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Jeff Sessions and Hillary Clinton React to Brexit

Featured image Senator Jeff Sessions released a statement on yesterday’s Brexit vote. As usual, Sessions has his finger on the pulse: [The people’s] strong vote arose not out of fear and pique but out of love for country and pride of place. Their experience with a distant government in Brussels was given a long and fair chance to succeed. In the end, however, they concluded that the costs outweighed the benefits. … »

Report: Clinton’s State Dept. calendar hid meetings with big donors

Featured image AP has identified at least 75 meetings that Hillary Clinton had with longtime political donors, Clinton Foundation contributors, and corporate and other outside interests that were not recorded (or not properly recorded) on her State Department calendar. AP identified the meetings by comparing her calendar with separate planning schedules supplied to Clinton by aides in advance of each day’s events. In many cases, Clinton’s State Department calendar simply excluded the »

That hideous length

Featured image Hillary Clinton failed to hand over to the State Department one of the key emails regarding the use of her private server for her official business as Secretary of State. The AP’s Michael Biesecker picks up the story from the Inspector Generals report on Clinton’s email server. The Daily Caller’s Chuck Ross adds context in “Clinton campaign admits Hillary didn’t turn over mysterious email exchange with top aide” (i.e., Huma »

High ranking Clinton aide mocked donor’s appointment to sensitive post

Featured image I wrote here about a report, based on State Department emails, that a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no experience directly relevant to the position. The Clinton donor, a Chicago securities investor named Rajiv Fernando, served very briefly on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB). It deals with such matters as nuclear disarmament and other arms control issues. »

Trump “starts on Hillary”

Featured image As John discussed in a post below, Donald Trump delivered a major campaign speech yesterday. Overall, I thought the speech was quite good. If Trump can stay on the message he set forth today, and come up with the funds needed to drive it home, perhaps he can make a race out his contest with Hillary Clinton. Trump started, as he often does, with some boasting: I have built an »

Fear this

Featured image Watching the coming Trump Train Wreck rumble down the tracks, I seek to detach and achieve a comic perspective. From Adams versus Jefferson in 1800 we have descended to Clinton versus Trump a couple centuries later. Darwin was wrong! Far down on my long list of worries is the alleged fascism of Donald Trump. In today’s Wall Street Journal, James Freeman considers the competition (accessible here via Google): The facts »

A laughable Washington Post attack on Bernie Sanders

Featured image It’s no secret that the Washington Post wants Bernie Sanders to give up his presidential run so that life will become easier for the Post’s candidate, Hillary Clinton. But this article by John Wagner attacking Sanders for inflicting on taxpayers the cost of his Secret Service detail carries the joke too far. Wagner reports: Although Hillary Clinton has clinched the party’s nomination, Sanders retains one of the trappings of a »

Hillary’s Least Self-Aware Moment Ever?

Featured image I know, that is a stiff competition. But yesterday’s interview on MSNBC is definitely a contender. Hillary was asked, how worrisome is it that the Russians have hacked into the Democratic National Committee’s computer system for the last year? Hillary professes to be very concerned about it. It is troubling, like all cyberattacks. The Russians who did it probably were acting on behalf of the Russian government. This is another »

The persistence of mendacity (2)

Featured image When the Monica Lewinsky scandal broke, Dick Morris polled possible responses for Bill Clinton. Morris determined that truth was not an option if Clinton wanted to remain in office. “Well, we just have to win then,” Clinton concluded. Thus Clinton’s finger-wagging denial of what proved to be the facts of the case. When Clinton was finally questioned under oath by one of the lawyers working in the office of the »

Report: Hillary got emails marked classified when received

Featured image Hillary Clinton has claimed time after time that she neither sent nor received information on her private email server that was marked classified at the time of transmittal. As recently as Wednesday, she told Bret Baier, “the fact is, nothing that I sent or received was marked classified, and nothing has been demonstrated to contradict that.” This claim, as we and others have said time after time, is no defense. »

Report: Clinton donor bought spot on national security board

Featured image ABC News reports, based on State Department emails, that “a major Clinton Foundation donor was placed on a sensitive government intelligence advisory board even though he had no obvious experience in the field.” The decision “baffled” the department’s professional staff. The emails further reveal that, after inquiries from ABC News, Clinton’s staff sought to “protect the name” of the Secretary, “stall” the ABC News reporter, and ultimately accept the resignation »

White House acknowledges that the Clinton probe is “criminal”

Featured image White House press secretary Josh Earnest confirmed today during a press briefing that the FBI’s probe into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server is a “criminal Investigation.” Clinton has steadfastly denied this. The acknowledgement occurred during a colloquy about whether President Obama’s endorsement of Clinton while the FBI is investigating her raises a potential conflict, a matter I discussed here. The exchange went as follows: REPORTER: Previously the »

Obama’s endorsement of Clinton and the DOJ’s investigation of her email practices

Featured image President Obama has officially endorsed Hillary Clinton. No surprise there. The endorsement means that Clinton is now being investigated by a Justice Department whose head (Attorney General Loretta Lynch) serves at the pleasure of a president who backs Clinton’s presidential bid, and who was hand-picked by that president with the understanding that she’s a loyalist. This reality would, and I think should, raise questions as to the impartiality of a »

The persistence of mendacity

Featured image Hillary Clinton took a few questions from Bret Baier in an interview that played on FOX News Special Report last night. The interview runs eight minutes (video below). Baier only got in a few questions about the Clinton email scandal. From word one falsehood and evasion have reflected the order of the day. Last night was no exception. Even though the interview ran true to form, it is nevertheless almost »

75 years from now

Featured image In the the Gram Parsons song “One Hundred Years From Now,” the singer observes: “Nobody knows what kind of trouble we’re in.” Looking on the bright side, however, he doubts that one hundred years from now people will “still feel this way.” That must be the theory behind the State Department’s approach to the Freedom of Information Act in a lawsuit brought against it by the RNC. CNN reports that »

Looks like a good night for Hillary

Featured image Tonight marks the virtual end of the 2016 primary season. The District of Columbia will hold its Democratic primary next Tuesday, but that hardly counts. The states that voted today are: California, Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota (Dems only), and South Dakota. On the Republican side, Donald Trump is winning them all, as you would expect of the presumptive nominee. He’s running very well in California (in the »

Getting ready for Hillary

Featured image Today is a big day for Hillary Clinton. She has either just wrapped up the Democratic presidential nomination or should do so after the results are tabulated in today’s primaries. According to the AP’s latest tally (including superdelegates, who can change their minds), Clinton is now the Democrats’ presumptive nominee. Probably not in honor of the occasion, RealClearPolitics has posted Toby Harnden’s Sunday Times account of Hillary Clinton’s rally last »