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Inspector General Blasts Hillary’s Violation of Email Rules

Featured image Today the State Department’s Inspector General released his fourth and final report on FOIA compliance, preservation of electronic records and use of non-departmental systems in the Department. Today’s report covers the offices of Secretaries of State going back to Madeline Albright, but its harsh findings are reserved for Secretary Hillary Clinton. First the report in its entirety, then some excerpts and comments below. Emphasis added throughout: ESP-16-03-Final The Inspector General »

Hillary’s Doom?

Featured image There are two big stories out today that in a rational world would sink Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Fortunately for her, the Democratic Party is not a rational organization. Increasingly the description of Democrats as a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party seems more and more accurate. The Daily Caller reports today that the Clinton Foundation received $100 million—serious Dr. Evil money—from an obscure foreign mining conglomerate long thought to »

The Taliban: al Qaeda’s ally; Hillary’s peace partner

Featured image I believe it’s widely known, though also widely forgotten, that then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton orchestrated “peace talks” with the Taliban. Clinton discussed her role in some detail in her book, Hard Choices. Robert Potts at the American Thinker provided a good summary of Clinton’s involvement, as described by her, in this article. Clinton’s goals were to “shatter the alliance between the Taliban and al Qaeda, end the insurgency, and »

The SNL Indicator

Featured image Saturday Night Live has done it again, with a fresh Hillary-Bernie sketch last night that rubs raw all of the jangling nerves of the Democratic Party contest. It’s another amazing indicator of how the Democratic race is suddenly more interesting than the Republican race. (Either that, or Trump is hard to satirize because the real thing is so entertaining.) »

Can Clinton count on Sanders voters?

Featured image A few days ago I wrote: Once Clinton becomes the nominee, it’s likely that Democrats and left-leaning independents will coalesce around her candidacy. Probably not to the same extent that her supporters coalesced around Obama in 2008, but to a considerable degree. In March, when Clinton was far ahead of Trump in the polls, I was even more convinced of her ability to win the support of Sanders voters. But »

Libya, Five Years Later

Featured image Hillary Clinton’s emails reveal that she intended the overthrow of Moammar Qaddafi to be the crown jewel of her tenure as Secretary of State. It was to be her principal credential when she made her inevitable run for the presidency. But Clinton and Barack Obama made the inexplicable decision to overthrow Libya’s government without having a plan for what would succeed it, and Libya turned into a disaster. The scope »

The Trump bounce

Featured image Steve has observed that recent polls show Donald Trump running only slightly behind Hillary Clinton. He also suggests that Trump might really be ahead of Clinton, but that some respondents aren’t expressing their support for the tycoon to pollsters. However, when it comes to projecting a winner in November, there’s a countervailing consideration. Trump probably has received a bounce by virtue of having locked up the nomination and ended the »

Hillary’s long limp to the nomination continues

Featured image It’s amusing to watch Hillary Clinton, whose nomination for president is assured, struggle to eke out occasional victory in Democratic primaries. Tonight, Clinton appears to have eked one out in Kentucky. With nearly all of the votes counted, she leads Bernie Sanders by fewer than 2,000 (out of more than 420,000 cast). Oregon also held its primary today. Sanders will almost surely win this one. He’s up 53-47 with more »

Hillary Might Have Just Made Her Worst Mistake Ever

Featured image At a campaign stop in Kentucky, Hillary Clinton told the crowd that if she were president, she would put her husband Bill “in charge of revitalizing the economy.” The impulse is understandable. The economy of the 1990s was good, or seemed to be prior to the collapse of the dot com bubble. But Hillary’s promise to bring back Bill and put him “in charge of” the economy is, I think, »

Is Obama’s Stonewall Strategy Blowing Up In Hillary’s Face?

Featured image As we have observed many times, the Obama administration’s response to scandals, investigations and inquiries has been invariable: it stonewalls them. And the Obama Stonewall Strategy has been highly successful. Given our generally ineffective legal processes, the administration has been able to defer compliance with Congressional subpoenas, Freedom of Information Act requests and the like for years, by which time whatever information might emerge from a sea of redaction is »

The Biggest Loser, Presidential Edition

Featured image Every so often you hear some science fiction maven or techno/cyber geek speculate about whether our universe is actually some kind of Matrix-like computer simulation. I’ve never quite understood the idea, but I gather some smart people take it seriously. It seems more plausible to me that this year’s election cycle is more easily explained by the parallel-universe idea—you know, the one where Spock has a “Van Dyke” beard (“Mirror, »

Financial analyst alleges Clinton Foundation fraud

Featured image The Clinton Foundation finds itself under new scrutiny, this time pertaining to its financial disclosures. Wall Street analyst Charles Ortel is uploading a series of reports showing what he alleges is fraudulent activities by the Foundation. Ortel says he has the documentation to demonstrate Clinton entities have broken state and federal law and have never undergone outside audits, as is required. Ortel’s conclusions are based on what he describes as »


Featured image Hard core conservatives tend to be puzzled by, and maybe even contemptuous of, undecided voters. They wonder how, for example, anyone could have been undecided about whether to vote for Barack Obama or Mitt Romney, given the sharp philosophical and policy differences between the two. Presumably, most hard core liberals feel the same way. I’ve never been perplexed by undecided voters. Some people base their vote largely on an assessment »

Memo to DNC: Stock up on Panic Buttons

Featured image Well now isn’t this interesting? From Reuters: Donald Trump’s support has surged and he is now running nearly even with Democrat Hillary Clinton among likely U.S. voters, a dramatic turnaround since he became the Republican party’s presumptive presidential nominee, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released on Wednesday. The results could signal a close fight between the two likely White House rivals as Americans make up their minds ahead of the »

Hillary’s Anchor—Is It Bill?

Featured image An “anchor” is either the mainstay of an enterprise—think “anchorman” in a mile-relay or in a TV broadcast—but it is also what holds you in one place and prevents movement. If a boat anchor is tied around your neck, it takes you to the bottom. Seldom has the ambiguity or contrasting meaning of “anchor” been more apt than in the case of Bill Clinton. Politico reported Friday about the Big »

How to read the Washington Post

Featured image Last week the Washington Post’s Matt Zapotosky reported on the meeting of Cheryl Mills and her attorney with one or more FBI agents and Justice Department lawyers. The interview appears to have taken place in connection with the FBI’s li’l old “security review” of Hillary Clinton and her private email server. Mills and her attorney took a hike when the FBI agent asked a question beyond the scope of the »

The Secret History of the Democratic Party

Featured image Dinesh D’Souza is back. His latest movie is Hillary’s America: The Secret History of the Democratic Party. It will hit the theaters in July. Based on its trailer, Hillary’s America looks nuclear. Slavery, the Ku Klux Klan, Jim Crow, big city corruption, the Progressives–it’s all there. Plus, a cameo by Jonah Goldberg: »