close encounter of the #BLM kind

Featured image Madam Hillary deigned to grant a private meeting on August 11 to activists from the #BlackLivesMatter crew. Weekly Standard reporter Michael Warren advises that the chapter depicted in the video below is from Boston and that the meeting appears to be backstage after an event with Clinton in Keene, New Hampshire. They lecture each other. He who lectures last lectures best. Madam Hillary lectures last. »

CNN Forgets to Mention Op-Ed Writer Is a Million Dollar Bundler For Hillary

Featured image CNN carried an op-ed today in its Opinion section titled, “Hillary Clinton revived America’s reputation in world.” The piece, by Eleni Kounalakis, was a paean to Hillary’s wonderfulness as Secretary of State. It took issue with those who say she has no accomplishments: In a recent opinion piece posted on CNN, Carly Fiorina launched a deeply unfair and profoundly inaccurate attack on Hillary Clinton’s record as secretary of state. Fiorina »

“You think we’re that stupid?”

Featured image The almost unbelievable tale of Hillary Clinton’s private email/server used for her official State Department business is fraught with loose ends. While we struggle to keep up with developments, America Rising has put together the video below giving us a fair take on the story so far. Via Jim Geraghty, who asks: “Who would have foreseen that last line from Mika Brzezinski?” »