Hillary Clinton

The Fate Trump Spared Us

Featured image The Trump White House may or may not be a scene of chaos and personnel conflict and Trump may yet turn out to be a poor president—certainly the media has an interest in exaggerating any difficulties there may be—but one thing is certain from the release of the new book Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign: Trump has spared us a much worse fate in the form of President Hillary »

Recalling Hillary’s seance

Featured image This Washington Post story about a journalism dispute between Bob Woodward and ghost writer Barbara Feinman Todd is of little interest qua dispute. However, it pertains to a remarkable story about which I had forgotten — Hillary Clinton’s imaginary conversations, during her time as First Lady, with Eleanor Roosevelt and Mahatma Gandhi. As far as I can tell, the matter was not raised or noted by the mainstream media during »

The great debate experiment

Featured image Did Donald Trump somehow defeat Hillary Clinton in their three preelection debates on the merits? Or did Clinton suffer from an irrational prejudice against her because she is of the female persuasion? Professor Maria Guadaloupe set out to conduct an experiment through a theatrical production. She sought to test the role of sex (“gender”) in shaping perceptions by switching the sex of the candidates: “She pictured an actress playing Trump, »

Hillary Forever?

Featured image The Clintons really are Freddy Krueger of politics. Every time you think they’re slayed and buried for good, they come back to life. Can we really be so lucky, as the Daily Mail reports, to have Hillary Clinton actually start a TV talk show as a platform for another run at the White House? Hillary Clinton is considering another run for president – and is mulling the idea of launching »

What’s next for Bill Clinton?

Featured image Geoffrey Norman of the Weekly Standard wonders what’s next for Bill Clinton. The answer, Norman suggests, is irrelevance. I think what’s next for Bill Clinton is plenty of what he seemed to be doing in the video below during President Trump’s inauguration. Plus some of what he probably was thinking about doing at that moment. Irrelevance need not be so bad. Hillary Clinton probably won’t be doing much of she »

Obama can’t trash talk his way out of blame for Dems’ decimation

Featured image Donald Trump is an inveterate trash talker, and I’m old-fashioned enough to consider this a bad thing in a president-elect. But even assuming that Trump keeps talking trash as president (a fair assumption, I think), he will not bear primary responsibility for this latest manifestation of civic decline. Primary responsibility for “normalizing” trash talk from the White House falls instead on President Obama. Obama’s latest display consists of his claim »

What do the “worst candidates of 2016” have in common?

Featured image Chris Cillizza of the Washington Post names Hillary Clinton the worst political candidate of 2016. It’s an easy selection, I think. Clinton underperformed to a significant degree against Bernie Sanders and then against Donald Trump. She had some good moments — several of the debates against Sanders and the first debate against Trump — but her body of work during the campaigns was consistent with her results. As runners-up, Cillizza »

Democrats’ Recount Effort Is Over

Featured image Jill Stein’s doomed effort to overturn the result of this year’s presidential election via recounts in Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania has fizzled out. The only state where a recount has actually taken place is Wisconsin, where the recount, now complete, added 162 votes to Trump’s victory total. In Michigan, the Supreme Court voted 3-2 to kill Stein’s attempt to compel a recount. The Supreme Court agreed with a lower appellate »

Hillary to fete her big money donors

Featured image Hillary Clinton is throwing party to thank her rich donors. According to Kaitlan Collins of the Daily Caller, notable guests will include Harvey Weinstein, Anna Wintour, and several other fat cats not notable enough for me to have heard of. Arguably, Donald Trump should also throw a party for these folks and the various celebrities who tried to drag Hillary over the finish line. By spending so much time at »

Recount Follies

Featured image The Jill Stein/Hillary Clinton recount effort has mostly faded from the headlines, as battles have moved into the courts. A day of recounting in Wisconsin reportedly netted Hillary a single vote. Michigan may or may not begin recounting next week, depending on a court ruling. Pennsylvania appears to be Hillary’s weakest link; Trump’s margin is not narrow enough to trigger an automatic recount, and absent any evidence of fraud or »

The myth of Hillary Clinton’s competence

Featured image One of Hillary Clinton’s campaign themes was her alleged competence, based on years of public service, which she tried to contrast with Donald Trump’s amateurism. Yet, Clinton, through her campaign once again demonstrated that she is not competent. That she was outperformed by an “amateur” undermines her “competence” theme all the more. Hillary lost to Barack Obama in 2008, it has been credibly argued, because Obama focused on state caucuses »

Identity politics couldn’t quite carry Hillary to victory

Featured image Why did Hillary Clinton lose this election? Given how close it was — Clinton won the popular vote but came up a wee bit short in three crucial big states — we are free to blame or credit the factor of our choice. If we focus on how the vote broke down (as opposed to external factors like Comey and WikiLeaks), one thing that jumps out is the extent to »

Podesta to “victory” party crowd: Go home and get a good night’s sleep

Featured image They will go home, but they won’t get much sleep. Hillary is going to take heat for sending Podesta out, rather than appearing herself. I don’t blame her, though. She must be devastated beyond our ability to comprehend. Assuming she loses, Hillary will, I hope, give a gracious concession speech tomorrow. If she doesn’t, then she can fairly be criticized. Trump needs to be gracious too. There shouldn’t be any »

“Rocky” Clinton

Featured image Fox News talked to the Clinton camp and was told that Team Clinton expects a long night. It added that Hillary Clinton has had to fight for everything she’s ever gotten and isn’t surprised that she will need to fight to the end to win this election. Hillary is a fighter and she has been in some tough battles. But she rose to prominence based on her husband’s fights, not »

“Stronger together” under Hillary Clinton? I don’t think so

Featured image I’m out of words when it comes to this election. So I’ll take the liberty of re-posting something I wrote last month. Along with this post from last night, it captures my view of the person we’re likely to elect president today and, in the final paragraph, my view of how we should respond to her election: “Stronger together” is Hillary Clinton’s campaign slogan. Like most of what comes out »

The Gaga reflex

Featured image In her closing speeches Hillary Clinton has presented herself of unsurpassed vacuity. Speaking in Raleigh early this morning, she proclaimed: “We have to bridge the divides in this country. I want to be president for all of America. I want to be president for everyone.” Clinton also said she wants to lead “an America where we build bridges not walls[.]” At least that is not vacuous. Message: illegal immigrants welcome »

Is Hillary Clinton a conventional thinker?

Featured image Yesterday, I took issue with Charles Krauthammer’s claim that Donald Trump, if elected president, would likely undermine our open and free international order. I argued that Trump thinks pretty conventionally about world affairs, and thus as president, though prone to the errors of conventional wisdom, would not be a threat to world order. I also complained that Krauthammer did not consider whether Hillary Clinton poses a threat to our domestic »